Shura's Wrath

Chapter 200

Great Ravager

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

[Leng’Er]: ……

Stats: HP: ????

MP: 2800

Physical Attack Power: 1

Magic Attack Power: 560

Defence: 180

Critical Chance: 0

Pierce Chance: 0

Movement Speed: 100

Elemental Resistance:

Water: 40%

Fire: 40%

Wind: 40%

Lightning: 40%

Earth: 40%

Light: -50%

Darkness: 100%.

Passive Ability:

1: Illusory body, ignores all physical attacks and Darkness attacks. Immune to all abnormal statuses and stat debuffs. Can float up to 100 metres high.

2: ???? (Not strong enough, unable to unlock)

3: ???? (Not strong enough, unable to unlock)
Special Attributes: Owner can choose whether she is visible or invisible. Under her visible condition, Leng’Er can be seen and heard by other beings. Under her invisible condition, only her owner, or beings with extremely high magic or spirit can see or hear her. Moreover, only her owner can come into contact with her body.


[Darkness Spike]:

Current Level: LV2

Highest Level: LV5, increasing to LV3 requires pet to be LV20.

A Darkness element attack that uses Darkness elemental energy to create a Darkness Spike within 20 metres around the caster. Silently and stealthily pierces towards a target within 5 metres of where the Darkness Spike was formed. Base attack damage is Magic Attack Power x 180%. Upon being hit, the target has a 5% of instant death.

Costs 20MP

no cooldown.

[Darkness Lock]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level: LV5, increasing to LV3 requires pet to be LV20. Uses Darkness energy to bind all targets within 20 metres of the caster, creating illusory chains that adds debuffs to the targets. Once bound, the targets’ Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Jumping Ability, Hit, Evasion are all decreased by 20%.

Costs 50MP

Cooldown time: 60 seconds.

[Underworld Lock]:

Current Level: LV2

Highest Level: LV5, increasing to LV3 requires pet to be LV20.

Uses Darkness energy to bind all targets within 10 metres of the caster, creating illusory chains that adds debuffs to the targets. Once bound, the targets cannot use active skills for 10 seconds. Costs 120MP

Cooldown time: 60 seconds.

[Doll Grenade]:

Special skill, level cannot be increased. Transfers Undead Baleful Aura into a doll, which is then tossed out and explodes. All targets within a radius of x metres will suffer from a terrifying undead energy attack (x = level/2), which does no damage, but has a 70% chance of instantly killing all targets. Attack does not distinguish between friends and foes. Every use uses one doll, and consumes all current MP.

Cooldown: 60 seconds. Can only be used 5 times every day.

Ling Chen already knew some of the information about Leng’Er through Xiao Hui. Right now, Leng’Er’s status was much weaker than before, and she had far less skills. Evidently, it was because Ling Chen’s level was too low, and since her level would always be equivalent to his, her overall power had also brought down. As he levelled up, so would she, and thus regain her power. However, despite her stat reductions, Ling Chen was still impressed by her overall power. Evidently, her attack power was quite weak- her main abilities focused on crowd control and debuffs. Ling Chen had already experienced the terror of her Movement Speed debuff before but this Underworld Lock… it was different to normal Physical Lock (which locked Physical Attack Skills) and Magic Lock (which locked Magic Attack Skills) skills. Instead, it directly locked all skills, no matter what sort of skills they were. Because of this skill, Ling Chen had been forced to continuously hit the Warring Palace Skeleton with normal attacks. If this skill was used on a Magician, the effects would be devastating… with low HP, no way to attack or teleport, they would completely defenceless.

As for her ultimate attack, Doll Grenade, it was a monstrous skill. An AOE skill that had a 70% of instant death, this was a nightmare to all players. Instant death was one of the most terrifying things in the gaming world. No matter how strong one was, if they didn’t have resistance against instant death, all of their Attack Power, Defence, Movement Speed, meant nothing. As such, this sort of overpowered skill was very rare, and usually only appeared on powerful Darkness element monsters. Because of this, all players generally avoided Darkness element monsters. However, Ling Chen had never seen… and no one would ever believe that there existed a skill that had a 70% chance of instant death! Even in her current state, one Doll Grenade from Leng’er could instantly kill a mob of LV100 monsters!!

If he didn’t have his Darkness crystal that gave immunity to instant death, and angered her, causing her to use this skill on him…

“70% chance of instant death… this girl is simply terrifying.” Even Qi Yue was shocked by this number.

“No matter what, I’ll have to keep her with me. Otherwise…” Her current favourability towards him was -30, and that was only after it had increased by 10 twice… that meant that it had been -50 before. She must have utterly hated him.
However, every time he gave her a doll, her favourability towards him increased by 10. With such a rate of increase, it didn’t seem too hard to increase favourability. Indeed, children were easy to please.

Leng’Er happily played with the kitten doll in her arms. She had probably already forgotten about the tears she had just shed.

Ling Chen slowly let out a breath, and softly said, “Leng’Er, follow me from now on, alright? We’ll go to the outside world, where there are lots of cute dolls. You can have as many cute dolls as you want. Leng’Er will definitely like the outside world. Come with me, alright?”

At the moment, Leng’Er’s attitude towards him was still fearful and distrusting. However, this was greatly made up for by the dolls she had just received. Moreover, with her mentality, she had probably wanted to go to the outside world, but did not dare to leave the giant skeleton. As such, Ling Chen’s words were most likely very tempting to her.

Leng’Er stared at him, her eyes still containing a hint of fear and distrust. She tightly hugged the kitten doll, and her body began to become transparent. She turned into a murky shadow and flew into Ling Chen’s body.

Ling Chen let out the breath he had been holding. Leng’Er voluntarily entering into the Pet Dimension signified that she was willing to leave with him. Even if she ran away from him, he would not be able to do anything about it.

Now, it was finally time to collect the spoils or war from the Warring Palace Skeleton.

It turned out that while he had been talking to Leng’Er, Xiao Hui had already picked up all of the items the Warring Palace Skeleton had dropped. However, Xiao Hui did not devour the Warring Palace Skeleton’s body- Ling Chen knew that Xiao Hui didn’t like to devour Darkness element monsters. Ling Chen took out each of the items the Warring Palace Skeleton dropped, and looked at them carefully.

Like all of the other monsters in the Forest of Bones, the Warring Palace Skeleton did not drop a single coin, but dropped ten or so yellow potions, one scroll and three pieces of equipment… it had been far less generous than the two other Celestial Bosses he had killed in the past.

[Skill Scroll- Baleful Shield]:

Requirements: Any profession above LV10. After using this scroll, the user will learn the skill [Baleful Shield]. After the user’s HP drops to 50%, they will reflect 10% of all Physical Attack Damage. The skill will deactivate when the user’s HP rises above 50%.

This skill was exactly the same as the Warring Palace Skeleton’s. However, while it was a godly skill on the boss, it was pretty much useless on players. Ling Chen thought about it, and decided not to use it. Although this skill was not too amazing, this was still a scroll that could allow one to directly learn a skill. It would definitely be able to fetch an astronomical price.
Ling Chen looked at the three pieces of equipment, and his eyes shone.

Although the Warring Palace Skeleton had not dropped many pieces of equipment, there were two pieces of Gold grade equipment… and out of the three pieces of equipment, one was a Gold grade ring, and the other was a Celestial grade piece of equipment!!

[Spectre Staff]:

Type: Long Staff

Grade: Gold

Equipment Requirements: Non-Priest Magical Professions above LV20. A staff made from white bones. Holding it will cause one to feel an ominous chill.

Attributes: Magic Attack Power+70, Spirit+15, MP+100, +20% damage to Darkness elemental magic, adds a 5% chance of inflicting a “curse” status when casting Magic Attacks.

[Four Spirit Ring]:

Type: Ring

Grade: Gold

Equipment Requirements: Any profession over LV20. An ordinary ring that is hiding great and mysterious power. Wearing it increases all major stats.

Attributes: Strength+10, Constitution+10, Agility+10, Spirit+10.

Both of these Gold grade equips had incredible stats, especially the Four Spirit Ring- it added a whole 40 points to the four Basic Attributes. Ling Chen immediately put it on his left hand. Every player could simultaneously equip two rings- one of their left hand and one on their right hand. As for the magic staff, Ling Chen decided that he would give it to Xiao Qi. Right now, she had a LV15 magic staff, so once she reached LV20 she could change to this one. He was sure that she would be incredibly excited about it.
As for the last piece of equipment, upon looking at it, Ling Chen fell into stupor for a few seconds.

It was about as long as the Zephyr Blade, but it was many times wider. The hilt was slightly thinner, but the blade itself was thirty or so centimetres wide… it was simply massive. The sword was so heavy that Ling Chen almost couldn’t raise it up.

Ling Chen had to use both hands to heft up the sword, and struggled to keep it in the air. It would be almost impossible to fight properly with this huge sword.

What sort of weapon was this!? Ling Chen quickly looked through its attributes.

[Great Ravager]:

Type: Two handed weapon

Grade: Celestial

Equipment Requirements: Strength above 200. Once formally equipped, it will be bound to the user, and cannot be traded. Once discarded, it will disappear. A strength type weapon from prehistoric ages which was created using thousands of kilograms of stones, and is incomparably heavy. There are very few people able to wield it. Its power has decreased over time, and now can be easily used.

Attributes: Attack Power+220, Strength+30, Agility-30, Attack Speed-20. When attacking, if the target’s Strength is lower than the wielder’s Strength, there is a 100% chance of knockback, and if powerfully swung, it can also result in knockdown or knock-up.

Special Attributes: Parry Level: 9, when parrying, or if your attack is parried, if your Strength is higher than the target, there is a chance the target’s weapon will be knocked flying.

Bonus Skill:

[Thousand Kilogram Rend]: uses all of the Great Ravager’s mystical power to attack a single target with an incomparably heavy strike bearing the force and weight of thousands of kilograms. Base attack damage is equal to 500% of normal attack power, 100% chance of knocking the target flying, 30% chance of stunning the target for 3-5 seconds.

Cannot be parried

Costs 130MP

Cooldown: 60 seconds.

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