Shura's Wrath

Chapter 208

Heaven’s Edge, Butterfly’s Dance (2)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“You’re a woman!?”

Although Ling Chen blurted out these words, he said them in a low voice, so that only the Sword Emperor heard. As this sentence came out of his mouth, a wave of shock passed through his heart.

As he struck the right side of the Sword Emperor’s chest, his elbow felt something that was curved and soft. For males, if they had strong pectoral muscles, it would instead feel solid and thick. However, what he touched was a softness and roundness that only women had.

Ling Chen was almost certain that this Sword Emperor was actually a woman!!

Come to think of it, it was impossible for anyone to know Sword Emperor’s actual gender. After all, the Sword Emperor was always wrapped in a cloak, and did not reveal anything. The Sword Emperor never spoke either… thus, no one knew that the Sword Emperor was actually a woman! Moreover, even if he said it out loud, no one would believe that the almighty Sword Emperor was a woman.

Ling Chen’s lips slightly curved upwards into a smirk. He was sure that in order to gain this level of skill, this person had to be at least forty or fifty years old. It was unfortunate that the breasts he had just touched belonged to a forty or fifty year old woman, rather than a young lady. However, a woman possessing such sword intent at such an age caused one to marvel.

Originally, after knocking down the Sword Emperor, Ling Chen had the chance to immediately finish her off and conclude the duel. However, finding out that the Sword Emperor was a woman caused him to pause in shock, which resulted in him losing his chance.

At this moment, the Sword Emperor slowly stood up. A cold killing intent radiated out from her body, causing the surrounding temperature to drop. The people in the crowd nearby all fell silent, and the players who were especially close began to shiver.

Ling Chen frowned. He was much too familiar with killing intent. This Sword Emperor’s killing intent… was extremely strong and heavy.

The killing intent radiating out from the Sword Emperor was so thick that those around her felt that there were countless sharp swords stabbing into their faces. For the players who had only read about ‘killing intent’ in novels and manga, this was the first time they had truly known what it was.

“Young master, the Sword Emperor has gotten angry- such a strong killing intent. Ling Chen is doomed for sure.” Flame Shadow quickly said to Long Tian Yun.

Long Tian Yun’s gaze was dark and cold, and he stared at Ling Chen and the Sword Emperor. He would not allow the Sword Emperor to lose! There was nothing he wanted more than for the Sword Emperor to instantly destroy Ling Tian.

Everyone present could feel the Sword Emperor’s killing intent and anger. However, they all believed that this was because the Sword Emperor had been knocked down by Ling Tian, whereas only Ling Chen knew the true reason… because he had touched her chest.

In the virtual world, there was a penalty setting for sexually assaulting females. If a male player touched a private part of a female’s body without her permission, the female player could use the system to punish the offender with lightning from the heavens. The degree of the punishment would differ according to how serious the offence was. Just then, he had touched a private part on the Sword Emperor’s body, which allowed her to use the lightning punishment on him. However, she did not do this- after all, this would be like telling the whole world that she was actually a woman!

“Things are getting interesting. The one who is clearly superior is actually Ling Tian.” Within the crowd, Against the Sky said in shock.

“Long Tian Yun’s emotions must be quite interesting right now. This Ling Tian… his background definitely isn’t ordinary. Even the Xuan Yuan family’s ‘Sword Emperor’ can’t do anything to him! He’s simply a monster.” Skyfall’s words were incredibly accurate and pertinent.

“This is the first time I’ve seen or heard about the Sword Emperor getting angry; it almost doesn’t seem right. Wasn’t it said that the Sword Emperor already cut off all emotions? Back when the Sword Emperor was defeated by Eve, he didn’t have any reaction at all.” Against the Sky pondered out loud.

“This isn’t important; let’s just continue watching this entertaining performance.”

Everyone had things that they were especially mindful or defensive about. This was especially so for women and their private parts. From the Sword Emperor’s reaction, she was as defensive as other women in this respect… no, perhaps even more defensive. This sort of killing intent and hatred radiating out from her was similar to that of an irreconcilable hatred.

Didn’t I just accidentally touch your chest? Why is such an old lady getting so worked up over that!? Could she be an old virgin or something?

“Ai, you don’t have to get so worked up over it. I didn’t know you were a woman, and I didn’t do it on purpose. Alright, I’ll definitely keep this a secret.” Ling Chen helplessly said in a low voice that only the Sword Emperor could hear.

The Sword Emperor’s response was her blade coming towards him, filled with boundless killing intent.

Ling Chen’s body moved back and forth as he dodged all seven of the illusory blades. He continued to speak, “The Xuan Yuan family’s 36 Sword Techniques are indeed quite powerful. Forget it, since I don’t know you, I can’t just take advantage of you like that. In return, I’ll let you use thirty moves against me without retaliation.”

Swish! Woosh!

As the Sword Emperor’s sword slashed and pierced through the air, it created tearing sounds. It was obvious how devastating her attacks were. Ling Chen withdrew his sword, and directed all of his focus onto the Sword Emperor’s sword. As he retreated backwards, he dodged the Sword Emperor’s first strike, and muttered “Splitting Clouds, Revealing Sun.” As the Sword Emperor’s third attack came towards him, the blade split into two illusory blades, then four, then eight…

Ling Chen’s eyes narrowed, and his body rapidly swung back and forth from left to right, causing all of the illusory blades to miss him. Four words came out of his mouth, “Heaven and Earth Strike.”

All of the words that came out of his mouth were the names of the techniques the Sword Emperor was using.

The Sword Emperor continuously moved, furiously striking towards Ling Chen. Sometimes the strikes came from the left, sometimes they came from the right; sometimes from above, sometimes from below; sometimes twisting, sometimes illusory, sometimes even disappearing…

Every technique that the Sword Emperor used was vastly different to other ones; there was no repetition in her attack pattern. This caused the spectating players to watch with their mouths hanging open. What was even more shocking was that the Sword Emperor’s target, Ling Tian, had not been hit a single time. He had been evading the entire time- sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, sometimes retreating, and sometimes even advancing. If one had to describe him, it would have to be like a ghost or a spectre. No one could clearly see his movements. Sometimes it seemed that he was standing still, and yet the sword was still not able to touch his body. Moreover, no one knew that every time the Sword Emperor used a technique, he would call out its name…

“Soaring Snow Like Rainbows!”

“Boundless Heavens and Earth!”

“Turning Clouds, Rippling Wind!”

“Big Dipper Chaotic Dance!”

“Rolling Clouds, Flowing Waters!”

Ling Chen continuously dodged the Sword Emperor’s thirty strikes, and did not retaliate at all. Instead, all he did was yell out thirty technique names… he did not miss even a single one! No one could see the shock in the Sword Emperor’s heart. The feeling that Ling Chen gave the Sword Emperor was the same as that which Eve gave her. Back when Eve had defeated her, it was like she already knew how she would attack… she would never forget the feeling of being attacked by Eve- not only did it seem like she could predict how and where the Sword Emperor would attack, but could also seemingly tell where she would retreat. No matter how the Sword Emperor dodged, Eve’s attacks always found their mark on her body.

The Ling Tian in front of her was similar to that Eve!

“I said that I’d give you a handicap of thirty moves, and now that’s complete, so I don’t owe you anything. Now, it’s my turn to attack!”

After calling out in a low voice, Ling Chen’s semi-closed eyes suddenly flew open, and the Pale White grade sword in his hand flat stabbed towards the Sword Emperor.


The Sword Emperor twirled her sword, and swept aside Ling Chen’s strike. Ling Chen laughed, and he flicked his right wrist, smashing a Ling Tian Burst diagonally towards the Sword emperor… he believed that with the Ling Tian Burst’s power, even if the Sword Emperor blocked it, she would be blasted back.

However, the block that he had expected did not come. The Sword Emperor jumped high above this diagonal strike… she didn’t just jump up, but also flipped and turned a few times. As she spun, the sword in her hands also struck out numerous times, creating many illusory blades. In the lighting, it looked as if there were countless stars and meteors around her body, giving the entire scene a dream-like appearance. To the spectators, it looked as if there was a meteor piercing towards Ling Chen’s chest.

The Sword Emperor’s sword intent had been gathered into an attack which focused on a single point. If it hit, it would unleash devastating damage. Faced with such a scene, it would be incredibly hard to dodge. As for Ling Chen with his monstrous spirit power… how could he not be able to dodge this sort of attack?

However, just as the Sword Emperor was still spinning in the air with the meteor-like illusory swords around her, Ling Chen was so shocked that he felt as if he had been struck by lightning, and his body stiffened, and a ringing sound appeared in his head.


The swift and sharp blade pierced through the air, and brushed past Ling Chen’s body. Ling Chen had used all of his strength to desperately twist to the side to avoid the Sword Emperor’s attack. Otherwise, with his not-so-outstanding HP, it was possible that he could have been instantly killed. However, this desperate dodge was not executed with the earlier precision and calmness. He had taken three steps back before he recovered his balance again. Ling Chen raised his head, and looked at the Sword Emperor… if he took off his mask, everyone would clearly see that his eyes were shaking, and even his hands were slightly trembling.

The Sword Emperor did not continue to attack, and stood still, coldly staring at him. After those thirty moves, her anger had more or less dissipated. Just then when she had attacked, she could also feel that Ling Chen had slightly spaced out, and thus was nearly hit by her. She could also tell that his breathing had become irregular.

Ling Chen’s throat was dry as he faced the Sword emperor. His calm heart had been thrown into chaos, and his heart was furiously thumping. It was as if there were giant waves crashing about in his mind.

“You… you are…”

He said a few vague words, but the words he truly wanted to say did not come out.

He also knew the name of the technique that the Sword Emperor had just used.

Its name was called Heaven’s Edge, Butterfly’s Dance (Tian Ya Dia (Die) Wu) [TLN: I’ll be translating 蝶 (Die, meaning butterfly) as Dia, as ‘Die’ obviously has a completely different meaning in English].

This technique was created by two people… and only one person knew how to use it…

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