Shura's Wrath

Chapter 130

Might of Xi Ling (1)

Translator: Camille

Editor: xX5w0RdOfjU5t1cEXx

Currently, a maximum of 100 levels exist in Mystic Moon, which makes levelling up quite difficult. Death penalties are harsh – dying will immediately reduce your level by 1, regardless of your level prior to death. However, the power and wide availability of potions make death a rare occurrence: potions sold in stores instantly recover lost health and are available to players of all levels.

But even if one carried an infinite amount of healing potions that restored 10,000 HP, they would be completely useless if faced against a player of such skill, such as the Frozen Hearted Man-Eater.

The deaths of the Black White Double Demons were somewhat unjust. They were, after all, experts on the Earth Rankings. If they had directly faced off against Mu Bing Yao, even if they couldn’t beat her, they wouldn’t have died so quickly and pitifully. An Assassin’s power in direct battle is inferior to their offensive power when launching a surprise attack on an unprepared target. But when Mu Bing Yao suddenly attacked, they were caught completely off-guard, and never had a chance to recover. Factoring in Xiao Qi and Su’Er’s ice spears and arrows being shot from the side, they didn’t even have a chance to retaliate before they became corpses on the ground.

Two guild masters had died in the hands of Mu Bing Yao. The remaining players of the Black White Guild froze on the spot; their hearts trembling in fear, with absolutely no clue of what to do next. Still unable to gather up his courage to charge in, the group leader gritted his teeth again. His only option was to bite the bullet and yell:

“You… How dare you kill our guild masters… This isn’t over yet! You, have offended the Yan Huang Alliance, even… even if you have an expert on the Heaven Rankings, we will still… Retreat! We will come back and return and this favour!!”

Even after shouting so fiercely, his stand-up ended with an order to retreat. And in a single moment the place was cleared, spotless, and not a single person left standing in sight…. What a joke. Two guild masters, both 8th in the Earth Rankings, instantly killed. Even if their guild had sent over 30 people against them, charging in would not have been any different from suicide.

“ Ha! Ha! Ha! Hurry up and run with your tails between with your legs! Better be careful and run faster or else our big sister Mu will catch up to you!” Xiao Qi mocked, sticking out her tongue towards them.

Without having said another word, the bodies of the Black White Double Demons disappeared in place…As experts in the Earth Rankings, it would have been a devastating blow to their image and reputation if news of their shameful deaths were to start spreading.

A fight that was supposed to be epic – legendary, even – was immediately turned on its head to become something completely different after the appearance of Mu Bing Yao, who used an unprecedented method to end the fight at a moment’s notice. After the Black White Guild left, the three girls immediately gathered beside Mu Bing Yao.

“Luckily you came this time big sister Mu,” Yun Meng said happily.

“As expected of big sister Mu – to be so strong… it’s no wonder that even big brother is so … by you.” Xiao Qi said smiling. She had to look up at Mu Bing Yao while she talked, as Mu Bing Yao was quite tall.

“Hello big sister Mu.” Su’Er greeted. However, her voice was too soft and delicate that it was overthrown by Xia Qi’s voice.

“Oh yeah, big sister Mu, I haven’t introduced you yet! This is the person we talked of before, the last member of Heart’s Dream…” Filled with both excitement and mystery, Xiao Qi dragged Ling Chen before Mu Bing Yao. “Wanna guess who he is? You guys might just get a fright if I tell you who he is.”

Yun Meng’s eyes looked across the faces of Ling Chen and Mu Bing Yao, and said with a smile, “Big sister Mu, you guys know each other right?”

“What?” Xiao Qi and Su’Er exclaimed as they quickly fell into a frozen silence.

Ling Chen’s eyes were focused on Mu Bing Yao, admiring. She bore a tall stature that most women would not normally have, and it seemed difficult to grasp her exact age – probably at least 25 or 26 years old but at the same time it didn’t seem like she was even at the age of 20. Having her and Yun Meng Xin standing next to each other was like basking in a dazzling, beautiful scenery; one as elegant as a celestial and the other like a cold lotus. With a view like that, one can’t help but praise the miraculous powers of the creator, yet at the same time lament his favouritism.

In contrast, Mu Bing Yao, with her usual cool disposition and frozen heart, would not normally display any kind of reaction, even with Ling Chen’s intense gazing. But this time, things were different: her face faintly revealed something unnatural, her eyes appeared erratic as if she wanted to come into Ling Chen’s line of sight, but was hesitant and scared to do so.

This time, Su’Er and Xia Qi could pick up the hints, and with a weird look on her face, Xiao Qi said, “Big sister Mu, you don’t really know him do you? Then again, when you suddenly got angry before, it seemed like it was because the Black White Double Demons insulted him.”

“Yes, we do know each other, in fact we have known each other for a long time. Isn’t that right Bing Yao?” Ling Chen replied for Mu Bing Yao. A plain and simple answer.

Mu Bing Yao also faintly nodded in confirmation, returning to her usual calm personality.

“ Ah? So you really do know each other? Ling Tian Brother, did you join our Heart’s Dream because of big sister Mu?”

“One of the reasons, yes.” Ling Chen answered slowly. What Xiao Qi said was indeed very close to the truth, except it was the other way around.

“Ah!! Yes yes……” Xia Qi’s eyes suddenly lit up. A bold and stimulating idea made her almost jump in excitement, “Big brother Ling Tian, could it be, could it be…”

Ling Chen: “What?”

“Could it be that you are big sister Mu’s boyfriend!?”

Yun Meng Xin : “………”

Su’Er : “……..”

Mu Bing Yao : “…………………”

Ling Chen : “ [email protected]#¥%……”

Both Ling Chen and Mu Bing Yao stood there in shock. There was no denial. Xiao Qi, extremely pleased with her accurate deduction, exclaimed, “Ha! I knew it! I guessed right! Wow! I, Qi Qi, am so smart.”

“ Wh…Why do you think I am her boyfriend?” Ling Chen stuttered as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Xiao Qi’s mouth arched into an even bigger smile as she confidently said: “Well isn’t it simple? The big sister Mu who wouldn’t even give a guy another look actually became so angry when those two, the Black White Double Demons, insulted you. Of course, it could only be her favourite person for her to have become so angry. And there’s more, there’s more! When you were staring at Mu Sister just then, she seemed a bit off! Ha! This is obviously because she becomes very shy when the person she likes stares at her so intensely! Also, anyone worthy of the beautiful and strong Mu Sister must be even stronger himself! Big brother Ling Tian, you are quite the powerful one yourself – you shouldn’t have any trouble winning against big sister Mu. With all these reasons here, not even you could muster enough shame to deny it.”

Mu Bing Yao : “……………………………….”

Ling Chen knocked on his forehead and with a face full of innocence, and looked at Mu Bing Yao, “Ah, what Qi Qi has said is just too true… Bing Yao, even I’m starting to wonder if I am in actual fact your boyfriend…….oh, how about the two of us just become…”

Mu Bing Yao’s eyes flickered rapidly a couple of times and before Ling Chen could finish his sentence she quickly said two very cold words, “We’re not!”

“No? but, but……” Xiao Qi, however unconvinced, believed in Mu Bing Yao’s words, “Then… then what kind of relationship does big sister Mu and big brother Ling Tian have? Just good friends?”

Mu Bing Yao: “………”.

“Not even a friend? Then what kind of relationship is it? I won’t believe that you guys are just people who don’t really know each other –  big sister Mu clearly just had a terrible temper because of Ling Tian Brother…….”

“Okay, that’s enough. There’s no need to be in such a rush to know everything, you’ll slowly learn of these things in the future.” Seeing as Mu Bing Yao didn’t seem to want to talk about her relationship between herself and Ling Tian, Yun Meng Xin promptly defused Xiao Qi’s curiosity and said anxiously, “Somehow, we’ve managed to kill the Black White Double Demons… But in accordance to how the Yan Huang Alliance works, if they have been wronged, they will seek out the perpetrators and enact revenge several times over. If we continue to stay here, it won’t be long until the Black White Guild gathers enough man-power to enact that revenge. So let’s get out of here first.”

Despite having killed the Black White Double Demons and scaring off the 30 or so players of their guild, to Heart’s Dream, this was definitely not a good thing, especially for a guild that had yet to be established and developed. And to have already made such a formidable enemy …if this conflict were to escalate and accidentally reach the ears of Long Tian Yun, they would definitely be in big trouble.

With Yun Meng Xin’s slight reminder, Su’Er and Xiao Qi immediately understood the immense severity of the situation. They currently relied on Mu Bing Yao’s powers to kill the Black White Double Demons. It was revealed that the Black White Double Demons carried the trait of a vindictive character, meaning that they would definitely remember this. Heart’s Dream were able to triumph against the Black White Guild this time, but with over thousands of players belonging to the guild, the troubles facing Heart’s Dream grew larger than they could currently manage.

“But this is the best place to farm and level, and we were finally able to get it. It’ll be a shame if we leave now” Xiao Qi said anxiously, but then her eyes suddenly lit up, “How about I get my older brother over here! With him here we would have nothing to be afraid of, even if the entire Black White Guild were to come back!”

“Your brother’s Battle Alliance is also a part of the Yan Huang Alliance. If you bring him into this mess, you’ll only complicate matters further,” Yun Meng Xin said as she shook her head.

“Meng Xin is right, we shouldn’t stay here any longer. Let’s go, I’ll take you guys to somewhere safe.” Ling Chen said as he mysteriously smiled.

“ What? What kind of place it? Is it suitable for party levelling? Su Su and I are nearly LV15. We’re so close to being able to use our Gold equipment!”

“You’ll see when you get there.”

Ling Chen led the four girls eastwards, walking towards the deeper parts of the plains filled with higher level monsters. Those who entered Dragon City were usually players at around LV10, and were only able to handle the monsters in the plain regions close by. However, Ling Chen led the girls to a part of the plains where no players could be seen at all.

Level 15 Red Eyed Lizard Territory.

Seeing the ground crawling with the many large lizards, the Ling Chen who had killed countless of their kind felt somewhat guilty.

“ Yep, this is the place.” Said Ling Chen.

“ Here? But the monsters here are LV15…Su Su, Meng Xin and I probably won’t be able to kill them.” Xiao Qi said weakly. Su’Er immediately nodded in agreement.

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