Shura's Wrath

Chapter 178

The Foreboding Auction (1)

Translator: Camille

Editor: Pebbles

Ling Shui Ruo suddenly kissed Ling Chen. Pulled into the moment, Ling Chen lost all control of his thoughts and tightly wrapped his arms around Ruo Ruo. He held her close, lightly bit her soft lips and greedily sucked, stealing her breath away. He pried open her nervously clenched, jaded teeth, finding his way to her tongue. He gently sucked some more, savouring the faint traces of sweetness that was filling the air and, bit by bit, his heart.

Shui Ruo released ‘woo’ sound as she caught her breath. Her eyelids quivered and her delicate neck slightly straightened. Breathing in Ling Chen’s scent, she didn’t resist. Her body felt weak as she carefully inserted her tongue into his mouth, allowing him to suck and taste her. To a man, this kind of forward yet affectionate act was simply one of the greatest, most irresistible of temptations.

Ling Chen became restless. It was impossible for him to not lose control. His breathing quickened and his movement hastened. He was going mad breathing in her sweetness, feeling her soft lips. His tongue continued circling hers as he roughly tugged open her loose fitting sleepwear. He placed both hands on her bare top and though his touch was vigorous and messy, it didn’t really matter because no matter where he touched, his hands would still be filled with the touch of her soft, smooth and delicate skin. Under the light, her body shone crisp white.

Her breathing was rapid and short and it wasn’t until Ling Chen noticed that he had kissed her to the point where she had difficulty catching her breath that he controlled himself, forcing himself to separate from her. Sitting up, Shui Ruo’s naked top was aligned with his line of sight. This wasn’t the first time he has seen her body but even so, he was still awed by her beauty.

For the past couple of years, Shui Ruo had had a weak body, suffering from Isrock Disease. He didn’t dare do anything that could jeopardize her condition although recently, she had been recovering fairly well and her condition appeared to be improving. Even so, he still couldn’t get with her under such conditions. His sight lingered on her beautiful body, eventually resting upon her chest. Her breasts were perked, her nipples hard. He had played with them countless times before but as with every time, he still couldn’t help but praise the creator of those breasts. He reached out his hands, placed them on Shui Ruo’s breasts and began to slowly and gently rub them.

Shui Ruo’s cheeks flushed red as her sensitive body was caressed under Ling chen. She could not help but release a moan, parting her lips slightly, revealing two rows of jaded teeth.

She raised her head and pouted her lips. Her eyes glistened as she gazed at him, “ Big Brother, are you… going to eat Ruo Ruo?”

Ling Chen let out a chuckle before he reached out both hands and sat her up on his knees, “ There will be a time when I will eat Ruo Ruo up, but before then, we should fill our stomachs first.”

He had one arm around Shui Ruo’s waist, holding her in place while the other hand reached for the chopsticks. He enjoyed the feel of her body against his as he feasted on the handmade dinner she had made for him. To him, this happiness was like no other in the world.

World of Mystic Moon

Today was not destined to be a peaceful day. In fact, it could be said to be the liveliest day since the opening of Mystic Moon. This was because at midnight today, the Money Exchange System between the World of Mystic Moon and The Real World would be officially open. Players would be able to exchange between Chinese Yuan and game currency at a 1 to 1 exchange rate. The process was fairly easy, there wasn’t any need to go to a specialist for such matters and it was an automatic system that could be done with one’s own personal bank details.

As a player’s initial city, Azure Dragon City would have drastic changes from today onwards. Players belonging to commercial facilities, recreational facilities, residential facilities would begin to rise in power and truly start to immerse themselves into the World of Mystic Moon.

On the massive money exchange day, all of the players, including those from overseas, would have all their attention placed upon the same place…Azure Dragon City’s auction hall. Because this was the morning they would auction off China’s first piece of Guild Creation Token. The owner of this piece of Guild Creation Token would then decide which guild would become the first official guild in Mystic Moon.

The sale for the tickets to the auction was fairly late at night, being scheduled on the day of the auction itself at one in the morning just before dawn. The hour after the commencement of the Money Exchange System, that was when the sale of the auction tickets would begin. Due to the auction of the first guild token luring in players, the auctioneers didn’t need to worry about tickets not selling. There was no suspense. All twenty thousand entry tickets were sold out in less than half an hour.

It was currently quarter past eight in the morning, the auction perimeter had already been surrounded by many players as though they were afraid of missing out on the slightest thing. At this point in time, Ling Chen and Shui Ruo had only just logged on.

“Wow! So pretty, Big Brother! What’s the name of this?” Shui Ruo asked, opening the silver casket that was held in Big Brother’s hands. Whatever was being held inside emitted such a bright light that it made Shui Ruo shout in astonishment.

“This is called the Moonlight Treasure Box. Not only does it emit beautiful rays of light, but amongst those rays of light will appear the world’s most beautiful image. Ruo Ruo, you try and observe these rays of light and see if you notice anything,” Ling Chen said with a smile.

“Okay,” Shui Ruo nodded her head and then very diligently looked at the beautiful rays of light being emitted by the Moonlight Treasure Box. Every person who looked into the Moonlight Treasure Box had a different experience. Others would not be able to see what you see, but Ling Chen believed that what Shui Ruo would see could only be one thing…

“ Wow! Big Brother, I saw Big Brother! Big Brother is smiling, smiling very handsomely!”

Shui Ruo was happy but also bemused and she contined staring at the image within the light for some time, reluctant to turn away. After a long while, she finally raised her head and shifted her focus onto him. She shouted, “ Big Brother, did you put your own image into the light?”

“Haha, of course not. This Moonlight Treasure Box’s light originates from a very magical stone, a kind of stone that reveals what is in the heart, so when a person looks at these lights, it will portray the image of that person’s favourite, most precious person or object,” declared Ling Chen with a smile.

“Then… what Big Brother sees is Ruo Ruo?” Shui Ruo blinked at Ling Chen.

“Of course it is. When I looked into the Moonlight Treasure Box and saw Ruo Ruo, I just knew I had to buy it. As long as I had it, even if Ruo Ruo was not beside me, I could see Ruo Ruo whenever I wanted.”

“So magical… if only I had a box like this too, then even if Big Brother was not beside me, I would also still be able to see him whenever I wanted.”

“ Then, if you really like it, I’ll give this box to you Ruo Ruo.”

“No way!” Ling Shui Ruo took a last glance at the Moonlight Treasure Box, then returned it to Ling Chen’s hands and ran off with a smile, “Hehe, I really want to be able to see Big Brother every second and every minute, but I want even more so for Big Brother to be able to see me every second and minute, so that there will never come a day when you will forget about me…”

Looking at Shui Ruo’s back, the edges of Ling Chen’s mouth slowly curved up into a smile. How could there ever be a day when I will forget you? Even if I were to forget myself, I could never forget you.

Every morning, members of Heart’s Dream gathered for a meeting at a simple, small house. Ling Chen and Shui Ruo would always be the last two to arrive, but after they did, just like in the past, the girls would come forth and surround them. In two steps, Xiao Qi jumped to stand in front of Ling Chen and asked eagerly, “Big brother Ling Chen, we finally finished the quest where you collect Red Crystal Grass. The reward for it is pretty good. Oh yeah, Big Brother Ling Tian, have you finished the ‘Moon God Ruins’ quest yet? With Big Brother Ling Tian’s abilities, you should have finished it already! Was it very difficult and thrilling?”

Ling Chen raised his brows and said, “With me, your Big Brother Ling Tian, personally doing this quest, of course it would be completed. Difficulty and thrills are a must.”

In Xiao Qi and the rest of the girls’ presence, Ling Chen had to make the overview of the Moon God Ruins quest brief. Of course, he definitely couldn’t mention the appearance of Shura. Despite only talking about the Undead Moon God Representatives, the girl’s continued to listen attentively with all kinds of nervousness and excitement. When he had finally finished recounting his quest, he immediately changed the topic and said, “Meng Xin, this morning’s first piece for auction, the Guild Creation Token… do you think it will be worth fighting for?”

Yun Meng Xin smiled and shook her head, she didn’t speak, to the girls, Ling Chen’s words were casual and that of a joke. Xiao Qi said, “We are currently a group of 6, and can only count as a very small guild. We don’t have any fame, power, or money, so there’s no way for us to fight with the bigger guilds. Yesterday, big brother told me about the last time a Guild Creation Token had gone up for sale. It was even more thrilling than watching an actual fight.”

“Okay.” Ling Chen stood, straightening his back and raising his torso. The smile on his face seemed like a smile but at the same time not, “Fellow ladies, are you interested in seeing a snatch war that is more intense and more fierce in comparison to an actual fight?”

“Of course!” Xiao Qi was the first to raise her hand in approval, but her face revealed a sudden discouragement, “But the sales for the tickets suddenly opened at midnight, and we were all asleep by that time. I forgot to ask my Big Brother to buy us a few tickets too and it would be impossible for us to obtain tickets now…How about I go ask my Big Brother for a couple of tickets? I think I could get around 6 tickets from him.”

“My elder brother should have some too,” said Yun Meng, “ Although we don’t have the right to compete with the others, all the largest guilds will be attending this auction. Moreover, understanding the current power dynamics within our China Region is also very important. I agree to going to this auction.”

“Okay, we’ll settle on that. We, Heart’s Dream shall gather in the morning for the auction. “ Ling Chen stood up from his seat and glanced at the time. It was already eight-thirty, half an hour until the commencement of the auction: “ With regards to entry tickets, you guys don’t need to worry, just leave it to me.”

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