Shura's Wrath

Chapter 201

Leng’Er’s Dolls

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The incredibly heavy two handed weapon gave an extra 220 Attack Power, as well as 30 Strength. Although it was a Celestial grade equipment, the Attack Power that it added was simply monstrous. The Zephyr Blade simply could not be compared to it, and even the Soaring Cloud spear was vastly inferior. Its bonus skill ‘Thousand Kilogram Rend’ caused Ling Chen to be even more shocked. This was the strongest skill he had ever seen, except for the two that he had received from the Shura… if someone was hit with a full power strike from this sword, the results would be terrifying.

However, because it was so heavy, it also decreased the wielder’s Agility and Attack Speed. Despite this, overall, it was still an incredible weapon. There was just one problem- being so heavy, how could one reasonably wield this in battle?

“Ding… would you like to equip ‘Great Ravager’? Your Strength is greater than 200, and fulfills the Equipment Requirements. After equipping the Great Ravager, you will be able to freely wield it, and it will be bound to you. Only you will be able to wield it.”

Freely wield it after equipping it? Ling Chen immediately replied, “Yes.”

Immediately, a dark light passed over the Great Ravager, and entered into Ling Chen’s body. In that moment, the incredibly heavy Great Ravager suddenly became much lighter. Ling Chen stood there in shock, and then lifted the sword up effortlessly.

Of course, the sword was still quite heavy, but not to the same ridiculous degree. Ling Chen held the sword in one hand, and swung it.


A gust of wind was created by Ling Chen swinging the sword, causing the sand and dust on the ground to be sent swirling into the air. Even if such a casual strike hit a person, they would still be sent sprawling. He spun, holding the Great Ravager out and started striking out with it. The whooshing noises sounded extremely imposing, which made wielding the Great Ravager especially enjoyable. He then equipped the Zephyr Blade on his left hand, and continued to spin and strike out. Adding the Zephyr Blade did not decrease his Attack Speed- instead, it was increased. One of the Great Ravager’s stats was -20 to Attack Speed. However, Zephyr Blade had a +20 Attack Speed attribute. As such, the two attributes cancelled each other out, and Ling Chen’s Attack Speed, while wielding the Great Ravager, did not decrease at all.

The gusts of wind created by the Great Ravager were very pleasing to Ling Chen. The Great Ravager had completely replaced the Soaring Cloud spear to become his most powerful weapon, and caused his Attack Power to greatly increase!

“Ding… your weapon ‘Great Ravager’ is ranked number 1 in the China Region Equipment Rankings, do you wish to hide your personal information?”

After equipping the Great Ravager, a system announcement rang out. Naturally, Ling Chen replied, “No need.”

The Equipment Rankings immediately changed, and the Great Ravager took the Zephyr Blade’s position at the top.

China Region Equipment Rankings:

Rank 1: Great Ravager

Type: Two-handed Blunt Weapon

Grade: Celestial

Owner: Ling Tian

Rank 2: Zephyr Blade

Type: Two-Handed Sword

Grade: Celestial

Owner: Ling Tian

Rank 3: Soaring Cloud

Type: Spear

Grade: Celestial

Owner: Ling Tian

The Equipment Rankings only listed weapons of Celestial grade or higher. Right now, there were only three weapons, which all belonged to one person- Ling Tian!

Players had never seen a Celestial grade equipment drop within the first month of the game, and yet in the China Region there was already one person who had three Celestial grade equips. This Ling Tian had caused too many miracles. Another Celestial grade equip appearing would no doubt cause large waves across all of China again, but Ling Chen was not concerned at all. Before, Ling Chen had felt that the Great Ravager was much too heavy, but now, he was reluctant to even let go of it. He wished that he could immediately find a monster to try it out on… of course, the main purpose was to experience the feeling of sending something flying.

Ling Chen was very satisfied in receiving the Great Ravager for killing the Warring Palace Skeleton. He looked at the time, and found that it was already daybreak. He had fulfilled his purpose in coming to the Forest of Bones, but the outcome had been far better than he had expected… He had destroyed the Warring Palace Skeleton, but he had also gained a semi-spirit girl who he could not allow to leave his side no matter what. He would have to do all he could to protect her, as well as to get her to like him.

Thinking to here, Ling Chen’s head started to ache.

“Young Master! A minute ago, Ling Tian reached LV18.” In the Plains District, Flame Shadow quickly ran to Long Tian Yun and reported to him in a low voice.

“What? LV18? Yesterday he was only LV17. What’s going on? How can he level up so quickly??” Cang Yan’s face revealed an expression of shock, whereas Long Tian Yun frowned, but did not say anything.

“Moreover, a new Celestial grade equip appeared on the Equipment Rankings, and it’s ranked number 1. It belongs to Ling Tian!” Flame Shadow continued.

“Oh?” Long Tian Yun and Cang Yan opened the Equipment Rankings, and looked at the “Great Ravager” at the top.

A hint of shock and jealousy flashed within Cang Yan’s eyes, but he immediately laughed, “Forget it, this sort of arrogant person can only rely on his level and equipment to seem cool. In the afternoon, we’ll show him what a true expert is! Young Master, this afternoon, we don’t even need the Sword Emperor to go and fight him. Let me fight him and I’ll give him an unforgettable lesson.”

Although Cang Yan was quite strong, he was one to hold grudges against other people easily. The words Ling Tian had spoken to him the day before had not been forgotten by him, and he was still seeking a way to take revenge. Long Tian Yun raised his hand, and calmly said, “Don’t look down on him too much. It’s impossible to obtain three Celestial grade equipment in such a short time with pure luck and no strength. However…” Long Tian Yun’s eyes narrowed, and he said in a low voice, “However, he’s definitely not a match for Xie Yu. Right now, Xie Yu might not even lose to that Eve.”

Long Tian Yun did not doubt that Ling Tian was powerful- after all, all of his weapons were the best in the virtual world. However, he understood just how monstrous the Sword Emperor was… even if the Sword Emperor’s equipment could not be compared to Ling Tian’s, that did not matter…. All the Sword Emperor needed was one sword.

“Hmph, of course. Ling Tian’s just a newbie expert who just entered the virtual world. I’d like to see him maintain his arrogance after today. Also, his equipment will soon belong to our Yan Huang Alliance. I want to see his pitiful expression so badly, heh…” Cang Yan said as he coldly smiled.

Long Tian Yun flicked his wrist, and his expression darkened, “This is not too important right now. Flame Shadow, has The Dark Night made any progress?”

Flame Shadow quickly replied, “Please rest assured, Young Master, although Peter Pan has hidden himself quite well, The Dark Night will definitely find him within 5 days. As per their rules, if they can’t complete a request that they accepted, they’ll pay back 10 times the amount as compensation. Young Master offered them 150 million gold- if they can’t fulfill it, they’ll have to pay back 1.5 billion gold. I’m sure they wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen.”


No matter what time it was, the Azure Dragon Square was always overflowing with people. This sort of situation would continue until the average level of players was about LV50, when the Central Imperial City would be unlocked.

Ling Chen equipped a discreet looking set of clothes, and went directly to the Marketplace. Right now, the most important thing was to make sure that the semi-spirit girl liked him, or at least did not have a negative favourability. Otherwise, if she ran off, Ling Chen could die at any moment.

He walked into the Toy Store, and saw a world of dolls. Although the Money Exchange System had been opened, there was still not much business there. After all, it was much more economical and practical to buy toys or dolls in the real world. Plus, given that it was only daybreak, Ling Chen was the only customer in the Toy Store. This caused him to feel a bit more at ease.

“Hello sir, may I ask what sort of toy you are looking for?” The one who greeted Ling Chen was the same beautiful saleswoman from before when Ling Chen had bought the most expensive toy- the Moonlight Treasure Box. As such, she still clearly remembered Ling Chen, and greeted him enthusiastically.

Ling Chen walked to where all the dolls were, and then said in his mind, “Leng’Er, come out and have a look. There are lots of dolls here.”

Leng’Er was unable to resist the temptation of dolls, and immediately appeared with the kitten doll in her arms. Ling Chen had put her in her invisible mode, so apart from him, no one could see or hear her, or the things she held or wore.

Seeing the world of dolls around her, Leng’Er’s eyes glazed over, and she continuously turned her head around, looking at all the dolls. To her, this was something that could only exist in a dream.

“Dolls… so… many… dolls…”

Leng’Er stretched out her hands, and gently leapt towards a big dolphin doll and pressed her entire body against it, gently stroking it with her little hands. This was the largest doll she had seen in her entire life. It was much larger than her own body… however, although she could touch the dolls, she couldn’t take them away. She tried to embrace them then take them away with her, but she was unable to do so. She began to become worried, and teardrops became to form at the corners of her eyes. She finally thought of something, and looked at Ling Chen with a pitiful and pleading expression… she was sure that somehow Ling Chen could get her this big, big doll.

Leng’Er’s look caught him off guard, and had a great effect on him. He immediately gave in, and hurriedly said, “I’ll take this dolphin doll.”

“Of course, sir. Please wait momentarily.”

Very quickly, the purchase was completed and Ling Chen put the dolphin doll into Leng’Er’s arms. Leng’Er embraced it tightly, and buried her face into its back, unwilling to let it go.

“Ding… Leng’Er’s favourability towards you +8.”

Ling Chen smiled, and looked around. He thought for a bit then said, “Excuse me… all of the cloth and plush dolls, I have one… no, two of each.”

Two of each cloth or plush doll, this was an enormous sale! The beautiful saleswoman’s eyes lit up, and excited said, “Certainly! Please wait, I’ll prepare them for you quickly!”

In total, there were six hundred or so different types of dolls in the shop. Some were bigger than people, some were as big as one’s hand. The cheapest ones were only a few gold coins each, whereas the best ones were worth tens of thousands of gold coins. Two of each of the six hundred dolls costed Ling Chen about 900 thousand gold. However, to him, who had hundreds of millions of gold, this was not that much to him anymore.

All of these dolls were of course to please this girl who loved dolls.

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