Shura's Wrath

Chapter 206

Ling Tian vs The Sword Emperor

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“The attack that Ling Tian used before, could you evade it?” Against the Sky quietly asked Skyfall within the crowd.

“No,” Skyfall said simply, shaking his head. “With that kind of explosive power and such a small distance, it is impossible for me to dodge that attack. If I got close enough and he fought me, I would, without a doubt, be defeated.”

Hearing the almost invincible Skyfall release such words would have startled anyone, especially as he was ranked third.

“This Ling Tian is certainly full of mysteries. Everyone underestimated him. It looks like the arrogance and lack of restraint he demonstrated previously seemed to be intentional. Fighting the Sword Emperor was also with thorough preparation and purpose, and the usually astute Long Tian Yun has actually been led by the nose by him,” Skyfall said softly as he looked at Ling Tian. “This person must be of remarkable talent or… a freak of nature. Long Tian Yun might be humiliated today.”

“Are you saying Ling Tian can defeat the Sword Emperor?” Against the Sky asked, surprised.

“At first, I didn’t think he could, but now, the possibility really exists. Long Tian Yun himself is also somewhat flustered,” Skyfall said with a laugh, his eyes lighting up as he waited to enjoy the sight. There was no doubt that the Sword Emperor was strong but if Ling Tian actually defeated the Sword Emperor today, it would greatly frustrate the Yan Huang Alliance, and that was something he would be glad to see.

“The Sword Emperor is the strongest player in this generation. His sword technique is unparalleled in this world. You have fought him before so you should have the clearest impression. What Ling Tian suddenly did before was surprising, but I still think he will not be able to defeat the Sword Emperor… However, what you said, boss, is correct. There is, at the very least, a possibility. It is not a situation where it is ‘impossible’,” Against the Sky said.

They were not the only ones sharing that thought. What all the players had anticipated to happen in this showdown had completely changed. Not only did he kill the 4th ranked player, the Flame Emperor, in one blow, but he also dealt over ten thousand damage in one hit. If anyone had a chance of beating the Sword Emperor, it was Ling Tian – and if he truly did win, then he would become the new 1st ranked player!

But with the Sword Emperor’s strength, could he really do it? Would Ling Tian really be capable of defeating the Sword Emperor?

“Whether Ling Tian can actually defeat the Flame Emperor is interesting, but what I am more interested in is that he killed the Flame Emperor in under a second. No matter what happens now, he has already thoroughly offended the entire Yan Huang Alliance, which means Cang Yan, with his temperament, will have an undying, deep-to-the-bone, hatred for him. Except, when Ling Tian defeated Cang Yan, it was clean and quick without hesitation. If he is not a stupid person, he too knows the consequences of that action. Thinking of what happened yesterday, he probably does not care that he has offended the Yan Huang Alliance. Maybe it was even intentional. This could turn out to be very interesting,” Skyfall nodded meaningfully.

“Offending the Yan Huang Alliance was inevitable but maybe we can attract him to our Skyfall Dynasty. With his level, equipment, fame, as well as the fact that he killed the Flame Emperor in one second, it will give us a tremendous boost in strength!” Against the Sky said.

“That is correct,” Skyfall nodded, looking straight ahead at Ling Tian. He began contemplating how he could win him over to the Skyfall Dynasty.

The numerous players in and around the plains quietened down.

At first almost everyone had thought that the Sword Emperor would win, but now the expectations had changed. The tension grew increasingly higher – it was the moment before the showdown between Ling Tian and the Sword Emperor.

“Big brother, good luck!” Ling Shui Ruo clasped both hands in front of her, her eyes sparkling as she anxiously looked at her brother. She believed that he would be able to succeed because in her heart, she knew that there was nothing her brother could not do. But even so she was unable to control her anxiety, as he was about to face the best in china.

“Big brother Ling Tian, you must win! Even if it’s the Sword Emperor, you have to win!”

“Big brother Ling Tian, good luck.”

Hearing the nervous shouts of these girls, Mu Bing Yao’s eyebrows pricked slightly. “The Sword Emperor will lose,” she said without expression.

The Second Region of the Plans District was completely filled with people, but at that moment, it was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. Ling Tian and the Sword Emperor had been facing each other for a long time, but neither had made a move. The Sword Emperor was ranked 1st, so naturally, the Sword Emperor would not want to be the one attacking. But Ling Chen, full of pride, would not want to attack first either.

“I don’t want to waste any time and I trust you feel the same. I made the challenge, so I will make the first move,” Ling Chen said, lifting his sword slightly so that it was a sharp 45 degrees from the ground.

A pleasant breeze blew by and the Sword Emperor’s cape rippled. The Sword Emperor, who was stationary until this point, now moved like a strong wind – no, it should be compared to a storm, full of speed and strength – and just like when Ling Chen killed the Flame Emperor. Only a remnant of the Sword Emperor’s silhouette was left as the Sword Emperor rushed towards Ling Chen. The Sword Emperor’s wrist was wrapped in grey cloth and the Sword Emperor’s hand made innumerable illusory swords with the sword as it was thrust towards Ling Chen’s body.

“Ahh!!” The crowd shouted out in surprise.

The Sword Emperor’s movement shocked the whole world.

The Sword Emperor was formidable not only because of sword techniques, but also because of combat knowledge and explosive movements that were unparalleled in the world. Ling Chen couldn’t focus on the numerous illusory swords that were heading towards his body. Even though the Sword Emperor was holding one sword, it was pointing in so many different directions and creating so many strong breezes in its wake that it was as if each of them were real swords and not just illusory after-images.

This was definitely not a technique in the Mystic Moon World but one that the Sword Emperor had developed individually.

What went into the game world was not the player’s body, but his consciousness. When an ordinary player entered the world, they fought with the skills of their profession and class.  But, if one entered with real world mastery of the sword, then when they were in the game world, they would still have mastery over the sword. The game could not remove the memory of a player, nor would it stop the player’s ability to control the sword. The game couldn’t make it forget the real world sword techniques that the players knew.

Taking Cang Yan as an example, he had great control over the use of fire in the real world, and so when he entered the game world, his control of fire was of a superior level. The players whose skills were far beyond that of ordinary players did not exist without reason.

With the Sword Emperor’s first attack, the players could see that the illusory swords seemed to have blocked all of Ling Chen’s escape routes. The Sword Emperor clearly only had one sword, but it was as if Ling Chen was being cut by innumerable swords. Those who saw the Sword Emperor attack for the first time let out a surprised cry and in that moment they understood why the Sword Emperor was called the Sword Emperor.

The Sword Emperor’s attacks were capable of cutting his opponent to bits… it was like being attacked by more than ten swords, ten times, in an instant. Even the players with high levels of HP would be unable to withstand the attack and would be killed in an instant. Ling Tian, who was already covered by the illusory swords, would die in an instant unless his defence and HP were high enough to withstand the Sword Emperor’s strong ten swords’ attacks


Within the illusory swords, the people noticed that Ling Tian’s body was in a trance. It was as if his body was placed in a light screen, fuzzy and immaterial. The swords were passing through him as he just stood there, no damage values appearing. It was just like he was nonchalantly floating. Then while still within the illusory swords, he suddenly lifted the silver sword in his hands, casting a “Ling Tian Burst”, which covered a 5m arc in front of him, towards the Sword Emperor.

Ling Tian Burst’s range was 5m and the speed in which he raised his hands was incomparably fast. There was no way that anyone would be able to dodge that. Just when his sword was about to hit the Sword Emperor, a “ding” sound that came to his ears.

The Sword Emperor’s illusory swords had disappeared and the Silver grade sword was pressed against Ling Chen’s sword, preventing the skill from activating. Ling Tian wrinkled his brow and added more pressure in his arm. The Sword Emperor pushed away, and moved backwards so that the two separated. They looked at each other, silent.

The whole plains were silent.

The first time Ling Tian and the Sword Emperor crossed swords, it left the whole crowd of players dumbfounded.

Ling Tian was perfectly fine and the Sword Emperor was perfectly fine. There was not yet a damage value to be seen.

“He was clearly within the illusory blades, how…” seeing Ling Tian perfectly fine, Xiao Qiu Feng whispered, unable to believe his own eyes. He understood clearly what the Sword Emperor’s technique was capable of.

“Hey, its not just you!” Yun Feng clasped his hands and his vision became fiery. When the illusory swords covered Ling Chen, his heart sank. But even within the illusory swords, Ling Chen had managed to not get hurt at all, which meant that none of the illusory swords touched his body, which was even more surprising. To his knowledge, the Sword Emperor could swing at 13 different angles in one second, so if you wanted to evade it you had to evade the swords shapes entirely. Otherwise, if one were to use their sword, they would have to do so within one second in order to precisely match all the swings!

This was not something a normal human could do!

But Ling Tian didn’t get hit once.

The players who knew how scary the Sword Emperor truly was would find this the most shocking and wouldn’t be able to believe it.

“This… is… impossible…!!”

Long Tian Yun was thoroughly surprised and his assistant, Flame Shadow, nearby was also thoroughly surprised. They were completely unable to believe that what happened just a moment ago was real.

Under the whole heavens, there was only one person who could achieve that. That person was a player called “True God”, and would never be surpassed… Eve!

This Ling Tian, could it be that his strength compared with Eve?! No way, there was definitely no way! There could only be one with Eve’s strength! How could someone possibly surpass the Sword Emperor to approach her strength? No way!!

“As expected of the Sword Emperor, using a Silver grade sword to perform a parry,” Ling Chen looked straight ahead at the Sword Emperor, seemingly wanting to look past the cloak to see the Sword Emperor’s true appearance. In the game world, only weapons of Celestial Rank and above could have the chance of triggering a parry, but the Sword Emperor was able to create one with just a Silver grade sword in hand.

The Sword Emperor’s sword technique was truly terrifying. Even an ordinary sword could be used as a terrifying weapon in those hands.

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