Shura's Wrath

Chapter 243

Fairy Forest

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire


The horn on Xiao Hui’s head flashed, and Xiao Hui’s eyes flew open. He howled, and jumped down from the Cloud stepping Mare, and ran in front of a tree. This was the third time Xiao Hui had done this after entering the Fairy Forest.

Of course, Ling Chen followed him immediately. Where Xiao Hui had stopped, he found, buried in the ground, a stone-like object that was about as big as his fist.

[Rainbow Agate]: Rainbow Agate is the highest quality of agate. It is incredibly smooth, with vibrant colours, and is clear as crystal. It can only form in places of utmost purity, without any pollution. In the Forgotten Continent, out of 300,000 pieces of agate, only about one will be a Rainbow Agate. It is incomparably priceless, and can be used to create sculptures, accessories and equipment.

This was the third piece of Rainbow Agate that Ling Chen had found in the Fairy Forest. These three pieces of Rainbow Agate were all discovered by Xiao Hui, and they had always been buried under trees or grass.
From the description, it seemed that Rainbow Agate were the highest quality and rarest type of agate. However, after entering the Fairy Forest for less than an hour, he had already obtained three. The Fairy Forest was incredibly pure and unpolluted, which fitted the requirements for the formation of Rainbow Agate. However, this didn’t mean that there would be large quantities of Rainbow Agate in this forest. Rather, it was because Xiao Hui’s treasure-finding abilities were incredibly keen. It seemed that everything that caught Xiao Hui’s interest was either rare or valuable. Xiao Hui did not even bother going after things that were ordinary or common.

“I wonder how much money I could sell these things for when I get back to the Azure Dragon City.” Ling Chen mused to himself as he looked at the Rainbow Agate in his hand. The fortune Xiao Hui had brought to him was simply staggering. As long as he had Xiao Hui, he would never have to worry about being poor. All of the things that Xiao Hui found could cause someone to become rich overnight.

The Forgotten Continent was incredibly vast, so it was bound to contain countless treasures. The only thing that was lacking was people with the ability to discover them. The rarer and more valuable a treasure was, the more difficult it would be to discover it. Many people would live their entire lives just metres from a treasure trove, but would not realise it. In contrast, Xiao Hui had incredible treasure-finding skills- more accurately, it was like the treasures were discovering Xiao Hui. Even if Xiao Hui was sleeping, as soon as he got close to a treasure, his horn would start to shine. Just like Qi Yue said, if other people found out that Xiao Hui had this ability, they would risk everything to steal him away.

“It seems that there are quite a lot of treasures in this forest. Xiao Hui, let’s keep going, and see if we can find anything else as well.” Ling Chen said as he put away the Rainbow Agate.

“Woof woof!”

Xiao Hui nodded his head, and prepared to jump onto the Cloud Stepping Mare’s back. At this moment, his horn once again glowed, and he froze.

Seeing the light, Ling Chen couldn’t help but laugh, “There’s more treasure around here?”

Xiao Hui wagged his tail, and ran around in circles. When facing towards the west, the grey glow would become brighter. After doing this a few times, Xiao Hui barked, and charged westwards. Once again, Ling Chen chased after him.

The further Xiao Hui ran, the brighter his horn became. After running for about 50 metres, Xiao Hui stopped, and stood completely still, staring forwards. In front of him, was an incredibly tall tree that was about one metre in diameter. Xiao Hui did not dig, but rather stood completely motionless, staring at the tree.

“Under this tree?” Ling Chen asked. If the treasure was underneath this tree, things would be problematic. It would be very difficult to take away things from underneath this tree.

Xiao Hui did not reply. He wagged his tail, walked forward a few steps, and stretched out his paw. He patted the tree with his paw, letting out a ‘puffing’ sound.

“What is it, Xiao Hui?” Xiao Hui was behaving very strangely. It didn’t seem like he had found any treasure, but it didn’t seem as if there was any danger either. Ling Chen called back the Cloud Stepping Mare and walked over.

Xiao Hui used his paw to pat the tree many times, and ignored Ling Chen. It was as if he was thinking about something. Afterwards, he took a few steps back, and stood about half a metre in front of the tree for a few seconds. Afterwards, he began to start running around the tree. Once, twice, three times…

Ling Chen stared as Xiao Hui ran around the tree three times in a clockwise direction. Xiao Hui then stopped, and ran around the tree once, anti-clockwise. Ling Chen was stunned, and was just about to ask Xiao Hui what he was doing, when suddenly Xiao Hui jumped up towards the tree. It looked like Xiao Hui was going to crash into the tree, but at the moment when Xiao Hui should have made impact with the tree, he suddenly disappeared.

“Xiao Hui!?” Ling Chen was shocked, and quickly ran over. He touched the place where Xiao Hui had disappeared. He could feel the hard bark of the tree- but Xiao Hui definitely had disappeared there, as if he had been eaten by the tree.

What was going on? Ling Chen frowned, and stared at the tree. He thought back to what Xiao Hui had done, and copied Xiao Hui’s movements.  Ling Chen ran around the tree three times clockwise, then one time anti-clockwise. He then breathed in, and ran towards the tree and jumped…

As he flew nearer and nearer to the tree, Ling Chen forced himself to keep his eyes open. Just as he was about to hit the tree, his vision blurred, and he felt as if the world was turning upside down. He had not crashed into the tree, but landed on his feet, and stumbled forwards. He looked behind him… whether it was behind him, or anywhere around him, the tree was nowhere to be seen.

His surroundings were completely different to that from before. Although there were trees and flowers everywhere, it definitely wasn’t the same place.

What was going on? Where was this? Was this still the Fairy Forest?

“Woof woof!”

Ling Chen looked down, and saw Xiao Hui by his feet. Xiao Hui woofed at Ling Chen a few times, then started running towards the south. Ling Chen took out his map, looked at his position, and found that he was still within the Fairy Forest. However, his position had shifted at least five kilometres from where he was previously. He frowned, and followed after Xiao Hui.

After a short while, Xiao Hui stopped in front of a large bush. He then jumped in and out, in and out. He did this three times, and disappeared once again.

Ling Chen had calmed down by now, and copied Xiao Hui’s actions. Once again, his vision blurred, it felt as if the world had been turned upside down. The large bush disappeared, and in front of him was a large lake.

Ling Chen took out his map, but found that there was no lake marked on the map… this meant that Qian Gun Gun had never been to this place before. He was now in the south-west region of the Fairy Forest, once again quite far from his original position. Xiao Hui continued to run. He ran to the edge of the lake, then stopped at a stop. He stayed there for a while, then jumped up and down three times. He then jumped into the water and disappeared once again.

Ling Chen: “……”

Ling Chen now understood that within the Fairy Forest, there were so special teleportation channels. Once the teleportation channel was activated, they would be sent to another location. The actions Xiao Hui did activated these teleportation channels, but Ling Chen had no way of knowing how Xiao Hui knew how to activate these teleportation channels. Once again, Ling Chen repeated Xiao Hui’s actions. He wondered where this mysterious teleportation channel would send him.

Despite jumping into the lake, he was not wet in the slightest. He had instead arrived at a place where trees grew incredibly densely together. Ling Chen continued to follow Xiao Hui and follow his actions, and was continuously teleported all over the place. Sometimes it was to the north, sometimes it was towards the south-east, sometimes it was towards the south-west. There was no pattern to these teleportation channels, and after ten or so times, Ling Chen was incredibly dizzy. In these ten or so times, the way of activating these teleportation channels was different every time, but Xiao Hui always managed to find a way to activate them.

After the 17th time…

Over time, Ling Chen became more and more used to being teleported by the teleportation channels. However, this time, when he saw his new surroundings, his eyes widened.

The forest was gone. In front of him, was a world of brightly coloured flowers and grasses.

The grass was green and lush, and there were hundreds of different types of flowers. They were all of different colours, and were incredibly beautiful. It was as if there was a sea of flowers and grass in front of him. Ling Chen stood motionless and speechless as he took in this site in front of him. This was a scene that he felt could only be seen in heaven!

Ling Chen couldn’t resist but raise his wrist, and take a photo of this scene, his heart unable to remain calm.

Within this sea of flowers and grass, there was a narrow path stretching into the distance, cutting this ‘sea’ in half. Ling Chen was currently standing on this path.

This… where was this?

“Ding… you have discovered the hidden map ‘Fairy Realm’, Fame+100.”

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