Shura's Wrath

Chapter 173

Shura (2)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire


This word fell like lightning on Ling Chen’s heart.

“Who… has woken me…”

The heavy voice filled the entire sky and land, and every word fell like a giant stone on Ling Chen’s spirit. He was the Shura, and this was his voice.

Who had woken him…

“Lunar Scourge… so it was you…”

Lunar Scourge’s name being said by the Shura caused Ling Chen’s heart to shake. Was it the Lunar Scourge that woke up the Shura? Could it be that the brilliant black light from before was because it detected the Shura?

However, didn’t the Shura already die!? He was said to have been vanquished by the three Moon Goddesses ten thousand years ago! So why was he able to appear before Ling Chen?

“I have already died… and you, have become so weak. Since… you have woken me… then, let me do for you… one last thing…”

The Shura’s voice was the heaviest voice Ling Chen ever heard in his entire life. Although it was only one voice, and was not that loud, yet it shook his heart as if millions of people were shouting at the same time. Every word he spoke would shake Ling Chen’s entire body. As the Shura spoke his last word, the aura around them began to change.

A gale started to blow, and the air that was originally still became turbulent. A cruel and oppressive aura began to spread, as the smell of fresh blood began to envelope everything as well.

Another purple streak of lightning descended, and in the light that it gave off, Ling Chen saw the person standing in front of him looked as if he had just walked out of a pool of blood. He had blood red hair, a blood red face, blood red eyes, was wearing blood red armour, and his long sword was entirely dyed in red… all of those things were not naturally that colour- they had all been dyed into that colour by blood.

One man had exterminated 10% of all living creatures in the Forgotten Continent. The amount of blood he had been stained by could not be imagined by anyone. After being bathed in blood numerous times, every part of his body had already become permanently blood red.

“Shura… You are the Shura!!”

If Qi Yue was able to recognise the Shura, there was no reason for the Shadow Demon Beast not to. Ten thousand years ago, they had both existed. Most living creatures now had already forgotten about the Shura after such a long time, but the Shadow Demon Beast that had existed since ten thousand years ago definitely would not forget about the terrifying Shura. By the time it had finally realised whose aura this was, it was filled with dread and fear.

The air was filled with the scent of fresh blood. Only the Shura’s power would give off such a scent. The Shadow Demon Beast, in all its terror, found that the Shura’s killing intent was squarely directed at it.

“Be destroyed, and become the last corpse under my sword.”

What Ling Chen knew about the Shura was only a legend, whereas the Shadow Demon Beast had personally witnessed how frightening the Shura was. Those who had been locked down by the Shura’s pressure had never escaped alive before. The Shura had already clearly died- the Shadow Demon Beast simply couldn’t work out why he was able to appear here.

Could this all be a big nightmare!?

However, it would never know the answer to all of its questions. When the Shura’s voice had appeared in its ears, it had already begun to feel itself falling towards the abyss of death.


It didn’t beg for mercy, for the Shura was the most merciless creature in the entire world. Begging the Shura for mercy would be incredibly stupid. Instead, it let out a howl and sent a cluster of dark fog towards the Shura, while it furiously fled in the opposite direction.


A third bolt of purple lightning streaked down from the sky. As the lightning lit up the area, Ling Chen saw the dark clouds covering the sky, as well as the Shura raising his right hand.


A blood red crescent of energy flew out from the Shura’s sword, and passed through the cluster of dark fog that the Shadow Demon Beast had sent out. The cluster of dark fog was wiped out like floodwaters washing over a little tongue of flame. In just a moment, the Shadow Demon Beast’s full strength attack had been wiped out, and the blood red crescent of energy continued forwards, and slammed into the escaping Shadow Demon Beast.



The pitiful screaming could almost cause one’s eardrums to burst, and Ling Chen clearly saw a gigantic damage figure float above the Shadow Demon Beast.

This was just a casual strike from the Shura… a casual strike had completely annihilated the Shadow Demon Beast, and had caused millions of damage to a Mysterious God grade monster.


A fourth bolt of lightning descended, and once again lit up the area. Ling Chen found that the Shura had disappeared from in front of him, and instead, there was a beautiful blood red flower on top of where the Shadow Demon Beast had been.


A final, terrible scream caused the surrounding air to tremble.

“Shura’s Death Domain…” Qi Yue’s voice sounded in Ling Chen’s mind, “The Shadow Demon Beast has died.”

Only the echoes of the Shadow Demon Beast’s last cry remained, and even those gradually disappeared, resulting in silence once again. Ling Chen did not see clearly what the Shura had done, nor did he know how exactly he killed the Shadow Demon Beast, but what he did know was that the Shadow Demon Beast had been slain by the Shura.

At the Lonely Spirit Ridge, the War Demon Beast had been annihilated by Xi Ling’s Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns, at the cost of Xi Ling’s own life. With how powerful the Shadow Demon Beast was, apart from the rare Saint Destroyer creatures, what else could destroy it? Moreover, even Saint Destroyer creatures would find it difficult to quickly kill the Shadow Demon Beast.

However, against the Shura, it didn’t even have the chance to retaliate before being completely destroyed.

Was he really the Shura…

So this was… the power of a Shura?

Ling Chen was incredibly in awe and shock of what had just happened. This was the greatest pressure he had ever experienced, as well as the most strength he had ever witnessed- and he wasn’t even the target. The Shura had singlehandedly wiped out 10% of all living creatures in the Forgotten Continent, and was being that was feared by all other beings. He was a being that even the three highest Moon Goddesses had to work together to defeat- the ‘strongest being’, Shura!

After the Shadow Demon Beast had died, the berserk energy and scent of fresh blood began to quickly disappear from the air.

Slowly, the darkness also began to disperse, and Ling Chen found that he could gradually see again. The choking pressure from the Shura also quickly disappeared.

The purple bolts of lightning also stopped falling from the sky.

Did… the Shura leave?

When the Shura had appeared, all light had been swallowed; now after the Shura stopped using his power, the light had come back. This sort of terrifying power even gave him control over natural things like light and darkness. It was indeed a legendary power that exceeded all comprehension.

Despite hearing many stories about the Shura, Ling Chen finally truly began to understand why the Shura was so feared by all creatures.

“Qi Yue, didn’t the Shura die already?” Ling Chen closed his eyes, trying to calm his heart down.

“The Shura indeed did die, but he was woken up by the Lunar Scourge.” Qi Yue replied.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll see soon… this was all out of my expectations. I never thought… no one thought that not only was the Lunar Scourge not destroyed, but even the Shura still had a remnant of his soul existing. However, what’s even better is that he killed the Shadow Demon Beast! With the Shadow Demon Beast dead, we don’t have to worry about the Lunar Scourge being exposed anymore. Plus, with the Lunar Scourge on your body, the Shura won’t harm you.”

Ling Chen went quiet for a bit, then asked, “Qi Yue, answer me honestly- was the Lunar Scourge’s previous owner the Shura? Was the ‘ancient item’ that caused him to enter the path of the Shura the Lunar Scourge?”

“Yes.” Qi Yue replied.

Ling Chen: “……”

In just a moment, countless thoughts passed through Ling Chen’s mind. The legend of the Shura, as well as the things Tao Tie had told him that he had not completely understood, as well as the description of Heaven’s Wrath, “the way of the Shura, there is no return, determined to walk this path, heaven’s wrath you will suffer”, all suddenly began to make sense to Ling Chen.

Lunar Scourge… Shura…

In the silence, Ling Chen opened his eyes. In front of him was the exact same scenery he had seen before. All traces of the Shura had disappeared, as if all that had just happened had all been just a dream.

Ling Chen turned his head, and saw a person on his right. He was holding a long sword, his body covered in blood, He was standing still as a statue, looking at Ling Chen. The wind gently blew, but his hair and ripped clothes did not move at all.


Ling Chen took a deep breath and walked towards him.

Before today, Ling Chen never would have thought that he would meet this most feared man in the entire Forgotten Continent, much less speak with him.

Ling Chen stood in front of the Shura, and the bloody scent on him almost made Ling Chen want to vomit. Despite the fact that he clearly knew that this man was the Shura who had supposedly died ten thousand years ago, he still asked, “Are you… the Shura?”


Surprisingly, the man gave a negative answer.

The Shura spoke with an expressionless face. Though he was speaking, his lips did not move at all, “Shuras are arrogant and have cut off all emotional ties. Their reason for living is to kill and destroy; they would not speak with anyone, nor would they show mercy to anything. I used to be a Shura. However, right now, I am just the remnant of a soul woken up by the Lunar Scourge. However, I still have a little bit of the Shura’s power. After a short while, I will forever disappear from this world…”

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