Shura's Wrath

Chapter 176

[Moon Flare]

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

[Shura’s Death Domain] was one of the Shura’s ultimate moves. It couldn’t be simply described as ‘terrifying’- it was simply a gamebreaking. Naturally, this sort of gamebreaking skill had to be limited. Because this was not a skill Ling Chen had gained by himself, but rather a skill given to him by the Shura, he was limited to using it twice. Every time he used it, his level would decrease by 9 levels, and all of his four major stats would be reduced by a whole 30 points each!

If his four major stats were each reduced by 30 points, his Constitution would fall to 1, and Spirit to 0. In total, that would be 120 stat points! Normally, this amount of stat points would take him 24 levels to gain. If Ling Chen took off all of his equipment, apart from Strength, all of the other three stats would fall directly to 0.

However, when put in perspective with the power of this skill, the costs didn’t seem excessive at all. One day, if he truly was forced to use [Shura’s Death Domain], the effects would be earth-shattering.

The Shura had actually given him such an overwhelmingly powerful skill…

Ling Chen immediately looked at the second skill that the Shura had given him.

[Shura’s Descent]: Limited use skill, cannot be upgraded. Summons [Shura] to aid in battle for 60 seconds, can only be used once.

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

Having seen how overpowered the Shura’s Death Domain was, Ling Chen could not believe that there could be an even more powerful skill in existence. However, this skill had immediately appeared before his eyes.

Summoning the Shura- the significance of this skill was not given enough justice by those few words.

Even a hack would be put to shame!!

The Shura was definitely the most powerful being that had ever existed. With this skill, it was pretty much equivalent to Ling Chen having the power of a Shura for a whole minute… was this some sort of bug!!? Even if he was facing off against the Moon God Clan, he would not have to fear them with this skill. It was obvious that the reason the Moon God Clan had never entered the Moon God Ruins after the Shura’s Devastation was because they did not want to remember the tragic and fearful memories they had of the Shura.

[Shura’s Death Domain] and [Shura’s Descent] were the most help the Shura could give Ling Chen before he disappeared. Despite having only met Ling Chen for the first time, the reason he gave Ling Chen these things was because of the Lunar Scourge.

Raising his right hand, Ling Chen looked at the Lunar Scourge, as well as its additional attributes:

Heaven’s Wrath: The way of the Shura, there is no return, determined to walk this path, heaven’s wrath you will suffer.

Today, Ling Chen finally understood the meaning of this sentence.

The Lunar Scourge was an ancient evil item forged by the highest Moon God from the resentment, hatred, blood aura, death aura, and remnant power of gods, devils, humans, demons, beasts and spirits that died in the war of gods and devils, gathering countless sins, sanguinity, hatred and cruelty in one, the fusion of endless negativity. When it was forged, darkness covered the sky and land. The Lunar Scourge’s energy made it the evilest, most cursed item in existence. Its power could cause the being to which it was bonded to go down the path of the terrifying Shura.

In that case, that day at the bottom of the cliff at the Novice Village, if he did not conquer the Lunar Scourge, but was instead conquered by it, then when the Lunar Scourge became complete, he would have been forced onto the path of the Shura.

After completing the War God’s trials and receiving the War God’s power, before he disappeared, the War God seemed shocked, and said something like, “Wait.. This power on your body…”. Thinking back to this, Ling Chen realised that the War God had probably detected the Lunar Scourge on his body, and had been shocked.

The Shura existed because of the Lunar Scourge. Although there were still some people who knew of the name ‘Shura’, there were barely any people left who knew of the name ‘Lunar Scourge’.

Regardless, he was now the master of the Lunar Scourge. Even if he wanted to get rid of it, he still wouldn’t be able to. After all, it not only was bonded to him, but he had just made a vow to the Shura to protect the Lunar Scourge. As such, since he had no choice, he could only continue walking on this path. After all, the Shura had said that since Ling Chen was the one in control, even if the Lunar Scourge became complete again, it would still only give him power, as opposed to control him.

Ling Chen took out the Intermediate Energy Stone in the fourth socket of the Lunar Scourge and transferred it to the tenth socket, then put the Cancer Orb into the fourth socket.

“Ding… Cancer Orb slotting successful. All of your physical attacks will ignore 100% of Defence, ignore Physical Damage Reduction and will ignore Absolute Defence.”

“Ding…  Lunar Scourge’s exclusive lunar skill [Moon Flare] has been unlocked.”

With the Cancer Orb on the Lunar Scourge, all of Ling Chen’s physical attacks would ignore any and all Defence. Thus, no matter if it was Gold, Celestial, Mysterious God or even Saint Destroyer equipment, all of their defensive capabilities meant nothing in front of Ling Chen. Even if it was one of the five Saint Destroyer beasts, he would still be able to pierce through their Defence and reduce their HP.

In front of the Cancer Orb, all Defence was simply like clouds.

On his Stats Page, Ling Chen’s Pierce Rate had directly increased to 100%.

After the Cancer Orb had been socketed, the Lunar Scourge’s second exclusive skill had been unlocked. Just Moon Shadow alone had helped Ling Chen immeasurably and saved him many, many times. This new skill, Moon Flare, was sure to be as useful as Moon Shadow.

[Moon Flare]: Lunar Scourge’s exclusive skill, when cast it will release a brilliant light, blinding all creatures within range. Effect: Ignores Blindness resistance, and all targets within X metres gain the Blindness status (X= Current level x 2). The effects last for 5 seconds with no mana cost. Cooldown: 60 seconds.

So it turned out that the Moon Flare was an AOE attack that caused all targets, within the AOE that was double the size of Moon Shadow’s, to lose their sight temporarily. Although it would not be as useful as Moon Shadow in 1v1 battles, but in large team battles, if cast on the enemy, it would throw them into chaos, and they might even attack each other.

When facing off against a powerful enemy, using Moon Shadow then Moon Flare, or Moon Flare then Moon Shadow, would probably boundlessly infuriate the enemy. No less than what was expected from the Moon Shadow- no matter if it was its exclusive Orbs or exclusive skills, Ling Chen was never disappointed.

“In just ten or so days, little master has found three Lunar Scourge God Orbs. Little master, I think I’m falling for you more and more.” Qi Yue gave a flirtatious laugh. The happiest person in obtaining this new Orb was her.

Ling Chen slightly frowned. His voice was not as excited as Qi Yue’s, and was instead a lot more serious, “Qi Yue, you never told me that the Shura’s existence was because of the Lunar Scourge.”

“Hehe, that can only happen when the Lunar Scourge has at least twelve of its exclusive Orbs. So, before little master has gathered twelve orbs, there’s no reason for me to say it. Otherwise, little master might be too worried and may not be as enthusiastic about finding the orbs.”

There were simply too many things that Qi Yue was hiding from him. Come to think of it, even now, he still didn’t know about Qi Yue’s true background, or if that even was her real name. He decided to stop questioning her, because he knew she wouldn’t give him a proper answer even if he continued to ask. Instead, he took out a black piece of jade from his bag.

The piece of jade was jet black, without any scratches or damage. On the back, there was a very small “Shadow” character engraved. This was something he had picked up at the Moon God Ruins before delivering the Shura’s bones to the Peace Tree. It was the only thing that had dropped from the Shadow Demon Beast, and was almost exactly the same as the piece of jade that the War Demon Beast had dropped at the Lonely Spirit Ridge.

[Demon Jade Hook?Shadow]: Jade that the Shadow Demon Beast carries. It is said that it was given to him by the then Demon Emperor. Unable to determine what material it is made of and its use.

Indeed, it was almost exactly the same as the jade from before. The only difference was that instead of “War”, it was engraved with the character for “Shadow”.

At the Moon God Ruins, he had encountered grave danger of a completely unexpected degree.  The surprises he had found there, such as the Shadow Demon Beast, or the Shura and the Cancer Orb, were so unbelievable that Ling Chen felt that he had been in a dream.

He had brought the Shura’s bones to his hometown, and buried him with his wife. Ling Chen had finally completed his adventures in the Moon God Ruins. He had also greatly benefitted, with the rewards being thousands of times better than he had expected.

“Goodbye, Shura. To be able to meet such a legendary figure like yourself, as well as receive your help, I feel incredibly honoured. Perhaps the reason you want me to become a Shura, as well as advised me to find a way to increase my resistance to lightning was because you didn’t want to see the power of the Lunar Scourge wasted. However, I am different from you. I’m not from this world, and there is someone who I must protect. Even if I can attain unlimited power, I will not let myself become like you, so I’m sorry, but I’ll have to disappoint you.”

Ling Chen lightly waved towards the place where the Shura was buried, and took out a teleport scroll. He shattered it, and returned to Azure Dragon City, then went directly to the Mayor’s residence

The last part of the Moon God Ruins Quest was to report to the Azure Dragon’s Mayor about all he had investigated. The origin of the mournful weeping was very clear… it was because of the Shadow Demon Beast using his Darkness power to control the bodies of the dead Moon God Representatives as his puppets. As such, this produced the mournful weeping from the Undead Moon God Representatives. As long as he told all this to the Azure Dragon’s Mayor, this last Quest of the Four Mega Quests would be completed.

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