Shura's Wrath

Chapter 219

Big Brother’s Dessert

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Proofreader: TheNo1Fan

Everything Shui Ruo had said was exactly correct. Back then, Ling Chen’s world only had Dia Wu, so it would be impossible for him to just forget about him. Those six or seven years at Heaven and Hell, he had thought of her every day. However, when he had returned, he had found out about her death. In his despair, he had met Shui Ruo. She had gradually healed his wounded heart, causing him to want to protect her forever. However, today he felt that Dia Wu was still alive, and was completely at a loss as to what he should do.

When he was infected with the Isrock Disease, Dia Wu was still willing to become his wife. She trained hard for his sake, and fasted to death for him. He would never allow himself to hurt her. However… how could he hurt Shui Ruo either?

Seeing the confusion in Ling Chen’s eyes, Shui Ruo completely understood why Ling Chen would suddenly become upset… no, he wasn’t upset- knowing that Dia Wu might still be alive, he must be incredibly happy in his heart. Instead, what was making him feel conflicted was probably guilt. Guilt that although Dia Wu had been alive, he had not found her; guilt that he had been with another girl for such a long time. As such, he didn’t dare to see if it was her, because he felt that he didn’t have the right, nor the courage to face her. Moreover, he was also afraid that it wasn’t her… and even if it was, he wouldn’t know what to do. If he was together with Dia Wu, he would have to let down Shui Ruo, and if he was with Shui Ruo, he would have to let down Dia Wu…

“Big brother, did you know, you’re a big, big idiot.” Shui Ruo wiped away her tears, and rested her head on his shoulder as she quietly spoke.

“Ruo Ruo… I…”

“Hehe…” Ruo Ruo, who was sobbing before, gave a gentle laugh. She stretched out her hands, and put them against Ling Chen’s mouth, softly saying, “Big brother, let’s talk about this later, alright? I’m a bit hungry, so can big brother make some desserts? I haven’t had any desserts made by big brother in a long time.”

“Sure!” Ling Chen nodded, and stroked Shui Ruo’s face, then walked out of the room.

Shui Ruo continued to gaze at Ling Chen as he walked out, then closed her eyes, with her hands clasped on her chest. Within her heart, she said, “Big brother, I always believed that you were an angel sent by heaven. You turned every day of my life into heaven. Only today did I find out that big brother has suffered so much in the past. When I was in total despair, big brother refused to leave me, and helped me through that period… but when big brother was in despair, I wasn’t there to help him…

Big brother, now that you know big sister Dia Wu who you love might still be alive, isn’t that wonderful? Before, it was always big brother protecting me, letting me live a happy life. In future, I will use my everything to help big brother to forget about all of the tragic things that happened in the past. I never want to be the reason for big brother becoming unhappy. I will definitely give my all to make big brother the happiest person in the world… as long as big brother is happy, I will definitely be happy as well.

Even the Isrock Disease couldn’t separate us, so as long as we’re together, what is there that can’t be accepted? Big sister Dia Wu, you feel the same, right?

As she opened her eyes, Shui Ruo smiled. She took off her gaming equipment, put on her slippers, and walked out of the bedroom.

“Big brother, I’m going to have a shower!”

Shui Ruo knew that Ling Chen’s cooking skills were incredible. There was practically nothing that he could not make, and back then Shui Ruo’s parents praised his meals every time. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why they allowed him, a complete stranger, to continue living with them. These cooking skills were developed in ‘Hell’, because using delicious food to kill unsuspecting victims was very efficient. While making the desserts, he heard the sound of water flowing in the bathroom. Shui Ruo would have a shower every day, to keep herself completely clean.

After he finished making the desserts, he carefully placed and arranged them on the table. Seeing his creation, he smiled to himself, confident that Ruo Ruo would like it.

“Ruo Ruo, the desserts are ready, have you finished showering?” Hearing that the water had stopped, Ling Chen called out.

Just as Ling Chen spoke, the bathroom door opened, and a snow white, exquisite figure walked out. Shui Ruo’s eyes shone like stars as they gazed at him, and she smiled, revealing an extremely cute but alluring smile.

Ling Chen felt as if an electric current had passed through his body, causing his body to be frozen in place. His eyes were locked onto Shui Ruo’s body, unable to move away.

Shui Ruo had walked out without any clothes on, and the only thing that she had on was a small towel. Her delicate hands were holding the towel in place, and below it, Ling Chen could see her jade white, slender legs. The towel could not fully cover her ample breasts, revealing a wondrous sight.

Shui Ruo’s tender cheeks were red, and her eyes were fixed on Ling Chen. She bewitchingly smiled, and let go of the towel, letting it fall to the ground.

Ling Chen: “……”

Shui Ruo’s flawless body was completely displayed to Ling Chen, causing him to stop breathing. It felt as if he had forgotten how to speak, or even make a sound. Her large breasts were like a pair of flowers, waiting for him to go and pick them, and grasp them in his hands. Her slim waist and beautiful legs all seemed to be inviting him. Although he had seen Shui Ruo’s body many times, but in that instant, he was completely mesmerised by the scene.

Shui Ruo’s cheeks became redder, and her hands moved down her body from her shoulders to her legs as she quietly asked, “Big brother… does my body look nice?”

Look nice? No one would believe that there would be anything more beautiful in the world. Ling Chen dumbly nodded his head. He moved his lips as he spluttered out, “Ruo Ruo, you… this… catch a cold…”

Ling Shui Ruo’s lips parted into a sweet smile, clearly amused by her big brother’s flustered reaction. She stepped over the towel, and walked towards the dazed Ling Chen, leaning her body against his, “Big brother, before eating desserts, do you want to eat Ruo Ruo first… Ruo Ruo wants to become big brother’s favourite dessert…”

Shui Ruo extended her arm around Ling Chen’s neck, pulling him close and kissed him… the first time they had kissed was when Shui Ruo was thirteen. That time, it was also Shui Ruo taking the initiative to kiss him. If it wasn’t for Shui Ruo making the first move, Ling Chen definitely would not be willing to ruin the innocence of this pure angel.

This sort of seductive gestures and language, as well as that perfect body could cause any man to lose his sanity. Their lips were joined together as Ling Chen desperately tried to quell the burning passion in his heart. He hugged Shui Ruo’s body, and greedily sucked on her lips, using his tongue to explore her mouth. Shui Ruo let out a gentle ‘wuu’ sound, and she raised her head, passionately reciprocating. The warm breath from her nostrils blew on Ling Chen’s face; she was completely enraptured within Ling Chen’s embrace, as if she was drunk.

Ling Chen’s breathing became more and more erratic and heated. He pressed his hand against her breasts, greedily rubbing, his other hand passing over her sleek waist, the grabbing onto her bottom, causing Shui Ruo to let out a small cry of ecstasy. She furrowed her brows, biting her lips as her face increasingly reddened, feeling those groping hands on her breasts and bottom. In her excitement, she opened her eyes, dumbly gazing at Ling Chen as her head spun with euphoria. She stretched out her hands into his clothes, feeling the warmth of his body. Gradually, one of her hands travelled downwards, touching a burning hot area, gently grabbing and nervously stroking it with her fingers.

Although this was only the seduction of a young woman, Ling Chen’s passion and lust burned brighter than ever before. Their mouths were still pressed together, and their bodies trembled as their pleasure increased. The gentle and reserved Shui Ruo, at this moment, was using up all of the courage in her body… Finally, Ling Chen could not take it anymore, and carried the gasping Shui Ruo onto the sofa, gently spreading out her legs. He lay down, his chest pressed down on her body.

“Ruo Ruo…”

“Big brother, quickly eat me up…”

The mysterious ‘lock’ was broken in one thrust, and it gradually became darker as evening fell. A cry of pleasure, mixed with pain sounded out from the room, filling the air. Shui Ruo tightly wrapped her arms around Ling Chen who was above her, and wrapped her slender legs around his waist. Her skin was red, and covered in much sweat. Although it was painful, it was incredibly pleasurable and she smiled in her joy.

Big brother, I’ve finally… become yours completely…

And even earlier than big sister Dia Wu!

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