Shura's Wrath

Chapter 209

You’ve Lost

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Proofreader: JSmith

To be attacked by the Sword Emperor at close range meant certain death. This was common knowledge to all Chinese players.

However, the Sword Emperor had attacked Ling Tian thirty times, but he had not taken any damage at all. He had actually put away his weapons, and casually dodged the attacks with his hands behind his back. Evidently, he was allowing the Sword Emperor strike out at him without retaliating- he didn’t take the Sword Emperor seriously at all. In fact, it seemed like he was just playing around with the Sword Emperor.

The Yan Huang Alliance players all began to tremble. Their pride, their god, was like nothing to this Ling Tian. Even when attacking at close range, the Sword Emperor was powerless against Ling Tian… no, it wasn’t because the Sword Emperor was weak, but because of how monstrous Ling Tian was.

Long Tian Yun’s face was now twisted in anger, and Flame Shadow by his side was sweating profusely. Cang Yan, who had been instantly killed by Ling Tian, had revived at the Azure Dragon City, and was so furious that he couldn’t make a sound.

Before today, who would have thought that this battle wasn’t the Sword Emperor bullying Ling Tian, but rather Ling Tian controlling everything.

Ling Tian… what sort of deity was he! This thought passed through every spectator’s mind.

“It’s difficult to believe that this person… can only be described as a ‘monsters’. Not only can he suppress the Sword Emperor, but he can even play around at the same time. Perhaps he’s even at the same level as Eve!” Xiao Qiu Feng said in awe.

Beside him, Yun Feng’s mouth curved up into a smile. This wasn’t just ‘perhaps’- this was a fact. Back then, he had personally seen Ling Tian face off against Eve on equal grounds. He frowned, and said in a low voice, “However, it was pretty weird just then- although Ling Tian was able to dodge multiple illusory blades at the same time, there was only one in that last attack, but it seemed that he spaced out at that moment. What happened? Did he realise something?”

Xiao Qiu Feng: “……”

Azure Dragon City, within Heart’s Dream’s small house

“Big brother Ling Tian is so, so awesome! He’s so cool, wowowow!”

Even if it was someone who had never stepped into the virtual world before, they would still know that Ling Tian was completely in control of this battle. The strongest player in China was being completely suppressed by Ling Tian, who was their fellow guildmate in Heart’s Dream. They all felt extremely honoured and glorified, and they as excited as defeating the Sword Emperor themselves.

In this small room, the girls cheered unceasingly. There were great waves crashing within Yun Meng Xin’s heart. Big brother had found such a person to help her- it was simply inconceivable and unbelievable. From how things looked, it seemed that it would be incredibly easy for him to defeat the Sword Emperor. It wouldn’t even take him much time or effort. From today onwards, his name would travel throughout the entire China, and the entire world! Once Heart’s Dream was officially established, with him as a member, their fame would also spread throughout the entirety of China in a single night. At that time, Heart’s Dream’s fame and reputation would be comparable to that of the Yun family financial group’s!

As for gold… yesterday, Ling Tian had all of a sudden given her 900 million gold! Moreover, he gave it to her so easily, so casually… indeed, at that level, it would be incredibly easy for him to earn money. In that case, amassing a wealth that rivalled the Yun family financial group’s within two years was no longer impossible.

Because of him, the seemingly distant and impossible dream was starting to become a reality.

“Ling Tian…” Unconsciously, Yun Meng Xin gently said this name.

All of the girls were wildly cheering, except Mu Bing Yao. The Sword Emperor’s last strike had been barely dodged by Ling Tian, which was incomprehensible to her. Even if that attack was twice as fast, Ling Tian would still be able to easily dodge it. So what happened just then? What had happened to cause him to lose focus to such an extent?

“You… you are…”

Ling Chen’s heart trembled, and his body shook. His mind was filled with countless memories of scenes and voices that caused his emotions to run amok.

“Big brother Tian Ya, let’s give this sword technique we made together a name! What should we call it… right, let’s call it ‘Heaven’s Edge, Butterfly’s Dance’ (Tian Ya Dia Wu), what do you think?”

“Heaven’s Edge, Butterfly’s Dance… ha! What a beautiful name.”

Heaven’s Edge… Butterfly’s Dance…




She already… she definitely already…

“What are the results… have you found any information about her!? Where is she? How is she?”

“… Master, please, you have to remain calm.”

“What are you saying? Did something happen to her? Tell me!!”

“Yes… Master, the information we found out about her was… was… within the Xuan Yuan family, there’s no longer a person called Xuan Yuan Dia Wu… seven years ago, she already… already… fasted to death.” [TLN: as in died from refusing to eat]


“No… impossible! It’s definitely not true… It’s definitely not true!!!”

“Master, I’m sorry, but seven years ago, Xuan Yuan Dia Wu already…”

“Shut up!! I… don’t… believe… it!!!!”

Ling Chen’s breathing became incredibly heavy and ragged, and his vision became distorted. Right now, if the Sword Emperor attacked, he definitely would not be able to dodge.

Heaven’s Edge, Butterfly’s Dance…

Tian Ya and Dia Wu…

Ling Chen raised his head, and rested his gaze on the Sword Emperor, unable to move at all. The Sword Emperor had covered every inch of her body so that nothing could be seen. Her appearance, eyes, hair- everything was completely hidden… the Sword Emperor never spoke, and did not make any noise… no one had ever heard her speak before…

Ling Chen’s heart ached as if someone had shot an arrow through it.

“Dia’er, I beg you, leave me. Get away from me as far as you can, otherwise… you’ll die as well!”

“I don’t want to! I trained so hard with my sword so I can protect you, I don’t want you to die… If you’re really going to die, then let me die with you. I’m not afraid of dying, I’m only afraid that you’ll leave me alone. Big brother Tian Ya, please don’t chase me away, don’t… wuu…wuu…”

“Dia’er, I don’t want to die… I really don’t want to die. If I die, I’ll never be able to see your eyes… I’ll never be able to hear your voice again… Dia’er….”

“Big brother Tian Ya, you’re a man, so you can’t… you can’t cry… we all can’t cry… nothing’s going to happen to you… no matter what happens, I’ll stay with you… my everything belongs to my Tian Ya. If big brother Tian Ya really died… I… I will also die… no one will ever see my eyes again, no one will ever hear my voice…”

“No one will ever see my eyes again, no one will ever hear my voice…”


The sword in Ling Chen’s hand fell to the ground with a gentle ‘ding’.

Sword Emperor: “!?”

At this moment, every player saw that there was something wrong with Ling Tian. They all began to quietly discuss among themselves. Ling Chen raised his head to the sky, and gently let out a breath.

“Time to finish this.” He dropped his head down, and his eyes became peaceful again. He only said four emotionless words to the Sword Emperor.


He did not pick up the sword he dropped on the ground. Rather, one grey and one green light appeared respectively in his left and right hands- they were the Great Ravager and Zephyr Blade. As soon as these two weapons appeared, the crowd began to go crazy… before, Ling Chen had been suppressing the Sword Emperor with just a single Pale White grade sword. Now, he had taken out his two strongest weapons. Could it be that… he wanted to finish this quickly?
Indeed, it was  so.

He tightly gripped the Great Ravager and Zephyr Blade, and charged towards the Sword Emperor. However, he did not swing his weapons at all, but rather simply charged incredibly quickly towards the Sword Emperor.

The Sword Emperor flicked her wrist, and sent a wave of illusory swords towards Ling Chen. Ling Chen’s hands finally started to move. He swung the Great Ravager out, not towards the Sword Emperor’s body, but towards the illusory swords.


The Sword Emperor’s illusory swords were incredibly fast, and it was extremely difficult to defend against such an attack. However, Ling Chen’s Great Ravager had solidly blocked the attack… moreover, blocking it was not the end. The Great Ravager’s special attribute was that if he parried an attack or if his attack was parried, there was a certain chance to knock the opponent’s weapon flying. It did not specify what the chance was, but it was made clear that the greater the difference between Ling Chen’s and his opponent’s strength, the greater the chance of the special attribute triggering.

Under Ling Chen’s full strength swing, as well as the Great Ravager’s incredible weight, the force slammed into the Sword Emperor’s hand, causing her body to be knocked back and her sword was sent flying into the distance…

The crowd of spectators yelled out in shock.

The Sword Emperor’s lost balance, but Ling Chen did not stop, and instead slashed towards the Sword Emperor’s chest with the Zephyr Blade. Ling Chen was able to wield both weapons effectively at the same time without disrupting either hand. After the Great Ravager in his right hand had knocked the Sword Emperor’s weapon flying and caused her to lose balance, his left hand immediately followed through with the Zephyr Blade… even if she was a god, she would not be able to dodge this second strike.


When wielded, the Zephyr Blade carried a breeze with it. The green arc flashed towards the Sword Emperor’s body… however, just as it was about to cut into her, it suddenly stopped.

Time had stopped.


The Sword Emperor’s sword fell down from the sky, and smashed into the ground. However, no one took any notice of the sword, but rather stared dumbfounded at Ling Chen and the Sword Emperor who both stood unmovingly, as well as the Zephyr Blade that was millimetres away from the Sword Emperor.

“Just then, if I went a bit further, you’d be dead,” Ling Chen said, “So, you’ve lost.”

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