Shura's Wrath

Chapter 238

Believe Me

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“Ling Tian… what is he trying to pull?” Yun Feng who was training outside was shocked when he heard of Heart’s Dream’s establishment. These few days, Ling Chen had brought many shocks and scares, but this time was definitely the biggest one. He of all people should know the actual size of Heart’s Dream… including Ling Tian there were only 6 people. With only 6 people, creating it at such an inappropriate time was an incredibly rash decision- even a fool knew that Yan Huang Alliance would relentlessly try to destroy it. No matter how powerful Ling Tian was, even if he could protect himself, could he protect the entire Heart’s Dream?

“I am more and more confused about this person. With such strange thought processes, he must be completely different from us normal people.” Xiao Qiu Feng, who was with Yun Feng, said in a low voice.

“After a new guild is created, there is a 1 month protection period; during this period the guild can be attacked, but not destroyed. But after the 1 month period ends what can he do? After a month, won’t it just…” Yun Feng scratched his head. He had realized that what Ling Chen was doing was more and more outrageous… it was almost a ridiculous level of outrageousness, and, with each action, he simultaneously gathered more and more hatred from the Yan Huang Alliance.

“Guess we’ll just wait and see… this Ling Tian, always seems to be full of surprises. If I only just met this person, I would think he is an idiot. But the one who managed to defeat Long Tian Yun over and over again, would he do things with no regard for consequence? I’m sure Long Tian Yun has also considered these things, so he won’t be too hasty to make a move on Heart’s Dream. Instead, he’ll…”

Xiao Qiu Feng was midway through his sentence, when a piece of news reached his ears, he then laughed coldly: “I see…”


Heart’s Dream’s small house.

Ling Chen came in seemingly high spirited. Once he entered, the 5 girls immediately surrounded him, and with a grin he gloated: “Did you get my big surprise? Haha, today is the big creation day for Heart’s Dream. All you beautiful ladies can now cheer heartily, and celebrate this day which will never be forgotten. How about we go to Azure Dragon City’s best restaurant to get a big meal?”

After he finished speaking, he was met with silence. Xiao Qi was going to cheer, but upon seeing Yun Meng Xin’s expression, she kept it in, not speaking a word.

Ling Chen’s brow immediately dropped, and weakly said: “No way… today Heart’s Dream was created, and it’s the top ranked guild in the entire Chinese server, and this is your response…?”

“Ai.” Yun Meng Xin sighed, she raised her head and said: “You’re right in saying that we should celebrate the establishment of Heart’s Dream. We did not dare to even dream of becoming the first guild, but…”

“There are no ‘buts’.” Ling Chen stretched out his hand about 10 cm from Yun Meng Xin’s lips, causing her eyes to quiver. He then smiled, and said slowly without a care in the world: “You only need to believe in me.”

Yun Meng Xin: “…”

Xiao Qi: “…”

Su’Er: “…”

Mu Bing Yao: “…”

Shui Ruo: “…”

After Ling Chen said that, the whole room lapsed into complete silence.

The girls all knew what Yun Meng Xin was worried about, and also knew that behind the honour of being the first guild, there is also a huge crisis that would be faced. They also thought that after Ling Chen returned, he would explain everything. But he didn’t, and only said this one line…

You only need to believe in me…

This one sentence, mysteriously, burrowed into their hearts.

“Meng Xin,” Ling Chen said softly, “The first time I met Yun Feng, he told me that your personality is your strength, but your older brother wishes that you did not have this strength. He hopes that you will learn to depend on others, and not just try to chase all your goals on your own, taking all burdens with your own shoulders. You are a girl, and girls should learn to rely on the boys around them- they could be family, they could be friends, or even colleagues, or perhaps even your Mr. Right. Do you not know that a man’s existence is for a woman to depend on? You are so intelligent, so you wouldn’t neglect this point, would you? Right now, I am your colleague, and your friend, so if you believe in me, why not choose to give me the burden that you are shouldering? That way, you can go and fulfill your other dreams, or do things that a girl is supposed to do. Don’t think or worry too much. Your big brother Yun Feng’s biggest hope is that you can live happily, and I also hope that this hope of his can be fulfilled. Meng Xin, this is your guild, which is also the carrier of your dreams, and by your big brother’s request, I am to help you carry out this dream. This is also my biggest purpose for entering the virtual world. So, Meng Xin, don’t be too anxious, just believe in me.”

He didn’t explain why he established “Heart’s dream” in that moment, but what he did say dissolved their worries and anxieties, warming their hearts.

“Big brother Ling Tian, thank you so much for what you just said.” Xiao Qi’s eyes glittered, from the first day meeting him, she always had that look of adoration in her eyes. Today, this gaze also contained many other things…

Su’Er bit her lips gently. Since Ling Tian’s entrance, she had been quietly watching him, her gaze never leaving his body. When facing him, she was not as shy as before. At this time, she felt her heart beat faster, and quietly, her heart was saying: “How… can you be so good… I… what do I do…”

Shui Ruo’s eyes twinkled, and stood by Ling Chen’s side, holding his hand: “I support what my brother says, big sister Meng Xin, you are so kind and warmhearted; your dream will definitely be realized. Wait… right now, it is our dream!”

Mu Bing Yao looked away from Ling Chen, with a complicated look in her eyes, then said, “Meng Xin, we are your partners.”

Meng Xin’s eyes were moist and she was unable to speak. All of her heart’s worries and anxieties all vanished without a trace because of all these words of encouragement, and her eyes were occupied with this male figure before her…

He was ranked first, had incomparable strength, killed the Flame Emperor, was able to defeat the Sword Emperor as well as kill the Alliance Master of the Yan Huang Alliance twice despite being surrounded by thousands of people. He, a single person, could put the Yan Huang Alliance to shame, and could still live free and unrestrained despite being hunted by the Yan Huang Alliance. This kind of person only appeared in legends, but in the world of Mystic Moon, he was always near her. It was like he entered this world for her sake. Without him, she would never be able to make Heart’s Dream the number 1 guild, and definitely would not be able to gain a fortune that a normal person could never amass in their entire lives.

This man was one who was strong and filled everyone with hope.

It was him who made her want to rely on a man for the first time. Growing up in the Yun family, from young, her life was never in her own hands. She was just a weak, young girl of small stature, and with so little strength, she could only rely on herself. Hearing Ling Chen’s words, her mind spun, and something seemed to well up inside her heart.

After so long, she finally let out a weak sound: “Ling Tian, thank you, why would I ever… not believe you.”

“So, the only thing that matters is that we are Heart’s Dream, the number guild, and the only guild! No matter how big the other guilds are, they will always be under our foot. You don’t need to worry about anything else. Even if the sky falls down, Heart’s Dream has a man who can hold it up.” Ling Chen patted his own chest, feeling that what he said was sensational, but in his heart, he truly wanted to carry the entire Heart’s Dream by himself. This was what he had promised Yun Feng, and he definitely wouldn’t go back on his word.

“Yes, yes! Our Heart’s Dream is China’s first guild, what an honour! After so many years, this is truly unique… ha, it’s the second time the first guild has been snatched from the Yan Huang Alliance. Perhaps, even after a long time, people will still remember the name of Heart’s Dream.” Xiao Qi beamed, her face like a flower, “To be able to join Heart’s Dream already makes me happy… and, to be able to meet big brother Ling Tian, also makes me so happy, hehe.”

Shui Ruo saw the way Xiao Qi was gazing at Ling Chen and secretly smiled … the way I look at big brother should be something similar to that. And Su Su, her gaze is particularly special… Big brother, do you not know, the aura you have right now, and after doing so many things, how much danger you are to the females around you…

“Well then, everyone should join.” Ling Chen pulled up the guild panel, and sent invitations to everyone.

“Ding… player ‘Meng Yu You Xin’ has joined.”

“Ding… player ‘Cute Qi Qi has joined.”

“Ding… player ‘Su Su’ has joined.”

“Ding… player ‘Mu Bing Yao’ has joined.”

“Ding… player ‘Ruo Ruo Lian Chen’ has joined.”

Heart’s Dream immediately reached 6 people, the girls broke out in joyous laughter. Today was a day to remember. Because today was the true beginning of “Heart’s Dream” – an incredibly prestigious beginning.

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