Shura's Wrath

Chapter 268

Unexpected Hope!

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Also, just remember that the Feng Chen Curses can only be used on ‘humanoids’. This includes not only humans, but also ‘Gods’, Demons, Fairies, Dwarves, etc. The Curses can also affect beasts if they’re in humanoid form, but not if they go back to their beast form. Got it?”

“Got it.” Ling Chen replied. Within Ling Chen’s mind, he was considering countless possibilities of how he could use his new skills. This profession from the Feng Chen Sect was much more powerful and terrifying than he could have imagined. With the Feng Chen Technique and Broken Shadow, his escaping abilities would be unparalleled throughout the entire Forgotten Continent, and would be a great complement to his combat abilities. As for the Feng Chen Curses, they were completely useless for farming and levelling up, but to screw over people… they were simply perfect. Ling Chen clearly knew just how powerful his mental energy was. At his current stage, he wasn’t too sure about all existences, but he was confident that there was not a single person who could resist his Feng Chen Curses. If someone angered him… heheheh!

But the prerequisite was that he could make it out of this damn place…

Indeed, unintentionally coming to the Lunar Sky Hell resulted in him meeting the amazing Xiao Feng Chen, unexpectedly receiving the Pisces Orb and obtaining a powerful profession. Although he had suffered quite a bit, his gains were quite substantial. However, if he couldn’t leave this place, what was the point of having all those things?”

“En, so that’s pretty much the uses for all the Feng Chen Curses you have so far. Oh, by the way, how high’s your Comprehension?” Xiao Feng Chen suddenly asked.

“Twelve.” Ling Chen replied. This value was already incredible for a player.

“Only twelve? That’s way too low. The number of seconds the Feng Chen Curses will be effective for is dependent on your Comprehension, you know. With a Comprehension stat of twelve, your Curses will only last for twelve seconds. Moreover, just like other skills, with a higher Comprehension stat, you’ll be able to learn more Feng Chen Curses, and have a greater chance at obtaining higher level Feng Chen Curses… for example, the levelled up version of the Complete and Utter Belief Curse is the ‘Deity Curse’ I tried to use on you before, and the levelled up version of the Lovey Lovey Curse is the ‘Love Magnet Curse’… en, once you use the Love Magnet Curse, even if the target has an irreconcilable hatred with you, they’ll fall madly in love with you instantly, heheh. All in all, if you want to have better Curses and for them to be more effective, you’ll need to greatly increase your Comprehension.”

Ling Chen took this to heart, and started to ask something he had wanted to ask for a long time, “Senior Xiao, you…”

“Senior? What senior? Didn’t I tell you to call me big brother! Big brother!” Xiao Feng Chen once again jumped up and down in fury.

“Err, big brother Xiao,” Ling Chen couldn’t be bothered arguing with him, “You said that there was something that even the Lunar Sky Hell can’t seal. What is it?”

Xiao Feng Chen gave him a blank look, and shrugged, “You still remember that? Well those things can’t be sealed even by this damn place. Let alone this place, there’s nothing that can seal those things. However, it’s pointless to even talk about it- not even me or my master have even seen one after spending many years looking for them. Legend says that there are less than ten of them in the entire Forgotten Continent, and they never stay in the same place as they can move by themselves. Since they try to avoid living creatures, finding one is almost impossible, even for those three from the Moon God Clan. As for you… don’t even think about it.”

Never in the same place, can move by themselves… this thing seemed very similar to something he had. Ling Chen wouldn’t give up, “What is it exactly? Hurry up and tell me- if you don’t even tell me what it is, how do you know I don’t have it?”

“Cheh, if you have it, then I’ll cut off my head for you to use as a toilet!” Xiao Feng Chen smirked, “Alright, alright, it’s called… hmm, something like space stone… that’s right, Spatial Stone!”


“Spatial Stone?!?!” Ling Chen was so overjoyed that he almost jumped up. He actually did have a Spatial Stone! It was the one Xiao Hui had found, and he had personally dug out! [TLN: Chapter 232].

“That’s right, it seems like you’ve heard of it before.” Ling Chen’s reaction caused Xiao Feng Chen to look at him strangely, “Spatial Stones contain the purest spatial energy in existence, and are completely different to methods that use force to open up a space to escape. The spatial energy they contain is able to ignore all barriers and seals, and even though it is normally impossible to escape from a place sealed by the Moon God Clan, it is incredibly easy with a Spatial Stone.”

“So you’re saying that if we have a Spatial Stone, then we can leave here?” Ling Chen excitedly asked.

“Of course! Using the spatial energy within it, we would be able to be transported somewhere else… as long as we can leave this damn place, no matter where I’m sent, it’ll be impossible to trap me… or you.”

“Looks like fate is smiling on you.” Qi Yue sighed in admiration, “Indeed, if this old guy really knows how to use the Spatial Stone, there is a possibility you two can leave.”

Ling Chen immediately took out a plain-looking, fist-sized stone from his bag and showed it to Xiao Feng Chen, “…Big brother Xiao, what do you think this is?”

“Eh?” Xiao Feng Chen looked at the stone, then leapt into the air as if someone had kicked him from behind. His eyes widened to comical proportions, and he shrieked, “SPATIAL STONE!!!”

“That’s right, it’s a Spatial Stone! The thing that you said that could be used to escape from any place.” Ling Chen tightly gripped the Spatial Stone, his heart pounding in excitement. Being trapped in here forever would be terrible. However, it seemed that his luck had really pulled through this time. The thing that Xiao Feng Chen said was almost impossible to obtain was actually in his possession.

“Spatial Stone… Spatial Stone… it really is a Spatial Stone…” Xiao Feng Chen’s whole body trembled, and his eyes were misty. He had been locked in there for a whole 1,000 years… this sort of dark, smelly, dangerous place filled with monsters was pretty much a real hell. Ling Chen had no idea how much he had endured in this place, and definitely wouldn’t understand just how much this Spatial Stone meant to him… every day he had dreamt a legendary Spatial Stone would fall down from the heavens.

“It really is a Spatial Stone… Spatial Stone…” Xiao Feng Chen continued to mutter to himself. His hands hovered around the stone, as if he was afraid that it would shatter if he touched it. Finally, he rubbed his face and somewhat regained his dignity again. He stared at Ling Chen earnestly, asking, “Ling Tian, how did you get this Spatial Stone?”

“I found it inadvertently while passing through a deserted area. It was about a few days ago.” Ling Chen truthfully replied.

Xiao Feng Chen raised his face up to the heavens, and breathed out slowly, “It must be the heavens’ will! Could it be that the heavens pity me, and sent someone to finally take me out of this place…”

Seeing Xiao Feng Chen’s actions from before, Ling Chen thought that perhaps he had already become accustomed to this sort of life. However, it seemed that this was not the case. In reality, what Xiao Feng Chen dreamt of every day was to see the outside world again. Then again, who in the world would be happy to stay in such a cruel and depressing place…

“Big brother Xiao, can we really leave using the Spatial Stone?” Ling Chen asked.

“Of course… as long as we can use even a tiny bit of its spatial energy, it’ll definitely be enough.” Xiao Feng Chen said as he vigorously nodded.

Ling Chen gripped the Spatial Stone in his hand. This stone looked incredibly unremarkable from its external appearance, so much that even if it was on the ground on a busy street, no one would even bother to look at it, and yet it was now his only hope, “Is this small piece of Spatial Stone enough…?”

“Small? This is small?” Xiao Feng Chen almost spat at Ling Chen, “You know Spatial Stones are incredibly rare right?! Even a Spatial Stone as small as a grain of rice would be priceless, and would spur countless experts to kill each other over it. This piece of Spatial Stone as big as a fist… its worth is simply immeasurable!”

“Then how do we use the spatial energy stored inside it?” Ling Chen asked. This was the most important question. In the description of the Spatial Stone, it was said that in order to use its spatial energy, one would have to have incredible forging skills- forging skills at a minimum of Heaven’s End grade. He definitely wasn’t able to use the Spatial Stone, but seeing how ecstatic Xiao Feng Chen looked… could he be a super high-level Blacksmith?

Xiao Feng Chen regained his composure, and replied, “The process is neither complicated nor simple. Spatial Stones contain the purest form of spatial energy. If the spatial energy can be taken out and transferred into another object, incredible Spatial Equipment can be created- both attack and supporting type items. Using the spatial energy to create Transport Equipment can transport us to any place in the Forgotten Continent, even if it’s from within the Lunar Sky Hell. However, the prerequisite is having extremely high level forging skills, and it is extremely hard to find a human with such skills. The only ones who are able to create items with the Spatial Stone to perfection are a race that has disappeared for a long time, and has even been thought to have gone extinct- the Dwarves. As for us two, neither of us are able to make such items with the Spatial Stone. However, what we can do is to forcefully extract a bit of the spatial energy within it to create a Spatial Rift, which we can escape through… as for where that Spatial Rift will lead to, who knows? But I’m sure it won’t be as bad as the Lunar Sky Hell.”

Ling Chen completely understood, and asked, “So how do we forcefully extract some of its spatial energy?”

Xiao Feng Chen looked at Ling Chen liked he was an idiot, “Simple! You hit it! Use your full force to hit it. As long as there is enough force, some of the spatial energy will leak out, and we’ll be able to escape! Come, give the Spatial Stone to me. With your tiny bit of strength, I’m sure you won’t be able to force out any spatial energy, so let me try first.”

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