Shura's Wrath

Chapter 137

Levelling to LV15

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

A Gold Lunar Chain caused this Auction House’s owner who had seen many treasures to become incredibly shocked. Evidently, it was worth quite a lot. He picked up the third item… the black token. He looked at it, and became extremely startled.

“Are you sure you want to auction this?” Lord Fortune put the token down, and looked at Ling Chen as he frowned.

“Yes!” Ling Chen nodded.

“You should be very clear as to how much this is worth… especially since this is the first of its kind. For the same item, the first will be worth much, much more than the second one. If I were you, even if I could sell it for a huge amount of money, I would not sell it. If you use it, then even if you were unknown in the past, your fame would travel throughout the entire land, helping your development in future.” Lord Fortune said in a sincere tone.

Ling Chen gave a casual smile, “Even so, I still want to auction it. Selling it for a large amount of money will benefit me more… I trust that Lord Fortune, having run this Auction House for so many years, will definitely fetch a high price for this item.”

Lord Fortune looked at Ling Chen seriously… even if he was an idiot, he should know that someone who is able to take out such an item, and a player at that, is definitely not a normal person. He nodded, and put the items away and said, “Since it’s like that, I won’t say anything unnecessary. We will accept all of these items. Furthermore, you can choose the auction time, and we will not take any commission.”

Although this was Azure Dragon City’s Central Auction House, as well as the largest Auction House in Azure Dragon City, it was still able to be pressured by the other Auction Houses. As the strength of all the players grew, there would be much competition between the different Auction Houses, especially those established by players. In order for an Auction House to increase its fame and reputation, it must auction items that attract the attention of players. The difference in fame and reputation between an Auction House that regularly auctioned ordinary items and an Auction House that auctioned rare and valuable items could not even be compared. Naturally, the revenue earned from entrance fees could not be compared either. Lord Fortune, by waiving any commission earned on Ling Chen’s items, was definitely not making a loss. He believed that all three items would each be able to cause a great sensation among all players.

“Then it’s settled. I haven’t decided on the auction date, so I’ll tell you when I’ve decided. It’ll be within 5 days.” Ling Chen said.

Lord Fortune nodded and put the three items away, then gave Ling Chen a certificate of receipt. Ling Chen scanned through the certificate, then walked out of the Central Auction House.

“Big brother, I’m nearly LV8 already! I’ve been killing LV10 monsters with these two big sisters, so levelling is really fast!”

After walking out of the Auction House, Shui Ruo’s voice sounded out in Ling Chen’s ears. It was now dawn. Before, Ling Chen absolutely would not have agreed to Shui Ruo being online at such a time, but Shui Ruo’s mental state had considerably improved. After playing for a whole day, she did not seem tired at all, and had demanded to play for longer hours. That way, she would be able to quickly enter Azure Dragon City to be with Ling Chen. Since it was Shui Ruo’s request, he definitely could not refuse.

“Good work… although, if you’re feeling tired at all, you must log off and rest, alright?” Ling Chen reminded her.

“Uh huh, got it… Oh, and those two big sisters are so strong- even when they are surrounded by so many monsters, they don’t get hit at all. I haven’t used my healing skills in such a long time.”

Ling Chen gave a slight smile. Yao Ying and Qian Mo… if they were so easily hit, they would not be worthy to be called the “Absolute Shadow Double Beauties”.

Now that Shui Ruo was nearly LV8, with Yao Ying and Qian Mo’s efficiency, factoring in the time Shui Ruo spent online every day, it would take them about 2 or 3 days to help Shui Ruo leave Novice Village.

After 2 or 3 days, he would be able to take Shui Ruo and roam around with virtual world with her, train with her, do quests with her, kill monsters with her, explore with her and go anywhere they wanted. Thinking about this, Ling Chen began to smile.

In that case, these few days spent waiting for Ruo Ruo, he might as well train.

Ling Chen walked out of Azure Dragon City, and walked towards the depths of the plains.

The lowest levelled monsters in the plains were LV10, and highest were LV25.

Passing through the Red Eyed Lizard Territory, then walking onwards for a long time, Ling Chen came to Mid-Eastern region of the plains, the LV20 Tiger Territory.

[Tiger]: Type: Beast, Level: LV20, HP: 820, a type of ferocious wild beast. It has long fangs, extremely large and sharp claws, and is both strong and fast. A fairly dangerous type of beast.

Passive ability: Attack power and speed are both very high. Its attacks have a 3% chance of causing the victim to bleed, resulting in damage over time for 5 seconds. Victim loses 30 HP per second.

Attack skills: [Leaping Bite]: Uses its body to leap at an enemy, and can easily knock its target to the ground, after which it lethally rips and bites the enemy to death.

“Well, let’s train here.”

With Xi Ling, his levelling speed was many times faster than other people’s. However, if he levelled up too quickly, it would arouse the suspicion of other people, which is something Ling Chen took into account. With the Heaven’s Jealousy debuff, then factoring in the fact that he only played for half the amount of time everyone else did, farming in a LV20 area meant that he would not be too far ahead of the other players.

“Go, Xi Ling, Xiao Hui!”

After being called out, Xi Ling and Xiao Hui rushed forwards. As Xi Ling’s first “Wild Flames” landed, a large group of Tigers began to pitifully cry out… with their measly 800 or so HP, they could do nothing in the face of Xi Ling’s overwhelming and destructive attacks.

On the other hand, Ling Chen was calmly lying on the grass with his hands behind his head. The items dropped from the Tigers were all picked up by Xiao Hui, and he would also absorb their corpses… while Xi Ling was razing and destroying mobs and mobs of tigers, Xiao Hui was also busily devouring mobs and mobs of corpses. It was the same as devouring the Red Eyed Lizards, Xiao Hui also devoured five Tiger corpses at a time. After a short while, Ling Chen opened his bag, and looked at the items that Xiao Hui had refined.

[Tiger Heart Core]: A core created from the energy of Tigers, after usage the user will receive +50 attack power for 10 minutes.

Ling Chen breathed out in awe… 50 attack power was equivalent to the attack bonus from a LV10 Gold equip, and lasted for 10 minutes, which was not a short period of time at all! Although it was a consumable item, Ling Chen believed that it definitely would not be worth any less than the elementary strength crystals. Although so far Xiao Hui usually only had the chance to absorb low level creatures, but the items he refined were incredibly shocking. Ling Chen was very pleased as he closed his bag, and took out the map of the Forgotten Continent that he had bought from Qian Gun Gun, which he then carefully looked at. As time passed, his EXP bar was quickly filling, and the number of Tiger Heart Cores in his bag unceasingly increased.

One day later.

“Ding… Congratulations you have levelled up, now LV15, HP+20, MP+10, Strength+5.”

“Ding… Congratulations your pet ‘Holy Spirit Beast’ Xiao Hui has levelled up, now LV15, HP+200, Mana+5, Defense+20.”

“Ding… Congratulations your pet ‘Crimson Spirit’ has levelled up, now LV13, HP+40, Mana+1000. Physical Attack Power+10, Magic Attack Power+300.”

“Ding… your pet Holy Divine Beast’s Passive Ability [Holy Spirit’s Aura] has levelled up to LV4.”

[Holy Spirit’s Aura]: Current Level: LV4, Highest Level: LV20, Level required to upgrade to LV5: LV20, Using its Holy Spirit Aura that is void of evil and impurity to seek the protection of mother nature, upgrades the innate gifts of itself and all companions. Effect: Luck+4 and Comprehension+4 of itself along with the master and all pet companions. Effect exists even while not summoned.

As mobs and mobs of Tigers became corpses, Ling Chen had finally reached LV15. The Xiao Hui who had long since had enough EXP to level up to LV15 finally reached LV15 as well, and his Holy Spirit’s Aura levelled up to LV4… Ling Chen’s Luck and Comprehension had both reached 10 points… 10 points was the maximum number of points a player could choose to put into either Luck or Comprehension, and yet he had 10 points for both!

“Phew, finally reached LV15.” Ling Chen took his eyes off the Forgotten Continent map. The map of the Forgotten Continent was simply to vast, and Qian Gun Gun’s map was especially detailed. If Ling Chen wanted to thoroughly go through the entire map, it would take him 2 to 3 days. At this moment, a loud system announcement sound rang out.

“Ding… China Server Announcement! The first person in the China Region to reach LV15 has appeared. The China Region Player Level Rankings and Fame Rankings will now be revealed. After a short moment players will be able to view the China Region Player Level Rankings and Fame Rankings.”

The next announcement only sounded out in Ling Chen’s ears.

“Ding… your current level is LV15, and ranks as number 1 on the China Player Level Rankings. Do you wish to hide your personal information from the Rankings?”

“No need!” ling Chen immediately said. Before, Xiao Qi had mentioned that the Player Rankings would be released when a player reached LV15, and it turned out that was true.

“Ding… you currently have 6823 Fame Points, and rank as number 1 on the China Region Fame Rankings. Do you wish to hide your personal information from the Rankings?”

“No need.”

The news of China’s first LV15 player sent waves across the entire country. No matter if it was normal players or the super experts who stood at the peak of all other players, they all silently looked at their own levels, and could scarcely believe that someone had already reached LV15!!

Who was so logic-defying that he had already reached LV15! It had to be said that before that moment, there was only one person in the whole world who had reached LV15, and thus only one Region had released the Player Rankings… the female player in the America Region who was called “God” – Eve!! No one was surprised to see that she had taken this glory.

The second person to reach LV15 had actually come from China. People all thought of one person… the first person in the entire world to walk out of Novice Village, Ling Tian!

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