Shura's Wrath

Chapter 186

Competition for the Guild Creation Token

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The owner of China’s first Guild Creation Token would soon be decided.

When Lord Fortune finally stepped out from backstage, the whole auction hall was completely silent; even the drop of a pin could be heard. Every player held their breath, waiting in anticipation of the auction’s climax. While the Cursed Earrings and Gold Lunar Chain were very desirable, to the corporation bosses, their value was incomparable to the Guild Creation Token. Whoever obtained it would become the first Chinese guild and be very famous. For the development of a society, this was the perfect starting point.

Each corporation boss with substantial capital was focusing all of their energies, fully concentrated on the Guild Creation Token.

“You’ve all been patiently waiting for a long time.” Lord Fortune glanced around the hall, surveying the crowd that stood before him, but not a single person had left. Of course, this was to be expected. Lord Fortune slowed his speech: “I am finally drawing the Azure Dragon City’s first public auction to a close with this final item.  But, when this item is being presented, please try to control yourselves, don’t get too excited, and wait until I declare the minimum bid. Now, everyone please look at the big screen.”

On the big screen, there was a black, square wooden plaque. One side was just plain wood, with the word “令” was engraved onto the opposite. Its name, which made everyone’s heartbeat race was—Guild Creation Token.

There wasn’t a single shout or scream, but within the hall, a great tension hung over the atmosphere.

“That’s right! The grand finale of our auction today, is the Guild Creation Token. As you probably already know, it is the first Guild Creation token of the world! We have gotten the Identification Authorities to appraise it. Although we do not know how many Guild Creation Tokens the players have received, this is the first player generated Guild Creation Token. Whoever receives it can immediately get it checked at the Appraisal Centre, This also means that the Guild Creation Token could the only one in the world to date, so, whoever receives it, can create Forgotten Continent’s first Guild! Deciding the fate of both society and the future, the legacy of this person and their guild will live forever in the Chronicles of the Forgotten Continent. Friends who are here to build up a society, here to move the world, here for everlasting glory, come and get it.”
“The minimum bid for the Guild Creation token is… 2 million gold!”
Within the auction hall, excitement levels varied between the corporation bosses. Lord Fortune had called the minimum bid, but the turmoil in the hall had suddenly quietened down with no one bidding. After a while, it fell silent and only the sound of cracking bones from many a clenched fist could be heard.

Everyone knew, that the biggest competitors for the Guild Creation Token were the Yan Huang Alliance and the Skyfall Dynasty. However, their pressure didn’t discourage the other from fighting for it despite the potential consequences of unwanted hostility from the two. The honor of being the first Guild, even with the risks involved, was well worth it.

3 seconds… 5 seconds… 10 seconds…

The hall, still completely quiet. No one wanted to be first.

The situation was awkward; everyone obviously wanted it, but no one had put a bid forward. Lord Fortune calmly scanned the hall and said slowly: “It looks like no one is interested in the Guild Creation Token. Sorry, but that fact must be accepted. And so, I officially pronounce, this Guild Creation Token to be withdra…”


“Don’t withdraw it!! I’ll bid 3 million!!”

“4 Million!! 4 Million!!!”

Lord fortune didn’t even get the finish his words, before the hall suddenly exploded with a tide of voices.

“4 million, this individual has made a bid of 4 million, is there anyone else willing to bid higher?”

“5 million!”

“5 million, it’s already 5 million! Is there anyone else willing to make the bid higher?”

The price of the Guild Creation Token was raising by the millions. Ling Chen was listening to the ever increasing bids, with a faint smile on his lips… let’s see, how much higher it could be pushed; the higher the better.

Even a fool would know that mere millions would not suffice for the first Guild Creation token. A Guild Creation Token is not that expensive, but this is the first ever, worth more than 100x that of a regular one. In the mind of men, the difference between first and second is like night and day; first is the only place that matters.

Amongst the frantic shouting, most came from the medium sized corporations. The larger and super large corporation bosses coldly stared on along with the big bosses who hadn’t moved since the start of the auction.

“7.3 Million!”

“8.2 Million!”

“8.5 Million!!”

“This is so slow! It’s been so long and its only up to 8 million!! In the previous world, the first Guild Creation token sold for more than 100 million!” Xiao Qi clenched her small fist and grumpily stomped her feet. As the Battle Alliance was partly affiliated with the Yan Huang Alliance, they would definitely not fight for the Guild Creation token, and so she was simply watching on for fun.

“The person who sent in this Guild Creation Token, didn’t seem to be greedy, otherwise, they would have definitely used it for themself. They also didn’t sell it to the Yan Huang Alliance or Skyfall Dynasty, and instead chose to auction it away. I’m really curious as to who actually managed to get hold of this Guild Creation token in the first place.” Yun Meng Xin thought aloud, and after finishing, she glanced at Ling Chen.

Ling Chen laughed, not speaking a word, his smile growing more and more sinister…

Long Tian Yun, obediently work a little harder for me, and get that Guild Creation token… then grandpa Ling Chen will grant you a gift so incredible that you will never forget it for the rest of your life!!

In the middle of the auction hall, one of Skyfall Dynasty’s three heavenly kings Judging Sky slammed his chair with his fist.

“He is just wasting time!! Quickly finish this so we can leave this chaotic place, big brother!”

“It is indeed a waste of time, since those guys don’t have to courage to step up. Looks like it’s up to us to take the lead.” Against the Sky murmured.

At first glance Skyfall seemed like a nice person; around 35 years or so and calm with a steady gaze. After hearing what Judging Sky and Against the Sky had said, he was silent for a while, then slowly nodded and got up from his seat.

““Skyfall Dynasty’s Skyfall bids 50 million gold for the Guild Creation Token!””

The chaos suddenly dissipated, and all eyes fell on Skyfall’s body. Even the big corporation bosses turned to look at him, their eyes glimmering.

The moment the Skyfall Dynasty started bidding, the price had jumped to 50 million, immediately destroying the hopes of any smaller associations. However, after a few seconds, another man who was also a similar age to him, a man who had a sharp pair of eyes said: “Golden Age Alliance’s Mo Gu Lin bids 65 million gold!!”

“Black Flames Guild bids 80 million gold!!”

In the blink of an eye it was already at 80 million from 50… every time the price increased, it was by at least 10 million. All the players bewilderedly stared on, listening to the astronomical figures and legendary faces, seeing the true strength of these large corporations.

The real competition, had only just begun.

“Below the Heavens alliance bids 85 million gold!!”

“Carefree Pavilion bids 88 million gold!”

“Black Dragon Alliance bids 90 million gold!”

“The Skyfall dynasty bids 110 million gold!!”


When the price so easily exceeded 100 million, all of the real and virtual world rang out with cries of surprise.

This truly demonstrated the real financial strength and power of these monster corporations that had gathered together.

“Oh, it’s finally begun.” Long Tian Yun said with a smile, as he finally stood up. The first Guild Creation Token, he would not let fall into anyone else’s hands.

“The Yan Huang Alliance bids 150 million gold!”

Long Tian Yun’s first bid caused the whole hall to go silent. He glanced around the area, trying to tease out the power of the corporations with a wry smile.

With the Yan Huang Alliance making its move, there was too much pressure for the big corporation bosses. But they couldn’t stop at just 150 million gold.

“Skyfall Dynasty bids 160 million gold!!”

“Murderous God Alliance bids 168 million gold!”

“Carefree Pavilion bids 170 million gold!!”

“I… Crazy! Everyone’s gone crazy!! A wooden board worth over 100 million?! What has this world, what has it come to, are all these people insane?! Look, it’s already 170 million! That can’t be right!!”

Winter of That Year walked by, looking at the screen on his watch, and crying out with a loud voice: “Big brother! We have to do it, we need to find one of those plates! If we can find one, we don’t need to worry about anything for the rest of our lives! We can have whatever we dream of, we can have any woman we want!!”

Hundred Miles of Ice stared at him through the corner of his eye, and let out a single word: “Idiot!”

“You’re the idiot! Your whole family is an idiot! Can’t you call me anything but an idiot!?”


“I! @#&%…”

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