Shura's Wrath

Chapter 154

Skeleton Castle

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire
The system announcement caused Ling Chen to momentarily pause. The objective of the Forest of Bones Quest was to reach the heart of the forest, and then investigate what it was hiding.  The Quest then required one to give the information to the Chief of Bodyguards, after which the Quest would be completed. However, the Quest had been given the completion status, and had even given him the rewards before he even left the forest. Could it be that reporting to the Chief of Bodyguards was optional?

Simultaneously, at the entrance of the Forest of Bones, the silhouettes of three people appeared. These three people did not just arrive, but rather were sent out from the Forest of Bones. Seeing these exiting players, the crowd gathered around the entrance were flabbergasted. They revealed expressions of shock, and unconsciously stepped back. Not a single person was brave enough to speak.

This was because every single person out of these three people were legendary figures in both China and the whole world. The person in the middle was the most powerful person in China in the virtual world, The Alliance Master of the Yan Huang Alliance, Long Yun Tian. At his left was a person completely wrapped in a black cloak, even their eyes and hair. This sort of outfit would usually be laughed at by other people, and yet not a single person dared to laugh, or even make a sound. This was because there was only one legendary person who would walk at Long Tian Yun’s right hand side, and use such an outfit…

Sword Emperor- Feng Xie Yu!

On Long Yun Tian’s left hand side was a young male, who looked like he was not even 20 years old. His clothes were all flame red, and even his Magic Staff was crimson red, and would occasionally flash with a fiery light. His skin was white, but not pale, and he looked peerlessly handsome. His mouth held a relaxed smile, and his expression was calm and nonchalant. At a glance, it seemed like he was a carefree boy with little experience in the real world. However, almost every person in the virtual world knew of this person’s name… he had an appearance that made him look even more attractive than some girls, and was thirty years of age in actuality. He had an elegant atmosphere, yet had a fiery arrogance and temper.

He was publicly recognised as the number 1 Mage in all of China… the President of the Yan Huang Alliance’s Magic Alliance, and ranked number 4 on the Player Level Rankings- “Flame Emperor”, Cang Yan!

The Yan Huang Alliance’s Alliance Master and the two strongest figures in the Yan Huang Alliance had simultaneously appeared here. This was a piece of shocking information. Their reason for coming here was obvious, which was to be the first to complete the Quest, so as to avoid it being completed by other players first. The rewards of the Quest were simply too tempting, and even Long Tian Yun had personally come out on this Quest along with the Sword Emperor and Flame Emperor.

The result was obvious- they had also failed. Three hours ago, a twelve-man team had entered. Now, after three hours, the Quest’s time limit had expired, and three people had been sent out.

Although they had not completed the Quest, but being able to stay in the Forest of Bones for three hours without dying was already an excellent result. It should be noted that before, many teams had confidently entered, but most had been wiped out within 10 minutes.

As expected from the Sword Emperor and Flame Emperor, being able to stay in the Forest of Bones for three hours without dying. If this Quest did not have a time limit, maybe they really would have been able to finish it.

Long Tian Yun did not get angry at all over not being able to complete the Quest. He looked behind him towards the Forest of Bones, and calmly said, “In three hours, with your combined power, we were able to get past the Second District and reach the halfway mark. Looks like the rumours were true, that this Quest is not possible to complete at the current stage of the game. Let’s come back after we’re all LV20. If you two aren’t able to complete this Quest, then it’s impossible for anyone to complete it, so we don’t have to worry about this Quest being stolen by anyone else. Let’s go back now- we only have three chances, so let’s try again after LV20.”

The Sword Emperor gave no reply, and the Flame Emperor slightly nodded his head, agreeing with what Long Tian Yun had just said. Just as they were about to leave, a system announcement suddenly rang out.
“Ding… China Region Announcement. The Mega Quest “Forest of Bones” has been completed. The successful player has already received the rewards, and the Quest is now closed. The Forest of Bones area has now been opened, any player can now freely enter.”

“Ding… China Region Announcement…”

“Ding… China Region Announcement…”
Long Tian Yun’s body and expression stiffened. He could not make a single sound, as if something was stuck in his throat.

He suddenly turned, and stared towards the Forest of Bones, his expression becoming extremely unsightly. Just a few seconds ago, he had confidently said that no one would be able to complete this Quest at this stage of the game. However, this announcement had struck him like a bolt of thunder.

There was actually someone who had completed this Quest!!

The Forest of Bones Quest could be attempted by every player three times, but could only be completed once. As soon as a player or group of players completed the Quest, it would be forever closed. Right now, only about half a day had passed since the Four Mega Quests were announced. When the announcement sounded out, countless players stopped what they were doing and held a dumbfounded look on their faces. This was especially so for the players who had rushed to complete the first two Quests, but had not even started the third Quest yet- they could hardly believe their ears. Even the Yan Huang Alliance’s elite team with the Sword Emperor and Flame Emperor was not able to complete the Quest.
The one who could not accept this the most was of course Long Tian Yun… he had just failed, and had confidently said that no one would be able to complete the Quest anytime soon. Immediately after, someone had completed the Quest. With his position as the Alliance Master of the Yan Huang Alliance, and flanked by the Sword Emperor and Flame Emperor, two of the strongest players, this news was not simply just a shock to him… rather, it was almost as if someone had slapped him across the face.

“Immediately investigate which team was it that completed the Quest!” Long Tian Yun barked as he shattered his teleport scroll and disappeared.

Heart of the Forest of Bones……

“Ding… you have successfully completed the three Mega Quests [Exterminate the Ogres], [Collect Red Crystal Grass] and [Forest of Bones], you can now challenge the Ultimate Quest, [Moon God Ruins].

Ling Chen naturally did not know of the huge commotion caused by the system announcement that the Forest of Bones Quest had been completed. The Forest of Bones was even more challenging than he had expected. If it wasn’t for Xiao Hui’s navigation and Xi Ling’s destructive attacks, he too would not have been able to complete this Quest. However, because the Quest was so challenging, the rewards were very generous as well. Not only did he receive 150 SP and Fame Points, but also an extra point to both his Luck and Comprehension… as well as two Gold grade equipment! This sort of incredible rewards was enough for countless players to understand that this was an almost impossible Quest.

However, right now, with the Quest already completed, it became impossible for them to ever complete it.

Ling Chen took out the two Gold equipment and looked at their stats.

[Wind Chaser Bandanna]: Type: Headgear, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Any profession above LV20, with Luck above 5. A mysterious bandanna filled with wind element, wearing it allows one’s body to become incredibly light. Stats: Defence+10, Spirit+10, Agility+10, Movement Speed+10, Wind Resistance+5%.

[Purple Crystal Amour (Lower)]: Type: Lower Armour, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Any melee profession above LV20. Leg bracers made of purple crystal. They are incredibly sturdy, and has strong Physical Defence. Stats: Defence+50, Strength+10, Constitution+10, Physical Damage to legs -20%, +20% resistance to Defence debuffs.

The stats of the two Gold grade equipment were not ordinary at all. Although the Purple Crystal Armour was only a lower armour, its defence was extremely high, almost comparable to that of a full body armour. As for the Wind Chaser Bandanna… Ling Chen had never seen a piece of headgear that could increase Movement Speed, and by a whole ten points!! This was more valuable to him than even 100 attack damage.

Ling Chen had already reached LV17, and with the Item Manipulation Technique, he could equip LV20 equipment. As such, he took out the Ghost Cloak he had found from before, and equipped all three pieces of equipment. With a cloak, as well as two Gold grade equipment, his stats once again greatly increased.

Apart from the two Gold grade equipment, he had also received an Intermediate Energy Crystal.

[Intermediate HP Crystal]: Type: Energy Crystal, Grade: Intermediate, Attribute: Fire, Effect: HP+9%.

Equipping the Intermediate HP Crystal onto the Lunar Scourge, Ling Chen’s HP was now over 1,000. Although it still could not compare to the HP of Shield Bearers, it was still greatly superior to other melee classes.

The Forest of Bones Quest had now been completed, and Ling Chen had received his rewards. A wise person who could control their greed would immediately depart after receiving their rewards. However, 99% of players’ curiosity would get the better of them, tempting them to see what was inside this skeleton castle.
Of course, Ling Chen was not an exception.

In a forest with bones scattered all over the ground, it was highly unusual having a massive castle in the centre. There was definitely some sort of shocking secret in the castle. As such, anyone who saw this castle would want to go in to investigate.

This was also part of the reason why no one who had entered the Forest of Bones before had ever left alive. All of the monsters were at least LV20, and though there were many experts in the Azure Dragon City, anyone who had entered the heart of the forest had never left alive. This was why the Forest of Bones became one of the three forbidden areas in the Forbidden Continent.

Having walked all the way to the centre, Ling Chen was very clear about this. He gazed at the skeleton castle for a long time, and nevertheless decided to walk forwards towards it…

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