Shura's Wrath

Chapter 179

The Foreboding Auction (2)

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When Ling Chen and the five other girls reached the center of the auction house, they discovered that it was extremely overcrowded, with over 20,000 seats completely sold out. Outside stood a large number of players without tickets who were unable to enter, anxiously buzzing around. Getting to the auction hall, Ling Chen examined the surrounding crowd and gave a condescending look.

“Good heavens! The VIP Box?! Are we… are we really sitting here?”
The girls could not believe it. The VIP Box was reserved only for the most distinguished guests. Even the Yan Huang Alliance and the Skyfall Dynasty’s top leaders were ineligible to sit there, and were forced to sit with the rest of the players in the crowd.

“Of course, I’ve made a booking a few days in advance,” replied Ling Chen. Casually, he sat down in the middle of the box seat and gave another quick glance around. “But that’s not important, the auction is about to begin. Watch and have some fun.”

After saying this, his face lit up with a sinister smile.

Yun Meng Xin took a look at Ling Chen, and mused about it. The VIP only box was located above the hall and positioned above the other seats. The VIP seats were reserved for whoever the auction found to be the most distinguished guest. They were not something that could be bought with money.

The box had lit up, and the players below focused their attention on the box, there was much speculation on who was allowed to enter the box. But the box had one way windows: people on the inside could clearly see the outside but from the outside they could only see blurry silhouettes.

The person who consigned the guild creation token for auction. Could it be? Everyone was all thinking the same thing.

“After the auction, remember to find out who is in the VIP box,” was being whispered throughout the large hall.

“Long Tian Yun is in the centre of the third row. There are two people beside him: The Sword Emperor to his left, and the Flame Emperor to his right. Long Tian Yun always keeps them with him during significant events.” Yun Meng Xin indicated towards Long Tian Yun with her eyes, and slowly said, “The Sword Emperor and Flame Emperor were the top Chinese players in Physical Attack and Magic Attack respectively, and both of these players are in the Yan Huang Alliance. Their strength is quite terrifying, and with these two people to protect him, Long Tian Yun doesn’t have to worry about his safety.”

This was the first time Ling Tian saw Long Tian Yun in the game world, sitting in the auction hall’s prime location looking ahead with a cutting gaze, cold eyes, and barely a smile on his face. Despite the exceptional loudness around him, he continued to look straight ahead, and even as the VIP box lit up, he didn’t turn around to take a look. Elegantly indifferent, unaffected by anything, nothing caught his attention.

Regardless of appearance, temperament, power, fame, wealth, background, and strength, one could say he was the best. To marry such a man was something some women couldn’t even dream of. After silently staring at Long Tian Yun for a few seconds, Ling Chen’s eyes revealed subtle bursts of awe. Then he proceeded to examine the Sword Emperor.

The Sword Emperor’s whole body was completely wrapped in a cloak, not a single hair nor eyes could be seen. It was as if this person’s entire body did not make contact with the light. Staring at the Sword Emperor, Ling Chen furrowed his brow. Who is this person?

Suddenly, the Sword Emperor’s head turned, and faced Ling Tian’s direction. Through a thick black cloth, Ling Chen could feel two extremely cold, emotionless eyes staring at him. Ling Chen looked away – he was a little shocked. Although he had a keen sense of perception, it seemed that he may have underestimated the Sword Emperor.

“What’s wrong?” The Sword Emperor suddenly caught the attention of Long Tian Yun.

The Sword Emperor looked back, and fixed those cold eyes to the front, not reacting.

Long Tian Yun smiled helplessly. Everyone knew that the Sword Emperor was his right hand man, but what people didn’t know, was that other than protecting him, and listening to his commands, the Sword Emperor has never looked him in the eye, and has also never spoken before… not a word.

In the ten years past, no one had ever heard the Sword Emperor speak. All of the Sword Emperor’s time had been spent on training in sword skills and gaining knowledge, which had reached a terrifying peak. The Sword Emperor had even cut off all emotions to become more focused. The Sword Emperor became an emotionless, unable to laugh, unable to cry, and unable to speak robot.

“Those three people are the main leaders of the Skyfall Dynasty- Skyfall, Against the Sky and Judging Sky. They are also referred to as the Three Heavenly Kings. All three of them were placed in the top 20, on both the Heaven Rankings and the Earth rankings. Amongst them, Skyfall and Against the Sky were both in the top ten of the Player Level Rankings. The Skyfall Dynasty is extremely powerful and is also supported by China’s largest financial group. They are one of the greatest contenders for the token. Their biggest rival is the Yan Huang Alliance.”

When Yun Meng Xin was nodding, Ling Chen nodded his head, remembering the appearance of these three people.

“Sitting behind Long Tian Yun, was Qi Qi’s older brother Xiao Qiu Feng, ranked 7th, with the title ‘Cold Magistrate’. He was from the Battle Alliance, which was ranked in China’s top ten overall. A large number of members in the Battle Alliance were from a mafia gang of the real world, and as a result, they were disciplined and capable of acting with sheer ruthlessness. Other people usually try to avoid them, so as to not provoke them. The Battle Alliance can be regarded as a subsidiary of the Yan Huang Alliance, but in reality they are only half loyal to them. Xiao Qiu Feng truly loves the Battle Alliance, and would take on anyone who opposed it, even if that person was Long Tian Yun.”

“Yes, yes!” Xiao Qi immediately nodded. “My brother isn’t afraid of anyone, especially Long Tian Yun. The Yun Huang Alliance tried to become like a father to the Battle Alliance, but my brother and I refuse to have it like that.”

At the Novice Village, when Ling Chen met Xiao Qiu Feng, he was impressed. To the right of Xiao Qi Feng, he saw Yun Feng.  He was looking around for something, but what?

“My brother’s Alliance was established only three years ago, and it has developed very quickly, so it is quite full with newbies, and its strength is lacking, but with belief in the family’s financial support and the support of the Yan Huang Alliance, it will soon rise to power. The leader of the Alliance is my brother. In fact, it was because of what my family left behind, that the Yan Huang Alliance exists.” Yun Meng Xin’s voice contained a deep frustration.

Before Mystic Moon, Yun Meng Xin rarely stepped into the virtual game world. But to chase her impossible dreams, she did her best and worked hard, and came to a deep understanding of the virtual world. Before the auction officially began, she individually pointed out all of the top leaders present to Ling Chen, as well as talked about some general information and personal attributes. Ling Chen committed all of this to memory.

Numerous players were anxiously waiting, 9am had finally come, and a man came out from the back. Around 60 years old, with a thick moustache, body slightly bent, it was the entertaining Lord Fortune.

The Auction hall quietened down. And all attention was focused on Lord Fortune.  Outside the auction house, the media was also recording live on the action. After all, the auction would directly determine the first official Guild in China. Would it be the Yan Huang Alliance or the Skyfall Dynasty? Or would it be someone else entirely?

“Fellow friends from another world, welcome to Azure Dragon City’s first public auction in the Auction House City Centre. I, Lord Fortune, will be the sole host of this auction, and I will host the auction in its entirety. Everyone here has chosen to be at our City Centre Auction House today, and for that we express our thanks. We also have plenty of reason to believe that this auction will not let you down.” Lord Fortune stood onstage, and after giving a brief opening, he got to the point. “So, I do not wish to waste any precious time, let the Azure Dragon City Centre public auction officially begin!”

Under the spotlight, Lord Fortune was completely calm, apparently having done this many times before. “This auction will be auctioning 10 items, we believe that each one will be a great surprise. Then, with the start of our auction, the first item is… a consumable!”

A Consumable?

The answer was quickly before their eyes.

On the Auction Hall’s big screen was the properties of the first auction item:

[Dark Strange Smelling Beans]: Weird beans of a strange origin. It is a bean shaped like sheep dung, releasing a weird smell. After eating -100HP, +100SP.


A significant increase in SP… there was an uproar both on the inside and outside of the Auction House – all the players were shocked, surprised, and weren’t sure if their eyes were seeing something wrong. Consumable items were certainly not unusual, but it was the effect that was unusual: SP is so difficult to attain, and all the players were in short supply. The effect here could be called no less than incredible!

“As seen from the first auction item, you can directly increase the level of your skills. I’ve been alive for so many years, and this is the first time I’ve seen this. 100 points for one use – its value is definitely high, and I hope everyone is aware of this. Now, a consumable that can directly increase one’s SP, the starting price is… 10,000 gold coins.”

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