Shura's Wrath

Chapter 194

Impossible to know the future

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Yun Meng Xin’s words caused Yun Feng to almost faint on the spot. Consigning the Guild Creation Token… this was not the most important point. Even retards would know that the person who had consigned the Guild Creation Token was the same person who had created the guild to humiliate Long Tian Yun!

“En, it was me.” Ling Chen very casually replied.

This reply caused Yun Feng’s mind to spin even more. His face twitched, and he stuttered as he asked, “Then, the person who created the guild, and humiliated Long Tian Yun…”

“En, it was me who got someone to do that.” Ling Chen nodded.

“Holy… fuck…”

Yun Feng’s eyes widened to their limits. This was something that everyone knew about now- everyone was discussing who would have the power and guts to obtain two Guild Creation Tokens and humiliate Long Tian Yun. He had thought of many possibilities, but he had never thought that it would be Ling Chen. This was because as far as he knew, Ling Chen had never even met Long Tian Yun before. Moreover, because of his sister Shui Ruo, he wanted to protect his privacy, much less have the Long family go after them.

However, right now, Ling Chen had openly and casually acknowledged that it was him who had done such a thing. The 900 million gold coins that Ling Chen had just given to Meng Xin was solid evidence of this… otherwise, where could he have received such an amount of money!

“Big brother Ling Tian, it was really you? Wah~~~~ I absolutely worship you!! So cool!” Xiao Qi’s reaction was completely different to Yun Feng’s. She yelled out with her mouth wide open, her hands holding her face, her eyes sparkling as she gazed at Ling Chen. By her side, Su’Er also emphatically nodded, her face full of admiration. Because of Yun Meng Xin, they all hated Long Tian Yun. However, the person in front of them was definitely the very first person to do such a thing to Long Tian Yun!

“Worship my ass!!” Yun Feng howled, and charged towards him, “Ling Tian! Y-y-you… alright, I acknowledge that being able to obtain two Guild Creation Tokens, you have the right to be arrogant. However, you definitely shouldn’t have done such a thing! I thought you were a logical and rational person, why… why would you do such a crazy, incomprehensible thing!!”

“En? Incomprehensible? What’s incomprehensible about it?” Ling Chen laughed, and sat next to Shui Ruo.

Once again, Yun Feng rushed towards him, and shouted, “What isn’t incomprehensible about it? Don’t you know that right now, every player in China is talking about this, and the entire Yan Huang Alliance is investigating this? Don’t you understand what sort of person Long Tian Yun is, or how powerful the Yan Huang Alliance is!? Although externally, Long Tian Yun seems like a peaceful and kind person, but if he finds out that it was you, not only will you be in danger, but also the people around you! This isn’t some kind of joke! And also, I just received news that Long Tian Yun has already contacted The Dark Night… THE DARK NIGHT!! He wants them to find that person within five days, and The Dark Night accepted his request! The Dark Night has never failed a mission before!”

“Ah!? The Dark Night?” Xiao Qi and Su’Er simultaneously let out a cry of surprise. This was a terrifying name. All of China’s largest and most influential guilds had millions of players. However, The Dark Night only had thousands of people, and yet was acknowledged to be one of the three most powerful guilds in China. Even the Yan Huang Alliance and Skyfall Dynasty did not dare to offend The Dark Night. This was because they were the sovereigns of the light, whereas The Dark Night were the death gods of the darkness. Although they don’t have much strength in large scale battles, anyone they wanted dead, would die.

“Big brother, calm down. Ling Tian isn’t someone who does irrational things. He definitely has his own reasons. Plus, he hasn’t been hiding anything from us. I’m sure he’ll explain his reasons to us.” Yun Meng Xin said in a soft voice as she walked over. Although she couldn’t see Ling Chen’s facial expressions, but from his body language, she could tell he was quite calm.

“En! I’m sure big brother has a reason for doing so.” Shui Ruo stood beside Ling Chen, and said in a firm voice. She completely trusted Ling Chen.

“But, did The Dark Night really accept the request?” Xiao Qi’s heart was full of worries. “Won’t big brother Ling Tian be in a lot of danger? The Dark Night’s so powerful. If they find out who was behind that event, the entire Yan Huang Alliance will definitely try to kill big brother Ling Tian… what should we do… what should we do… big sister Bing Yao, you’re really strong, you must have a solution, right?”

Mu Bing Yao: “……”

Ling Chen helplessly shrugged, and slightly leaned back, “You can all rest assured. Although I was the one behind it all, Long Tian Yun definitely won’t suspect me… oh, well, even if he does suspect me, all suspicion of me will be cleared in at most five days.”

Only Mu Bing Yao could understand what he was talking about.

“The hell! Why are you so confident? We’re talking about the Yan Huang Alliance here!! Don’t look down on the investigation abilities of the Yan Huang Alliance… as well as The Dark Night!” Yun Feng said as he gritted his teeth.

“You need to believe in my anti-investigation abilities. Since I dared to do this, naturally, I will not allow myself or anyone around me to suffer. To be honest, I recommend that Long Tian Yun just cut his losses. If he continues investigating, it’ll just be a waste of time and money. Who knows, if he continues to investigate, some trouble might befall him.” Ling Chen gave a cold laugh.

“Big brother, let’s just stop talking about this. Looking at Ling Tian, I’m sure he has some sort of a plan, otherwise he wouldn’t do such a thing.” Yun Meng Xin once again said. Then, she raised her head and looked at Ling Chen, “Ling Tian, did you do this… for me?”

Yun Feng also immediately raised his head… this was also something that he was curious about. What was the reason behind him doing such a thing? Evidently, he did not even personally know Long Tian Yun, so why would he humiliate him in such a way?

“I guess that’s a small part of the reason. It was mostly for myself.” Ling Chen calmly said.

“For yourself?” The people present were all shocked. Even Shui Ruo looked at Ling Chen in shock, with her lips slightly parted. Yun Feng replied, “But you hadn’t even met Long Tian Yun before today, right?”

Ling Chen stood up, and took a light breath, “All I can say is that there is indeed enmity between Long Tian Yun and myself. In fact, it’s quite a deep enmity. Please do not ask me any more than this. This is something personal, so I don’t want to involve anyone else. You can all rest assured that Long Tian Yun won’t be able to find out that it was me, neither will Heart’s Dream be affected.”

This was the first time that any of them had heard about the enmity between Ling Tian and Long Tian Yun. Although their hearts were filled with many questions, they did not continue to ask him about it. Not even Yun Feng knew about Ling Tian’s true background. What sort of enmity did he have with Long Tian Yun, the heir to the most powerful political family in China? Moreover, it seemed to an incomparably deep enmity for Ling Tian to use such methods to humiliate Long Tian Yun. However, today, at the Auction Hall, it seemed as if Long Tian Yun had only met Ling Tian for the first time. Otherwise, with Long Tian Yun’s intelligence and perception, he would have been able to recognise Ling Tian straight away, despite him wearing a mask.

“Since that’s your wish, we won’t ask any further.” Yun Feng gradually calmed down. He had met Ling Tian three years ago, and then coincidentally met him again and made the deal with him. Apart from this, he knew nothing about Ling Tian. He had secretly investigated Ling Tian’s background, but apart from the period when he lived with his adoptive father and mother, he couldn’t find anything else. However, he knew that ever since he had lived with his adoptive father and mother, he had always resided in Zhong Zhou, and would not have any chance to even meet Long Tian Yun. Before that, Ling Tian had only been ten or so… what sort of enmity could he have with Long Tian Yun? Could they be relatives? Yun Feng shook his head- that was just silly. He looked at Ling Chen and said, “Seeing as you’re willing to tell us all this, it shows how much you trust us. From this, I can tell you at least see us as friends. Don’t worry, I definitely won’t leak any of this information, neither will anyone else here… right, and apart from this, I guess I can understand why you challenged the Sword Emperor in front of Long Tian Yun today, as well as made his stakes the Guild Creation Token… but, appearing right then, and making a bet with the Guild Creation Token as the stakes, wouldn’t Long Tian Yun suspect you?”

“No, it’s actually the opposite. Because I did that, he’ll suspect me even less.” Ling Chen said as he laughed.

Yun Feng knocked on his head, let out a breath and said, “Ah, forget it. You’re so powerful, so I’m probably just worrying too much. In that case, I’ll listen to Meng Xin and stop talking about this. We’re all looking forwards to your performance tomorrow. I’m sure that the moment you defeat the Sword Emperor, the whole world will know your name. Oh, and that’s right…”

Yun Feng suddenly thought of something, and took an item out of his bag, “This is the Jadeite Jade that you told me to buy. It doesn’t look like it has much of a use though.”

“It’s very important to me.” Ling Chen took it, and put it away. With this jade, he felt a lot more confident about going back to the Forest of Bones… in that case, he might as well go in the afternoon.

Yun Meng Xin walked over and stood in front of Ling Chen with a complicated look in her eyes, “I trust that we won’t have to worry about today’s events, but… this 900 million gold, I really can’t accept it. You’ve already given us so much help. I simply can’t accept so much money.”

“Haha.” Ling Chen gave a loud laugh. He didn’t face Yun Meng Xin, but instead held Shui Ruo’s hand as he walked out, “This is my first contribution of operating funds; there’ll be more in future, so just accept it. You don’t have to feel like you owe me anything, because even if all of the riches in the world were added together, they still couldn’t be compared to my little sister’s life.”

“My little sister’s life”…. Seeing Ling Chen depart, Yun Meng Xin silently stood there. Did Ling Chen join Heart’s Dream… because of Ruo Ruo?

“Ah! Big brother Ling Tian, where are you going?”

“To the amusement park!”

“We also want to go!!” Xiao Qi grabbed Su’Er, and chased after them. Mu Bing Yao coldly arose, and also followed after them.

“Damn! I forgot to ask Ling Tian who that Peter Pan is!” Yun Feng facepalmed, and chased after them.

Yun Meng Xin stood there for a long time before giving a slight sigh, “It’s simply impossible to know the future now. I thought that his fate had been changed because of me, but rather, my fate has been changed because of him. Ling Tian, what sort of person are you……”

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