Shura's Wrath

Chapter 195

 Once again going to the Forest of Bones

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The event at the Auction Hall shook the entire China, and for a whole day, that was the only topic players talked about. The focus was naturally on Long Tian Yun and Ling Tian.

Although Long Tian Yun had obtained the Guild Creation Token, the Yan Huang Alliance’s name still had not appeared on the Guild Rankings. Now, even if Long Tian Yun was given 1 billion gold coins, he still wouldn’t establish the Yan Huang Alliance. The sole guild on the Guild Rankings was like a thorn in Long Tian Yun’s heart. No matter what he did, or wanted to do, he couldn’t pull it out. Being at the top of the Guild Rankings, it served as a constant mockery of Long Tian Yun. He had bought a massive dose of humiliation in return for 1 billion gold.

As for the battle between Ling Tian and the Sword Emperor, it was quite shocking that all players were of one opinion… that Ling Tian was much too arrogant and presumptuous. The overconfident Ling Tian would definitely receive what was due for him tomorrow.

This was the most chaotic day for the Yan Huang Alliance since it had been unofficially established in the Mystic Moon world. The entire Alliance was furiously searching for “Peter Pan”. Of course, they definitely wouldn’t be able to communicate with Peter Pan, but his “Reject All Communication” status showed that he had been logged on for the entire time.
As for the one who caused all of this chaos, he was taking a stroll with his little sister.

The speed at which Shui Ruo recovered was extremely astonishing. She seemed noticeably better every day. Even after they walked for an hour, she did not say she was tired at all. Right now, she was almost as healthy as a normal person. After suffering from the disease for three years, the rate at which she recovered was incomprehensible. Back then, the doctor had said that because of the 13223 drug, not only would she quickly recover, but also would pretty much never get sick again. Right now, they could see that this was quite true.

The authorities in the medicine world had predicted that within 10 years, the Isrock Disease would be completely eradicated. This represented boundless hope!

“Big brother, do you really have deep enmity with that Long Tian Yun? I’ve never heard big brother mention it before.” As they walked hand in hand, Shui Ruo was pressed closely to Ling Chen as she walked in step with him. All those years, to be able to walk like this with him was her greatest desire. And now, like a dream, her wish had been fulfilled. To be able to live healthily with Ling Chen, and not be a burden to him, every second was heaven to her.

“En. Although, that’s all in the distant past.” Ling Chen spoke with a slight smile as he continued to look forwards. He had never told Shui Ruo about the things that had happened before they had met. This was because he didn’t want to tell the pure, angelic Shui Ruo about the dark things of his past. He casually said, “Before I met Shui Ruo, I didn’t have a home, because my home was destroyed by him.”

“Ah?” Shui Ruo cried out in surprised as she looked at him.

“Haha!” Ling Chen laughed, and squeezed her little hand, “I said it’s all in the distant past. Plus, I should be thanking him- if it wasn’t for him, I would never have met my Ruo Ruo. Although I lost my home because of him, but I gained an even warmer and more loving home, because in this home, is Ruo Ruo, who will never leave me.”

“En!” Shui Ruo’s worry quickly became a cheerful smile. She stopped walking, and hugged Ling Chen from the front, “Big brother, no matter what happens, I will never, ever leave you.”

In the three years that Shui Ruo had suffered from the Isrock Disease, Ling Chen had put down everything, including the hatred he held in his heart. However, with Shui Ruo’s recovery, as well as hearing about Long Tian Yun once again, the dormant hatred within him once again rose up… before, he was by himself, and did not have anything to consider. However now, he had something to think about, to take into consideration, which was Shui Ruo.

“Let’s go and do some shopping. We’ve earnt so much money today, so we should go buy some pretty clothes for Ruo Ruo.”

“I want to buy heaps of pretty clothes for big brother to look at me in!”

“Ha, to be honest, no matter what Ruo Ruo wears, she always looks perfect.”

“Hehe, that’s for sure!”

After having an afternoon of fun, they returned home as it grew dark. Evidently, Ling Chen did not seem worried about the battle the next day at all. For dinner, Ling Chen and Shui Ruo cooked together. When eating, they would especially eat the dishes the other person made, and when their chopsticks touched together, they would look at each other, and start laughing.

At night, within the Mystic Moon world.

Because this time he couldn’t be directly transported there, Ling Chen only arrived at the Forest of Bones near midnight. By now, there was not a single player around. After the Forest of Bones quest had been closed, people were no longer interested in the Forest of Bones. After all, the monsters there all had ridiculously high Defence, and did not drop any money, and very rarely dropped any equipment.

Having come to the Forest of Bones before, Ling Chen was not as overly cautious as he had been the first time. He called out his newly bought Cloud Stepping Mare, and mounted it… with more than 100 million gold, spending 20,000 gold coins to buy a Cloud Stepping Mare was not that big of a deal anymore.

Slotting the Jadeite Jade into the Lunar Scourge, Ling Chen was no longer afraid of the Movement Speed debuff that the semi-spirit girl cast. As for the Warring Palace Skeleton and its extremely high Defence, none of that mattered to Ling Chen anymore- after all, even if its Defence was ten times greater, it would still be like clouds before the Cancer Orb.

“Little master, do you really hate that person called Long Tian Yun?” Just as Ling Chen was about to advance, Qi Yue’s voice appeared in his mind.

Ling Chen: “……”

“Before, when you were speaking with him, I could sense the change in your heartbeat. It was the first time I sensed such a strong reaction within little master.” Qi Yue softly laughed, “Plus, little master’s actions today revealed to me little master’s vicious side.”

Qi Yue knew all about what Ling Chen had done. Stealing Long Tian Yun’s 1 billion gold coins, humiliating him in front of the whole world, destroying the Yan Huang Alliance’s dream of becoming the first official guild, and to top it off, Long Tian Yun didn’t even know who was behind it all. This was indeed worse than even physically torturing and killing Long Tian Yun. Qi Yue was always with him, and it was the first time she had seen him do such a thing.
“Vicious? Haha, hahahaha…” Ling Chen began to laugh out loud, “You say I’m vicious? No, you’re wrong, what I did to him could even be said to be too kind. It’s a pity that right now I don’t have enough power to go against the Yan Huang Alliance or the Long family, so I can only use these kind little methods.”

He entered the Forest of Bones on the Cloud Stepping Mare, and with Xiao Hui taking the lead, headed directly to the heart of the forest.

Ling Chen’s derisive laugh caused Qi Yue to quieten down. After a long time, she asked, “It seems that little master hates Long Tian Yun to the bones, can you tell me why this is? Perhaps I can help you.”

“I don’t need anyone to interfere with my affairs, and you won’t be able to help me anyways. As for what happened between me and him…” Ling Chen stopped speaking momentarily, then continued, “When I was very young, we lived in the same place. He was the honourable son of the Long family, whereas I was just a poor servant who was often bullied. Afterwards, I mysteriously contracted a deadly disease, and was ostracised by everyone. Finally, to prevent me from infecting anyone else, I was taken to a place 100 kilometres away, and buried alive.”

Qi Yue: “!!!!!!”

“It’s a pity that the heavens didn’t let me die that day. Instead, I was taken to a place, ‘Heaven’, that was even scarier than death itself… haha, perhaps it should be called Hell. I didn’t want to die; I wanted revenge. As such, I managed to survive, and after I escaped from there, I returned to the place I was born.”

Speaking to there, Ling Chen stopped talking, and manoeuvred the Cloud Stepping Mare to avoid some obstacles, and then advanced at full speed.

Ling Chen had said very little, but how complicated the events actually were, as well as how much he truly hated Long Tian Yun, only he himself knew.

After a long period of silence, Qi Yue started to speak again, “From the beginning, I always wondered why the Lunar Scourge was not able to take away your consciousness, as well as why you were able to accept this item of utmost hatred so easily. Moreover, even after knowing the consequences of the Moon God Clan finding out that you had the Lunar Scourge and its exclusive Orbs, you still accepted it, and even actively went to find them. So it seems that you want to rely on the Lunar Scourge’s power.”

“That’s right,” Ling Chen said, “You said that if I can find all of the exclusive Orbs of the Lunar Scourge, I can even challenge gods. At that time, it should be no problem to singlehandedly destroy a large guild or alliance.”

“So it was like that. I thought that little master was doing it for me…”

“And you, haven’t you been using me this entire time?” Ling Chen asked expressionlessly.

Qi Yue: “……”

“Tao Tie said that you’re someone with a high status and great intelligence. Would this sort of person call someone without any status or power ‘little master’? After spending this period of time together, you know pretty much everything about me, whereas I know practically nothing about you. Every time I ask you something about yourself, you always try to change the topic. Aren’t you just using me for your own purposes?”

“Hehe, little master doesn’t have to be so serious,” Qi Yue gave a soft laugh, “You conquered the Lunar Scourge and became the master of the Lunar Scourge, so of course you’re my master as well. And me using you… that’s not entirely false. After all, if little master can find all of the exclusive orbs and recover the Lunar Scourge’s original power, I can finally have a complete body.”

Was it really like that? Ling Chen didn’t know for sure, but his instincts told him that it definitely wasn’t as simple as that.

“I will do my best to recover the Lunar Scourge’s power as quickly as possible. Although I don’t know your aim, but I need the Lunar Scourge’s power. Although this power is virtual, but I can use it to do many things in this virtual world.”

Soon, Ling Chen had crossed half of the First District of the Forest of Bones. Perhaps it was because the Warring Palace Skeleton had fallen to Celestial grade, but there were significantly less skeletons in the Forest of Bones. Occasionally a few would appear, but it was incredibly easy for Ling Chen to outrun them.

“Virtual power…” Qi Yue gave a mysterious smile.

One hour later.

Upon reaching the final District, the Skeleton Army did not appear again. Without facing any resistance, Ling Chen entered the heart of the forest. The Eerie Castle had long been destroyed, and in the distance, he saw a gigantic skeleton.

It was the Warring Palace Skeleton.


Holding both weapons in his hands, Ling Chen slowed down his pace, and drew nearer and nearer towards the enormous skeleton.

Xi Ling, I will avenge you!

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