Shura's Wrath

Chapter 244


Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Fairy… Realm!?

Holy crap, was this the Fairy Realm where the Fairy Clan supposedly lives- the place that Qian Gun Gun simply couldn’t find!?

My goodness…

Although a small part of Ling Chen was expecting this, the system announcement still shocked him. This was the home of the clan that had disappeared long, long ago, and had almost been forgotten by the rest of the Forgotten Continent. After separating themselves from all other races, no one had ever seen a Fairy. Qian Gun Gun had lived for countless years, and had travelled to countless places, but could not find the Fairy Realm no matter how hard he tried. And yet, Ling Chen had inadvertently found it- rather, it was Xiao Hui who had brought him here.

Were Xiao Hui’s actions from before the steps in unlocking the Bewildering Formation mentioned by Qian Gun Gun?

Was this unimaginably beautiful place the home of the Fairies? It was as beautiful as a celestial realm here. If Shui Ruo came here, she would definitely love it so much that she would never leave. Ling Chen decided that since he had come all the way here, he had no reason to leave without taking a look around. What would the Fairies look like?

Although the Fairies were very secretive and mysterious, they were by nature very kind and loved the Nature, so he wasn’t too worried. Ling Chen looked at Xiao Hui, who had easily gotten past the Bewildering Formation, sighed in admiration in his heart. He began to walk forwards while admiring the view.

As he walked, Ling Chen would also take photos of what he was seeing. After walking for a long time, he still could not see the end of the path. With Xiao Hui walking in front of him, Ling Chen did not have to worry about getting lost or encountering any danger.

After ten minutes, Ling Chen stopped walking, and looked to the side… he heard a sound- it sounded like a young girl’s singing.

“Lalala, lalala, I am the happy Cai’Er, I love my granny, I love my dad, I love my big sister, I love singing, I love bees, I love butterflies, I love collecting pollen… Cai’Er’s the cutest, Cai’Er’s the best, lalala…”

Ling Chen: “……”

The voice was very sweet and pleasant to the ear, and was coming closer and closer. It evidently sounded like it came from a little girl. Very soon, Ling Chen saw the source of the singing. Amidst the countless flowers and grasses, there was a figure dressed in blue. There was also a small pair of wings on the figure’s back that were flapping- that’s right, wings! The wings were not like that of a bird, but rather like that of a butterfly’s or cicada’s.

This girl with wings… could she be… a Fairy?

The girl was flying and dancing around above the flowers, and her hands would pass over flowers as she flew by. Ling Chen’s eyes widened. He had thought the girl was quite far away, which was why she looked so small. However, the singing seemed to be coming from right next to him. She was only about 20 metres away, but still seemed extremely small…

Apart from her wings, she looked exactly like what a normal human girl looked like, except that she was only about half a metre tall!

So this was… what Fairies looked like!?

“Lalala, lalala, I am the happy Cai’Er, I love my granny, I love my dad, I love my big sister, I love singing… eh??”

When she was about 10 metres away, the little Fairy finally noticed Ling Chen. She abruptly stopped singing, and quickly flew in front of Ling Chen. She looked at him up and down in shock and curiosity. After coming close, Ling Chen could clearly see what this little Fairy girl looked like. Indeed, she was only half a metre tall, and was wearing a blue dress. She only looked about twelve or thirteen years old, and her face was as cute as Leng’Er’s most beautiful doll. She had long, black hair, and her eyes shone like stars. Her ears were exactly the same as a normal human’s- there was no sign of the pointedness that stories claimed they had.

Simply put, this Fairy was exactly the same as a normal human, except that she had wings and was much, much smaller.

“Lalala, big brother, you’re so tall. It’s so strange, why hasn’t Cai’Er seen you before? And the clothes you’re wearing are so strange as well.” The Fairy girl looked at him with her bright eyes.

The Fairy Clan was not very big, and their reproductive ability was quite poor. Over the past thousands of years, the Fairy Clan’s numbers had been decreasing every year. The reason was quite simple… The number of male Fairies that were born greatly exceeded the number of female Fairies, and female Fairies could only give birth once. Before, the male Fairies would often marry human females. However, after the Fairies separated themselves from the other races, this could not happen anymore. Thus, although the Fairies lived for a long time, their numbers continually decreased. As a result, seeing someone that she didn’t recognise would be very strange.

Ling Chen clearly understood that he was pretty much a trespasser, and that he would be rejected by this Fairy Clan. However, this little Fairy looked very naïve and innocent, as well as very gullible. He quickly thought of a good answer, and was about to speak, when the little Fairy suddenly let out a cry of surprise, “Ah… no wings, no smell of Nature, weird clothing… y-y-y-you… you’re not a Fairy! You’re one of those… humans!!”

Ling Chen: “……”

The little Fairy’s face was full of fear, as if she believed that this human was going to swallow her whole. With a ‘swish’, her little body retreated far away, and after a green glow flashed, a bow appeared in her hands. She stretched the bow, and a green coloured elemental arrow appeared, pointing at Ling Chen.

After finding out that he was a human, her reaction was even worse than what Ling Chen had expected. It seemed that the humans were very despised by the Fairies. He quickly said, “I am a human, but I accidentally came here. I’m not a bad person, and I won’t hurt you.”

The little Fairy was incredibly wary towards him, and her little face became very serious, “Granny said that although humans look like us, but they’re the worst creatures in the whole world, and they love to tell lies! Humans definitely can’t be trusted, and can’t be allowed to enter our home. Otherwise, our clan will suffer terrible consequences… quickly leave here! Otherwise… otherwise I’m going to attack!”

The little Fairy’s face was extremely concentrated, and her hand was shaking. Evidently, she had never fought before. Despite this, her serious and concentrated face and expression were incredibly cute, and did not seem threatening at all. Ling Chen could only helplessly reply, “Little sister, what you said is quite wrong. Sure, there are bad humans, but there are also…”

“Granny wouldn’t lie to me!!” The little Fairy furiously retorted back, “Hurry up and leave, otherwise I’m really going to start to attack!”

“I’m really not a bad person, and I didn’t come here on purpose. If you don’t believe me…”

Halfway through his sentence, the little Fairy released her arrow, and the green elemental arrow shot towards him.

Damn… she’s really attacking?

Seeing that they were being attacked, Xiao Hui immediately entered battle mode. The information regarding this Fairy Girl entered Ling Chen’s mind.

[Cai’Er]: Type: Fairy, Grade: Celestial, Level: 42, HP: 1,560,000, The second daughter of the current Chief of the Fairy Clan. She is incredibly pure and innocent. With a pure heart and great talent, she was born at the Celestial grade. Out of the entire Clan, she has the highest affinity with Nature, and is this generation’s “Maiden of Nature”. As such, she is seen as the Fairy Clan’s hope. Like her clansmen, she has never left the Fairy Realm before, and is fearful of the unknown outer world.

Passive Abilities:

[Nature’s Blessing]: A Fairy-only Passive Ability. When using ‘Arrow’ attacks, Hit+280%, Arrow Speed+50%, Range+50%. When using Healing and Support Magic, effectiveness + 50%.

[Nature’s Protection]: A Fairy-only Passive Ability. Apart from Poison, resistance to all abnormal statuses is greatly increased. Apart from the Darkness element, resistance to all elements is greatly increased. Recovers 5,000 HP and 500 MP every second.

[Fairy’s Elegy]: A skill that belongs only to Cai’Er. Within one hour of dying, any other Fairy can give up their lives in exchange for reviving Cai’Er.

Attacks: ????

Ultimate Attack: ????

Weakness: Weak to Poison Attacks.

The little Fairy’s level was so high that Xiao Hui’s Eye of the Holy Spirit could only reveal part of the information about her. However, just this information alone caused Ling Chen to be greatly shocked. This little Fairy in front of him, who still looked like a little girl, was a Celestial grade creature, and was even LV42! Moreover, she was the Fairy Chief’s daughter, as well as the “Maiden of Nature”, which seemed like an important status!

The first Fairy he had met had actually turned out to have such an important background.


The attack from a LV42 Celestial grade Fairy was not to be underestimated. The arrow greatly exceeded the speed at which arrows normally flew, and Ling Chen barely dodged it. After Xiao Hui’s Eye of the Holy Spirit had levelled up to LV2, it could now tell Ling Chen an enemy’s weakness. It seemed that Fairies’ weakness was Poison Attacks, but none of Ling Chen’s attacks could apply the Poison status. Moreover, even if he did have Poison attacks, he still wouldn’t be willing to use them on this little Fairy.

After dodging the attack, Ling Chen hurriedly called out, “Little sister, I’m really not a bad person.”

Apart from this, there was nothing else he could say.

“Granny said that humans can’t be trusted. If you’re not a bad person, immediately leave from here… if you don’t leave…”


Another arrow shot towards Ling Chen. However, these two arrows were very ordinary arrows. Evidently, because of this Fairy’s kind nature, she was unwilling to use any attacks that could actually harm him. Otherwise, with her LV42 Celestial grade power, it would be incredibly easy to destroy Ling Chen. Ling Chen once again dodged, and frowned. He bent his legs, and shot forwards…

Although she was a super powerful LV42 Celestial grade Fairy, but she was still a little girl. I don’t believe that as a man, I’m unable to subdue a little girl!

[Note from the author: Ling Chen’s second profession is about to appear. You definitely~ definitely~ won’t be able to guess what sort of profession it is!]

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