Shura's Wrath

Chapter 257

Lunar Sky Prison (2)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

The moment Qi Yue yelled out, Ling Chen became incredibly alert. He sensed there was danger coming from beneath him, and he flipped backwards. The moment his feet left the ground, ten vines shot out, and grew to about two metres in length. Evidently, if he was caught by these tree vines, he would be completely bound, unable to move at all. If that happened…

After dodging the tree vines, Ling Chen’s body was covered in cold sweat. His amicability to the Fairy Clan instantly vanished, and his face darkened, “It’s claimed that your Fairy Clan is the kindest race in the entire world; is this your kindness? Forcefully wiping someone’s memories- this is one of the cruellest things you can do!”

The sudden appearance of the vines caused Greenwood and the ten Elders to all stand up in shock. Greenwood hurriedly asked, “Mother, is this really the right thing to do?”

Granny Witherwood sighed and replied, “Child, I have to do this- the alternative is even more cruel. If you are unable to forget about your life in the outside world, being forced to stay here will be even more painful. However, if you can forget about the past, and live as a Fairy, you will live happily each day. After all, now that you’re here, it’s impossible for you to leave. Greenwood, Elders, let’s help him drink down this Fairy Water. He was sent here by Nature, so we cannot disobey Nature.”

Granny Witherwood’s words caused Greenwood and the ten Elders to become resolute. They also stretched out their hands, and even more tree vines burst out of the ground to attack Ling Chen.

“Ah, big bro!”

The only one who was anxious for Ling Chen was Cai’Er.

Ling Chen tightly gritted his teeth. By now, there were so many vines in the room that the room had darkened from the vines blocking out the light from outside. At first, he was quite nervous upon entering the Fairy Realm, but the Fairies’ warmth and cordiality had dispelled any nervousness. However, at this moment, all he felt for the Fairy Clan was resentment… no matter what the reason was, trying to erase his memories was completely unforgiveable!


How could it be that easy to bind Ling Chen’s body with those vines? Like a fish in water, Ling Chen weaved in and out of the vines, and dodged all of the Fairies’ attacks. Seeing that they had failed in restraining him, the Fairies were all unbelievably shocked. They did not expect that this human would be able to dodge the vines, and they weren’t even able to see clearly how he did it.

“Quickly leave! That Fairy Chief has at least Mysterious God grade power! He was just casually attacking just then; if he used his full power, you wouldn’t have a chance. These Fairies don’t have any ill-will towards you, but they seem determined to catch you. Leave immediately, and run as far as you can!” Qi Yue yelled.

Seeing that Ling Chen had escaped all of their attacks, Greenwood frowned. He lifted his hand, and a green light flashed on his palm. The ten Elders also did the same, and immediately, Ling Chen could sense impending danger from every corner of the room. Ling Chen’s eyes widened, and he raised his right hand, releasing a piercing silver light from the Lunar Scourge.


As the silver light filled the small room, all of the Fairies screamed out in pain and squeezed their eyes shut, unable to open them temporarily. This was the most terrifying light they had ever encountered in their whole lives. It was as if countless tiny, silver swords had filled the room, robbing them of their vision.

After they were finally able to open their eyes again, they looked around, but found that Ling Chen was gone.

“That light just then…” Greenwood walked to the door, and sighed, “No matter what he does, he won’t be able to leave this sealed space.”

Greenwood stretched out his hands, and took out a unique-looking bamboo flute. He talked into the flute, “Immediately capture that human. Restrain him, but do not hurt him under any circumstances!”

Putting down the flute, Greenwood closed his eyes and said, “Let’s try to catch up to him as well.”

Using Moon Flare, Ling Chen had escaped from the small room. He called out his Cloud Stepping Mare, and charged forwards. He was not running aimlessly like the Fairy Clan had expected- instead, he was directly charging towards the mountain that supposedly contained the dangerous transportation channel.

After charging out for about 100 metres, large waves of adult Fairies suddenly appeared. They stretched out their hands, and green lights flashed on their palms… Fairies were not only expert Archers, but could also control plants. Evidently, they didn’t want to hurt him, as they didn’t use any arrows- however, this motion of stretching out their hand and the green flash indicated the summoning of those vines.

Even the little Cai’Er was of the Celestial grade- with so many adult Fairies attacking together, it would be incredibly difficult for him to escape. Ling Chen desperately thought, and suddenly thought of an item. He reached into his bag and took out one of the [Furious Pineapples] he had obtained from the Lucky Cat, and threw it ahead of him.


As the Furious Pineapple landed, it created a deafening explosion, and all of the Fairies ahead fell to the ground with little stars spinning around their heads… all of them had been stunned. Apart from Poison, Fairies had high resistance to all abnormal statuses. However, this Furious Pineapple came from a Lucky Cat, so the stun it applied definitely wasn’t any normal stun. Ling Chen increased his speed and continued to charge ahead.

He was now only about one kilometre away from the mountain! If there really was a transportation channel there, even if it was incredibly dangerous, it would be better than having his memories wiped!

The Fairy Realm was not very big, and there was nowhere to run or hide. As such, the Fairies were not overly desperate in chasing him.

Although the Cloud Stepping Mare was fast, it couldn’t outrun the experts of the Fairy Clan. When Ling Chen was still about 300 metres away from the mountain, the ten Elders suddenly appeared in front of him, blocking his way. The Elder in the middle exasperatedly said, “Child, stop running. We don’t want to harm you- drinking this Fairy Water will only benefit you!”

“Screw off!” Ling Chen was enraged. He unhesitatingly threw another Furious Pineapple out in front of him.


To be the ten Elders of the Fairy Clan, these Fairies were incomparably stronger than other normal Fairies. However, as the Furious Pineapple exploded, they also fell to the ground like the other Fairies, stunned for 5 seconds… even they were unable to resist the effects of the Furious Pineapple.

In total, Ling Chen had obtained five Furious Pineapples from the Lucky Cat. In just a short while, he had already used two, causing his heart to ache. However, he had no other choice- he simply couldn’t risk being caught. After charging for another 100 metres, a green light flashed and a wall of vines were growing in front of him. He looked behind him, and found that the ten Elders were already standing again. This gigantic vine wall was the only thing stopping him from reaching his destination.

Seeing the vine wall growing in front of him, Ling Chen did not reduce his speed, but stared at a gap that was quickly closing. He called out in a low voice, “Moon Shadow!!”

Moon Shadow affected anything that was within its radius- not just living creatures. The gigantic vine wall stopped growing, no matter how hard the ten Elders tried. They could only watch as Ling Chen slipped through the last gap in the vine wall.

The Fairies were not too desperate to chase him down as they were actually quite unwilling to force others to do things against their will. Moreover, the place where Ling Chen was fleeing to was a dead end. There was nowhere to run once he reached the mountain.

Without any more obstacles, Ling Chen finally reached the mountain. Him, a LV20 player, reaching his destination despite being blocked by many Fairies was quite unbelievable. Ling Chen jumped down from the Cloud Stepping Mare, and called out Xiao Hui. He quickly said to Xiao Hui, “Xiao Hui, see if there are any secret transportation channels here… even if it’s an incredibly dangerous one, we still need to go through it!”

Xiao Hui immediately started exploring, and the horn on his head glowed with a grey light. Xiao Hui had never let Ling Chen down before, and after running around, he stopped about 10 metres away from the mountain. He paused for a few seconds, then jumped up and down, and ran in a circle around where he had stopped.

Once, twice, three times…

After running around in circles five times, a dim, white circle of light appeared where he was running. As Xiao Hui continued to run, the circle of light became brighter and brighter. After running around in circles ten times, Xiao Hui jumped out of the circle of light, and ran in front of Ling Chen, then barked.

The white circle of light… was definitely a transportation channel!

It seemed that what Cai’Er had told him was true.

Ling Chen was elated- he could finally leave! He unhesitatingly walked towards the circle of light. Just as he was about to enter, Greenwood and the ten Elders had caught up, as well as Ying Xue and an anxious-looking Cai’Er.

The instant he saw the circle of light, Greenwood’s face revealed an expression of shock. He yelled, “Don’t enter it!!!!”

Ling Chen smirked inwardly. As if he would listen to Greenwood. He and Xiao Hui both ran into the transportation channel.

Greenwood face twisted, and released all of his power, so much that the ten Elders beside him and his two daughters were swept back by it. A vine as thick as an arm erupted out of the ground, and shot towards Ling Chen, hoping to pull him out from the transportation channel.

However, it was too late.

When Ling Chen stood within the circle of light, the transportation had already begun. By the time the vine reached Ling Chen’s body, Ling Chen had already disappeared into thin air.

Greenwood couldn’t believe his eyes. He staggered back two steps, unable to accept what had just happened.

“It’s over…” Greenwood dispiritedly said.

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