Shura's Wrath

Chapter 248

The First Day in the Human World

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

The little town was called the Cloud River Town. Ling Chen looked at the introduction to this town, and found out that thirty kilometres to the south, there was a city with the same name… Cloud River City. The Cloud River town was mostly likely within the boundaries of the Cloud River City, and was not very large. It was mostly constituted of normal villagers.

“So this is where humans live? It looks completely different to what we live in.”

After entering the little town, Cai’Er hid behind Ling Chen while looking around. Ling Chen asked, “What are the houses like where you live?”

“Our houses are all made using trees. Some are at the bottom of trees, some are in the middle of trees, some are at the top of trees. They’re all very beautiful.” Cai’Er replied.

Ling Chen was speechless… you guys can fly, so of course you would build wherever you wanted to. Plus, all that world has are trees, flowers and grasses, so it’s not that strange that you’d build houses attached to trees.

After thinking for a bit, Ling Chen took out a cloak and put it on. Cloaks were the best type of accessory to protect one’s identity… just like the Sword Emperor, after all these years, no one knew that she was a woman. After putting on the cloak, Ling Chen said, “Cai’Er, you can hide inside this cloak. This way, no one will be able to see you.”

“Hide… inside there?” After realising that he meant inside the cloak, Cai’Er furiously shook her head, “No way, no way! Granny said that we can’t get too close to men. If I hide in your clothes, I’ll be very close to you, and…”

“Alright then.” Ling Chen shrugged, “Then just follow behind me. However, as you know, you look completely different to humans. If you’re discovered by any other humans, they might catch you and experiment on you. They might even sell you or feed you to some ferocious monsters… when that time comes, I won’t be able to protect you.”

“Ahh!!” Cai’Er let out a small cry of fear, and her face became pale as a sheet. She quickly dove into Ling Chen’s cloak. Even when she was inside the cloak, she still couldn’t help but tremble.

“That’s better.” Ling Chen chuckled, and walked towards the town, “Remember, don’t casually come out, and don’t talk when there are other people around.”

Cai’Er quickly nodded her head.

The town was quite quiet when they entered. At this time, most people were probably working. Ling Chen greeted a young woman, and politely asked, “Hello, could you please tell me where the Item Shop is?”

“Hello… Oh, could you be one of those otherworlders from the legends?” The young woman looked at him in shock, “I never thought I’d meet one of you legendary people. The Item Shop is ahead. If you continue walking on this road, you’ll see if in about 300 metres.”

“Thank you very much.” Ling Chen thanked her, and continued walking. The young woman stared at him, and thought inwardly, “I heard that these otherworlders are pretty weak, but they can continuously revive. What an enviable ability.”

Very soon, Ling Chen found the Item Shop. The owner, a middle-aged man, looked at Ling Chen and smiled warmly, “Hello, young warrior. What can I do for you?”

Looking at the goods, Ling Chen saw that none of the potions or crystals were better than what was sold in the Azure Dragon City. It seemed that the only place where he could buy better potions and crystals would be at the Central Imperial City. Ling Chen bought a few teleport scrolls for the Cloud River Town, then, after asking some questions about the Cloud River Town, turned and left. After buying the teleport scroll for this town, he had achieved his goal. After taking Cai’Er back to her home, he could directly return to here.

“Cai’Er, from the way these people talk and conduct themselves, aren’t they all good, kind people? None of them are as evil or bad as you said. Which of the people we met seemed like a bad person?” After walking to a secluded spot, Ling Chen asked Cai’Er.

“They don’t seem like bad people, but granny said that humans…”

“Has your granny ever met a human before? Has she ever talked to a human before?” Ling Chen did not wait for Cai’Er to finish before bombarding her with another two questions.

Cai’Er stayed silent for a while, before replying in a small voice, “Granny’s never left the Fairy Realm either, so she’s never met a human before.”

“So your granny, as well as all the other Fairies who told you humans are all bad, have never met humans before right? Even though you think humans are all bad people, you’ve only heard about them before today, right?” Ling Chen slowly asked.

Cai’Er poked her head out from within the cloak, thought for a while, then weakly tried to rebut, “But granny would never lie to me.”

“Yes, but which one is more reliable- hearing about something or seeing something? Which human in this town is as wicked or scary as your granny described?” Ling Chen asked.

The little Fairy was once again stumped. After all, how could such a pure and innocent little Fairy contend with Ling Chen, this sly old fox.

Ling Chen continued to talk, “It’s true that there are bad humans, but those people are in the minority. The majority of humans are all very friendly and kind. Although the Fairies have gone into seclusion for quite a long time now, but whenever the humans talk about Fairies, they always say that the Fairies are beautiful, kind and love peace. As such, whenever humans think of Fairies, they always view them in a very positive light. Everything I said to you before about what would happen if other humans discovered you was just to scare you.

Cai’Er: “…….”

“So, before we return to the Fairy Clan, do you want to play in the human world for a bit? Think about it- after you return to the Fairy Realm, you might not be able to come out for the rest of your life. This might be the last chance you get to properly see the human world, so that you can tell your granny, dad and big sister all about it. What do you think?” Ling Chen asked.

As there was no one else around, Cai’Er’s entire body was outside of the cloak. Ling Chen’s words were very enticing to her. When she was in the Fairy Realm, she had been very apprehensive of the outside world, but because of her curious nature, she had always wondered what this outside world would be like. She wasn’t able to resist this offer, and nodded… soon after, a rumble escaped from her stomach.

“Hungry?” Ling Chen laughed.

“Mmm!” The little Fairy pitifully nodded, “I came out to get some floral nectar to eat, and then… I was transported out. I’m so hungry now… I really want to eat something.”

“Do you usually eat floral nectar for your meals?” Ling Chen curiously asked.

“Floral nectar, pollen, petals, dew of the dawn and dusk are all things we like to eat and drink.” Cai’Er said as she swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Within the Fairy Realm, there were many different types of flowers and grasses, so it wasn’t too surprising that some of them or parts of them were edible. Ling Chen took out two Azure Dragon City teleport scrolls, and handed one to Cai’Er, “Hold this in your hand and shatter it with your hands. I’ll take you to eat something now… even though human food is very different to Fairy food, but maybe you’ll like it.”

After returning to the Azure Dragon City, Ling Chen kept his cloak on so that no one would find out about Cai’Er. Within Ling Chen’s cloak, Cai’Er peaked out from some gaps. Seeing so many people, as well as all the architectural structures, Cai’Er could not help but gasp in shock.

“Wah! These houses are so tall and so pretty!” In the little town, she felt that the houses looked very strange. However, when she saw the countless beautiful and splendorous houses in the Azure Dragon City, her mouth hung wide open in complete shock. In the Fairy Realm, she had never seen such beautiful architecture before.

“Amazed, right? Our human world has all sorts of houses. Some are even bigger and prettier than these ones. Also, it’s even more beautiful inside.”  Ling Chen proudly said. He was quite amused by her reaction.

“So, so beautiful…” The little Fairy muttered, completely and utterly entranced. She continued to mumble, “I want… to live in this sort of house… wow… so beautiful…”

Ling Chen took Cai’Er to the largest food square in the Azure Dragon City, and booked one of the most luxurious VIP rooms, then proceeded to order eight or nine dishes.

Every corner of the VIP room was decorated with beautiful items, whether it was the walls, ground, table, lights, windows…Cai’Er’s mouth hung open for a long time as she looked around her. She couldn’t believe that this was all reality.

“What do you think? Whether it’s the outside or the inside, our houses are much more beautiful than your ones, right?” Ling Chen smugly asked.

Cai’Er could only dumbly nod in response.

In the virtual world, if one didn’t want to wait, they could request that the dishes be served as soon as they were ordered. After ordering, Ling Chen selected the option to have them all brought up immediately. After a few beautiful waitresses brought him all of the food he had ordered, Ling Chen took the little Cai’Er out of his cloak. By now, her saliva had soaked a large patch on the front of her dress.

“It smells so good… so, so good!” Cai’Er sniffed around her, as if she was trying to breathe in the food itself. Upon smelling all the delicious food in front of her, her mouth began to overflow with saliva. Ling Chen casually sniffed, and thought to himself, “The food I ordered wasn’t even that luxurious… it seems that the food Fairies eat is much, much different to what we eat.”

“If you want to eat, then go ahead. No one else will come here.” Ling Chen said as he smiled.

Cai’Er vigorously swallowed another mouthful of saliva, and asked in a small voice, “Can I really?” After receiving confirmation from Ling Chen again, she couldn’t hold back anymore and quickly flew over…

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