Shura's Wrath

Chapter 191

Battle Challenge!

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Piss off!!”

After having been humiliated just moments earlier, all of the Yan Huang Alliance members were furious. Seeing someone purposely step in front of Long Yun Tian, Cang Yan took a step forward and vehemently yelled out.

If PK wasn’t banned in towns and cities, Cang Yan wouldn’t even have bothered speaking to him. He would have just burnt him to crisp directly.

Cang Yan’s shout caused the ears of the people around him to hurt. However, the person blocking Long Tian Yun’s way did not move at all. He slightly raised his head, and his eyes glinted under the mask, “I just want to talk to Alliance Master Long Tian Yun. Anyone else, piss off.”

As soon as they heard this sentence, all the players who were watching were dumbfounded. Who was this guy addressing? It was the fourth ranked player on the Heaven Rankings, the publicly recognised strongest Elementalist, ‘Flame Emperor’ Cang Yan! He was like a god to all magic professions. Anywhere he stomped his foot in the virtual world could cause earthquakes [TLN: figuratively, of course].

However, this unknown person had used a tone like he was talking to a fly! He either didn’t know who he was talking to, or he was completely crazy!

“Holy fuck!” Yun Feng covered his eyes with his hands. Based on his understanding of Cang Yan, just this one sentence from Ling Chen made them lifelong enemies. Although externally, Cang Yan looked handsome and elegant, both Yun Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng knew that apart from when he was with Long Tian Yun, he was like a venomous snake. Anyone who offended him would receive full retribution. “What the hell is he doing!! Why would he be so arrogant to them, especially after how they were just humiliated so badly!”

“Do you know this person?” Xiao Qiu Feng asked, his brows furrowed.

“Err, n-no… I don’t… ai, forget it, since he’s blocking Long Tian Yun’s way, soon you’ll find out who he is.” Yun Feng denied knowing him, then helplessly shook his head. He simply couldn’t understand what Ling Chen was trying to do. Didn’t he know that the people in front of him were Long Tian Yun, as well as the incredibly strong Sword Emperor and Flame Emperor? Right now, they could be compared to bombs that could go off at any moment.

Hearing Ling Chen’s response, Cang Yan was shocked, and stared at him. His voice became lower, “You… what did you just say? I dare you to say it again.”

“Get behind me!!”

Before Cang Yan had the opportunity to finish speaking, a sentence that no one expected came out of Long Tian Yun’s mouth. Cang Yan was startled, and took a step back, and stood at Long Tian Yun’s left hand side. Long Tian Yun did not walk forwards, and instead coldly looked at Ling Chen. After a short while, a strange smile appeared on his face, “Haha, in this Mystic Moon world, there’s an unsurpassable legendary figure. He was the first to walk out of Novice Village, and is ranked number 1 in both level and Fame Points, surpassing everyone else by a large margin. He solely occupies the Equipment and Pet Rankings, with Celestial equipment that other people wouldn’t even dream of obtaining, as well having Celestial and Heaven’s End grade pets. This sort of ‘legendary’ figure, I’ve always wanted to befriend. I never thought we would meet like this, Ling Tian…”


As soon as the name ‘Ling Tian’ was uttered from Long Tian Yun’s mouth, the entire Auction Hall exploded with excitement. Players all quickly activated their camera functions, and shutter sounds filled the entire hall. The players who had been preparing to leave all stopped, and stared at the legendary figure in front of them…

“Ling Tian… he’s that Ling Tian!?”

“This was said by the Alliance Master himself, how can he be wrong!! This legendary person has finally appeared. It’s a pity he’s wearing a mask though.”

“I heard he has two Celestial grade equipment, and two super pets, is this true!?”

“Rubbish, everyone in the whole world knows this!! Quickly take photos, we’re the first people to see him in person.”

“What business does he have with Long Tian Yun? Could it be that he wants to join the Yan Huang Alliance? It doesn’t seem like it…..”

There was simply too much fame associated with the name ‘Ling Tian’. Every single Ranking list, apart from the Guild Rankings, had his name at the top of it. Even the Sword Emperor and Shinigami were below him. Because no one had ever seen him in person before, and had only heard of him through system announcements, their curiosity towards him grew day by day. Now that he had appeared in person, a typhoon of excitement swept across the Auction House.

Hearing his name called by Long Yun Tian, who had never seen him before in this game, Ling Tian felt slightly shocked. However, that’s all he felt. After all, with the Yan Huang Alliance’s power, they would definitely have some information on him… for example, the equipment he had. Right now, he was dressed for battle, without any fashion accessories.

“That’s right, I’m Ling Tian.” As he spoke, he revealed his IGN above his head. The two characters ‘Ling Tian’ shining above his head caused the crowd to clamour even louder.

“Ling Tian… ah,” Cang Yan gave a cold laugh, “So you’re Ling Tian. However, no matter who you are, to talk to me like that…”

“Shut the hell up!” Before Cang Yan could finish his sentence, Long Tian Yun furiously rebuked him, and gave him a cold look. Cang Yan immediately stopped talking, but venomously glared at Ling Chen.

“My subordinates can sometimes be a bit rash and rude, please don’t take them too seriously.” The fury within him from the humiliation he had experienced had subsided, and his expression was once again calm, at least on the outside. He said in a level tone, “Although there were so unhappy occurrences today, to be able to see you Ling Tian, makes it worth it. Then, you appearing before me- do you want to become my friend, or my enemy?”

Although the auction had ended, the media that was broadcasting what was happening in the Auction House had not stopped recording. The reason was because there was a spectacular event happening now. One was the leader of the Yan Huang Alliance; the other was the incredibly famous Ling Tian. Who knew what would happen between them.

“Hahaha, Alliance Master Long is too serious. Although I haven’t been in the virtual world for long, and there are many things I have no idea about, I’ve still heard of the Yan Huang Alliance. For someone like me, with little money or power, how can I dare to be Alliance Master Long’s enemy? However, as long as Alliance Master Long doesn’t mind, I wouldn’t mind being friends either. However, before that, I have an offer for Alliance Master Long.”

“Offer? What offer?” Long Tian Yun asked coolly.

“Could it be that he wants to sell a Celestial equip or a pet to Long Tian Yun?”

“It’s very possible! With the resources of the Yan Huang Alliance, they would definitely be able to pay an astronomical price.”

People began to debate about what the offer was. Most of the guesses were that Ling Chen was here to propose a sale of his equipment or pets in exchange for a large fortune. However, what Ling Chen said completely shocked everyone…

“Of course it’s a very profitable offer for Alliance Master Long.” Ling Chen grinned, then spoke with a tone of helplessness, “Before, I came to this auction so that I could buy the Guild Creation Token for a friend. Alas, I’m just a poor man- how can I compare with Alliance Master Long’s buying price of 1 billion gold? In that case, I decided, I would take it from whoever bought it.”

As soon as they heard this, all of the players were dumbfounded.

“H-h-he… he wants to take the Guild Creation Token from the Sword Emperor by force?”

“This Ling Tian, is he crazy?”

“Even if he’s super strong, the one who has the Guild Creation Token is the Sword Emperor! And behind the Sword Emperor is the entire Yan Huang Alliance…..”


“Oh my god!!!” Yun Feng grasped at his hair, “What the hell is going on!? He’s not one of those impulsive people, so what’s going on today.”

“Be quiet.” Xiao Qiu Feng raised his hand in front of Yun Feng, his gaze like a blade, staring at Ling Chen.

“Hahaha!” Long Tian Yun reacted like he had heard a hilarious joke, “Could it be you want to take the Guild Creation Token from us by force?”
“No, no, of course not.” Ling Chen wagged his finger and rejected that, causing the commotion to die down a little, “A few moments ago I said that I wouldn’t dare to be Alliance Master Long and the Yan Huang Alliance’s enemy. I definitely wouldn’t do such a stupid thing. However, I really want this Guild Creation Token, so I thought of a different method.”

As he spoke, the arms that he had held crossed in front of his chest stretched out. A white ray of light and a green ray of light flashed, and two weapons simultaneously appeared in his hands… in his left hand was a silver spear, and in his right hand was a sword that let out a small breeze of wind. As soon as these two weapons appeared, the crowd began to roar.

“Those two weapons, those lights, the feeling from those…”

“Could they be the only Celestial weapons on the Weapons Rankings… Soaring Cloud and Zephyr Blade!!”

“Of course it’s the Soaring Cloud and Zephyr Blade, there’s no doubt!! Quickly take photos!!”

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen Celestial grade equipment. Just their external appearances are incredible- my saliva’s overflowing from my mouth…”


“I, Ling Tian, challenge your Yan Huang Alliance’s ‘Sword Emperor’ Feng Xie Yu to a duel tomorrow afternoon at 2pm, at the Second District of the Plains Region! If I win, the Guild Creation Token is mine! If I lose, the Soaring Cloud and Zephyr Blade are yours!”

Ling Chen spoke in a loud voice, which filled the entire hall. It was then broadcast throughout the entire Forgotten Continent, as well as to every corner in China, to countless players.

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