Shura's Wrath

Chapter 125


Frozen Hearted Man-eater (1)

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The outskirts of Azure Dragon City were already filled with players who were trying to level up. As most players were still LV10, levelling up in the outskirts of the Azure Dragon City was the best method for them. After leaving the city, Xiao Qi and Su’Er put on their masks. Although they normally did not wear masks, they would always wear it when going out. Xiao Qi’s mask was a smiling fox, whereas Su’Er’s was a cute and pretty butterfly. With their appearances, they had already become accustomed to this. If they did not cover their appearances, they would only bring trouble upon themselves.

Walking along with three goddess-level beauties, Ling Chen could not help but feel quite pleasant. The LV13 monster area had already been packed full of people. Wherever they went, there were always more players than monsters. Xiao Qi led Su’Er around by the hand, looking for a good place to farm [TLN: just for people who haven’t played RPGs before, ‘farming’ is just killing monsters and levelling up over a period of time]. Out of curiosity, she would ask Ling Chen many questions. However, the pure and naïve Xiao Qi was unable to get many truthful answers out of the old fox Ling Chen.

“The markets in the virtual reality world are enormous now, this is something that everyone acknowledges. Every game that has been internationally developed and supported always has people rushing to claim market share in the various markets. Although the Money Exchange System has yet to be opened, many guilds, both large and small, as well as family groups and financial groups have all started making preparations. As soon the Money Exchange System is opened, it seems that the quiet and peaceful times in this game will be over. Meng Xin, although you were partially forced to make your bet in the virtual reality world, this was the best choice for you. However, after Heart’s Dream develops, regardless of how well it goes, would you like to focus on developing in regards to finances or power?”

With Xiao Qi and Su’Er leading the way, Ling Chen and Meng Xin walked behind them, following them where they went. On the way, they had never stopped chatting and discussing. Ling Chen felt that it was necessary to understand this girl called Yun Meng Xin, as well as what she was thinking.

“I don’t know yet.” Yun Meng Xin shook her head as she replied. However, this was within Ling Chen’s expectations. Finances and power were things that were meant to be interrelated. However, right now she had no foundation, and thus would not be able to develop both at the same time. If she chose not to focus on finances, without a substantially large amount of savings, she would not have enough money to expand the guild. However, if she chose not to focus on power, she would not have sufficient ability to back up her finances and financial developments.

Ling Chen did not falter, and continued to ask, “Then, when the Money Exchange System opens, where will the money to expand the guild come from?”

Yun Meng Xin paused for a short while, then replied, “Right now I have 200,000 Yuan saved up… Xiao Qi and Su’Er maybe have some savings from their pocket money… which might amount to about 50,000-60,000 Yuan. This is all we have. After going against my family, I have not had any financial support. With regards to money, big brother Yun Feng definitely will not be able to help me, otherwise I will automatically lose the bet. Qi Qi is not yet 17, and Su’Er has not even come of age yet, so they do not have too much money. What the future will bring, we can only find out for ourselves.”

With less than 300,000 Yuan, that would be barely enough to raise a small guild with a hundred people. However, that was vastly insufficient to reach the goal in two years.

Four girls, with less than 300,000 Yuan… Heart’s Dream’s starting point was even worse off than what Ling Chen had expected.

“Do you want to hear my suggestion?” Ling Chen asked.

Yun Meng Xin turned and looked at this mysterious man who she could not see through. She nodded her head, “Go ahead.”

“How about you let me become the founder of Heart’s Dream?” Ling Chen said while smiling, “There are two reasons for this. First, Yun Feng said that you need to develop quietly, in order to avoid the attention of Long Tian Yun. If you become the founder of Heart’s Dream, that would be the same as declaring that Heart’s Dream belongs to you. No matter how Heart’s Dream develops, Long Yun Tian will quickly find out. If I become the founder, it’ll help disguise the fact that it’s actually your guild. Secondly, my name is already well known by many people, and there are many people who are curious about me. It’s possible that if my name is used, within a short period of time, there will be many players who want to join. However, if I found the guild, all of the control and power for Heart’s Dream will be given over to me. That means that there will be less security for you. So… whether you accept or reject this proposal is entirely up to you.”

Listening to Ling Chen’s words, Yun Meng Xin was very startled. She did not feel shocked or confused, but rather smiled. However, Ling Chen was not able to see her beautiful smile under the veil. “Why would I reject this? Heart’s Dream having you as the founder is the best choice.”

The man standing next to her had, in just a short period of time, made his name resound throughout the whole world. His talent and strength were acknowledged by everyone, and his fame surpassed even the Sword Emperor and Shinigami. He had two Celestial weapons and two extremely strong pets. With this amount of fortune on him, even the Yan Huang Alliance would be envious to the point of drooling. This sort of genius would be welcomed with open arms by guilds such as the Yan Huang Alliance or the Skyfall Dynasty. They would eagerly offer him the best conditions, and would directly accept him as a core guild member, allowing him to enjoy treatment that other people could only dream of. At the same time, he would still be able to develop and train as he liked. However, joining the “Heart’s Dream” whose future was so uncertain, what could he gain? Not only did he not gain anything, but on the very first day, he had given up so many valuable items. At the same time, he would also have to suffer from the Yan Huang Alliance’s oppression and revenge in future.

For this sort of person, she simply could not find a reason to distrust and doubt him. He had voluntarily proposed to be the founder of Heart’s Dream. Even if Yun Meng Xin was an idiot, she would not think that he had some hidden agenda to take control of a yet-to-be-developed guild with little to no foundation… instead, she knew that this was so he could carry the guild with his two arms.

“In that case, it’s settled. You definitely won’t regret giving me your trust.” Ling Chen smiled, and continued to walk forwards.

Looking at Ling Chen from the back, Yun Meng Xin’s eyes started to mist up… Big brother, this person you’ve introduced to me is the first person I’ve ever wanted to get to know entirely…

Outside Azure Dragon City, LV11 Red Tailed Fox Territory

[Red Tailed Fox]: Type: Beast, Level: LV11, HP: 450. A normal fox with a flame red tail. They are naturally very cowardly, and will not take initiative to attack other beings around them. If enraged, they can become very scary.

Passive ability: Fire resistance: 10%, Chaos resistance: 10%

Attack skills: [Leaping Bite]: Leaps and bites the enemy. If knocked to the ground, the situation will become very dangerous.

“There are barely any people around here! So lucky! Let’s farm here then!”

The Red Tailed Fox Territory was quite vast, and was large enough for over ten thousand players to farm at the same time. Despite this, most places were completely crowded with players. However, to the east of the Red Tailed Fox Territory, there was a large area where there were only foxes and no players. Xiao Qi, who had been looking for a good farming area for a long time became as excited as winning the lottery. She excitedly jumped, and took out her weapon- a LV10 Copper short staff, “Then we’ll start here! Big brother Ling Tian, you’re already LV13, so it should be really easy to bully these little foxes… quickly show us how strong you are! And big sister Meng Xin, you still haven’t used that Hidden Profession class change scroll yet. Quickly use it and show us the power of a Hidden Profession class!”

Su’Er also took out her weapon, a Copper bow… the two girls having Copper equipment was already enough for most players to become extremely jealous. Ling Chen looked around him… There was already a terrifying number of players in China. During the early game, especially when there was not much difference between the levels of players, the limited number of training grounds were not enough for anyone. Thus, this vast area with no players was very unusual. However, even if there was something wrong with this place, Ling Chen was not someone to be afraid, “Alright, let’s train here then. This is our first farming session as a guild, so we need to do our best to work efficiently together. Meng Xin, that Hidden Profession class change scroll doesn’t have any special requirements, all you need to do is shatter it in your hands.”

Yun Meng Xin nodded her head, and took out the Phantasmal Bladedancer class change scroll. She had been resisting the urge to use the scroll as soon as she had received it. Even for a dignified woman like herself, the allure of the Hidden Profession scroll was almost too much.

Gently squeezing with her hand, Yun Meng Xin shattered the class change scroll. The shattered scroll turned into small flecks of light, and entered Yun Meng Xin’s body through her hand. As the system sound rang out, Yun Meng Xin’s original class disappeared, replaced by the new class.

“Did it succeed? Did it succeed?” Seeing the light from inside Yun Meng Xin’s body disappear, Xiao Qi began to excitedly and curiously exclaim.

“It succeeded, and it’s a very powerful class… it’s stronger than a normal Warrior by a lot.” Yun Meng Xin slightly nodded her head. She opened her class stats page, and looked at it in awe with Xiao Qi and the others.

Phantasmal Bladedancer: Created 600 years ago by the Forgotten Continent’s sword expert, “Phantasmal Ultimate Blade”. The class dual-wields two swords. The swords can be either one-handed or two-handed. If two swords that are exactly the same are used, the offense power will be greatly increased, resulting in a deadly blade dance with unparalleled power and might.

Class Bonus Stats: Strength+10, Constitution+5, Agility+10, HP+200, Hit+10, SP+50.

Class Passive Ability: User can simultaneously equip two swords of any type. The usage of the two swords will not interfere with each other. The attack power of each hand is determined by the weapon used by the respective hand. When both swords are exactly the same, attack power will be increased by 15%. Some special skills can only be used when both swords are exactly the same.

Basic Attribute Effects: 1 Strength = Physical Attack+2, 1 Constitution = HP+10, Defense+1, 1 Agility = Hit+1, Evasion+1, 1 Spirit = Magic Attack +2, Mana+10. Every time player levels up, HP+10, Mana+10, Agility+1, and will receive 5 AP.

Class Skills: [Sword Proficiency], [Agility Strengthening], [Mirage Blade], [Peerless Jade Dance]

Ultimate Skill: [Paragon]

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