Shura's Wrath

Chapter 128

Mu Bing Yao

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Big sister Mu!” [TLN: Just a reminder that Mu is her last name]

Seeing the girl, Xiao Qi and Su’Er shouted out in joy, and Yun Meng Xin’s expression calmed down. She said to Ling Chen while smiling, “All the members of Heart’s Dream have come together. She is the other member… Mu Bing Yao.”

Ling Chen: “……”

“Mmmhmm! She’s our super, super strong big sister Mu! She’s very powerful! Even those who are not part of the virtual world have definitely heard of her name.” Xiao Qi added, with a big smile on her face.

“Oh~~~” Ling Chen said, then silently looked at the girl from behind, marvelling at her soft and lustrous dark hair that casually tumbled down to her shoulders. Just looking at her from behind, Ling Chen was sure that she was also an incredibly beautiful girl. Ling Chen did not walk any closer to her, and a smile began to appear on his mouth. Over on the other side, the Black White Guild players were able to see the girl’s face.  Her facial features were beautifully and exquisitely carved [The Chinese is ‘五官’, which refers to eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears and mouth].  Her dark and thin eyebrows hung over her beautiful eyes that radiated a sense of lordliness. However, her face was as cold as frost, and emitted a cold aura that could force people away from her for a thousand kilometre radius. However, not only did this icy arrogance not repel men, but instead aroused their subconscious desire to conquer her. There were many beautiful girls, but not many girls who were so perfect that they would be difficult to even dream of.

Although this girl rarely appeared in public places, she was still incredibly famous, and had been publicised by various media, as well as the China Battle Forums.

“S-s-she… she’s the Frozen Hearted Man-eater! The Frozen Hearted Man-eater ranked fifth on the Heaven Rankings!!”

Among the group of Black White Guild players, some began to shout. Every player on the Heaven Rankings was a legendary player in the eyes of everyone else. Where they stood could only be admired by the other players from far, far below. They did not even have the right to approach these supreme experts. Every player on the Heaven Rankings was well-known by everyone, and every player on the Heaven Rankings was someone that should not be angered at all costs. When the words “Frozen Hearted Man-eater” were shouted out, the players of the Black White Guild were all shocked out of their pleasant daydreams. Facing her icy stare, none of those players dared to reveal any perverted expressions, instead showing expressions of fear and dismay.

Heaven Rankings- Frozen Hearted Man-eater- Mu Bing Yao!

Hearing the name “Frozen Hearted Man-eater” had an effect on the group leader similar to a gigantic mountain falling onto his heart. Her beautiful eyes were mesmerising, yet the coldness that radiated from them tore apart his courage to even look at her. The Black White Double Demon’s sudden change in attitude confirmed that this person in front of him was indeed the Frozen Hearted Man-eater. Otherwise, the usually perverted and wild Black White Double Demons would not show such restraint when facing such a beautiful goddess. The group leader took a few steps back, and asked with a tiny and trembling voice, “Guild masters… this person… this… what do we do?”

Saying that all Heaven Rankings experts were people who could defeat 100 people by themselves was not an exaggeration at all. In the past, when the Yan Huang Alliance and Skyfall Dynasty engaged in a battle, the Sword Emperor had charged into the Skyfall Dynasty’s ten-thousand-man army three times, and had come charging out three times. For the grand finale, he had rushed through the back of the Skyfall Dynasty army, slaughtering his way to the Skyfall Dynasty’s Chief Commander, killing him and causing the entire Skyfall Dynasty’s army to fall into chaos. The Sword Emperor’s deeds were all incredible and almost unbelievable like stories of myths and legends. The third ranked player on the Heaven Rankings of the Skyfall Dynasty was also incredibly powerful. As a Summoner, he had once summoned hundreds of Emissaries of Hell, singlehandedly stopping an army of 1000 people.

The Black White Guild had thirty people on their side, but to a Heaven Rankings expert, that number was only enough to get warmed up.

The Black White Double Demons looked at each other, then walked up to Mu Bing Yao. The Black Demon had a big smile on his face as he said, “Today we are incredibly lucky and honoured to be able to meet the famous Frozen Hearted Man-eater…”

The White Demon chimed, “Yes, yes, so lucky to meet the famous Frozen Hearted Man-eater…”

The Black Demon continued, “The Alliance Master told us that if we had the chance to meet the Frozen Hearted Man-eater, we were to humbly request that you join our Alliance. If we had the honour of having you join us, we’ll guarantee that you will be a core member of the Yan Huang Alliance, and will be the leader of all Assassins…”

They actually had the audacity to try to steal Heart’s Dream’s guild member in front of the whole guild! The initial offer of being a core member was already incredibly tempting… and in addition, the leader of the Yan Huang Alliance’s Assassins! Given the size of the Yan Huang Alliance, there would be at least millions of Assassins. Being in charge of one million assassins, that position was one of immense power and glory.

In stark comparison, Heart’s Dream was simply too small and pitiful. Before Ling Chen had joined, these girls’ pride and joy, as well as source of hope, was Mu Bing Yao! Because she was a super expert ranked fifth on the Heaven Rankings, as soon as the news that Mu Bing Yao had joined a guild called “Heart’s Dream”, people would flock to join. They simply couldn’t bear someone like this being stolen away from them. After listening for a short while, Xiao Qi simply couldn’t endure anymore, and was about to step up and curse at the Black White Double Demons for being so shameless. However, before she had the opportunity to do so, Mu Bing Yao rudely cut them off, coldly saying, “No need to waste your breath! Weren’t we fighting for territory? 1v1 or group battle, your choice!”

“No, no!” The Black Demon hurriedly waved his hands, “There is no enmity between us, and the Alliance Master already told us that if we were to meet the Frozen Hearted Man-eater, we must act with courtesy… just then, our dispute was with the people behind you. We have absolutely no intention of going against you.”

“Yeah! Our dispute was with the people behind you, we have absolutely no intention of going against you.”

Even if the Black White Double Demons were not afraid of Mu Bing Yao’s personal power, they still would not dare to attack her. What they had said about the guild master Long Yun Tian of the Yan Huang Alliance telling them to treat her with courtesy was absolutely true. No matter what Long Yun Tian’s true intentions were, he was at least perfectly protecting the Yan Huang Alliance’s reputation and fame. Not allowing players of the Alliance to use power to bully people, not allowing players to do things that would bring shame to the Alliance, and especially not allowing them to anger experts… especially those on the Heaven and Earth Rankings. As such, the Yan Huang Alliance’s reputation has always been quite good. Otherwise, if they provoked the entire player base, they would have to endure very harsh consequences. Moreover, it was because of its extremely good reputation that the Yan Huang Alliance could develop so quickly, growing by leaps and bounds every year.

The Black Demon amicably said, “Since it’s like this, then we’ll give the Frozen Hearted Man-eater some face. However…” A troubled look appeared on the Black Demon’s face, “to be fair, it was your friends who wanted to steal our territory first. All we were doing was following the standard custom. If we gave away territory just like that, I’m afraid it would damage the reputation of the Black White Guild and Yan Huang Alliance. However, facing against the Frozen Hearted Man-eater is something that we would never dare to do, so we’re a bit stuck here…”

The Black Demon looked towards Ling Chen, and his eyes quickly flashed with a hint of viciousness, “Let’s each send one player out to 1v1. Whichever player wins, the territory will belong to their side. How does that sound?”

From the moment the Black Demon had looked towards him, Ling Chen knew what he was up to. Before Mu Bing Yao had the chance to reply, Ling Chen answered, “Not bad, not bad, this suggestion is very good. Then, who will you choose to send?”

“Very easy. Both sides can choose who they want to send, but us two brothers won’t fight… but you, the guy over there, do you really dare to just cower behind the girls?” Talking to Ling Chen, his tone was devoid of the respect and courtesy he had shown Mu Bing Yao. He turned his head, and said to the group leader, “Savage Wolf, you go!”

The Black Demon’s aim was very obvious. As the other side only had one male, if Ling Chen did not step up, he would be ridiculed as a coward. The player called Savage Wolf immediately stood up, and revealed his weapon… a gleaming dagger, and made taunting gesture towards Ling Chen.  Although they were not willing to offend Mu Bing Yao, but they did not hold themselves back if it was anyone else.


Mu Bing Yao turned around and looked at Ling Chen. When she saw Savage Wolf making the taunting gesture, her eyes flashed with killing intent.

“You don’t even have the right for him to attack!!”

Emanating killing intent, Mu Bing Yao caused the nearby Black White Guild members to break into cold sweat. Mu Bing Yao dashed forwards, and turned into a white blur as she flew towards the Assassin called Savage Wolf. Before he even had the chance to react, a bright line appeared on his neck.



Savage Wolf never expected that Mu Bing Yao would attack a small fry like himself. Under the might of a Heaven Ranking expert, he did not even dare think about retaliating. He subconsciously retreated as fast as he could. However, apart from seeing a white blur, he was not able to see what had just happened. The light that had just swept across his body swept back in the opposite direction, accurately cutting across the exact same area.

Having the exact same starting ground as everyone else, as well not enough time to become too much stronger than other players, Mu Bing Yao’s attack power was only slightly higher than most other Assassins. However, the two explosive and incredibly fast attacks that she had just pulled off were definitely not things that normal players could achieve. Assassins were not very tanky classes. After taking two hits from Mu Bing Yao, Savage Wolf’s HP had been reduced to 0, and fell to the ground. After his body disappeared, a few potions and the Iron dagger remained on the ground.

“Wahh!! Big sister Mu is so strong!!” Xiao Qi excitedly clapped her hands together. Su’Er’s face also revealed a look of respect and admiration. However, Yun Meng Xin slightly frowned… the Mu Bing Yao she knew would not deign to attack such a small fry… but what she had just seen was a sudden flare of anger, accompanied by the phrase “You don’t even have the right for him to attack”…

Could it be that she knew Ling Tian?

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