Shura's Wrath

Chapter 261

Xiao Feng Chen (2)

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In the Lunar Sky Hell, Ling Chen really faced danger at every step, and had to take every step with utmost care. First it was NineFang, then the Volcanic Desolation Beast, and when he finally had some time to catch his breath, he encountered the Ancient Toad King!

This was truly a very scary world.


The effect of Moon Shadow had ended and the huge body of the Ancient Toad King landed on the ground heavily, causing the ground to tremble. Ling Chen had already escaped by dozens of meters. After he rushed off, he could hear the thumping sound behind him getting closer and closer.

The movement speed of the Ancient Toad King was not the fastest amongst other monsters in the same tier, but it was an Ancient Beast after all, so its speed was actually comparable to Ling Chen’s. The few dozens of metres of distance was closed in an instant. Then, the Ancient Toad King suddenly jumped up high, reaching more than 30m into the air, but it didn’t fall onto Ling Chen, but instead landed heavily 10m behind Ling Chen’s position.


Ling Chen was shaken, and he fell onto the ground.

“Ding… due to the effect of the Ancient Toad King’s “Great Earth Storm”, you are ‘dizzy’ and ‘stunned’ for at least 5 seconds.”

Ling Chen’s brain had blanked out and couldn’t process what the notification was, but he knew he had been stunned. For the effect of dizziness, his greatly strengthened mental energy was a big help; an effect that should have affected him for at least 5 seconds took him only 2 seconds to recover from. As he regained consciousness, his vision started to be restored, and he could see that the Ancient Toad King was above his body, less than 5 metres away!

Even though he had recovered from the dizziness, he had not actually recovered from the stun, so even though Ling Chen wanted to immediately escape, he couldn’t compel his body to move. Moreover, even under normal conditions, even if his speed was doubled, he would be unable to move out of the way quickly enough to escape the Ancient Toad King.

Alas, with these kinds of abilities in a scary place such as this one, his strength was like an ant; no matter how much he struggled, death was inevitable.

Having no place to go, Ling Chen could only close his eyes, but he felt a certain peace. After all, he had faced beasts that were of Heaven End’s grade. Being able to escape 3 of these monsters for such a long time, was already a pretty big deal.

Coming to this place, even though it was forced by the Fairies, he only had himself to blame. Moreover, the Fairy Clan didn’t force him to use the transportation channel; he chose to do that himself. Coming here and hearing the announcement made him scared but also excited. And when faced with the terrors of this place, the stimulation was definitely exciting but in the end he was unable to fight and could only face his death.


The Ancient Toad King fell, making a huge noise. But it was just a noise, and that noise seemed like it was far away when it reached Ling Chen’s ears, with the accompaniment of a howling roar. His body did not have the sensation of being hit, but it was more like he was picked up, and carried off at an astonishing speed.

Ling Chen opened his eyes, and realized his body was being transported quickly by something. He turned his head and was surprised to see the figure of a small person!

It was definitely the figure of a person! And the thing that was holding onto him, was definitely a hand!

A person!? How can this place have people?

The wind howling by his ears told Ling Chen how fast he was going, and this person, with one arm holding onto him, could still travel at this terrifying speed! This speed was that of a race car in real life; how could it possibly be a person?!

Moreover this person, saved him from the Ancient Toad King from before.

This person…

Ling Chen wanted to ask something loudly, but was traveling too quickly and couldn’t speak when he opened his mouth. Who knew how long it was before the howling in his ears died down, and Ling Chen could get a breath of air, and feel his whole body relax. The person that was holding onto him immediately threw him onto the ground with a “peng”. Ling Chen fell heavily but quickly stabilized, and got up holding one hand against the wall, looking at the person who just rescued him.

It was really a person!

Small in stature, thin, with messy patches of grey hair and beard on his head and face. He was covered in raggedy clothes. His whole body, including his face was covered in greasy dirt, like he had just climbed out of a swamp, and he was also letting off a foul odour. With dirt covering his entire face, leaving only the eyes recognizable, but in this moment, these eyes were letting off a sense of excitement… like a wolf that was eyeing off a fat sheep.

But meeting this person, Ling Chen was even more excited, as he had just saved his life. Even though he was unable to see what he looked like clearly, he could recognize that this was a relatively old person. He took a step forward and was about to say something when the old man suddenly rushed him first, yelling like a musket going off.

“Hey, boy, you dare provoke that smelly toad, do you not want to live? Good thing you met me! Tch, little ol’ me has been here for so many years, and I’ve finally bumped into another human. All these years I’ve been here incredibly alone and bored. Oh right, boy, you seem young, and you also aren’t emitting any evil auras, and your strength is trash even amongst trash, how did you end up here? Unless you suffered the same fate as I did after you offended that three bitches from the Moon God Clan?”

Looking at his speed from before, it definitely showed that this old man’s actual strength was actually terrifying. But his speech and stance did not reflect the status of his power; he had crooked teeth and danced for joy, his eyes moving left and right while looking at Ling Chen. When he said his last sentence, he unexpectedly shouted “three bitches from the Moon God clan”. This old man definitely looked… insane.

“Little master, be careful of this person! There aren’t many humans who have been sealed into this place, but each one of them are definitely ferocious and not the friendly kind. This person seems to have been here a long time and has not died, so his strength is to be feared. Moreover, the mental toll that this place has, even on someone with formidable mental fortitude, would also cause their mind to eventually collapse. Given the words and actions of this person, it’s possible that he has already lost his mind. And a person who has lost his mind is capable of anything.” Qi Yue reminded.

Ling Chen nodded, and opened his mouth: “Old man, thanks for saving me…”

“What? Old man!” hearing what Ling Chen had called him, the old man jumped around like a monkey, and scolded, “You’re the old man! Your whole family are old men! Do I really look that old! Huh!!”

Ling Chen just grinned and took it, this old man, must really be insane. It’s no wonder, staying in a place like this for so long, there was no way to maintain mental balance. He just said politely, “What should I call you then?”

The old man curled his lip in disdain, “Older brother of course, brother got it! Younger brother is good too. Do not call me old man again, or I’ll curse you to live a life as an old man! Young people these days, no manners and don’t even know convention. Come on, call me brother!”

Seeing that this old man was mentally unstable, he felt sorry for him. After all he had saved his life, so he endured it. He braced himself and called out, “Brother!”

“Yeah! That’s the way.” the old man nodded with contentment, “Kid, you didn’t tell me, how did you end up here? No matter how I look, you don’t seem the type to get thrown in here. Tutut, but your complexion is so fair, and your face is so handsome and clear! I know, it must be that those three bitches from the Moon God Clan caught you hundreds of times to ‘satisfy’ themselves and were afraid that you would leak information about them so they threw you in here?”

Ling Chen really wanted to spit in this man’s face.

“It was like this, I accidentally entered a transportation channel and was transmitted here; I was not thrown in here by the Moon God clan.” Ling Chen said truthfully.

“What?” the old man jumped up again, looked at him curiously, “You were casually transmitted to this damned place? Is your judgment that bad! Did your ancestors not pass you information about this place? You should have known about this damned place from a young age! Let me tell you, this is the most dangerous place in the world. In the many years I’ve been here, so many people have entered, but I’m the only one still alive. The monsters in here I may not be able to defeat, but if I want to escape, no one can catch me. Owell, no point in talking about this; even if you want to leave, you can’t. Hmm, now that I look at you, you look like a decent fellow. Relax, its very unusual for a person to come in, so I will definitely protect you. Hey, don’t look at me like I’m a god. Back then, the people who worshipped me were countless, I don’t need another one.”

Ling Chen endured, and endured and endured again, making himself keep a calm expression, and then asking, “Old… der brother, have you been here for a long time?”

“You’re lucky, boy, asking a good question like this. Till today, I’ve been here for exactly one thousand years.” The old man said with his crooked mouth

One thousand years? Ling Chen’s heart skipped a beat. He had been sealed in here for one thousand years and still wasn’t dead. This person was not just the average kind of strong. A normal person, even if they lived in a peaceful world, didn’t live past 100 years old.

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