Shura's Wrath

Chapter 258

Lunar Sky Prison (3)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“What just happened? How did he know that there was a secret transportation channel there? How did he even know how to activate it… Chief Greenwood, what’s going on? Isn’t it just you who knows how to activate the transportation channel?” The ten Elders all asked in confusion. It wasn’t a secret that there was a transportation channel at the mountain; almost all of the Fairies knew that it was used to punish evildoers from the outside world. Because it was rumoured that the place the transportation channel connected to was extremely dangerous, Fairies were not allowed to go close. However, only the Fairy Chief of each generation knew of the method for activating the transportation channel, so even if one went near, if they didn’t know how to activate it, nothing would happen. In the end, no one really knew where the transportation channel connected to.

“I don’t know,” Greenwood shook his head, “This should be the first time he has ever come to this place. He shouldn’t even know about this secret transportation channel, and…”

“It… It was me who told him,” Cai’Er said with her head lowered, “Wuu… but even I don’t know how to activate the transportation channel.”

“It’s not that surprising that he knew of the transportation channel. After all, it’s not much of a secret. However, the method for activating the transportation channel is very unique, so how did he activate it in such a short period of time?” Greenwood frowned deeply. Only he knew where the transportation channel led to.

“He somehow found a way to get past the Bewildering Formation, so perhaps he has some method for easily finding and activating transportation channels. Father, where does that transportation channel lead to?” Ying Xue walked up and asked in her clear voice, her crystal eyes with a hint of worry in them.

The ten Elders and Cai’Er all looked towards Greenwood, waiting for him to answer Ying Xue.

“Ai,” Greenwood sighed, “We hoped that he would be able to follow our Fairy Clan’s rules and religion, but in the end, we’re much too different from humans. We are unable to understand him, and he is unable to understand us. Perhaps we were in the wrong this time. To us, making him drink down the Fairy Water may not have been that bad, but to him, perhaps he was more willing to die than accept that. As such, we have forced him… into a place of death.

Greenwood raised his head and closed his eyes, “That transportation channel was something that our ancestors asked the Moon God Clan to create for us before we were sealed off. The purpose of the transportation channel was to punish evildoers, as well as enemies from the outside world. When activated, this transportation channel sends the target to a place called the ‘Lunar Sky Hell’. It is a place even more terrifying than hell itself, and is a place where the Moon God Clan imprisons all of the extremely evil humans, monsters, demons, undead… only creatures that have committed countless sins would be sent to such a place. What’s more, once a creature is thrown in there, they can never leave. The seal on that place is many, many times stronger than the barrier around the Fairy Realm, and there are countless evil creatures there. Legends say that there are even some Ancient Beasts. According to the ancestors, the Ancient Beasts in there can even easily kill our ancestors. The only thing awaiting that human, Ling Tian, is death. Perhaps right now he is being savagely killed… and even if he doesn’t get killed, he’ll still never be able to leave there.”

“Ahh!” Cai’Er let out a cry of shock, and covered her mouth with her hands. She was so worried that it seemed as if she was going to start crying.

“No wonder the ancestors told us not go near here. It turned out that this transportation channel connects to such a terrifying place. Ai, then that human… although it was unintentional, this was caused by us. We should all go and reflect on our actions.” One Elder said, ashamed.

“Wuu… no, no, big brother will be fine. He said that he’s a ‘player’ from a different world, and that he can revive after dying, and return to the human city. He’ll definitely be fine.” Cai’Er said as she desperately held back her tears and shook her head.

“No, that’s not entirely true. If it was anywhere else, that would be the case. However, in the Lunar Sky Hell, that definitely won’t happen. The seal on the Lunar Sky Hell was put in place by the Moon God Clan themselves, so nothing could ever escape from there. If he’s from another world, then that means his spirit is here- usually if he dies, then he will be revived in a human city. However, in the Lunar Sky Hell, even if he revives, he’ll revive in the Lunar Sky Hell!”

“Wuu… then, big brother, he… he’ll never be able to come out…?” the little Cai’Er’s voice trembled as she asked; she simply couldn’t accept this sort of outcome. If Ling Chen would never be able to escape from the Lunar Sky Hell, she would never be able to see him again, and neither would Ying Xue. As such, Ying Xue would have to spend the rest of her life by herself.

Greenwood deeply sighed, and turned around. He helplessly said, “Elders, please set up a seal around this place so that no one can get close to here. If we have to use it again someday, we’ll unlock the seal then.”

Afterwards, he looked at Ying Xue, then began to walk back, downcast.

At the foot of the mountain, the wind whistled by. Ying Xue stood unmoving, staring at the place where Ling Chen had disappeared speechlessly, as if her soul had been taken away.

She thought that she had no feelings for him, but seeing him adamantly reject their marriage, and disappear in the transportation channel, her heart suddenly felt empty and confused.

It was completely dark where Ling Chen appeared, and there was a stench of rotten flesh. The air was icy cold, and the atmosphere within this place was cruel and oppressive, as if there were countless blades stabbing into his entire body.

Where was this?

And the atmosphere in here… why was it so terrifying?!

Ling Chen endured the disgusting stench, and opened his eyes wide to look at his surroundings. After a while, his eyes became adjusted to the darkness, and he could roughly see the area within 10 metres of him.

“Little master, where is this place? Why does the atmosphere feel so strange here?” Qi Yue asked.

“I don’t know; I didn’t receive any system announcements just then. Cai’Er told me that the transportation channel connected to somewhere extremely dangerous.” Ling Chen frowned, and took out his weapons, and edged forwards. At this moment, a system announcement sounded out.

“Ding… you have entered an extremely dangerous region – Lunar Sky Hell.”

“Lunar… Sky… Hell…” Hearing this system announcement, Ling Chen muttered these words to himself.

“Lunar Sky Hell…” Qi Yue also repeated the name, then went silent. After a few seconds, she suddenly yelled out, “What did you say? This is… Lunar Sky Hell!?”

“Ding… within the Lunar Sky Hell, your level will decrease by 1 every 24 hours. You will respawn where you die, and receive three times the normal death penalty. Please quickly leave.”

Ling Chen: “!!!!!!”

The system announcement caused Ling Chen to become extremely shocked. His level would decrease by 1 every 24 hours… to think that there would be such a terrifying place within Mystic Moon! And Qi Yue’s reaction just then…

“Qi Yue, what do you know about Lunar Sky Hell?” Ling Chen anxiously asked.

For a while, Ling Chen could only hear Qi Yue heavily breathing. After half a minute, she despondently replied, “No doubt, our surroundings, the environment all confirm that this is the Lunar Sky Hell. I never thought that we would be taken to this place… it’s over, little master, we’re going to be stuck here forever.”

Qi Yue’s caused Ling Chen to become even more worried, “What sort of place is this?”

“This is a place that, once entered, cannot be left. This applies to players like little master as well. If you players died at any other place, you would be taken back to the Revival Centre, but if you die here, you will keep reviving here. Escaping from here is pretty much impossible- within the last 10,000 years, no creature has ever escaped from here before!” Qi Yue said in an ominous voice.

Ling Chen: “……”

Qi Yue’s words, as well as the system announcement from just then, struck Ling Chen like a thunderbolt. No way to escape, level decreasing by 1 every 24 hours, and even dying would revive him at the same place where he had died… he never would have thought that there would be such a cruel place in a game world. It seemed that he might be trapped here forever.

“Is the seal here even stronger than the one in the Fairy Realm?” Ling Chen asked as he ground his teeth together.

“The barrier in the Fairy Realm is indeed strong, but comparing the Fairy Realm barrier to the Lunar Sky Hell seal is like comparing a sheet of paper to a block of steel! This Lunar Sky Hell belongs to the Moon God Clan, and it’s where they seal all extremely evil creatures. The seal on this place has been reinforced by countless generations of Moon Gods- even if a Moon God was put in here, they might not be able to escape. All of the creatures that have been sealed in here are all extremely power and evil creatures, including Ancient Beasts and Ancient Spirits have incredibly long lifespans and terrifying strength! The weakest of the are about Lord grade, and the strongest are Mysterious God or even stronger! Any of the creatures sealed in here are enough to wreak havoc in the entire Forgotten Continent. However, none of these powerful beasts or spirits have ever been able to escape. They can only fight and kill among themselves, and the ones that are still living are all incredibly powerful. Little master, you coming here was completely unintentional- since the creation of the Lunar Sky Hell, you’re probably the weakest creature that’s ever come in here. Any creature here is able to easily rip you apart.”

Ling Yue’s words caused Ling Chen to shiver. He stubbornly took out a teleport scroll, and tried to shatter it… however, it was ineffective even in the Fairy Realm, so how could it work here? Ling Chen picked up his communication device, and tried to contact Shui Ruo. However, all he could hear was a system announcement telling him that he could not contact the outside world.

Before, Ling Chen thought that because the only way to leave the Fairy Realm was to die, being transported anywhere else would be better. However, he never expected to be sent to such a terrifying place. His position had changed from one where he was able to escape, but at a cost, to one of complete and utter despair.

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