Shura's Wrath

Chapter 174

Shura’s Last Wish

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Remnant… of a soul?” Ling Chen muttered to himself. However, ten thousand years ago, when the Moon Goddesses vanquished the Shura, why would they allow him to save a remnant of his soul? Logically, they should’ve completely destroyed him.

“That’s right.” Being so close to him, every one of the Shura’s words sounded deafening, “They thought that they had destroyed the Lunar Scourge and myself. However, it’s definitely not that easy to destroy the Lunar Scourge. My last sliver of consciousness was preserved by the Lunar Scourge and sealed in my bones. Despite this, I couldn’t wake up until today, when the Lunar Scourge woke me up, allowing me to wake up and see this world after ten thousand years.”

All of Ling Chen’s doubts were dispelled, “So, you were the previous owner of the Lunar Scourge?”

“That’s right.”

“And the Lunar Scourge caused you to become a Shura?”


Ling Chen frowned, and raised his right hand, “Then, doesn’t that mean if I wear this Lunar Scourge, I’ll become a Shura like you!?”

The Shura’s blood red eyes turned to focus on Ling Chen’s face, his voice serious, “Yes, and no.”

“Yes, and no? What do you mean?” Ling Chen asked.

“The Lunar Scourge is the evilest item in the entire world, and possesses boundless power. Only with it can a being that represents utmost hatred, the Shura, be created.”

So it was indeed so… the Shura’s words made Ling Chen’s heart jump. The Shura in front of him was the Lunar Scourge’s previous master. The reason he became a Shura was because of the Lunar Scourge! Then, didn’t that mean with the Lunar Scourge on his body, he would slowly walk towards the path of the Shura!

“However, you and I are different.” The Shura continued to speak, “Back then, I was controlled by the Lunar Scourge, whereas you have taken control of it. Although I became a Shura because of the Lunar Scourge, unless you are willing, or the Lunar Scourge is in its complete state, it can only give you its power, and will not be able to force you onto the path of the Shura. You are the first creature that has obtained the Lunar Scourge without being controlled by it.”

The Shura’s words shocked Ling Chen. The worry and frustration in his heart all died down. Although the Lunar Scourge could help him become a Shura, if he didn’t want to become one, it would not be able to affect him. After all, he was the master of the Lunar Scourge, not the opposite… thinking to here, he gave a sigh of relief and looked up into the Shura’s terrifying eyes, “Then, because of the Lunar Scourge, you lost your conscience and humanity, and became a mass murderer, killing countless people. You’ve probably also endured a lot of pain and suffering… you probably hate it a lot, right?”

“Pain and suffering? Hate? Why?” The Shura asked him, “You should know that there are countless beings that desire for the Lunar Scourge so that they can become powerful Shuras. Shuras lose their conscience and humanity, but they also forget all pain and suffering, as well as disregard all of the world’s laws and rules. They can kill anyone they want; do anything they want. They can disregard any people, any rules, anything at all. Even gods, the sky, or oceans tremble in front of Shuras. Not only do they not experience any pain or suffering, but experience boundless pleasure… becoming a Shura is one of the things I least regret in my life, why would I hate it!?”

Ling Chen: “……”

“Moreover, you thought that as long as one has the Lunar Scourge, they will have the right to become a Shura?” The Shura looked at Ling Chen with his eyes; the blood red stare pierced deep into his soul, “Do you know what sort of people have the right to become Shuras?”

What sort of people have the right to become Shuras…

Ling Chen thought for a while, then answered, “People who have cut off all emotions.”

“Hahahaha…” The Shura calmly laughed, “Perhaps apart from me, every person would give the same answer as you- that only someone who has cut off all emotions can become a Shura. But you are wrong, everyone is wrong. The answer is exactly the opposite. People who have cut off all emotions can never become Shuras. The only people who can become Shuras are those who care, who love, who sympathise the most.”

The Shura’s words hit Ling Chen like a wave. His answer was so incomprehensible that Ling Chen almost couldn’t accept it.

Shuras were beings that destroyed everything and everyone they saw, and would never show any mercy or sympathy- surely they’d have to cut off all emotions. Ten thousand years ago, the Shura had bathed in the blood of 10% of the Forgotten Continent’s creatures. Whenever the people who knew of the Shura thought of him, they would first think of his lack of emotions and sympathy.

However, the Shura in front of him said that those who had cut off all emotions would never be able to become Shuras- instead, only those who cared, who loved, who sympathised the most would be able to become Shuras.

Ling Chen simply could not understand the reasons for such an answer. If anyone else gave this answer, he would take it as a joke. However, the person who had uttered such words… was a real Shura!

“You can’t believe it, right? You don’t need to believe it. One day, when you become a Shura too, you will truly understand and accept what I have just said,” The Shura slowly said.

“I definitely will not become a Shura.” Ling Chen shook his head, “I don’t have any reasons to become a Shura, and I can never accept myself becoming that sort of person.”

“Right now, you indeed don’t have nay reasons for becoming a Shura. However, whether or not there will be reasons in future, no one knows. No one can fight against fate- even Shuras or people destined to become Shuras. Since you have obtained the Lunar Scourge, your fate is destined to be changed by the Lunar Scourge. Perhaps when the Lunar Scourge is complete again, you will find a reason to become a Shura.”

Ling Chen shook his head once again, “I don’t have that many desires, nor do I need that much power. The reason I came to this world was just to return a favour. The reason I obtained this Lunar Scourge was simply an accident. I admire Shuras, but becoming a Shura is simply not in line with my goals. To be able to see a real Shura, I am already satisfied.”

“Hahaha…” The Shura once again laughed, but this time it was not as calm, but rather contained some sort of deep meaning. A real Shura would not laugh, because they would not have any emotions. Ling Chen concluded that in front of him was not a ‘true’ Shura, but rather a “person” who had the last bits of the Shura’s power. “Well, since this is what you believe, keep believing it. What will happen in future, only time will tell.”

The Shura raised his head and looked at the dark sky, “The time I have left isn’t long. To be able to see the endless sky ten thousand years after being killed, I am already satisfied.”

He looked down towards Ling Chen, “Young man, you possess the Lunar Scourge just as I did back then. You are also the only human I’ve seen since I’ve been woken up. Perhaps this was all arranged by fate. There are many things I want to say to you and the Lunar Scourge, but I simply do not have much time left. Before my soul dissipates, can you please agree to one final wish of mine… I will give you a suitable compensation in return.”

A final wish from a Shura… this sort of name caused Ling Chen’s heart to beat excitedly and he vigorously nodded, “If I have the power to do it, I will definitely fulfil your wish.”

“Very good.” The Shura nodded his head. At that moment, Ling Chen suddenly saw on his blood stained face a trace of warmness, as if ten-thousand-year-old ice was thawing.
“Please bring my bones to my hometown, and bury me in front of my wife’s grave.”
The Shura’s bones were buried in this Moon God Ruins. However, Ling Chen did not have to look for them, because they were already in Ling Chen’s field of vision. They were the things that Ling Chen had tripped over when he was running from the Shadow Demon Beast.

“I’ve already told Tao Tie that the danger has passed, and he doesn’t need to come anymore. Immediately take the Shura’s bones and leave. Although the Shura only released his power for a very short period of time, that’s enough for the Moon God Representative of the Forgotten Continent to detect him, so she will be here soon.” Qi Yue said.

Ling Chen nodded his head and walked towards the Shura’s bones. The Shura’s body was incredibly tough and durable- although ten thousand years had passed, his bones were still in perfect condition, without any blemish or cracks.

Northwest of the Azure Dragon City, Peace Town

“Little friend, do you know anyone with the surname “Chi Xuan”?” [TLN: ‘Chi Xuan’ was originally translated by the first translator as “Red Mystical” as in “Red Mystical Sword King”, but apparently it was the Shura’s surname].

Seeing a stranger, the little boy immediately ran away.

“Excuse me everyone, has anyone heard of someone with the last name Chi Xuan?”

“Chi Xuan? There’s such a last name? Never heard of it before.”

After walking around in the village for a long time and asking many people, he found that all the villagers had no idea about the last name ‘Chi Xuan’.

Many things could change in ten thousand years. Perhaps the Chi Xuan family had already disappeared and had been forgotten by everyone. However, Ling Chen did not give up. He found out where the Town Mayor lived, and went to find him. Since this village still existed, perhaps there were still records of “Chi Xuan”.

“Hello Town Mayor, can I enquire about something with you? In your town, has there ever been anyone with the surname ‘Chi Xuan’?” Standing in front of the Town Mayor, Ling Chen began to question him.

“Chi Xuan?” Hearing this name, an expression of shock appeared on the Village Chief’s face. He looked at Ling Chen closely, then replied, “A long, long time ago, there was a family called ‘Chi Xuan’ here. However, that family always quite small, and I think disappeared about a thousand years ago. As such, this surname also disappeared. I read about this recently in our town’s records. Young man, why do you know this surname? Perhaps you have some sort of connection to this family?”

In this world, there already aren’t any people with the surname Chi Xuan anymore? Ling Chen sighed in his mind. This result was very disappointing, but not surprising. After all, ten thousand years had passed.

“Then, did the Chi Xuan family leave anything behind?” Ling Chen determinedly asked.

“Unfortunately, no,” the Town Mayor shook his head, “However, if you want to pay your respects to the Chi Xuan family’s ancestors, there’s a place.”

“Where?” Ling Chen’s eyes lit up.

“It’s at the centre of Peace Town. Below our sacred object… the Peace Tree. Legend has it that the Peace Tree was blessed by a peerless, powerful expert, and has an infinite lifespan. Up until today, it has lived for over ten thousand years, and yet, it is still thriving. The legends also say that a long, long time ago, there was a terrible catastrophe in the Forgotten Continent, causing all of the surrounding villages and towns to be eradicated. Only our town was kept safe. Everyone says that it was the Peace Tree that kept us safe. As such, that tree was named the ‘Peace Tree’, and has always protected the peace and safety of our town up till now. In the Peace Town Records, the Peace Tree was planted by the Chi Xuan family’s first ancestor. After the first generation ancestors died, they were buried there.”

At that time, the Shura destroyed almost all of the east side of the Forgotten Continent. Everywhere around Peace Town for 100 miles had been reduced to ruins. Only Peace Town had been kept safe, without any loss at all.

“Got it, thank you Town Mayor.”

Ling Chen immediately turned around and headed straight for the centre of the town.

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