Shura's Wrath

Chapter 183

Loulan Queen (2)

Translator: Kaycee Liang

Editor: Pebbles

“Flame Emperor Cang Yan, considered universally to be the strongest Magician in China’s virtual game world. Even years after his rise to fame, no Magician ever surpassed him.  His identity had always been kept secret, however big brother once said that he was once the protector family of the Long family – the family that held China’s highest political authority – which made his family just as powerful as the Xuan Yuan family. Also, he was the family heir and was gifted with astonishing esper abilities and extremely powerful strength. His natural abilities made him the most impressive Magician in the whole virtual game world.” Yun Meng Xin calmly explained to Ling Chen after Cang Yan had stepped up.

Ling Chen gave a small nod. To be honest, he wasn’t fascinated at all with this guy, the so called Flame Emperor. The fact that he had taken interest in this pair of earrings that could significantly increase Magic Attack Power was no surprise. Even though everyone had expected the Flame Emperor to appear, they were still nonetheless taken back by the sight of him. The Flame Emperor had brought the price all the way up to one million. That’s right, one million! The price he’d offered was way beyond most players’ budgets. This left the rest of the bidders looking dejected. “One million already!! The seller must be so happy he’s laughing his head off!” Xiao Qi squealed in excitement.

“I dare to bet you five cents that the guy definitely is not laughing,” Ling Chen whispered quietly.

“One million and thirty thousand!!”

“One million and fifty thousand!!”

“One million… Sixty thousand!!”

Although Cang Yan was now involved, a lot of players were still reluctant to give up, unable to resist the great temptation of the ‘Cursed Earring’. However, the number of offers had declined significantly, and the increases in bids were slowing down. It was obvious that one million far exceeded the budget of many players. No matter how well made it was, in the end, the earring was only a temporary virtual gadget.

“One million and three hundred thousand.” Cang Yan called out a second offer, and this price made all the bidders jump.

“One million… and three hundred and fifty thousand!” A Magician dressed in a luxurious robe shouted. It was obvious from his clenched teeth that this price was hitting his bottom line.

With a faint smile on his face, Cang Yan held up his auction paddle, “A million and five hundred thousand.”

Finally, the last competing bidder dejectedly dropped down onto his seat.

“One million and fifty hundred thousand!! This friend here has offered one point five million gold coins! Are there anyone who would like to beat it? Believe me, with this earring, before you reach level 25 your magic attack power will be unbeatable! Is there a higher price?”

“One million and five hundred thousand once.”

“One million and five hundred thousand twice.”

The smile on Cang Yan’s face was growing bigger. To him, the Cursed Earring was already his. Suddenly, a voice suddenly broke out.

“One million and sixty hundred thousand.”


All eyes were now focused on the man behind Cang Yan. His face was still and cold as marble. Even with so many pairs of eyes watching him, he still sat there unmoved, quiet as a statue.

“It’s the Cold Magistrate, Xiao Qiu Feng!! What does he want with the earring?” One of the bidder muffled.

Realising that it was Xiao Qiu Feng who shouted the price, Cang Yan eased off a little. He forcefully squeezed out a smile and turned to Xiao Qiu Feng, “Ah, Big Brother Xiao are you fooling around with me? This pair of earrings is practically useless to Brother Xiao.”

Long Tian Yun glanced at Xiao Qiu Feng without saying a word. The expression on his face told the rest of the bidders that he wasn’t going to get involved. The Flame Emperor was his left hand man, while Xiao Qiu Feng, on the other hand, was the Guildmaster of the Battle Alliance, which was loyal to the Yan Huang Alliance. It seemed irrational to be biased towards one party in this situation.

“I don’t need it, doesn’t mean that it will be useless to me. I’m taking this earring,” Xiao Qiu Feng spoke bluntly, even to the Flame Emperor.

“Huh,” the Flame Emperor licked his lips, “Well then, let’s see if you have the ability… A million and seven hundred thousand!”

“One million and eight hundred thousand,” Xiao Qiu Feng did not hesitate for a second. With the power of the Battle Alliance, a few million gold coins weren’t much at all.

“Two million!” Can Yan had now pushed the price to a whole new level. Everyone knew that the price now was beyond the Cursed Earring’s true value. Cang Yan turned towards Xiao Qiu Feng, “I’ve always known that Brother Xiao is a righteous, just and fair person. This pair of earring is very important to me, I am determined to get it. If we keep going, it would not only be a waste of money, but would also damage our friendship. Why don’t Brother Xiao take a step back, and give this earring to me? I will be forever grateful and will never forget Brother’s Xiao’s graciousness.”

“Hmm, even if it’s some other reason, even if the King demanded from me this earring, I still wouldn’t care. Because this time, it’s for my little sister… two point one million!” Xiao Qiu Feng did not show any sign of backing down, and shouted a higher price.

Cang Yan shrugged, “I’ve heard a long time ago that Brother Xiao pampers his little sister very much. From what I’ve seen today, the rumours seem to be true. If it’s so, then we’ll have to battle until there’s a victor- two million and two hundred thousand!”

“Two million and three hundred thousand!”

“Two million and four hundred thousand!!”


Cang Yan was determined to get the Cursed Earring. Xiao Qiu Feng wasn’t willing to back down either. Going back and forth, the price of the Cursed Earring escalated to an unbelievable amount.  They weren’t fools, even though both of them wanted the earring badly, they would not raise the price over a hundred thousand each time. They knew that if the price got too out of hand, the only person who would benefit from it was the seller.

“Wow, big brother you’re so cool!!” As Xiao Qiu Feng determinedly shouted out bids, Xiao Qi on the other hand was jumping around like every parent’s nightmare. When the price hit the three million mark, Ling Chen had to say something, “Qi Qi, tell your Big Brother to stop. The price is ridiculous. Even if he manages to buy it, it would be a waste of money.”

“Okay, I know lah. I thought about what big brother Ling Tian said earlier. I’m starting to realise that the earring is not as good as I thought.” Qi Qi then took out her communication device and called out to Xiao Qiu Feng sweetly, “Big Brother, I don’t want the earring anymore. It’s not worth the money. Plus, Ling Tian is now also my big brother. He is so powerful, he will probably find me an earring that’s way better.”

Ling Chen, “……” Did I say that!!

“Three million and one hundred thousand!!” After breaking the three million price point, Cang Yan still was unruffled. At least, he seemed that way.

Qi Qi’s voice had stopped Xiao Qiu Feng, just as he was about to raise the price. However, at that moment, a voice that was not too loud, yet boomed like thunder, echoed through the auction hall.

“Five million!”

Bam… everyone who was watching the live auction was in shock. Even Cang Yan’s face was twisted.

Five… five million!?

The voice had not come out of Xiao Qiu Feng. It was clearly a woman’s voice.

All eyes were now searching for the woman, and when they found her standing up, were all unable to look away. She seemed to be in her twenties, with sparkling eyes and perfectly groomed eyebrows. Her beautiful, sharp face was calm and dignified. She was dressed in an incomparable, luxurious purple dress. It was one of the most expensive decorative gowns in Azure Dragon City Tailor Shop, costing more than some players’ lifetime income. The lady not only looked coldly elegant in the purple gown, she also held herself in a manner that radiated an extraordinary charm.

Her tall stature, no shorter than Ling Chen’s, added to her domineering aura. Her full breasts filled the purple dress, and her slim waist, as well as her wide hips were enough to make men fall at her feet. Ling Chen gazed at her for a while, then said in a low voice, “What a woman… her beauty, temperament and figure are all unrivaled… and she looks super rich.”

“Yi? Big Brother Ling Tian, don’t you know who she is?” Hearing Ling Chen’s comment, the rest of the girls looked surprised.

“I have no idea. Is she a famous character?” asked Ling Chen. With such beauty and extraordinary background, it was not surprising that she was known by many.

“Flowing Clouds and Flying Snow, she’s ranked tenth on the Heaven Rankings and is a Lightning Mage. She’s also called the Loulan Queen. The reason is because of her guild’s name, “Snow Moon Loulan”. She and big sister Bing Yao are known as the ‘Ice Lan [TLN: Loulan] Double Beauties’ on Heaven Rankings,” Yun Meng Xin explained.

“Oh?” Ling Chen seemed surprised. He looked back at this woman whose beauty and figure both astounded him. Not only was she absolutely beautiful, she was also one of the most powerful players on Heaven Rankings. She even had her own powerful association! You knew for sure that she wasn’t easy.

“Though she is known for another reason…”

“China’s largest financial group — The head of the Li Family, China’s richest man Li Yun Ze’s only daughter — Li Xiao Xue! Rumour has it, she is even born with lightning esper power,” Xiao Qi continued. All of this wasn’t secret anymore in the virtual game world.

“The Li family financial group above your Yun family financial group?” asked Ling Chen.

Yun Meng Xin nodded, “In China, the Li Family comes first, then it’s the Yun Family. Even though they’re only one place apart, the Li Family’s total assets are worth four times more than the Yun Family. In the virtual game world, the Yun Family is only one of the many subsidiary families of the Yan Huang Alliance, whereas the Li Family, they are the financial backbone of Skyfall Dynasty. Without the Li Family, Skyfall Dynasty will not have the ability to challenge the Yan Huang Alliance. Therefore, the Yun Family must obey the Yan Huang Alliance, whereas The Li Family can use the Skyfall Dynasty’s power whenever they want. There’s a huge difference between the two families. And because of that, Li Xiao Xue has quite a high status. The Snow Moon Loulan she founded only recruits female members. It is the largest female association. Although their overall ability are no where as powerful as other major guilds, no one has ever dared to provoke them. Even if the three Heavenly Kings of the Skyfall Dynasty met her, they would have to treat her with the utmost respect.”

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