Shura's Wrath

Chapter 237

The First Guild

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“Ding… you are about to cancel the guild ‘Below is the Yan Huang Alliance created by a dog’, are you sure?”

“Definitely… confirmed,” Peter Pan’s small voice was trembling in response. To establish a guild, one needed to be at the guild creation office, but disbanding one was very simple. The leader of the guild could disband it at any time and at any place.

“Ding… your guild ‘Below is the Yan Huang Alliance created by a dog’ has been disbanded successfully. As it was the first Guild that was established, you can announce this to the whole Chinese server. Do you wish to do so?”


“Ding… announcing to Chinese server. The guild that was first created under the name ‘Below is the Yan Huang Alliance created by a dog’ has been disbanded, the Guild Rankings are once again vacant and will be temporarily closed. The next guild that is created will be ranked as the first. May every player continue to work hard.”

“Ding… announcement to Chinese server …”


‘The first guild’ that had let Yan Huang Alliance be completely humiliated and caused discussions among the players a few days ago had suddenly been disbanded. The Guild Rankings were once again empty. Immediately, all kinds of discussions started once again, making the peaceful place feel chaotic.

“It must be the Yan Huang Alliance. They found Peter Pan and forced him to disband it.”

“Whatever consequence Peter Pan must have faced is probably pitiful. But if he dared to humiliate the Yan Huang Alliance like this, he must have known what he was getting himself into.”

“Who do you think, the next ‘first guild’ will be? The Guild Creation Token that was won by the Yan Huang Alliance has been taken by Ling Tian. Do you think he will use it himself or sell it to the highest bidder? Now that the Guild Rankings are vacant, the Guild Creation Token Ling Tian has can once again be sold at a high auction price!”

“He’s definitely going to sell it. Ling Tian will always work alone. If he dares to establish a Guild, then the Yan Huang Alliance will be the first to destroy it”

“Haha, its already over, I was really hoping that that name would stay on that list for at least a few more days,” Skyfall said disappointingly, casually lying on the ground unaware that he had been set up, “But this is also good, this kind of cheap trick can’t last very long. However, I do really want to get to know this Peter Pan person, or whoever it was behind him. To know what they hold as sacred, what was giving them so much courage to do this.”

“Now there is a vacancy in the Guild Rankings, so attaining a Guild Creation Token is a matter of urgency. But the only Guild Creation that is known to exist is on Ling Chen. Big brother, we are already looking very hard for him,” Against the Sky said.

“Who knows, Ling Tian might auction off the Guild Creation Token. Otherwise, if he dares establish a guild, he will encounter the Yan Huang Alliance who will ultimately destroy it,” Judging Sky noted as he nodded.

The three Kings of the Guild spoke with confidence, not knowing the evil reputation that had now been put on their heads.

“Alliance Master Long, I have… already disbanded the Guild. You said before… as long as I honestly told you everything, you will… will let me go,” Peter Pan didn’t have the guts to even stand up and he spoke carefully and meticulously thinking of his words.

“Young Master?” Flame Shadow inquired as he looked at Long Tian Yun.

Long Tian Yun shot the person behind Peter Pan a look, and said, “This person has been delivered as per our prior agreement. Moreover, I have another task I will hand over to you. I hope you can help me with it…”

“I refuse,” Not even waiting for Long Tian Yun to finish speaking. The black figure said in his ice cold voice.

“Why?” Long Tian Yun’s facial expression sank.

“I, as, part of the Dark Night, will never continually engage in someone’s business over such a short time period. Goodbye.”

The black figure didn’t waste time with useless words. He didn’t give Long Tian Yun a second glance as he pulled Peter Pan, who had been slumped onto the ground, to his feet and started dragging him out towards the door.

“Young master, do you want me to…”

“No!” Long Tian Yun raised his hand, staring at the black figure as he left, and finally let out a snicker, “Although the Dark Night is crazy, we have no need to engage in conflict with them. But in regards to the Skyfall Dynasty, ha…”

Standing near Long Tian Yun, Flame Shadow could feel the anger emanating from Long Tian Yun. After so many years, it was the first time he had been this angry. Before, he had hated Ling Tian. But now, his hatred for the Skyfall Dynasty had surpassed what he felt toward Ling Tian. Because of this situation, his relationship with Skyfall Dynasty was now long dead.

Flame Shadow’s innermost feelings were similarly furious. This Skyfall Dynasty not only played Long Tian Yun, but the entire Yan Huang Alliance. If not for the Dark Night, they would be unable to find who actually did this. “Young master, we already know that the current Guild Creation Token is with Ling Tian and given the current situation, the possibility of it falling into the hands of the Skyfall Dynasty is very real. The previous guild has been disbanded and if Skyfall Dynasty immediately uses the Guild Creation Token, they will become the new… first guild!”

Long Tian Yun’s expression was clouded and he pondered for a while, before saying in a low voice, “No! If they made Peter Pan disband the guild then eliminated the potential informant, they can confidently use the Guild Creation Token, without worrying that we suspect them. But now, Peter Pan had disbanded the guild under conditions that they did not know about, so they will definitely feel there is some kind of problem, worrying that everything has been exposed. In this kind of state, they would not have the guts to use the Guild Creation Token. Who knows, perhaps they might even give it to Ling Tian as a big favour because he needs it to create Yun Meng Xin’s ‘Heart’s Dream’!”

Flame Shadow thought about it for a while, and quickly said, “Young Master is wise.”


In the north residents’ area of Azure Dragon City is the Heart’s Dream hut.

“Huh? Big brother Ling Tian still hasn’t arrived? He told us to gather here, what’s the matter?”

Under the summons of Ling Chen, Yun Meng Xin, Xiao Qi, Su Er, Mu Bing Yao… all the girls of Heart’s Dream had gathered, but Ling Chen was no where to be seen. Yun Meng Xin’s hands were holding onto a giant amount of funds. This was enough for buy a bigger house for Heart’s Dream but she had not done this yet. The girls also had no intention of changing the place. Although this place was small, it was convenient.

“Big brother says that he will be here immediately and he wants to give everyone a big surprise… it could be a shock,” Shui Ruo said mysteriously, at the same time giving clear instructions to Little Tian Tian who newly entered the Novice Village. From Little Tian Tian’s reactions, she could hear that she was very excited when playing, and very happy.

When Shui Ruo finished speaking, the pleasant surprise and shock immediately came.

“Ding… Chinese Server Announcement. Player ‘Ling Tian’ in Azure Dragon City has registered to establish a guild, “Heart’s Dream”. The Guild Rankings have opened; ‘Heart’s Dream’ is ranked first in the Guild rankings. Because ‘Heart’s Dream’ is not the first guild, no further rewards have been awarded.”

“Ding… Chinese Server Announcement…”

“Ding… Chinese Server Announcement…”

The Chinese Guild rankings: (Order according to time the Guild was established)

First: Heart’s Dream, Founder: Ling Tian

There were 3 prompting sounds, signaling a new name and a lone appearance in the Guild Rankings. At this time, the disbanding of the first guild was only 30 minutes ago. The previous guild was clearly for the sake of humiliation, but this ‘Heart’s Dream’ was the first guild in a true sense. This guild did not even belong to the Yan Huang Alliance or Skyfall Dynasty, but instead to the most prosperous of the area, Ling Tian!!
So as a result, the guild’s appearance brought about immediate controversy.

“First ranking guild turned out to be created by Ling Tian… could it be that Ling Tian is going to destroy the status quo in the Chinese Server?”

“The highest level, the highest Fame, the first in terms of equipment, the top ranking pets… now he has the first guild… My God, he has the entire first list! He must be from the heavens!”

“There’s no one who does not know of Ling Tian’s fame. If he creates the first guild, as long as he makes a rallying call, innumerable players will rush to join him. In future, it might even be on the same footing as the Yan Huang Alliance… Perhaps even surpassing them!”

“The first guild of the past was always the Yan Huang Alliance, but this time its actually been robbed by Ling Tian. Now the Yan Huang Alliance has issued a kill on sight order for Ling Tian… and Ling Tian only entered the world not too long ago. He doesn’t have that much influence and now he unexpectedly steps before the Yan Huang Alliance. The Yan Huang Alliance will surely wipe out ‘Heart’s Dream’ before it can develop.”

“Why did Ling Tian create a guild called ‘Heart’s Dream’? Seems like it would be a guild more suitable for a girl’s guild?”

The name ’Heart’s Dream’ came into the conversation of the players and entered the sight of all the players. The first guild was founded by the infamous Ling Tian and the popularity reached an incomparable height in an instant. Innumerable players were discussing and looking for it. Some of the other players were also worrying about ‘Heart’s Dream’s’ destiny. After all, firstly, the Yan Huang Alliance would never allow another to dominate it, and secondly, Ling Tian and Yan Huang Alliance have had a big falling out.

Azure Dragon City, Heart’s Dream House.

The sound ringing out startled all the girls sitting there except for Mu Bing Yao. They sat by the table, unable to help but confirm repeatedly that what just happened was real.

“He… really used that Guild Creation Token,” Yun Meng Xin spoke in shock. Being the first guild was indeed awe-inspiring. In addition, with Ling Tian’s name, there wasn’t a single person in all of the Chinese Server who didn’t know the ‘Heart’s Dream’ name now. This fame was completely unimaginable.

But behind this “first Guild” honour was also a great danger, one of which was the Yan Huang Alliance. Everyone knew that the Guild Creation Token used to create Heart’s Dream was taken directly from Long Tian Yun’s hand, so there were innumerable reasons why the Yan Huang Alliance could not permit the existence of Heart’s Dream. Even Long Tian Yun knew that this guild actually belonged to Yun Meng Xin.

“Good Heavens… the first guild, the first guild! Su’Er, big sister Meng Xin, our Heart’s Dream has officially become the first guild!!” Xiao Qi was not aware of the imminent danger like Yun Meng Xin. Her mouth was wide open and her pupils dilated. There was only excitement.

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