Shura's Wrath

Chapter 126

Frozen Hearted Man-eater (2)

Translator/Editor: Mr. Voltaire

“Wah!! So powerful!!”

Seeing the stats of Yun Meng Xin’s new class, the other two girls gave cries of surprise. The Phantasmal Bladedancer was the class that Ling Chen had chosen out of the remaining ten classes, so even among Hidden Professions, it was quite powerful. Normally, only a super genius that appeared maybe every hundred years would have the right to change to such a class.

“So this is a Hidden Profession! It’s simply too monstrous. It’s probably stronger than a normal Warrior by many, many times…… Aww, I want a Hidden Profession too.” Xiao Qi said in shock and admiration.

“I want one as well.” Su’Er softly said. She suddenly realised what she had said, her cheeks turning pink. She hurriedly lowered her head, as if she had committed some sort of offence.

Ling Chen looked over the stats and skills of the class, and gave a somewhat satisfied nod. Of course, the Phantasmal Bladedancer class was far inferior to the “Ling Tian Battle Soul” he had almost died trying to get. However, it was still far, far superior to normal classes, “This is just the beginning. There aren’t many skills yet, but there’ll be more in future and the class will become stronger and stronger.”

Yun Meng Xin nodded her head. She knew that from this moment onwards, she held a significant advantage over other players, and felt that she had taken a step closer to her goal. Moreover, she clearly understood that this powerful class was much stronger than normal Hidden Professions. Despite this, Ling Tian had casually given her this immensely powerful class change scroll voluntarily.




“Big sister Meng Xin, quickly show us how strong your new class is! Quickly, quickly!” Xiao Qi impatiently shouted.

Yun Meng Xin stretched out her hands, and two two-handed swords illuminated by a golden-yellow glow appeared in her hands. Being able to use two swords at the same time was already an overpowered ability, because this meant that one person could display the power of two people. With a gentle smile, Yun Meng Xin walked forwards, her body turning. With the two swords, she began a beautiful spinning dance…




The “Peerless Jade Dance” skill hit three Red Tailed Foxes. On top of the three foxes’ heads appeared two damage numbers… the Phantasmal Bladedancer class not only focused on damage, but also on Agility. The 10 Agility points gained when changing to the class had granted her 10 Hit. Thus, there not a single “MISS” when Yun Meng Xin attacked, something that was inconceivable for the Warrior class.

“Wah!! So strong!!”


One skill had directly reduced the three Red Tailed Foxes’ HP to a critical condition. Xiao Qi sighed in admiration. Receiving heavy injuries, the Red Tailed Foxes’ showed their cowardly nature, and they chose not to retaliate, instead choosing to run away.

Xiao Qi immediately launched a spear of ice and yelled, “My turn!”

The spear of ice impaled one of the foxes, freezing it and wiping out its remaining HP.

Beside Ling Chen, Su’Er also notched an arrow onto her bow and fired it. She had used a basic Archer skill, “Exploding Arrow”. As it hit the furthest Red Tailed Fox, its HP was also reduced to 0, and simultaneously exploded, killing the remaining Red Tailed Fox as well. Two numbers floated above the two foxes.

-152, -150!

“Ha! Perfect! Wrecking these little foxes is so easy!” Xiao Qi gleefully said as she made a victory “V” sign with her fingers. “Our first guild farming session has officially commenced… Ah! That’s right, big brother Ling Tian, you haven’t show us your strength yet! Quickly show us how strong you are!”

After Xiao Qi said this, Su’Er and Yun Meng Xin both curiously looked at Ling Chen… this was the first person in the entire world to leave Novice Village, and has two Celestial grade weapons. Just how strong was he?

“Alright!” Under the gaze of the three girls, Ling Chen suddenly felt that if they could farm and level up together, it would be much more interesting than farming alone. Being able to train with such beauties, no man would be dumb enough to reject it right?


As his two hands flashed with different coloured lights, Soaring Cloud and the Zephyr Blade appeared in his hands. He glanced at where the Red Tailed Foxes were gathered, and in a few steps, swiftly arrived at the area where there were many of them clustered together. His left hand swung towards the left, and his right hand swung towards the right, making two large arcs… two “Ling Tian Bursts” flew outwards.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang……


The AOE of the Peerless Jade Dance that Yun Meng Xin had just used was not comparable to the AOE of the Ling Tian Burst that Ling Tian had just used, let alone two Ling Tian Bursts. Nine Red Tailed Foxes had been hit by the two massive arcs of energy, and a wave of damage numbers appeared above their heads. After these numbers had disappeared, the nine Red Tailed Foxes that had been happily bouncing around all became corpses… what’s more, out of the nine hits, three of them were critical hits!

Ling Chen stopped walking and lowered his arms. Behind him, the girls were completely silent. Xiao Qi’s eyes and mouth widened, Su’Er covered her mouth with her hands- needless to say, her lips were probably parted as well. It was hard to see Yun Meng Xin’s expression under her veil, but her eyes had a hint of shock in them as well.

Incredibly high damage figures, and a ridiculously large AOE… with one skill, he had annihilated nine Red Tailed Foxes! Every one of the damage figures were at least five times greater than Yun Meng Xin’s! What was even more frightening was the speed at which he attacked. His lightning fast attack was so fast that they had only caught a glimpse of two rays of light, and suddenly a wave of damage figures had floated upwards.

“Heavens…!” Xiao Qi finally exclaimed, her two big eyes became incredibly excited. Su’Er’s hands remained over her lips, her eyes shining as she gently said, “So strong…”

They knew that Ling Chen was very strong, but once Ling Chen had actually attacked, they had become completely mindblown. No matter if it was the strength of the attack or the speed, it shouldn’t be possible to achieve- even if it was the Sword Emperor or Shinigami, it would still be impossible.

And yet, he had executed the skill so flawlessly, his motions as smooth as the flowing water of a stream…

If they knew that at his peak strength, he could even hit over 10,000 points of damage, they would go absolutely crazy.

“Too strong! Wayyy too strong! Impossibly strong! Stronger than… Stronger than my big brother by a lot!!”

Xiao Qi ran in front of Ling Chen, and looked at him with an expression full of admiration. The person she admired and looked up to originally was her big brother Xiao Qiu Feng, and this was the first time she had ever said the words “stronger than my big brother”. It was clear to see that Ling Chen’s attack had deeply impressed her. Ling Chen laughed and said, “Haha, if your big brother heard this, he’d be quite sad.”

“No way, no way! My big brother isn’t such a shallow person… you… so… you’re so powerful! That attack just then could kill my big brother in one hit, and that AOE, and that speed… Heavens! If it was in close range, no one would be able to dodge it. Are these two the two weapons on the Equipment Rankings? I’m sure they are, even their external appearance looks way different to normal weapons. Just one is super strong, and yet you’re using both at once, that’s just incredible… oh, oh! The pets! Quickly show us those two super strong pets, we all really want to see them.”

“En! I want to see them as well!” Su’Er gently exclaimed as well.

Ling Chen was about to answer when he heard the sounds of a group of people approaching from behind him. He shifted his gaze, his smiling face instantly became serious, “I’ll show you my buddies later. Right now, let’s first take care of these people who shouldn’t be here.”

From the west, thirty or so players were aggressively marching towards them. Some held shields, some held bows, some held magic staffs… there were players of all of the different classes, walking towards Ling Chen and his group.

“These people seem to be coming towards us. Big brother Ling Chen, do you know them?” Xiao Qi asked.

“I don’t know them, but I guess we’re about to get to know each other.” Ling Chen calmly said. Ling Chen had already guessed the purpose for which these people were coming here.

“You over there! Do you want to die or are you trying to die? You dare to come here to train, don’t you know that this is the territory of the Black White Guild!!” There were four people facing Ling Chen. The leader’s face was full of arrogance as he came up and started cursing at Ling Chen and his group, “And you’re all covering your faces, it’s obvious that you’re all shady trash! We just left for a little while, and yet there are people who are arrogant enough to come to the territory of the Black White Guild… actually you know what, your Daddy here just solved some problems together with the guildmaster, so I’m in a good mood. This time I’ll let you guys go. Hurry up and get the hell out of here, otherwise your Daddy will kill all of you.” [TLN: 老子 literally means Father, but to keep it with other light novels, I translated it as ‘your Daddy’- it’s a way of referring to oneself in an arrogant manner that belittles the other person].

The three girls were all either wearing masks or veils, so no one could see their true appearances. Otherwise, what had just happened would have turned out completely differently. Yun Meng Xin slightly frowned and Su’Er became frightened, taking a step back. Xiao Qi’s face twisted, evidently very angry. She was the Battle Alliance’s princess. Normally, everyone would defer to her and treat her respectfully, and yet these people had dared to curse at her and her friends, “Oi! Who are you people, what right do you have to call this your territory? Does this place have your name written on it, or your daddy’s name? A group of hooligans wants us to leave? If you want us to leave, you need to have enough power!”

With Ling Tian beside her, Xiao Qi threw caution to the wind and shouted back at them. Seeing Ling Chen massacre the nine Red Tail Foxes with just one strike, she was confident that with the same technique, he could easily destroy a group of thirty people as well.

“The Black White Guild are direct subsidiary braches of the Yan Huang Alliance. It is one of the ‘32 strongest guilds’ under the Yan Huang Alliance, and the two guildmasters are ranked equal eighth on the Earth Rankings, the ‘Black White Double Demons’! No wonder there was no one around here. Looks like this really is their territory, and they had just left for a short while.” Yun Meng Xin quietly said to Ling Chen next to her.

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