Shura's Wrath

Chapter 199

Leng’Er (2)

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“Ding… please name your new pet.”

Having not received an answer from Ling Chen, the system once again sent the system announcement. At this moment, Ling Chen was still deliberating about what he should do.

“What should I do…” Ling Chen helplessly said. Why this semi-spirit girl used this contract on him was not important anymore, but rather… what should he do about this contract? One day, if this girl didn’t want to live anymore, and decided to just die, he would have to die with her as well.

“There’s nothing you can do now. The only thing you can do is to take her with you wherever you go, and protect her properly. You need to make her trust you and follow you, otherwise you’ll never be able to sleep in peace again. As long as she isn’t attacked by a Magician, you’ll be fine.” Qi Yue casually said.

Ling Chen scratched his head, and could only sigh, “Alright, I guess that’s all I can do.”

Indeed, that was his only option. Otherwise, he would have to forever leave the Mystic Moon world as he simply wouldn’t be able to play anymore.

Why did such a damnable thing exist in this virtual world.

“Ding… please name your new pet.”

The system announcement once again reminded him. Ling Chen came back to his senses, and looked at the girl floating in her air. Unless she truly had to, she probably didn’t want to use her last Soul Sacrifice Contract on him either. Her eyes were pitch black, but Ling Chen could see… fear, hatred and coldness in those eyes.

Humanoid pet… to see a girl as a pet, that was quite weird to Ling Chen. However, since the system had set her as his pet, he could do nothing about it. He had hoped that since she was a pet, she would be as obedient and listening as Xiao Hui and Xi Ling, but evidently this was not going to be possible. It was quite obvious that although “humanoid pets” were still “pets”, but she was completely different to Xiao Hui and Xi Ling.

“What’s your name?” This was the first thing that Ling Chen had said to the girl.

The sudden sound of his voice caused the girl to become frightened, and she jumped backwards in the air. She continued to use her distrusting stare to look at him, but did not reply. Ling Chen thought for a while, then replied, “I’ll call her ‘Leng’Er’.” [TLN: Leng (冷) means cold]

“Ding… you have successfully named your pet ‘Leng’Er’.”

The girl also received the system announcement, and her dark eyes slightly quivered. Ling Chen did not try to go near her, so as to not scare her, and instead gave a smile and said, “I don’t know if you still remember your name, so if you don’t have a name right now, I’ll just call you Leng’Er.”

The girl didn’t answer him, and instead continued to stare at him.

“Your companion has already died, so from today onwards, just follow me and I’ll protect you. Our lives are already tied together, so I will definitely protect you and not let you come to any harm. Plus, I’ll take you to the outside world…” As Ling Chen talked, he looked at her eyes, seeing if there was any reaction. In his last sentence, he used the ace in his hand, “In the outside world, it’s very warm and beautiful, and there are also lots and lots of cute and pretty dolls.”

As he spoke the last sentence, he saw some colour in the eyes of the semi-spirit girl… in this place, there was only the giant skeleton and her doll. In such an environment, her adoration of dolls became simply creepy. As soon as she heard the word ‘doll’, she forgot all about the fear she felt towards Ling Chen, and her lips began to move, “Lots… and lots… of cute… dolls…”

Little kids were truly easy to cheer up and please… it seemed that dolls were the ultimate tools to gaining the trust of this girl. Ling Chen took out one of the dolls he had bought from the Azure Dragon City Toy Store… it was a large, brown bear. He raised it in front of him, “Look, Leng’Er.”

This doll was brand new, and was much larger than the rabbit doll that Leng’Er carried around. As he took out the bear doll, he clearly saw Leng’Er’s eyes flash, and her attention focused on the bear doll… it was a gaze of extreme adoration and desire.

“Doll… cute… doll…”

Leng’Er’s gaze was like that of a little child looking at a piece of delicious candy. With this sort of temperament, it probably wouldn’t be too hard to get her to stop being fearful of him, which caused Ling Chen to feel relieved. This girl obviously had not seen much of the outside world, and this doll was probably the prettiest she had ever seen- she definitely wanted it badly. Ling Chen brought the doll closer to Leng’Er, and asked her, “Leng’Er, this doll is really pretty, right? Do you want me to give it to you? Here, come and hug it.”

Immediately, Leng’Er’s adoration for the doll immediately was also transferred over to Ling Chen. Just a few seconds ago, she had been incredibly fearful and hateful of him, but now, with jus a doll and a few sentences, Leng’Er began to voluntarily float over. Although she floated slowly, it was obvious that for the doll, she was willing to overcome her fear of Ling Chen. Finally, she landed in front of Ling Chen and reached out with her slender arms to hug the bear doll.

Of course, Ling Chen wouldn’t be so stupid as to scare her at this critical moment. He gently released the doll into her embrace… at the same time, he looked at her carefully for the first time. Her features looked flawless, and Ling Chen could not find any blemish on her. Her face was also extremely beautiful, to the point that it could be described as enchanting.

This sort of girl, as well as Qi Yue that sort of woman, could only appear in a virtual game like this. Ling Chen momentarily zoned out while looking at her, and suddenly came back to his senses. He realised, seeing as she liked dolls so much, if someone else tried to use dolls to tempt her…

It seemed that this would have to be kept a secret.

Leng’Er tightly hugged the big brown bear doll, and buried her face into its soft fur… she seemed incredibly happy and content.

“Ding… your pet Leng’Er’s favourability towards you +10.”

Eh? Favourability? What’s that?

The system announcement caused Ling Chen to feel slightly shocked. He quickly took out another doll from his bag. This doll was a kitten doll, and although it was much smaller than the bear, it was incredibly cute. He brought it in front of Leng’Er, and smilingly said, “Leng’Er, look here, it’s an even cuter one.”

This made Ling Chen feel like he was a father trying to cheer up his daughter. He felt incredibly awkward doing this, but this was his only choice.

Leng’Er raised her face from the brown bear, and looked at the kitten doll. Her eyes seemed to be glued to the kitten, unable to budge even an inch away. Ling Chen took a step forwards, and asked, “Is it cute? If Leng’Er likes it, I can also give this one to Leng’Er.”

“I like… I like…”

Her voice was very soft, but it was evident that she was very excited by the doll. She put her hands together, and the big brown bear doll vanished from her arms. Who knew where she had stored it. She then stretched out her white hands, and took the kitten doll from Ling Chen’s hands… as he gave her the kitten doll, Ling Chen stretched out his finger and touched Leng’Er’s hand… he wanted to confirm if what Qi Yue had said about only him being able to touch this illusory body was true or not. Indeed, he was able to touch her hand, which was soft and warm.

Leng’Er hugged the small kitten doll, and gently stroked it. As she played with it, a cheerful smile appeared on her face. She seemed to have already forgotten about the fact that the person in front of her had killed the Warring Palace Skeleton just minutes ago.

“Ding… your pet Leng’Er’s favourability towards you +10.”

Ling Chen: “……”


Ling Chen suddenly remembered that since Leng’Er was counted as his pet, he should be able to see her stats page as well. He opened, it, and Leng’Er’s information was revealed to him.


Type: Humanoid Pet

Level: LV18

Grade: None,

Owner: Ling Tian

An irregular girl from the Eerie Castle at the heart of the Forest of Bones. Her background is unclear, and she only has half a spirit and an illusory body. She was not willing to leave the Forest of Bones, and is always carrying around a doll. She has a terrifying love for dolls.
[Relationship with master]: A connection created by a Soul Sacrifice Contract, which cannot be terminated. Does not need to obey her owner’s commands, and the damage taken by her will be transferred to her owner. Her level will always be equivalent to her owner’s, and will live and die with her owner.

[Favourability to owner]: -30 (Fearful, Distrusting)

[Favourability is a special trait of Humanoid Pets, and represents how much they like their owners.  The higher their favourability is, the more they like their owners, and vice versa. When their favourability is -5 to 10, their attitude to their owner is ‘peaceful’; when it is above 10, it signifies that they are close with their owner, and will listen to their owner’s commands to some degree, and may even sometimes take the initiative to help their owner. When favourability is negative, it signifies that they do not like their owner, and will not obey their owner’s commands, and may even leave their owner. Factors influencing a humanoid pet’s favourability to their owner include the owner’s attitude and kindness towards them. The kinder and more pleasant their owner is, the greater their favourability will be, and vice versa. Some events will cause the pet’s favourability to massively increase or decrease. When their favourability is greater than 50, their attitude towards their owner is ‘affection’. At that point, they generally will not disobey their owner, but after reaching 50, it is incredibly difficult to increase favourability. Only special circumstances will be able to raise favourability even higher. The lowest is -100 (irreconcilable hatred) and the highest is 100 (mutual dependence).]

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