Shura's Wrath

Chapter 158

Goodbye Nine Suns (1)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Undying Will, Warring Palace Skeleton- this was the name of the gigantic skeleton. The name probably had some sort of meaning, but it was lost on Ling Chen. Its level was unexpectedly low, being the same level as the other LV20 skeletons he had met on the way, but its grade was just as Ling Chen had expected…

Heaven’s End!!

One grade above the Celestial grade, it was almost impossible for a player to defeat a monster of the Heaven’s End grade at the same level.

Although it was only LV20, the power of a LV20 Heaven’s End monster was something that even super experts could not deal with. This was evident through the masses of corpses and skeletons on the ground in this castle. Moreover, there was also the semi-spirit girl to take into account- although she did not have strong attacks, she had extremely powerful crowd control abilities!

This was the first Heaven’s End Boss Ling Chen had encountered since entering the Mystic Moon world. With 2,000,000 HP, and having “incredibly high” Defence, without using Soul Sacrifice, maybe Ling Chen would not be even able to break through its defence. However, right now he had Xi Ling… as long as there was Xi Ling, there was still a sliver of hope against this terrifying skeleton.

One “Red Laser” from Xi Ling could take off about 90,000 HP. That means that if Xi Ling hit it with the Red Laser about 20 times, she would be able to defeat this Heaven’s End skeleton. 20 times… and if she used Wild Flames in between, it would be even faster.

However, the question was whether he would live long enough for Xi Ling to be able to use 20 or so Red Lasers.

“Qi Yue, what are the chances of us beating this skeleton?” Ling Chen shouted as he pulled away from the skeleton.

“Do you want to hear the truth?”


“It’s impossible. Unless you die, you won’t be able to leave either.” Qi Yue straightforwardly replied.

“Then adding on Xi Ling?”

“My answer already accounted for Xi Ling and Xiao Hui. Although Xi Ling has extremely powerful attacks, but in this small area, it would be incredibly hard for her to survive against this skeleton. Unless Xi Ling can one shot it, you guys will be the ones to be one shotted.”

Ling Chen did not say anything. The first action the Warring Palace Skeleton made was to confirm Qi Yue’s words to be the truth.

It took a step forwards… in just one step, it had covered about 10 metres. It then took a second step… in just two short steps, it had covered half the distance to Ling Chen. Although the Warring Palace Skeleton did not move quickly at all, but every step covered a large distance. It was almost impossible for Ling Chen to outrun it.

A third step… and then a fourth step… after taking four steps forwards, the Warring Palace Skeleton stood in the centre of the castle, just as Ling Chen had expected. As long as it stood in the centre, it would be able to reach practically every corner in the corner without even moving. No matter how one tried to dodge, it would be incredibly difficult.


The Warring Palace Skeleton’s voice once again boomed out like thunder, sending waves of vibrations through Ling Chen’s body. It raised its left hand, and the giant sword it was holding flashed with a black light, then swung the sword downwards. Although it took a long time for the Warring Palace Skeleton to raise the sword, the speed at which the sword fell was incredibly fast. This was one of its basic skills- [Earth Splitting Slash]!

The Warring Palace Skeleton had a huge body, and had high Defence and Attack Power. However, its attacks were very simple and fairly slow. Apart from its ultimate attack, the Earth Splitting Slash was its only skill that could do damage. However, despite this, just having this one skill was already terrifying. This was because it had an AOE of 20 metres!

As the giant sword descended, Ling Chen instantaneously predicted where it would land, and immediately began to run in a different direction on the Cloud Stepping Mare. However, the sword’s descent was too fast, and Ling Chen’s Movement Speed had been greatly decreased. By the time the giant sword smashed into the ground, he would still be within the 20 metres AOE.

From the moment the giant sword began descending, there was only half a second until it would hit the ground. To run 20 metres in this amount of time was simply impossible. As the sword neared the ground, Ling Chen suddenly turned around, and raised his right hand…

“Moon Shadow!!”

The black light shot out and surrounded the 17 metres around him, including the Warring Palace Skeleton, causing it to be fixed in place.

Having a little breathing room, Ling Chen immediately shouted, “Xi Ling! Attack him!!”

As the Moon Shadow activated, Xi Ling already began her attack sequence, shooting a Red Laser into the Warring Palace Skeleton’s chest.


As the bright flame hit the Warring Palace Skeleton, an enormous damage figure floated above it. Although it was a Heaven’s End Boss, two attacks from Xi Ling wiped out about 10% of its HP.

After shooting the Red Laser, Xi Ling did not stop, and immediately cast a Wild Flames. The flames enveloped not only the Warring Palace Skeleton’s body, but also the girl it was holding in its hands…

-36,300, -36,300.

Being hit by the Wild Flames, the damage to the semi-spirit girl was transferred to the Warring Palace Skeleton, causing another two damage numbers to float above it. However, Ling Chen did not celebrate at all… he had escaped from the Warring Palace Skeleton’s first attack using Moon Shadow, so he had no idea how he would escape the second.

At this moment, his incredibly heavy body suddenly felt light again. Thirty seconds had passed, and the Darkness Lock and Underworld Lock had expired. He looked the frozen Warring Palace Skeleton, and decided that he would not depend on Xi Ling.

He rushed towards the Warring Palace Skeleton’s right foot, as two layers of light appeared on his body…

“Soul Sacrifice!”

“Battle Soul Possession!”

5 seconds passed, and “Moon Shadow’s” effects ended. The Warring Palace Skeleton’s sword smashed into the ground, causing the surrounding area to shake. However, Ling Chen was not affected, as he had already rushed to its feet, and used his strongest attack…

“Four Corners Star Formation!!”

The berserk battle energy shot out of Ling Chen, forming a four cornered array. It then exploded, rushing towards the Warring Palace Skeleton’s right foot…



The explosion from the Four Corners Star Formation rang in Ling Chen’s ears as he stood dumbfounded, looking at the pitiful number in the air.

He had activated Soul Sacrifice and Battle Soul Possession, then used his most powerful attack. However, it only caused 1 damage to this Warring Palace Skeleton.

This was because the attack had not been strong enough to break through the Warring Palace Skeleton’s Defence.

Ling Chen was completely shocked. He had originally thought that it might have been possible for him to break through its Defence even without Soul Sacrifice, but he had been incredibly wrong… with Soul Sacrifice, his base Physical Attack Power was above 3,000, and yet it had not broken through the Warring Palace Skeleton’s Defence.

What incredible Defence! This giant skeleton’s strength was not in its attack, but in its Defence, which caused all to despair! It was not afraid of physical attacks at all, but rather feared flames, which caused double damage to it.

Ling Chen quickly recovered from his shock, and speedily got away from the skeleton. He was still not willing to completely depend on Xi Ling.

However, the prerequisite was that he had to survive again in order to attack the giant skeleton again. Sitting on the Cloud Stepping Mare, Ling Chen commanded it to run to the area behind the Warring Palace Skeleton. The Warring Palace Skeleton turned around, and locked on to his position. It took a long time to pull its sword out of the ground, turn around, then raise its sword again. However, when the sword descended for the second time, Ling Chen found that the smell of death became stronger.

Ling Chen’s reaction time, prediction ability and his agility were peerless. He could instantaneously predict where the sword was going to land, and thus move to avoid it…

However, in the half a second it took for the sword to hit the ground, he needed to predict where it would land, then move at least 10 metres to get out of the 20 metre AOE. Even if his prediction was flawless, his Movement Speed was something that he could not overcome. Thus, as he ran, he could only watch as the giant sword came closer and closer to the ground, as he became closer and closer to death…

What was terrifying about Heaven’s End Bosses were not just their HP, Defence and Attack power, but also fear-inspiring AOE of their attacks. This was especially so for new players who were rather inexperienced in predicting attacks and finding the most efficient ways to dodge them- just the AOE of Heaven’s End Bosses were enough to send them into despair.

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