Shura's Wrath

Chapter 151

White Bone Pendant

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

All of the items Xiao Hui had found were all exquisite items. Standing in front of the enormous dragon skeleton, Ling Chen reached out with his hand. The feeling of the skeleton was icy cold and incredibly rigid and tough. He tried to see if he could put the skeleton into his bag… unexpectedly, he was successful. This was probably only because it did not have an owner, and was not a fixed part of the environment. However, because it was incredibly large, it took up a whole twenty spaces in his bag.

“If I can use this dragon skeleton to make weapons and other equipment, I’m sure they’d have extraordinary stats.” Ling Chen thought. If he brought this giant skeleton to the Azure Dragon City Blacksmith, he was sure to be very shocked. However, if the Dragon Clan found out that humans were using Dragon bones to create equipment, there was the possibility of their retaliation.

Putting the Dragon skeleton away, Ling Chen once again looked at the time and said in a low voice, “Xiao Hui, let’s go.”

The Fourth District in the Forest of Bones was exceptionally quiet. After walking for half an hour, Ling Chen did not encounter a single skeleton. This caused him to be both shocked and highly alert. Because there were even less bones in the area in front of him, his speed was even faster than when travelling through the Third District. As he neared the end of the Fourth District, he took out the map, and found that he was less than three kilometres from the heart of the forest.

The Quest should be completed as soon as he reached the centre of the forest. In that case, might as well press forwards and directly charge over there!

Ling Chen breathed in, and began to run at his top speed. After running for about a minute, his footsteps stopped. In front of him, countless sharp bones were stabbed into the ground. This vast plain of bone-thorns completely blocked the path going forwards. If one stepped onto these bones, they were sure to be impaled and lose their life. There were no gaps in these bone-thorns, except in one place- a place where two gigantic skeletons were standing.

The two giant skeletons were enormous, being at least 10 metres tall each. These two skeletons, like small scale mountains, blocked the only safe path through these bone-thorns. They each held an incredibly large and sharp bone, measuring at least five or six metres long. As Ling Chen walked nearer, their dark eye sockets lit up with a pale green glow, as if they were opening their eyes. The skeletons began to raise their hands carrying the large bones.

[Colossal Skeleton]: Type: Undead, Level: 20, Grade: Lord, HP: 23,000. Giant skeletons controlled by a mysterious power. They have no consciousness, and can only move slowly. However, they have almost indestructible bodies and terrifying destructive power. Do not allow yourself to be hit by their attacks no matter what.

Passive Abilities: Defence and Attack are very high, negates 40% of Darkness Damage.

Attack Skills: [Stomp]: Uses the skeleton’s foot to stomp on the target. If hit, the target will receive a large amount of damage and will be stunned for 1-2 seconds. The sheer weight of the skeleton’s foot also causes tremors in the ground. Though the tremors do not do damage, it is very easy for the target to lose their balance or become stunned. Before activating, this skill has a very obvious set-up action.

[Giant Bone Bombardment]: Uses the bone in its hand to strike the ground, causing large amounts of damage to everything within five metres, and has a 100% chance to stun for 2 seconds. It also has a chance for the target to be knocked back or knocked down. Before activating, this skill has a very obvious set-up action.

These two giant skeletons were twin LV20 Lord bosses!

The Colossal Skeletons only had two Attack Skills, but both dealt great damage and had large AOEs. However, the Colossal Skeletons had one significant weakness, which was that they moved very slowly. Enemies with slow movements posed little to no threat to Ling Chen, because even if they had high attack power, it would still be almost impossible to hit him. However, he needed to be wary of both skeletons attacking at once.


The footsteps of the two Colossal Skeletons created deafening booms, causing the ground to shake. With just a few steps, they were already close to Ling Chen. Their enormous bodies released an invisible sense of pressure. They lifted their feet, and furiously stomped towards him.

It turned out that the set-up actions were indeed very obvious. Ling Chen easily dodged the attacks, and before the skeletons could react in time, he sent two “Ling Tian Slashes” towards their feet.


-483, -479.

Two red damage numbers floated from the two Colossal Skeletons’ feet, causing Ling Chen to stare in disbelief.

Right now, his base Physical Attack Power was 754, and with the “Heaven Wind Technique”, even without a crit, a Ling Tian Slash should be able to deal near 2,000 damage.

However, each slash did less than 500 damage to each of the skeletons!

These two Colossal Skeletons’ defence could actually negate so much of his Physical Attack Power!! With this sort of defence power, no normal melee player under LV30 would be able to break through its defence at all!

After his initial shock, Ling Chen immediately calmed down. Physical defence and Attack were the two Colossal Skeleton’s greatest strengths. Thus, the easiest way to defeat them was to use Magic Attacks. If Xi Ling was here, all she would have to do would be to flap her wings, and they’d be instantly destroyed.

“This little bit of defence is nothing… I won’t waste a single second on you guys!!”

Ling Chen didn’t want to waste any time on these monsters. There were only three hours to complete the Quest in total, and a bit more than two hours had already passed. While the time he had left grew smaller and smaller, there were more and more variables appearing. He continuously dodged the two Colossal Skeletons’ attacks, and stood in between the two skeletons. Light suddenly burst forth from his body.

“Soul Sacrifice!”

After activating Soul Sacrifice, Ling Chen’s base Physical Attack Power reached 3,000, and simultaneously, a red light burst forth on his body.

“Battle Soul Possession!”

“Die… Four Corners Star Formation!!”

With the Zephyr Blade in his left hand, he released the battle energy, which turned into a four cornered formation, covering the two Colossal Skeletons. In the next moment, the battle energy exploded.


The two Colossal Skeletons were knocked down from the tremors of the Four Corners Star Formation, and a red damage number and a yellow damage number respectively floated above their heads:


At the same time as they fell down, the HP of the two Colossal Skeletons immediately emptied. Although they had extremely strong defence, with a forbidden technique like Soul Sacrifice, ripping apart the defence was extremely easy. At his peak condition with all his buffs, he insta-killed these two Colossal Skeletons. Even without Xi Ling, these two LV20 Lord Bosses proved no threat to him whatsoever.

“Ding… you have successfully killed two LV20 Lord Bosses “Colossal Skeleton”, SP+400, Fame Points+400.”

“Ding… your pet “Crimson Spirit” has levelled up, and is now LV14…”

To the current Lin Chen, LV20 Lord Bosses were no challenge at all anymore. Appearing before him was the same as giving him free EXP and SP. Although Xi Ling could not temporarily battle, she could still receive EXP. Killing these two Lord Bosses allowed her to level up to LV14, only 2 levels under Ling Chen.

Adding on the free 400 SP from the two Colossal Skeletons, Ling Chen now had 2080 SP. This was enough to level up Ling Tian Slash and Ling Tian Burst many times, but was still quite far from being able to level up what he truly wanted, Heaven Wind Technique and Item Manipulation Technique. After thinking for a while, he decided to save the SP. Heaven Wind Technique, Item Manipulation Technique and War God Technique, these were all incredibly strong skills. However, the amount of SP required to level them up… was enormous. They were only inferior to the forbidden skills Soul Sacrifice and Battle Soul Possession. Soul Sacrifice needed an astounding 50,000 SP to level up, so Ling Chen could only rely on Xiao Hui’s “Holy Spirit’s Gift” to increase its level.
Ling Chen had never received any gold from these skeletons. However, as the two Colossal Skeletons died, they unexpectedly dropped two pieces of equipment.

[White Bone Chain]: Type: Lunar Chain, Grade: Silver: Equipment Requirements: None. A lunar chain made from giant’s bones. It can equip any grade of energy stones, but cannot equip energy orbs. Maximum number of energy stones: 3.

[White Bone Pendant]: Type: Necklace, Grade: Silver, Equipment Requirements: None. A necklace made out of giant’s bones, which will occasionally release darkness aura. Stats: Critical chance+7%.

One was a Silver Lunar Chain, and the other was a pure crit chance increase necklace!

High grade Lunar Chains were incredibly rare, and a Silver Lunar Chain would be worth almost an entire city. It was far more valuable than any other Silver equipment. However, this White Bone Pendant was even more shocking. Although it only had one stat, but it increased one’s crit chance by a whole 7%, and had no Equipment Requirements. Although this necklace was only a Silver grade equipment, even a LV100 player would desire after it.

This White Bone Pendant was also the first necklace type equipment Ling Chen had found. After all, necklace type equipment were incredibly rare. He immediately put on the necklace, and opened up his Stats Page. With the necklace, his crit chance was now a shocking 30%! This meant that every three or four strikes, there would usually be at least one crit!

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