Shura's Wrath

Chapter 259


Translator/Editor:  Mr Voltaire

“Moreover, the atmosphere is polluted and unclean, which can weaken living creatures. Powerful creatures will be able to resist it, but weaker creatures will find that their strength will be gradually taken away. Because little master is too weak, even if you don’t meet any monsters that kill you, your level will continue to decrease as long as you stay here.” Qi Yue said. Her voice was grave and serious- evidently, she was also distressed by Ling Chen’s situation.

Ling Chen stood there in shock, and felt powerless, “There’s really no way to escape from here?”

“None at all.” Qi Yue replied, “Otherwise, all of the powerful monsters would have escaped from here long ago. Of course, if one was absurdly powerful, they would be able to destroy the seal forcefully. However, that sort of power would have to be ten times stronger than that of the three Moon Goddesses. It’s simply impossible for someone to have that sort of power. To be sealed in the Lunar Sky Hell was one of the most severe types of punishment- if one died, then that would be the end of it, but if they didn’t, then they would have to suffer for eternity.” Qi Yue paused, then continued in a despondent voice, “Back then, what scared me the most was being locked up in here. I never thought that it wouldn’t be the Moon God Clan throwing me in here, but little master choosing to come to this place.”

Ling Chen had never encountered, nor heard of, such a terrifying place that could not be left in a game world before. Logically, such a place should not appear in a game- it simply wouldn’t be fair for there to be a place that could not be left by players once they entered, causing them to be unable to play the game.

Qi Yue’s words were like buckets of cold water that were poured on Ling Chen’s body and heart, causing him to feel more and more depressed. Qi Yue’s information fully corroborated with the system announcements, which showed that what she was saying was the truth.

The Lunar Sky Hell was a place of total despair and hopelessness.

However, despair was something that Ling Chen had faced over and over again in his life. As such, when hearing what Qi Yue had to say, Ling Chen’s reaction was not too extreme.

“There are no such things as absolutes. Whatever, let’s have a look around.” Ling Chen sighed as he walked forwards.

“I guess that’s the only thing we can do. However, little master, be prepared to stay here forever. Since I reside in the Lunar Scourge, as long as the Lunar Scourge is not destroyed, I won’t die either. Although I’ll be here forever, but with the undying little master, that doesn’t seem too bad.”  Qi Yue had returned to her normal self- after all, there was no point remaining depressed. “However, little master, please be careful, and try not to die too much. With the Lunar Scourge, as well as little master’s abilities, I’m sure that you’ll be able to run away as long as there aren’t too many monsters.”

Lunar Sky Hell…

Looking ahead, Ling Chen deeply breathed in.

This was a place that players shouldn’t be able to enter, and yet he had somehow ended up here. He started to become used to the rotten stench, and although it was dark, he could still somewhat see what was close to him. The only thing that caused him to feel unsettled was the gloomy and heavy atmosphere. There were no living creatures around him, but there seemed to be danger everywhere. He looked down at Xiao Hui, and saw that Xiao Hui’s fur was standing, and had been for a long time.

Evidently, it was very dangerous here.

Even peak-level experts would have to be extremely wary when coming here, let alone him, a LV20 player!

Ling Chen calmed himself down, and started to walk forwards. Ling Chen found that the ground was quite flat, and was pleasantly surprised. However, the ground felt incredibly solid, so it probably wouldn’t be practical to dig his way out. Within the darkness, he could only see about 10 metres in front of him. Every single step he took with care, and made sure not to make any noise. His mind was stretched to its maximum alertness.

Ling Chen calmly said, “Since I’m a player, even if I keep getting killed and falling down to LV0, that doesn’t really matter, because I won’t really die. There’s no difference between dying once and dying 100 times, so it’s not that terrifying. I’ll just keep looking for a way to escape; or maybe the Moon God Clan monitors this place, and will discover me, then let me out. Perhaps the Fairy Clan will think of some way to contact the Moon God Clan and tell them to release me…”

“Rest assured, little master, none of those things you just considered can become reality,” Qi Yue swiftly said, “Those incredibly strong monsters have not been able to escape, let alone you, who does not even amount to 0.0001 of their power.”

Ling Chen laughed, “Then I’ll just stay here. With a beauty like you, I don’t think I’ll be too bored.”

“Aiya, little master, are you confessing your feelings to me?” Qi Yue said in a mocking voice.


Suddenly, Xiao Hui howled, and Ling Chen suddenly stopped walking. He couldn’t see anything within his field of vision, but he could sense something incredibly dangerous not too far away. Ling Chen held his breath, and squinted, trying to see what was ahead. He could roughly make out a gigantic shape.

However, Xiao Hui could see what it was, and the information regarding the source of the danger was transmitted to Ling Chen.

[Ninefang]: Type: Beast, Level: ????, Grade: Heaven’s End. An Ancient Beast with nine fangs on its side which can stretch for 100 metres and pierce through its target, causing the target to shatter into pieces. A vicious and bloodthirsty creature that has taken countless lives and is feared by countless creatures. It has been sealed in the Lunar Sky Hell for 10,000 years, and has become stronger and more vicious during that time.

Passive Abilities: ????, Skills: ????, Ultimate Skill: ????, Weaknesses: ????

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

Heaven’s End grade… Ancient Beast!!

Because of the gap in their levels, Xiao Hui could only detect limited information. However, just this bit of information alone was enough to shock Ling Chen. After Entering the Lunar Sky Hell, the first creature he had encountered was a Heaven’s End grade Ancient Beast. According to Qi Yue, all of the creatures sealed in the Lunar Sky Hell were all incredibly powerful and incredibly terrifying. Ling Chen tightly held his breath, and slowly backed away… the giant silhouette wasn’t moving, as if it was asleep.

Qi Yue also saw the information that appeared in Ling Chen’s mind. As Ling Chen was soundlessly retreating, Qi Yue yelled out, “Quickly run!! This is the Ancient Beast Ninefangs of the legends!! It is incredibly bloodthirsty, and is very sensitive to any living creatures. Being so close to it, it’s definitely already detected you!! Its fangs can be extended up to 100 metres, so it’s probably preparing to attack you right now, rather than sleeping!!”

Just as Qi Yue yelled out, a gust of wind blew past, carrying a think scent of death.


The air was pierced and an incredibly sharp fang, about half a metre in height… indeed, it was a fang. Ling Chen twisted his body, with his knees on the ground and his back almost on the ground. The fang passed over his chest by less than half a centimetre.


A terrifying roar sent tremors through the air, and the roar, as well as the pressure from the beast, weighed down on Ling Chen like a gigantic mountain, making it difficult for him to breath. Ling Chen knew that death had just narrowly passed by, and his entire body broke out in cold sweat. Ling Chen widened his eyes, and released a silver glow from the Lunar Scourge…

Moon Shadow!! There was no other choice.

A silver light appeared, and expanded out from Ling Chen. The gigantic silhouette was also caught within the effects of Moon Shadow, and under Moon Shadow’s light, Ling Chen could see what this Ancient Beast looked like… it was about five metres tall, and its entire body was black. It had an extremely small head, and had two rows of fangs on its body, four on each side. Each of those fangs were about two metres long, and were incredibly sharp. The fang that had just passed by Ling Chen came from its chest, and stretched far into the darkness.

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