Shura's Wrath

Chapter 245

Ying Xue

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

With Ling Chen’s Defence and HP, if he was hit even once by these attacks from the LV42 Celestial grade Cai’Er, he would die without a doubt. As such, he desperately dodged each and every arrow. The only way for her to stop attacking would be to run away, but this was something that Ling Chen definitely would not do.

As such, he charged forwards.

Not only were Fairies proficient in using a bow and arrow, but could also use magic. Just because he was in close-range didn’t mean that he was safe. However, he did not have any doubts as he charged towards Cai’Er. Just as she was about to launch her third attack, the Lunar Scourge on Ling Chen’s right wrist glowed, and released ‘Moon Shadow’. Immediately the little Fairy was frozen in place.

By this time, Ling Chen had already reached the little Fairy. However, he did not take out his weapons, despite having such a good opportunity to attack. Attacking in this sort of situation was an absolute taboo. Instead, he looked at her, and helplessly said, “Little sister, you can’t move right now. Just then, you were attacking me, so if I’m a bad person, I’d be attacking you right now, right? See, I’m not doing anything at all. Yes, there are lots of bad humans, but not every single human is bad. A long, long time ago, humans and Fairies were good friends. Did your granny tell you this?”

While Ling Chen was speaking, Moon Shadow’s effects ended, and the little Fairy regained control over her body. She immediately retreated, and said in a small voice, “What… what just happened? Why couldn’t I move?”

Ling Chen: “……”

“But,” the little Fairy continued to talk as she put away her bow, “You don’t seem like a bad person. Otherwise, you would have attacked me just then… lalala, granny did tell me that a very, very long time ago, our Fairy Clan was good friends with humans, but there were a lot of bad humans… so are you a good human then?”

“That’s right, you’re very smart.” Ling Chen smilingly said. Children were indeed easy to win over.

“Wait, no, no!” Cai’Er started to shake her head. Her little face became serious again, “Whether you’re a good human or a bad human, you’re still not allowed to come into this place. You should quickly leave here, otherwise, even if you’re a good human…”

“Cai’Er, who are you talking to?”

A woman’s voice that was soft as clouds and gentle as a breeze sounded out. Cai’Er blinked, and her tensed up face relaxed, and happily smiled, “Big sis, big sis, I’m over here!”

A big sister? Ling Chen looked around, but he couldn’t see any other Fairies. Suddenly he saw that a white light appeared behind Cai’Er, and a woman’s figure appeared within the light. This figure looked exactly like a normal human woman, except that it also had a pair of cicada’s wings.

Indeed, it was another Fairy!!

“Big sis!!”

Cai’Er happily flew over, and jumped into the woman’s arms. The scene of the woman hugging Cai’Er looked like a mother hugging her young daughter. The woman’s beautiful eyes looked over and rested on Ling Chen. As their eyes met, Ling Chen saw that this woman was incredibly beautiful- as beautiful as Shui Ruo.

This woman reminded him of clouds, and was dressed in a pure white silk garment. All of her features were simply perfect, whether it was her dazzling white skin, beautiful eyes, small and cute nose, or her cherry-coloured lips. Her beauty was not one of seductiveness, but rather, one that emanated purity and kindness.

She was almost too perfect for this world.

After seeing her face, Ling Chen was simply unable to look away. It seemed that the saying that Fairies were the most beautiful creatures in the world was very, very true. The little Fairy Cai’Er was very pretty and cute, but this woman seemed like a goddess. Were all Fairy women as beautiful as her?!

While still in shock, Xiao Hui had already transmitted the information regarding this woman to him.

[Ying Xue]: Type: Fairy, Grade: Heaven’s End, Level: ????, HP: ????, The eldest daughter of the current Fairy Chief. Unable to display any other information.

Passive Abilities: ????

Attacks: ????

Ultimate Attack: ????

Weaknesses: ????

Ling Chen received another shock. This young, incredibly beautiful Fairy woman… she was actually…

Heaven’s End grade!!

The random little girl he had bumped to had turned out to be a Celestial grade creature, and this beautiful woman was a Heaven’s End grade creature… it seemed that the Fairies were not only beautiful, but incredibly powerful as well!

Moreover, from Xiao Hui’s information, it seemed that this Fairy woman was the little Fairy Cai’Er’s blood sister, and their father was the Fairy Chief.

What sort of luck was this? Meeting two Fairy princesses the first time he had come to this Fairy Realm.

“Big sis, big sis, he’s a human, one of those humans that granny told us about. This is the first time Cai’Er’s ever seen a human… but he doesn’t seem like he’s a bad human, so what should we do? Should we tell dad or granny?”

It seemed that Cai’Er was very dependent on her big sister. Once her big sister had arrived, all of her worries and anxiety seemed to have melted away. The Fairy woman and Ling Chen looked at each other. Hearing what Cai’Er had to say, her lips moved, “Human?”

This woman was called Ying Xue, and looked about as old as he was. And yet, this woman who looked about the same age as himself… was of the Heaven’s End grade! If she wanted to kill Ling Chen, it would be as easy as killing an ant. Ling Chen never thought that within this realm, the first Heaven’s End creature he met would be this young, goddess-like woman.

After finding out that Ling Chen was a human, her reaction was abnormally calm. Because the Fairy Clan had been sealed away from the rest of the world for thousands of years, this woman shouldn’t have ever seen a human before. Her reaction upon seeing one should have been one of shock; something like what her little sister had displayed. However, the only reaction that Ling Chen saw was that her eyes momentarily widened, but she immediately regained her calm composure. Her eyes were like an abyss; after looking into her eyes, Ling Chen could feel a sense of pressure bearing down on him.

The pressure from a Heaven’s End creature was not to be underestimated. This feeling told Ling Chen that it would only take a moment for this woman to destroy him; he wouldn’t even have the chance to run.

The Fairy Clan was indeed very powerful- no wonder the Moon God Clan had requested the Fairy Clan to help them when fighting the Demon Beast Clan.

Not only was Ying Xue’s reaction extremely calm, but her actions were also brisk and decisive. Seeing this outsider who had entered her home, she had not panicked, and had not shown any curiosity. Instead, she slowly stretched out her jade-white palm, with a jade bracelet on her wrist. She quietly asked, “Tell me how you got here.”

Her voice was so soft and gentle that it sounded like a girl confessing to a boy who she loved. No one would be able to resist it and lie to her. Ying Xue’s voice even caused Ling Chen’s body to relax, and he calmly replied, “I don’t know how I got here either. I was walking along in the Fairy Forest, and somehow got here.”

The woman’s expression remained calm, and her voice was still as gentle as the wind, “Since it’s like that, I’ll send you out from here. This is not a place where humans should come, so do not try to come here again. Also, don’t tell anyone else about this place. You… can go now.”

As she spoke, the jade bracelet on the girl’s wrist shone, and a warm, white light landed on Ling Chen.

Although their distance was not too far apart, and the white glow was not travelling too quickly, Ling Chen definitely could have easily avoided it. However, Ling Chen swayed, and was not able to dodge it. As soon as the white glow touched him, it encapsulated his entire body… because he could not sense any danger from this white glow he had reacted a moment too late. The moment the white glow touched his body, a system announcement sounded out in his ears:

“Ding… you have been locked on to by the skill ‘Nature’s Ring’. After 10 seconds, you will be transported 500 kilometres away.”


“Goddamn [email protected]#$%….”

The system announcement caused Ling Chen, who was pondering how to enter the inner regions of the Fairy Realm, to nearly jump up in shock. Although he had not received any damage from the white glow, he would be transported 500 kilometres away!!

“Human, Nature’s Ring will send you to a place far away. I hope that you won’t come here again, because this is not a place where you should be. Cai’Er, let’s go.”

After the woman finished talking, she turned to leave.

Ten seconds… nine seconds… eight seconds…

Ling Chen frowned. Although this woman was as beautiful as a goddess; although she was a powerful Heaven’s End grade creature; although he was technically trespassing onto their territory… but to be controlled by her like this left a sour taste in his mouth… Ling Chen was naturally a proud person, so after leaving Heaven and Hell, he had always been in control of himself and others.

He slowly let out a breath, and his gaze rested on the Fairy woman called Yin Xue.

Since you Fairies don’t like humans… Then, I’ll give you another reason not to like humans!

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