Shura's Wrath

Chapter 246

Stealing Away the Little Fairy!

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

500 kilometres away… if he was lucky, it would be a town or the wilderness. If he was unlucky, he would be transported into a river or canyon, or even the territory of a powerful monster. Ling Chen’s eyes narrowed as he waited for Moon Shadow’s cooldown time to expire. The instant it expired, he shot forwards. When he was within range, he activated Moon Shadow, and froze Ying Xue and Cai’Er in place.

Ling Chen’s Moon Shadow now had a range of 20 metres. Because it was a skill that could be used immediately, even the Ying Xue and Cai’Er had no time to react before they were frozen by the skill. Ling Chen charged over and grabbed onto Cai’Er’s small body, encapsulating her with the white light as well.

The extremely calm Ying Xue’s eyes revealed an expression of shock. Under the effects of Moon Shadow, she was unable to move, despite being of Heaven’s End grade. The human male in front of her then extended out a finger, and gently touched her chin. The moment his finger came into contact with her skin, her emotions spun out of control. The Fairy Clan was the most loyal clan in the world. No matter if it was a male or female, all Fairies would be loyal to one person, and would not let anyone else touch their bodies. Even if their other half died, they would still continue to love them in their hearts. Otherwise, if their bodies were touched by any other creature, they would feel that their bodies had been contaminated and polluted.

Evidently, Ling Chen did not know any of this, and did not know how significant his actions would be on this Fairy woman.

“Little beauty, humans are very, very evil. Next time you meet humans, be careful!” Ling Chen smilingly said as he used his “Lucky Hand” on the beautiful Fairy woman.

“Ding… the target does not have any money or gold. Because your Luck exceeds 10, Lucky Hand’s hidden effect has been triggered. When using Lucky Hand on a target with no money or gold, there is a certain chance of stealing an item away from the target.”

“Ding… you have obtained the item ‘Ying Xue’s First Wings’”

“Ding… your Lucky Hand has not been detected by the target.”

Eh? Ling Chen was incredibly shocked, Lucky Hand had a hidden effect? When the target had no money, he could directly steal an item?

However, Ling Chen did not know how lucky he had been. Ying Xue was of the Heaven’s End grade, and her level was much, much higher than Ling Chen’s. Under normal circumstances, even if he used the Lucky Hand on her a hundred times, he probably would not have succeeded even once. However, Ying Xue had been frozen by Moon Shadow, Cai’Er had been held by Ling Chen within the effects of Nature’s Ring, and Ling Chen touching her chin caused her heart and emotions to become incredibly flustered. As such, Ling Chen’s Lucky Hand had succeeded without her noticing.

The Lucky Hand’s main function was to steal money. As such, the chance of stealing an item from a target who had no money was incredibly low. Being able to successfully steal away an item from a Heaven’s End grade Fairy on his first try was incredibly, incredibly lucky of Ling Chen. Even if he tried another hundred times or even thousand times, it was unlikely that he would succeed again.

First Wings? What was that?

However, Ling Chen had no time to think. The instant after the announcement told him that his Lucky Hand had succeeded, the Moon Shadow’s effects ended, and the Nature’s Ring’s countdown hit zero. The white glow flashed brightly, and both Ling Chen and Cai’Er disappeared.


After regaining control over her body again, Ying Xue anxiously cried out. However, it was too late. Cai’Er, with the human, had been transported 500 kilometres away into the human world!

After what had just happened with the human, Ying Xue’s emotions were still in a wreck. Cai’Er had never left the Fairy Clan before, and a long time had passed since the Fairy Clan had separated themselves from the rest of the world. By now, none of the Fairies had any idea what the outside world was like. And yet, Cai’Er had been sent to the outside world with that human. Ying Xue was feeling incredibly worried about her.

After sighing, she turned around. As a gentle breeze blew past, her body seemed to turn into smoke and she disappeared.


At the centre of the Fairy Realm, under an ancient tree.


A yell of surprise came out from the largest jade-green house. Because it was so peaceful, this yell travelled very far, and many Fairies stopped doing what they were doing and looked over. The Fairy Chief was always calm and gentle like water, and they very rarely heard him raise this voice. Had something terrible happened?

The male looked about 40 years old, and had an air of geniality and dignity around him. The Fairy Realm had never been entered into by an outsider before. When they heard that Cai’Er had been taken away by an intruding human, they had been completely dumbfounded.

Ying Xue gravely nodded her head, and told him what had happened.

The middle-aged man frowned, and thought in silence for a while. He turned around, and slowly asked, “How did that human enter?”

“He said he inadvertently found his way here.” Ying Xue replied.

“That’s definitely impossible.” The middle-aged man flicked his wrist, “Our clan is protected by Nature’s Bewildering Formation. No matter how powerful a creature is, it still cannot compare to the almighty Nature. As such, it is impossible to forcefully destroy the Bewildering Formation. Plus, even if it was destroyed, we would have known. The other option, passing through the Bewildering Formation, is almost just as impossible. Making even one wrong move would send the person to a different location, making it impossible to find this place. It’s impossible that the human ‘inadvertently’ found his way here. It’s very possible that he found a way to pass through the Bewildering Formation.”

“So if he spreads the word about how to get here, then…”

“Exactly!” the middle-aged man solemnly nodded, “Cai’Er is a Maiden of Nature, so she is always protected by Nature. As such, rather than her safety, I’m more worried about this issue.”

“What should we do then?” Ying Xue realised how serious this problem was.

The middle-aged man thought for a while, the frowned, “Go to your grandmother, and gather all of the Elders. We must quickly discuss what to do. Otherwise, our Fairy Clan could face destruction.”

“Roger!” Ying Xue nodded, but did not immediately leave. She half-opened her mouth, as if she wanted to say something.

“Ying Xue, is there anything else?” The middle-aged man asked. He knew that his daughter was normally extremely calm and collected; she would rarely seem like this.

Ying Xue’s chest slightly rose, and she slowly said, “Father, my First Wings are gone.”

“Eh?” The middle-aged man revealed an expression of shock, which then turned into joy, “Ahhhhh, Xue’Er, you’ve finally found someone you like? Haha, I’ve always worried that because your personality is so calm, you wouldn’t ever fall for a man. It seems that I’ve been worrying too much. Quick, tell me, which lucky man got your First Wings? No matter who it is, I won’t reject him, and will definitely do all I can to help you!”

Ying Xue gently bit her lips, and slowly shook her head, “Father, I didn’t give my First Wings to anyone. They simply just disappeared, and I have no idea what happened to them.”

“Disappeared?” The middle-aged man frowned, “Impossible! With your abilities, no one should be able to take away your First Wings without your knowledge.”

“I really don’t know what happened.” At this point, Ying Xue was unable to keep calm. She could only powerlessly shake her head, “When I was going out to find Cai’Er, I still had them. However…”

From when she had gone out to find Cai’Er till now, she had only met two people. One was Cai’Er, the other was that human! Cai’Er definitely couldn’t have taken away her First Wings, so it must have been…

Ying Xue suddenly looked up, and anxiously said, “It was that human! He must have used some weird method to steal my First Wings! At that time, our bodies had been frozen by a skill of his, so I’m sure that it was him.”

This was the first time the middle-aged man had seen his daughter lose control of her emotions.

However, this was not surprising to him- a Fairy woman’s First Wings were her most important item- even more precious than her own life.


“I want to go home~~~ I want to go hooooome!!!!! Waaaah!”

The little Fairy’s face was completely covered by her tears. Ling Chen sat on a large rock, and helplessly said, “Stop crying, no matter how hard you cry, you can’t immediately go back.”

As soon as this little Fairy started crying, Ling Chen had already regretted his decision.

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