Shura's Wrath

Chapter 270

Evil God’s Mask

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“To be able to come out from that damn Lunar Sky Hell is pretty much like receiving a second life for me. What happened in the past is in the past, but from now on in future there’s going to be an old demon causing people to flee at the sound of his name, heheh…” Xiao Feng Chen sinisterly laughed, then patted Ling Chen on the shoulder, “To be able to get out from that place is all thanks to you. However, I passed on my Feng Chen Sect’s power on to you, and gave you so many goodies, so we’re even; no one owes the other person anything.”

Ling Chen: “……”

“Ah, here’s your Spatial Stone. I definitely wouldn’t forget to pick it up while leaving. This sort of amazing treasure can only be found every few thousands of years, so how could we just throw it away like that.” Xiao Feng Chen took out the Spatial Stone and gave it to Ling Chen. When Ling Chen took it into his hands, he saw that there was a very small fracture on the surface of the Spatial Stone. The spatial energy that created the Spatial Rift from before probably leaked out from this fracture. He asked, “Since this piece of Spatial Stone has been used, is there still any spatial energy left inside?”

Xiao Feng Chen grinned, “With such a large Spatial Stone, it could be used more than a hundred times like that! Spatial energy isn’t lost so easily; in future, if you’re stuck in some place, just do the same thing and you’ll be able to escape from there. If even the Lunar Sky Hell could not seal it, then there’s no place in the world that you won’t be able to escape from. Oh, and also, this Evil God’s Mask is also yours now.”

After taking out the dark golden Evil God’s Mask, Xiao Feng Chen lovingly stroked it a few times before finally giving it to Ling Chen, “This is a priceless and unique treasure, and it’s yours now. Take good care of it.”

This was a Heaven’s End grade piece of equipment- in fact, a Heaven’s Grade Mask. Even if Ling Chen was an idiot, he wouldn’t refuse this. He immediately accepted the Evil God’s Mask, and looked at its stats… what sort of boosts would a Heaven’s End Grade Mask give?

[Evil God’s Mask]: Type: Mask, Grade: Heaven’s End, Equipment Requirements: None. A mask forged from the corpse of an Ancient Evil God. It contains some of the hatred energy from the Evil God.

Attributes: When receiving lethal damage, the damage will instead be reflected. This effect has a 10 second cooldown.

The Evil God’s Mask didn’t give any bonus stats, nor did it give any special skills. It only had a single effect, which didn’t seem quite right for a Heaven’s End grade equipment. However, even though it was a single effect, Ling Chen was still incredibly shocked when he saw it.

Heaven’s End grade Masks were incredibly rare, and Xiao Feng Chen said that this Evil God’s Mask was the most powerful Mask in all of the Forgotten Continent. What was even more shocking was that this Mask did not have any equipment requirements, meaning that literally anyone could equip it… a Heaven’s End grade Mask without any equipment requirements- this could cause countless people to go crazy with envy.

The mask only had one attribute- reflect lethal damage! Just this one attribute justified the mask being of Heaven’s End grade. This was potentially the most life-saving effect Ling Chen had ever seen… although it couldn’t compare to Xiao Hui’s “Holy Spirit’s Shield”, but it was far superior to any other defensive skill or effect.

“Watcha think, it’s amazing right?” Xiao Feng Chen said smugly, “As long as the damage you take isn’t enough to kill you, the Evil God’s Mask won’t react at all. However, as soon as there is damage that would normally kill you, the Evil God’s Mask will react instantly, blocking the damage for you and reflecting it. Moreover, the cooldown time for the effect is only 10 seconds! With this mask, when facing powerful enemies, what you’ll fear least is their ultimate skills that can instantly kill you… if they dare to use their ultimate skill against you, the one taking a massive amount of damage will be them. Moreover, the Evil God’s Mask not only protects you from damage from enemies, but every type of lethal damage, including traps. Back then, I was able to pass through many traps that were able to kill me a hundred times over relying on the Evil God’s Mask. Wearing the mask, even if you fall down a cliff that is many kilometres high, you won’t have to worry about dying, because the lethal damage will be negated.

“No matter how powerful you are, or how much status or wealth you have, if you die, then all of that is worthless. The Evil God’s Mask is one of the most powerful life-saving treasures in existence, and is passed on from generation to generation within the Feng Chen Sect. It has saved members of our Feng Chen Sect countless times in the past. If it wasn’t for this mask, I probably wouldn’t be able to survive till today. Also, my master told me that the Evil God’s Mask seems to also be hiding some sort of other ability or effect, but I’ve never been able to discover what it is. Throughout the ages, it has been greatly desired by countless people, but after I was sealed in the Lunar Sky Hell, it disappeared along with me from the Forgotten Continent. Thus, apart from those thousand-years-old monsters, pretty much no one should recognise it anymore. However, its appearance is still quite eye-catching, so don’t just casually wear it around, otherwise if those thousand-years-old monsters find out you have the mask, they’ll come to hunt you down.

Ling Chen nodded, and looked at the Evil God’s Mask from various angles in a very happy manner. Indeed, this was an extremely powerful life-saving treasure. What’s more, it wasn’t just life-saving, but could also reflect damage! That meant for the ultimate skills of those super powerful monsters, not only were they useless against him, but could even be used by him to slowly kill those monsters!

“I’ve heard of this Evil God’s Mask in the past, but I didn’t think it still existed. Its life-saving effect is indeed unparalleled. The Evil God was a true god in the ancient era, and died in the war between the Gods and Demons. Today, the Moon God Clan are the only remaining descendants of gods, but their power is far from that of a true god. With the Evil God’s Mask, you won’t even have to fear the attack of a Moon God. With this mask, you’ll never have to worry about being insta-killed every again.” Qi Yue said in his mind, her voice full of admiration and envy. Going into the Lunar Sky Hell should have been an inescapable pit of despair for him, but instead he obtained the Pisces Orb, became the successor of the Feng Chen Sect, received the Evil God’s Mask and escaped that inescapable place… in just one short month, he had found the Gemini Orb, Sagittarius Orb, Cancer Orb and Pisces Orb… the Forgotten Continent was incredibly large, and all of these God Orbs were not in ordinary places. This guy’s luck was simply… overwhelming.

“Little master, quickly ask him if the Heaven’s Secrets Sect still exists, and where to find them!” Qi Yue told Ling Chen.

“Heaven’s Secrets Sect?” Ling Chen asked.

“Back then, the Night Demon Clan had three infamous sages: the Heaven Sage, Hatred Sage and Earth Sage. The Hatred Sage was the founder of the Feng Chen Sect. The Heaven Sage was the founder of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. The Heaven Sage was the head of the Three Sages, and was said to know many divine and heavenly secrets, as well as predict the future. If you can find the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, they might be able to help you find the other God Orbs and Saint Orbs. This way, it’ll take a lot less time to find all of the Orbs.” Qi Yue explained.

“Wait, so the Three Sages, as well as the Feng Chen Sect, are part of the Night Demon Clan?”

“That’s right. However, after hearing that the Night Demon Clan was losing to the Moon God Clan, the Three Sages decided to leave. The Three Sages of the Night Demon Clan are very old names though; these Three Sages have long since died, and the only ones remaining are their descendants or successors, who do not belong to the Night Demon Clan. As the successor of the Feng Chen Sect, perhaps Xiao Feng Chen knows something about the Heaven’s Secrets Sect.”

Ling Chen nodded, and put away the Evil God’s Mask, and said to Xiao Feng Chen, “I’ll definitely take good care of this mask, and won’t hand it over to anyone or let it be stolen. By the way, big brother Xiao, before you were locked in the Lunar Sky Hell, did you know of a ‘Heaven’s Secrets Sect’?”

“Heaven’s Secrets Sect?” Xiao Feng Chen looked at him with suspicion, “What do you want with the Heaven’s Secrets Sect?”

“There are some things that I want to find that are scattered throughout the Forgotten Continent, so I want to find someone from the Heaven’s Secrets Sect to help me locate them.” Ling Chen replied.

“Ah…” Xiao Feng Chen looked into the distance, and said after thinking for a while, “Since my Feng Chen Sect has not perished, the Heaven’s Secrets Sect should still be around as well. However, because there are too many people looking for them, wanting to know “Heaven’s Secrets”, they’ve hidden themselves from the rest of the world. Unless they want to be found, it’s absolutely impossible to find them. Ai, who knows if that old codger is still alive. Since you’re part of my Feng Chen Sect, I’ll help you look for him. Perhaps he already knows that I’ve returned to the Forgotten Continent, and will come to find me… you three bitches from the Moon God Clan, just you wait until I find you and use the “Pleasure to Death” Curse on you for three days and three nights.”

After cursing at the three Moon Goddesses, Xiao Feng Chen’s expression became wistful, and said while sighing, “I wonder how the Night Demon Clan’s doing now. When the Night Emperor died, his only descendant disappeared- potentially done in by the Moon God Clan. Having lost their leader, the Night Demon Clan gradually began to disperse, and in the end the remnants of their forces hid in the darkness, unable to fight against the Moon God Clan anymore. They could only hide defensively like a turtle, and would only launch sneak attacks on the Moon God Palace when the Moon Goddesses were not there. Heaven’s Secrets Sect, Feng Chen Sect and Earth Fiend Sect also dispersed. It seems that right now, the Night Demon Clan is still hiding in the darkness, but sooner or later the Moon God Clan will probably destroy them once and for all.”

“What is the Night Demon Clan like?” Ling Chen asked.

“The Night Demon Clan is… cheh, boy, why are you asking so much?!” Just as Xiao Feng Chen was about to reply to him, he decided against it, “The Night Demon Clan has nothing to do with me now, and has even less to do with you. Although it was once on the same footing as the Moon God Clan, now it’s just a clan that’s about to go extinct. I’ll keep in mind your request about the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. After being locked in that damn place for 1,000 years, I should go and properly explore the Forgotten Continent now, and visit some of those old monsters if they’re still alive.”

Xiao Feng Chen looked at Ling Chen seriously, before waving, “Boy, if fate ordains it, we’ll meet again. I hope that by the next time I see you, you’ll already have Intermediate Level Feng Chen Curses.”

After he finished speaking, his whole figure turned blurry, and disappeared with a ‘whoosh’. Xiao Feng Chen had disappeared without even giving Ling Chen a chance to say goodbye.

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