Shura's Wrath

Chapter 254

The Fairy Clan’s Secret (1)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

The Dew of Dawn’s effects were as shocking as those of the Dew of Dusk’s. To Ling Chen, however, they were far more valuable. Right now, he only had 1,000 or so HP, so with the Dew of Dawn, which could recover 5,000HP per second for 10 seconds, unless there were enemies that could instantly kill him, he would be invincible with the Dew of Dawn.

Ling Chen put away the small wooden bottle and asked Cai’Er, “Cai’Er, do you have any more? I’d like as much as possible!”

“Eh?” Cai’Er tilted her head, “Big bro really likes these dewdrops? They’re definitely not as yummy as your human food though… let’s see… here, I have another bottle. You can have it.”

This time, Cai’Er gave Ling Chen a bottle with 100 dewdrops of Dew of Dusk.

The Dew of Dawn and Dew of Dusk were things that simply could not be bought with money in the outside world.

“If big bro really likes them, I can get some more quickly.” Seeing that Ling Chen really liked these dewdrops, Cai’Er was willing to get some more. After all, these dewdrops were in abundance and did not take much effort to collect.

“Mm, yes please- especially the Dew of Dawn. Those are very precious to me.” Of course, for precious things like these, one could never have enough. After he left the Fairy Realm, he would not be able to get any more.

“Sure, sure! Big bro seems to really like our dew.” Cai’Er nodded eagerly. To be able to help him after all he had done for her, Cai’Er was very happy, “Oh and by the way, big sis has a lot as well. If you want, you can go ask big sis for some. I’m sure that she’ll be happy to give you some.”

“Err, maybe that’s not the best idea.” Ling Chen shrugged. Now that he knew what First Wings were, he didn’t know how to confront Ying Xue. Indeed, Ying Xue was an incredibly beautiful Fairy woman- peerless amongst the Fairies and incomparable to humans. Even Shui Ruo was not as beautiful as Ying Xue. It would not even be an exaggeration to say that Ying Xue was the most beautiful being in all of the Forgotten Continent. This sort of woman would be every man’s desire- most men would not even dare to dream to have her.

Being a man, it would be impossible for Ling Chen to say that he was not moved by her looks. However, Ying Xue was not the type that could get his heart racing. Although one of the reasons was because she was a ‘character’ in a game, the main reason was that he never wanted to betray Shui Ruo. Although Shui Ruo had told him again and again that he could do anything he wanted as long as he didn’t leave her, he still didn’t want to do such a thing.

As such, whenever he thought of Ying Xue, his head would hurt.

“Cai’Er, are there absolutely no gaps at all within this barrier that surrounds the Fairy Realm?” Ling Chen asked. Although he knew there wasn’t much of a possibility, he still wanted to confirm.

“Of course not. The barrier that our ancestors left behind completely sealed off our Fairy Realm, and there aren’t any gaps at all. Over all these years, no Fairy has ever left before.” As Cai’Er spoke, she suddenly remembered something, and her eyes shone, “That’s right, I heard big sis say before that within the Fairy Realm, there’s a place that connects to a different world.”

Cai’Er’s words startled Ling Chen. He quickly asked, “Really? Where is it?”

Cai’Er thought for a while, and pointed towards a tall mountain, “Big bro, do you see that tall mountain? It’s around there. Over there, there’s a transportation channel that can send you to another world. However, big sis said that only dad knows the method for triggering the transportation channel, and that no one else can ever activate it. Big sis also said that it was a forbidden area, and we shouldn’t go near it, because that transportation channel was left by our ancestors to punish evildoers. If there are any evildoers, the Fairy Chief can send them to a terrifying place. Once someone is sent there, they can never come out. So, big bro should never go near there.”

Ling Chen looked over, and saw that the mountain was about one kilometre away, which wasn’t too far.

A transportation channel that can send one to a different world… Ling Chen’s heart beat with excitement. From what Cai’Er said, apparently it wasn’t a very pleasant place, but at least it would be better than being stuck in the Fairy Realm. Moreover, the other world didn’t seem like it would be completely sealed, unlike the Fairy Realm, so even if there were powerful monsters, he would still be able to use his teleport scrolls.

Perhaps Xiao Hui would be able to trigger the transportation channel… there was no reason not to go and have a look.

After making this secret decision, Ling Chen started contemplating when he would go there. Suddenly, he heard Cai’Er shouting, “Big sis! We’re over here!”

Ling Chen looked up, and saw Ying Xue, wearing a white dress, walking towards them. Her footsteps were soft, as if she was walking on clouds. Ling Chen couldn’t help but let out a breath in awe… if such a woman appeared in the human world, perhaps all of the men in the whole world would fall for her. However, it just didn’t seem possible that a human could be so beautiful.

Ying Xue walked over, and looked at Ling Chen expressionlessly, “Grandmother has finished cultivating and has come out of conclusion. Father already told grandmother of your situation, and they have requested your presence. Come with me.”

“So fast?” Greenwood said that they would have an answer the next day, so Ling Chen was pleasantly surprised. However, Ling Chen could already guess what Greenwood’s answer would be- even if there was a way, chances were that Greenwood wouldn’t tell him.

Although she was quite cold to him, she still seemed extremely beautiful. Ling Chen glanced at her, and nodded, “Alright then.”

“Cai’Er, come with us as well.” Ying Xue turned around and walked towards the largest, most awe-inspiring tree with Ling Chen and Cai’Er following behind her.

“Um, can I call you Ying Xue?” Ling Chen asked.

Ying Xue emotionlessly replied, “You’re my future husband; you can call me whatever you want.”

Ling Chen slightly paused, and a trail of sweat ran down his neck. Before, he thought Ying Xue was treating him so coldly because she was angry towards him stealing her First Wings, as well as because he was an intruding human… surely no girl would want to have her whole life determined simply because of such a silly tradition, much less Ying Xue, an incredibly beautiful Fairy with an important background. However, hearing her say the words “future husband”, Ling Chen’s brain froze for a few seconds.

Ling Chen breathed in, and asked in a serious tone, “Ying Xue, answer me truthfully, do you have any feelings for me?”

“Feelings? I’ve met you for less than a day; how can I possibly have feelings for you?” Ying Xue answered without even turning around.

“Then why don’t you tell your father and the rest of your family that you don’t want to be with me?” Ling Chen asked.

“Why would I do such a thing?” Ying Xue asked back.

“You have no have no feelings for me, and you don’t even like me. So how can you make a decision that will affect your whole life like this?” Ling Chen asked as he frowned.

Ying Xue slightly turned her head, her voice clear as water, “Because you took away my First Wings, and they are with you.”

Ling Chen’s patience disappeared, and he exasperatedly said, “This is something important that will affect the rest of your life. How can you base it on such a ridiculous reason? Plus, I’m a human, so I don’t need to follow your Fairy Clan’s rules. I didn’t take your First Wings on purpose, and back then I didn’t know what they signified. What’s more, you didn’t even willingly give them to me. I’m also a player, and I don’t even reside in this world- if this game closes someday, even if I wanted to come here, I would still disappear from your world forever. Could you accept such a situation?”

Ying Xue stopped walking, and turned around, her face furious, “You’re not willing?”

Creatures from different worlds indeed saw things differently. Although Ying Xue had a calm personality, but she had quite a strong reaction towards his words. Ling Chen realised that his words probably hit a sensitive spot, and remembered what Cai’Er had told him before. He could only shake his head, “You are the princess of the Fairy Clan, and are so beautiful- how could I be unwilling? It’s just that… never mind, let’s go see your father first.”

The Fairy Chief’s house was at the tallest tree in the Fairy Realm. Ying Xue opened the jade-green door and said, “You can enter.”

“Aren’t you two coming in as well?” Ling Chen asked. Ying Xue and Cai’Er didn’t seem like they were going to follow.

“There are some things father wants to say to you individually, so we’ll come in later. I’m going to gather our clan’s 10 Elders, and then conduct a ceremony.  Cai’Er, let’s go.”

“Okay, big sis. Are we going to get those grandpas?” Cai’Er quickly followed behind Ying Xue.

Talk to me individually? Ling Chen thought for a bit, then walked in.

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