Shura's Wrath

Chapter 150

Ancient Dragon Skeleton

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Ding… you have successfully killed the LV20 Lord Boss ‘Soul Reaper’, SP+200, Fame+200.”

Ling Chen’s most powerful skill was without a doubt “Soul Sacrifice”. Once it was activated, although he was put at risk, it would allow him to quickly send powerful enemies to the abyss of death. With the effects from Soul Sacrifice, the Soul Reaper’s remaining 50,000 HP was cleared out by Ling Chen within a few seconds. Following its death, its grey cloak dropped to the ground.

This was the first spoils of war Ling Chen had received since entering the Forest of Bones. Ling Chen did not walk towards it, but rather waited until the effects of Soul Sacrifice expired, then went ahead to pick it up.

[Ghost Cloak]: Type: Cloak, Grade: Silver, Equipment Requirements: Any profession above LV20. A cloak that has been infected with Darkness and Death elements, and continuously emits a dark aura. Stats: Defense+20, HP+100, Agility+10, Darkness resistance+10%.

Although Cloaks were a normal type of equipment, they were the rarest type of normal equipment. The Equipment Store did not even have any Pale White Cloaks. This was the first Cloak Ling Chen had obtained in the Mystic Moon world. Because of his ‘Item Manipulation Technique’, if he could level up one more time, he would be able to equip this Cloak. [TLN: See Chapter 48 if you don’t remember what this is].

After the effects of Soul Sacrifice ended, Ling Chen’s HP returned to full HP and he looked at the remaining time, then quickly continued walking.

“Ding… you have entered the Third District, please proceed with care.”

A bit more than an hour had passed. Ling Chen took out his map, and saw that he was about halfway to the heart of the forest. He was definitely the first player in all of China to reach this point. It was obvious that the obstacles that he would face were going to be even greater. The reason why he was able to advance so quickly in the first half was because of Xi Ling. However, now that Xi Ling couldn’t battle for another hour, Ling Chen would have to depend on his own power to complete the last half of the journey.

The Third District in front of him was much sparser compared to the Second District, and there were not as many physical obstacles blocking his way. In such a dangerous location, most people would advance cautiously and carefully, in order to not be taken by surprise by any dangers. However, Ling Chen decided to rush on ahead and ignore any dangers that came his way. Even if any skeletons appeared, his speed allowed him to quickly leave them behind. After all, the goal of this Quest was to reach the heart of the forest, as opposed to kill skeletons. As such, the key factor for this third Quest was not attack power or defence abilities, but rather speed!

After entering the Third District for a minute, the first skeleton wave came forth. Before the bones had time to assemble themselves into skeletons, Ling Chen rushed towards them, and unleashed two “Ling Tian Bursts” towards them.


Although these skeletons had strong defences, Ling Chen’s attack power was insanely strong. The skeletons that were still forming were instantly killed, clearing the way for Ling Chen. After clearing the skeletons in front of him, Ling Chen did not even pay attention to the other skeletons as he rushed on ahead. With the Wind Chaser Stone and Wind Riding Boots [TLN: Chapters 78-79], Ling Chen’s speed, even without a mount, reached 132. Normal skeletons had no hope of catching up to him. Adding on his incredibly agile body, obstacles that gave normal people headaches were nothing to him. In no time, the skeletons were left far, far behind by him.

With Xiao Hui leading the way, Ling Chen was not at all worried about getting lost.

Using the same method, Ling Chen quickly left behind four waves of Skeleton Soldiers. After passing through about half of the Third District, dots of eerie green light appeared… they were the eyes of many wolf-shaped skeletons. They seemed to be waiting for Ling Chen. All of the glowing green eyes were fixed on Ling Chen, and the wolves suddenly began to charge at him at a terrifying speed.

Ling Chen stopped walking and looked at these wolf-shaped skeletons.

[Wolf Skeleton]: Type: Undead, Level: LV20, HP: 800. A-wolf shaped skeleton controlled by a mysterious power. It has an agile body and ferocious attack power. Its sharp claws can easily cut through a living being’s body.

Abilities: Very high Speed, reduces Darkness attacks by 40%.

Attack Skills: [Claw Stab]: Uses claws to stab at its target’s body. It has a high chance of triggering critical and piercing attacks.

Watching the Skeleton Wolves charge towards him. Ling Chen immediately knew that their Movement Speed was far superior to his. It was completely impossible to outrun them like how he outran the Skeleton Soldiers. His only option was to wipe them out. Ling Chen took a step back and swept across them with his eyes… twenty of them in total.


Ling Chen held the Soaring Cloud spear in his left hand and Zephyr Blade in his right hand, and shot forwards towards them. Both hands released Ling Tian Bursts, resulting in two arcs of light, one white and one green, flying out, hitting the nearest seven Skeleton Wolves in the five metres in front of him.



The AOE of one Ling Tian Burst was already quite frightening, let alone two. As a barrage of slamming sounds sounded out, seven Skeleton Wolves were knocked flying, clearing the area around Ling Chen. Another wave of Skeleton Wolves rushed up closing in on Ling Chen. He took a step back and once again sent out two Ling Tian Bursts, killing all the Skeleton Wolves within five metres around him. Without waiting for the remaining Skeleton Wolves to come forwards, Ling Chen charged towards them, and used another two precise Ling Tian Bursts, killing the remaining Skeleton Wolves. With the Sagittarius Orbs, all of his attacks were guaranteed to hit, and if they hit, they were guaranteed to kill.

The 20 Wolf Skeletons posed no threat to Ling Chen at all, and did not even slow him down by much. In just a few seconds, these Wolf Skeletons had been destroyed like blocks of tofu. The skeletons that appeared in the Forest of Bones were indeed quite terrifying; players of the current stage of the game definitely would not be able to deal with them at all. However, even without Xi Ling, Ling Chen was still able to confidently deal with them.

The Third District was much more difficult to deal with than the other Districts. Not only were there Skeleton Soldiers, but also Wolf Skeletons, Tiger Skeletons, Bear Skeletons, which were all LV20. Despite there being more and more variations and types of skeletons, the levels of the monsters did not rise.

After half an hour, Ling Chen had finally passed through the Third District.

“Ding… you have entered the Fourth District, please proceed with care.”

“Ding… continuing forwards, you will reach the heart of the forest. The heart of the Forest of Bones contains unimaginable danger, it is recommended that you do not proceed.”

There were much less bones in the Fourth District than in previous Districts. As one walked deeper into the Forest of Bones, there were less and less bones on the ground. Ling Chen checked the Quest timer, and saw that he still had a bit more than an hour. If there were not any mishaps, he should be able to reach the heart of the forest and investigate what’s going on in there in time.

Xiao Hui was always energetically running in front of Ling Chen, guiding him. Since the beginning of the Quest, none of the skeletons attacked him because of his special ability to negate any hatred or ill will of other creatures towards himself. After walking forwards for a while in the Fourth District, Xiao Hui stopped walking. Just as Ling Chen began to wonder what was going on, he suddenly lifted his nose, and the sharp horn on his forehead began to flash with a grey light. He then quickly turned his body, and ran towards the right.

What had he discovered… Ling Chen did not hesitate, and followed after him. Xiao Hui’s horn glowing with light meant that he had found some type of treasure. This place of death, filled with skeletons, could it really be hiding some sort of treasure?

Xiao Hui ran for a long time, and stopped in front of an oddly shaped, five to six-metre-high skeleton. He wagged his tail, staring at the skeleton, and sent information regarding the skeleton to Ling Chen.

[Ancient Dragon Skeleton]: The skeleton of a Void Dragon. After Dragons of the Dragon Clan pass away, their corpses are taken back to the Dragon Clan. However, this Void Dragon’s skeleton was mixed with the millions of bones, and thus was not noticed by the Dragon Clan. After remaining in the Forest of Bones for ten thousand years and being tainted by the darkness of the forest, it has become incredibly hard. Even a small piece is enough to easily pierce through steel, and is an incomparable forging material.

This… was a Dragon’s skeleton? Ling Chen looked up at the enormous skeleton, his heart full of shock.

Dragons were the apex existences in the Forgotten Continent’s Beast Clan, this was something every living creature was clear about. Any part of a Dragon’s Body, whether it was a Dragon’s blood, whiskers, scales, bones, meat, were all priceless treasures. However, Dragons were extremely powerful, and there were barely any people who had the strength or courage to go and kill a Dragon. Moreover, the Dragon Clan would always retrieve the corpses of dead Dragons, and definitely would not allow the corpses to fall into anyone else’s hands.

Yet, right in front of him, was an Ancient Dragon Skeleton!

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