Shura's Wrath

Chapter 144

 Challenging Again

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

After calling out Xiao Hui, the Ogre’s stats appeared in Ling Chen’s mind.

[Ogre]: Type: Demon, Level: LV15, HP: 1200. The lowest level of Demons of the ancient Demon Clan. They had a demonic nature, but had very low power, and so were not recognised by the Demon Clan. After the Demon Clan was exterminated, the Ogres who had not been able to enter the core group of the Demon Clan were spared. However, because they were stigmatised by all other creatures, they could only hide in a dark, secluded place.

Passive Ability: Darkness Resistance: 30%, able to see clearly in the darkness.

Attack Skills: [Bodyslam]: Leaps towards its target, causing Physical Attack Damage as well as 20 Darkness Element Damage.

The overall strength of the Ogres was far superior to normal LV15 monsters. Although they were just regular monsters, they were comparable to 1 Star Elite Monsters. The reason why they were not 1 Star Elites was simple: if they were, this place would become a place to farm an incredible amount of SP.

Xi Ling’s appearance marked the beginning of the Ogres’ nightmares.

As Xi Ling’s first wave of Wild Flames descended on the Ogres, the group of Ogres began to wail pitifully. Xi Ling’s flames were greatly feared by Demons. Even the War Demon Beast of the Mysterious God level knelt before Xi Ling’s flames, begging for mercy- these low level Ogres too were completely and utterly powerless before them.


As the Ogres were consumed by the flames, terrifying numbers began to appear, causing Ling Chen to stare, dumbfounded. Xi Ling’s current Magic Attack Damage was 6900, and caused double damage to the Ogres because of elemental weaknesses!!

Xi Ling’s flames were indeed the Demons’ greatest fear.

“Over thirty thousand damage… and it’s an Area of Effect attack, Heavens!!”

Watching the Ogres screaming in the midst of the flames, as well as the overwhelming numbers above their heads, the girls were shocked out of their minds. Even Mu Bing Yao had a look of stupor on her face. Currently, most players were not much higher than LV10, and could at most cause damage numbers in the three digits range. However, what they were looking at right now were five digits! This sort of number was not supposed to appear at this stage of the game… what was even more unbelievable was that this sort of damage was coming from a pet!

No matter who was looking at this scene, in addition to shock, the only other things present were disbelief and unacceptance. Xi Ling was already known by everyone to be the only Heaven’s End grade pet… however, was this damage really coming from a LV13 Heaven’s End grade pet? Let alone Heaven’s End, even if it was a LV13 Mysterious God grade pet, such damage figures should not be possible!!

“This is too shocking. If it is so powerful at LV13, then if it continues levelling up, then its strength would be unimaginable. Even the entire world’s only SSS player, Eve, would be killed in less than a second by this pet.” Yun Meng Xin thought to herself.

As Xi Ling continued to unleash Wild Flames, the large wave of Ogres that were rushing over all became corpses. There were a lucky few that survived, screaming and wailing as they scrambled to get away from the flames. It was as if they had seen their worst nightmare. The girls promptly forget their nervousness, as well as the ferocity of the Ogres from before. They stood transfixed, staring at the flames and red damage numbers.

At this moment, watching Xi Ling and its owner Ling Tian, all of the girls had the same thought… in terms of power, they were simply on a completely different level.

In the blink of an eye, tens of Ogres had been utterly decimated. What was left was simply a pile of black corpses and tongues of flame on the ground. The Ogres’ bodies were quickly devoured by Xiao Hui, who refined them into items then transferred them into Ling Chen’s bag.

[Elementary Darkness Soul Stone]: A low quality stone with a high density of Darkness Demonic energy. It can be embedded into a weapon or armour. If it is embedded into a weapon, a small amount of Darkness element damage will be added to the attack. If it is embedded onto armour, the armour will gain a small amount of Darkness element resistance.

Although Xiao Hui had only been refining items from fairly low level monsters recently, not a single one of them was useless. This caused Ling Chen to shiver with anticipation as to what sort of items Xiao Hui would refine if he devoured high level monsters.

After completing his clean up, Xiao Hui returned to Ling Chen’s side. Ling Chen held Shui Ruo’s hand, and said while looking forwards, “Xiao Hui, go and find the place where there are the most Ogres. Xi Ling, go with Xiao Hui and destroy an Ogres you find. Let’s go, this quest shouldn’t take too long.”

Ling Chen knew what the girls were all thinking and did not say anything about it. No matter how one’s mental fortitude was, facing such a scene, they would still be unable to remain calm seeing Xi Ling’s incredible power.

The Ogres’ 1200 HP was not a small figure to players of the current stage of the game. However, under Xi Ling’s terrifying attack power, their HP was not even worth looking at. Let alone tens, even if hundreds of Ogres came swarming, all Xi Ling would have to do was flap her wings a few times, and would decimate them without any danger.

As such, with Xi Ling present, what was quite a challenge to other players, something that could result in the entire group dying, was an extremely easy task. In less than ten minutes, 200 Ogres had fallen under Xi Ling’s flames. From the beginning to the end, although they had been slightly scared at the beginning, the five girls did not have a chance to attack. Instead, they just followed Xi Ling and walked for a while, completing the Quest.

“Ding… you have successfully killed 200 Ogres.”

“Ding… the Quest [Exterminate Ogres] has been completed. Group rewards: [Rusty Armour], [Shadow Dagger]. Every player will receive: SP+50, Fame+50. You may remain in ‘Dark Craggy Hill’ for another 48 minutes, or you can choose to immediately depart.”

“Quest complete!” Ling Chen said as he called back Xi Ling and Xiao Hui. He took out the two Copper items that they had received from the Quest… Quest rewards were directly given to the group leader, who could distribute them as he or she liked. One of the Copper equips was a Copper armour, and was limited to LV15 male Warriors. The other was a LV15 Assassin dagger.

“Meng Xin, I’ll give this armour to you. When you have time, please give it to your brother… although he’ll probably be able to find better armour himself sooner or later. Bing Yao, this dagger is for you. If you don’t have any better items by the time you reach LV15, just use until you do.” Ling Chen efficiently distributed the Copper equips.

With Xi Ling present, they had completed the Quest easily. However, Ling Chen was sure that less than 10% of current players would be able to complete such a quest. After all, Copper grade equips were not so easy to obtain. Moreover, if they had the power, even if the SP and Fame Points could only be received after the first completion, completing the Quest three times would yield six Copper grade equips!

Seeing that the first Quest had such a difficulty level, Ling Chen began to become excited for the next Quest.

Yun Meng Xin and Mu Bing Yao accepted the armour and dagger, but did not say anything. Ling Chen suspiciously looked at them, and asked, “Are you guys alright… why do you have such strange expressions? We’ve completed the Quest, so do you guys want to go back, or stay for a while?”

Yun Meng Xin slightly stepped forwards and said, “The Quest has been completed, not to mention the speed… we just discussed, after leaving here, we’re going to do the Quest again.”

Ling Chen nodded, “Hmm, good idea. That way, you can get another two Copper equips.”

Yun Meng Xin nodded, then shook her head. She looked at Ling Chen, “Although, the most important thing is, next time we attempt this Quest, we hope that you can stand by the side and not help us.”

Ling Chen was slightly shocked, but looked thoughtfully at her as he asked, “Why is that?”

“Because big brother Ling Tian and Xi Ling are simply too strong, strong to the point that we don’t even have the chance to participate in the Quest.” Xiao QI replied, “This is a Quest, and is supposed to be hard, as well as filled with danger and excitement. It’s meant to test our abilities and strength in different areas. However, with big brother Ling Tian present, without even doing anything, we’ve completed the Quest. And yet, there was no sense of a challenge, or any sense of accomplishment… plus, a long time ago we said that big brother Ling Tian is the strongest in our group, and is the core of Heart’s Dream. Maybe one day you’ll even help our Heart’s Dream to become a legend… however, we don’t want to always rely on big brother Ling Tian, but rather work hard ourselves, so that we can help big sister Meng Xin and stand with big brother Ling Tian in supporting Heart’s Dream.   So… we hope that we can once again challenge this Quest without big brother Ling Tian’s help. Even if we fail, that will still be the outcome of our own efforts, and will push us to grow and work even harder.”

“That’s how I feel as well… before, we were scared stiff by the Ogres and were quite useless. I want to use my own strength to challenge this Quest again.” Su’Er’s voice was as soft and mellow as it usually was, but also contained a hint of resolution and determination.

Ling Chen gently smiled, and looked at each of the girls. They were completely different to how daughters of big families normally acted, arrogant and pretentious. Yun Meng Xin was a strong, independent girl, and her two friends who had sacrificed much to join Heart’s Dreams were not normal girls either. Moreover, with Mu Bing Yao present, they probably wouldn’t be in any danger.

“Alright then.” Ling Chen smiled as he nodded, “Then Ruo Ruo and I will go and complete the three other Quests, you guys can complete this Quest again… I believe that even if I’m not here, you’ll still be victorious.”

“Ahhhh! No, no, no!” Hearing that Ling Chen wanted to take Ling Shui Ruo away with him, Xiao Qi hurriedly pulled Ling Shui Ruo towards her, “Ruo Ruo is ours! With such a strong Priest, even if we only have five people, we still have confidence to complete this Quest! Big brother Ling Tian, you’re strong enough to not need any protection.”

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