Shura's Wrath

Chapter 140

Heart’s Dream’s New Member

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

After carefully looking through the stats and skills of the Fairy Priest class, no matter if it was Ling Chen or Shui Ruo, they were both utterly dumbfounded. Although they were somewhat prepared, this class had surpassed anything they had expected. After changing class, there were six skills that could be immediately used, even more than Ling Chen’s “Ling Tian Battle Soul”.

“So powerful…” Ling Shui Ruo opened her mouth, and felt her whole body brimming with a pure energy, “This… is this power really mine now… so powerful, it’s like I’m in a dream.”

Although she didn’t know strong a normal Priest was, but the Fairy Priest class she had just changed to was many, many times stronger than the Apprentice Priest class she had before. Moreover, she had only just changed class, and this was the weakest state of the class… and yet, it already had six usable skills. If this class and its skills were all upgraded, and advanced into a higher class, it would be absolutely inconceivable how strong the advanced class would be.

“Of course it is! Ruo Ruo, right now, you’re probably the strongest Priest in all of China.” Ling Chen said while smiling. He had said this to make Shui Ruo happy, but at the same time, he knew that he was not exaggerating at all. After looking at the Fairy Priest’s stats and skills, even he had been completely shocked. It was so much stronger than a normal Priest, and this was only the beginning. It was difficult to imagine how powerful this class would be after it was developed and upgraded.

Ling Shui Ruo gave a sweet smile, “Then I’m going to be able to protect big brother right?”

“Of course! My Ruo Ruo will become the strongest Priest out there, and there will be countless people begging Ruo Ruo to protect them.” Ling Chen said with a smile. Powerful Priests were people who guilds desperately fought over, this was something that was commonly seen. It was because the role of a Priest was far too important in team battles. Shield bearers and Priests were two classes that a powerful team absolutely needed.

Fairy Priest… if the stats and skills of this class were made public, there would be many jealous Priests who would drool from just looking at the stats and skills.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to meet our guild members. They’re already waiting for us.”

No one could resist the allure of a powerful class. The sheer power and mysteriousness of the Hidden Professions were things that caused people to lose control of themselves. The Shui Ruo who had just changed to the Fairy Priest class was still lost in her exhilaration… or perhaps, she was always this happy and carefree when she was with Ling Chen.

Before Ling Chen had met up with Shui Ruo, he had already told Meng Xin and the rest of them about her. They had long since been waiting for this mysterious guild member, and were very much looking forwards to meeting her.

They walked to the house with the “Heart’s Dream” sign, and opened the door. Inside, Yun Meng Xin, Xiao Qi, Su’Er an Mu Bing Yao had been sitting together, discussing something. When they saw Ling Chen and the girl he had brought, they all stood up, and went over to greet them.

“Good morning big brother Ling Tian… is she your little sister, our Heart’s Dream’s new member?” The first to rush up was naturally the energetic Xiao Qi. She immediately started questioning Ling Chen as she curiously stared at Shui Ruo.

“Yeah, this is my little sister, you can call her Ruo Ruo. She’s sixteen years and five months old.” Ling Chen said as he nodded.

Ever since she was diagnosed with the Isrock disease, apart from himself, Shui Ruo had not been in contact with any other people, and thus did not have any friends. Ling Chen hoped that she would make many friends in this world, friends who she could chat with, have fun with and play with.

“Wah!! Awesome!! Hi Ruo Ruo, I’m called Xiao Qi, and I’m older than you by one year. You can call me Qi Qi.” Another new member had joined, and it was Ling Tian’s little sister. Xiao Qi’s excitement was written all over her face.

“Hi big sister Qi Qi, big brother often mentions you these days.” The Shui Ruo who had not been in contact with other people for a while was not shy or reclusive at all. Whether it was her voice, or her smile, they were both extremely natural and relaxed.

“Eh? Big brother Ling Tian often mentions me?” This sentence caused Xiao Qi’s heart to start beating 200% faster. She secretly glanced at Ling Chen and hurriedly asked, “What does he say about me? Did he say anything bad about me?”

Ling Shui Ruo shook her head, “No way. Big brother said Qi Qi is a very pretty, cute and pure girl, as well as has a very powerful background. However, she doesn’t act like a stuck-up girl at all, and no matter who she talks to, that person will become very happy.”

Ling Chen: “……”

Hearing that she had been described like this by Ling Chen, Xiao Qi felt like flowers were blooming in her heart. Instantly, her opinion of the girl in front of her considerably rose as well. She covered her face, and slightly embarrassedly said, “Hehe, no way I’m as good as big brother Ling Tian described… En, Ruo Ruo, once again, welcome to Heart’s Dream. If anyone dares to bully you, let me know and I’ll teach them a lesson. Don’t worry, with me protecting you, no one will dare to bully you.”

“En! Thanks big sister Qi Qi.”

Shui Ruo’s voice was so soft and pure that it seemed like it could melt any and all evil and sinfulness. It was just as effective towards women as towards men, causing the Xiao Princess to vow to protect her as soon as they had met. She affectionately held Shui Ruo’s little hands as she introduced everyone else, “This is big sister Meng Xin, who is our Heart’s Dream’s guild master! She’s a very good person, so I’m sure that you will like her.”

“Hello big sister Meng Xin… I’ve been hearing about you since a long time ago. Big brother said that your temperament and personality is one of the best he’s ever seen, and today I can confirm this is true!”

Shui Ruo’s words caused Yun Meng Xin to gently smile. She felt that even the softest places in her heart had been stirred by Shui Ruo. This was a girl who was almost impossible to dislike. It seemed that Yun Meng Xin’s previous worries had all been unnecessary, “Ruo Ruo, welcome to Heart’s Dream. I hope that it will become like another family for you.”

“Definitely!” Ling Shui Ruo answered in a clear voice.

“And the most, most little-est; most, most cute-est is our little Su Su. She’s only fifteen years old, so she’s a big younger than you.” Xiao Qi began to introduce Su’Er.

“Hello Su Su… Su Su is just as cute as big brother described. Yesterday big brother was saying how he liked seeing Su Su’s face when she’s blushing.” Ling Shui Ruo walked towards Su’Er with a sweet smile.

Hearing what Ling Chen had said about her, Su’Er began to blush and slightly lowered her head. She looked so cute that anyone would be tempted to kiss her little face. She used a very small and weak voice to say, “Big sister Ruo Ruo, welcome to Heart’s Dream. Let’s… all work hard together.”

“En! Let’s work hard together! I will definitely work hard with all of you!”

Ling Shui Ruo’s behaviour caused Ling Chen to be somewhat surprised. After being diagnosed with the Isrock Disease, she had been cut off from the rest of the world for three years. What he expected was that she would act somewhat awkwardly or cautiously around strangers, and would not be able to act in such a relaxed manner. However, the way Shui Ruo acted towards them seemed like she had seen her own blood-related sisters, and had even caused every single person to have a good impression of her… from the way they all looked at Shui Ruo, Ling Chen could tell that they all extremely liked this girl, although they had only just met. Silently, he thought of the Shui Ruo from three years ago… indeed, the Shui Ruo from back then was just as energetic and outgoing, just like Xiao Qi. She was not afraid of anything and held no malicious intents whatsoever in her heart. She was so kind and caring… even to a person who was collapsed on the ground, someone no one else even bothered to look at. And yet, she had anxiously and caringly called out to him…

Indeed, she was someone who enjoyed lively places and events, and enjoyed having many friends. Three years ago she was like this; naturally, three years after, she would be too. She wouldn’t be shy or afraid, and would instead be incredibly happy to have so many friends…

“And finally, this is the most, most strongest girl in all of China… as well our Heart’s Dream’s member!” Xiao Qi pointed towards Mu Bing Yao.

“I know, it’s big sister Bing Yao!” Ling Shui Ruo immediately called out Mu Bing Yao’s name, causing this cold beauty to reveal an expression of shock, as well as another strange expression which quickly disappeared. Ling Shui Ruo contined, “Hello big sister Bing Yao, it’s so good to see you up close! I heard of your name a long time ago, and I know you’re even called the ‘Frozen Hearted Man-eater.” I never thought that I could become guildmates with big sister Bing Yao, I’m so happy!”

Hearing Shui Ruo say this, Mu Bing Yao’s icy heart deep down felt a sensation of warmth. She did not say anything back, only nodding at Ling Shui Ruo. However, her snowy-jade complexion revealed a faint expression of gentleness towards Shui Ruo.

“And now, our Heart’s Dream has six members! Yet another guild member, I’m so happy!” Xiao Qi fondly pulled Shui Ruo to sit next to her at the table. Shui Ruo’s little hands were extremely soft and gentle, causing Xiao Qi to be unwilling to let go. She looked at Ling Shui Ruo, and stretched out her hands towards the butterfly mask she was wearing, “Ruo Ruo, quickly take off your mask so we can see what you look like. Ruo Ruo’s voice is so pleasant, so I’m sure that you’re a super pretty girl.”

Ling Shui Ruo put up her hands in front of the mask, and gently shook her head, “I also really want to show everyone what I look like, but I need to listen to big brother. He doesn’t want me to take off my mask, so I won’t.”

Ling Chen, who knew that this was bound to happen, let out a sigh. Without giving Xiao Qi a chance to continue to push Shui Ruo, he walked over and put his arm around Shui Ruo’s shoulders, “It’s not that I don’t want you guys to see what Ruo Ruo looks like, and it’s not that I don’t trust you guys. It’s just that Ruo Ruo’s body isn’t too well… and you should all know that right now I’m attracting a lot of attention. If they people who were observing me found out about me, they’d use Ruo Ruo to find out my identity. Although it wouldn’t matter much for me, but I’m afraid that Ruo Ruo would be negatively affected. Thus, just to be especially safe, we need to protect our identities.”

“Indeed, Ling Tian, you’re very famous now, so much that you’re squashing the names of the Sword Emperor and Shinigami. Right now, there are definitely countless people who are desperately trying to find your real identity in order to rope you in with them, or even control you. If your identity does become exposed, then your life will be disrupted, as well as Ruo Ruo’s, who needs to be looked after. I agree that you should be as cautious as possible.” Yun Meng Xin was very understanding of Ling Chen’s position.

“Fine then.” Although Xiao Qi was still extremely curious and was not quite happy to give up, she did not persist anymore.

“When it’s the right time, Ruo Ruo and I will not hide our identities from you guys anymore. I believe that this day will not be too far away.” Ling Chen smilingly said.

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