Shura's Wrath

Chapter 159

Goodbye Nine Suns (2)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Time slowed down as Ling Chen watched the sword come closer and closer to the ground. He silently sighed in his heart.

In the end, he wasn’t all powerful, and was not able to exceed his limits, as this was a game. Back then, he had fought a ferocious battle with the Giant Greedy Toad, and had won, but he was still unable to deal with the power of a Heaven’s End Boss. He had avoided the first Earth Splitting Slash, but he wouldn’t be able to dodge this second one. The moment the sword hit the ground would be the moment he died.


At this moment, a ray of red light flew towards him…  it was Xi Ling! Her Movement Speed was far superior to Ling Chen’s and she knew what sort of situation he was in. She accelerated to her highest speed, and rammed into Ling Chen’s chest.

Pets were unable to deal damage to their masters, so Xi Ling’s body slam only caused Ling Chen to go flying, but did not do any damage. Immediately after he was knocked flying, an explosive boom sounded out, but Ling Chen was not affected, as he had been knocked out of the 20 metres radius by Xi Ling.

Ling Chen fell heavily onto the ground. Because of Xi Ling’s body slam, he had narrowly avoided this god of death’s sword. However, his mount had been hit, and Xi Ling was not able to make it out of the 20 metre radius either.

“Ding… your mount ‘Cloud Stepping Mare’ has died.”

With a neigh, the Cloud Stepping Mare had been blasted into the air, and instantly died. Although mounts did not receive any damage while there was someone riding on them, as soon as Ling Chen had been knocked off its back, its invincibility status had been removed. The one attack from the Heaven’s End Boss was enough to kill it over a hundred times.

After the Cloud Stepping Mare died, Ling Chen could simply buy another one, however…

“Ding… your pet ‘Crimson Spirit’ has died.”

“Xi Ling!!”

The explosive power of the sword hitting the ground knocked Xi Ling high up into the air, and she powerlessly fell down. With the Nine Suns Rebirth, Xi Ling would not truly die, but every time she used the Nine Suns Rebirth, she would not be able to fight for the next hour. Without Xi Ling, Ling Chen had lost his only hope against the Warring Palace Skeleton.

Xi Ling had 180 Movement Speed, and could fly in the air. Thus, even if it was in a restricted space, it would still be incredibly difficult for the Warring palace Skeleton to hit her. However, in order to save him, she had been mercilessly slain.

Xi Ling was not simply just a pet, and was not just a “beast” either. She was a being with an incredibly pure and beautiful heart. Back when they had first met, she had sacrificed herself for him. This time, she had once again sacrificed herself in order to protect him from this Warring Palace Skeleton. To Xi Ling, Ling Chen was not just her ‘master’, but also someone who she would give everything up for, someone who had restored her freedom that she had so desperately longed for.

The Xi Ling’s falling body ignited with bright red flames, and once again activated the Nine Suns Rebirth. As the fire burned brighter and brighter, she stopped falling, and hovered in the air.

“Ding… your pet “Xi Ling’s” ‘Nine Suns Rebirth’ has activated, and has been revived without any penalty. However, it cannot be summoned within the next hour.”

Seeing Xi Ling’s Nine Suns Rebirth activate, Ling Chen’s beating heart calmed down… Xi Ling, have a good rest. Leave the rest to me- no matter how hard it is, I will struggle to the end!!

One second… two seconds… a look of confusion suddenly appeared on Ling Chen’s face.

After the Nine Suns Rebirth activated, Xi Ling should have returned to the Pet Dimension. However, Xi Ling was still hovering in the air, her body covered in flames. The temperature of the surrounding began to gradually increase.

“Xi Ling?” Ling Chen called out worriedly. At this moment, the Warring Palace Skeleton pulled its sword out of the ground, and once again raised it high in the air…


The Warring Palace Skeleton’s slow, booming voice sounded like a deathly chant. As it once again raised its sword, the flames on Xi Ling’s body suddenly erupted wildly, causing searing heat waves to roll outwards from her. Ling Chen stared at Xi Ling, and found that the flames on her body had changed from red, to a dazzling gold colour.

Ling Chen was shocked, “This… this is…”


The moment the golden flames had appeared, the Warring Palace Skeleton cried out, and retreated, as if it had seen some sort of terrifying monster.

The golden flames were incredibly hot, and covered every part of Xi Ling’s body. As the flames burned, golden rings of light appeared around her body… there were 9 in total. The rings of light gradually began to rise, and became larger and larger… soon, the whole castle was filled with a rich, golden light.

“Arghhh…. Ahhh…”

The Warring Palace Skeleton only had a bit of its original spirit left, and should not be displaying such fear. However, flames were its greatest enemy, and Xi Ling’s rootless flames were its worst nightmare. All creatures of darkness instinctively feared these flames, and could not stand up to them at all. Facing Xi Ling’s golden flames, the Warring Palace Skeleton hurriedly retreated, and pitifully cried out, ignoring Ling Chen completely.

It was not the first time Ling Chen had seen these golden flames and nine rings of light…

Memories flashed through his mind… Lonely Spirit Ridge… Golden light… Xi Ling’s determination… War Demon Beast’s terror… and the completely incinerated War Demon Beast…

This was the beginning of Xi Ling’s ultimate skill- Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns!!

The nine golden rings of light rose up until they were at the ceiling of the castle. They hovered in the air just like nine golden suns. The light from these nine “suns” covered every inch of the castle, and completely wiped out any darkness. Even the gigantic Warring Palace Skeleton had been completely covered in light, turning it into a golden skeleton.

Back when Xi Ling had first used the Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns, she had destroyed the Mysterious God grade War Demon Beast, and had completely incinerated the entire Lonely Spirit Ridge. Now, Xi Ling was a pet, and was very low level, having a vastly lower level of strength than she had at the time. Despite this, if she released this terrifying skill, she would still be able to instantly kill this fearsome skeleton.

However, the current Xi Ling could not use the Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns… unless… unless…

Nine suns giving off brilliant light, sufficient to easily kill the Warring Palace Skeleton, hung in the air, but Ling Chen did not feel the slightest amount of joy. Instead, his face was full of worry and anguish. He rushed up, and shouted, “Xi Ling!! Stop!! Don’t use the Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns, stop right now!!”

It was possible for the current Xi Ling to use the Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns, but at a cost… the cost of her life!

The last time she had used the Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns, she did so at the cost of her life force, and only revived by using Ling Chen’s life force as a base for her flames. However, she could only use that type of revival once. If she once again used up all of her life force… she would die a permanent death.

The Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns above them was using the remainder of Xi Ling’s life force to activate!!

“There’s no use stopping her. The moment she activated Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns, her life force began to burn away. There’s no way to stop it now.” Qi Yue’s voice suddenly appeared in his mind.

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

The golden light intensified, causing Ling Chen’s eyes to be filled with a sea of gold. The Warring Palace Skeleton’s mournful cries also echoed around the castle. As for Ling Chen, he stood on the spot, unsure of what to do… he could not stop the Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns, nor could he prevent the side effects of the Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns that he so dreaded.

To Ling Chen, he would rather die a hundred times than to see the current Xi Ling use Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns, because he would forever lose Xi Ling after she used the skill.

At this moment, within the sea of gold, Ling Chen saw a red silhouette appear.

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