Shura's Wrath

Chapter 122

Yan Huang Alliance

Translator/Editor: Mr. Voltaire

No matter how eloquently words are spoken, and no matter how confidently promises are made, those things could never move one’s heart like real actions can. When joining Heart’s Dream Ling Chen had not said why he was joining, nor did he express his determination in helping the guild in words…… what he did do was take out Gold equipment after Gold equipment, handing them out freely. He even gave Yun Meng Xin a Hidden Profession Scroll at the end. The things he had given out could have all brought him immeasurable benefits, and yet he had gifted them to the foundation-less,  moneyless, almost member-less Heart’s Dream……

He was indeed very strong, but in order to obtain a Hidden Profession Scroll, it still would have costed him quite a lot. Holding the “Phantasmal Bladedancer” class change scroll in her hands, Yun Meng Xin’s thoughts were unable to settle down. Until now, she still did not know the reason for him joining Heart’s Dream to help her. However, since he was brought by Yun Feng, she was willing to trust him. His actions caused her to feel an inexplicable feeling of warmth. The first person to leave Novice Village, the person who monopolised the entire Equipment Ranking and Pet Ranking- this sort of power could almost step on names such as the Sword Emperor. Such an overwhelmingly strong person must have kept a very low profile in the past, or simply refrained from entering the Virtual World, otherwise his name would have become known by the whole world by now… he had now appeared in the Virtual World, and had sent waves after waves across the whole world, all for Heart’s Dream.

No matter what his reasons were, Yun Meng Xin would never forget the kindness he had shown to her and Heart’s Dream. “Although this is extremely precious, so precious that I’m almost afraid to take it,” Yun Meng Xin said, her voice as silky and gentle as smoke, “but since you’re giving this to me as a guildmate, I won’t refuse. Otherwise, that would be impolite and ungrateful of me… I believe that in future, you definitely won’t regret the choice you made today.” She paused, then smiled, “Big brother Yun Feng, thank you for giving me this ‘surprise’. I can feel that the ‘light of hope’ is becoming closer and closer.”

Xiao Qi and Su’Er both looked at Ling Chen. Although today was the first time they had ever met, he was already no longer a stranger to them. Because of the mask, there was still a sense of mysteriousness around him. However, despite that, they began to feel a sense of closeness towards him as well. Thinking about all that had happened in one day, the girls felt that perhaps Heart’s Dream’s future would be one that no one could ever imagine……

The originally almost-unattainable goal now had a sliver of hope of being accomplished.

Although Ling Chen had given out a heap of priceless treasures, in return he had gained the trust and approval of all the guild members. Thus, he did not feel that he made a loss. He faintly smiled and said, “No need to be so courteous. I promised Yun Feng that I would help you accomplish your goal, so I will definitely do that. Whether you think I’m trustworthy or just plain arrogant, that doesn’t matter to me. Yun Feng helped me save the most important thing in my life, so the promise I made to him, I will definitely keep it! Helping you is also helping myself, so you don’t have to feel like you owe me anything, let alone thank me.”

Although Ling Chen spoke calmly, his words carried a powerful sense of determination.

Yun Meng Xin gently smiled, “I definitely believe that you’ll succeed.”

“Heh, being able to fight on equal grounds with Ev… Ahem, with that person, even if I don’t believe in anyone I’d still believe in you.” Yun Feng said as he nodded. He winced, his face full of agony, “Then… alright, I’ll give this sword to Meng Xin.”

Yun Meng Xin smiled, and did not say anything as she put away the two Sand Blades. The normally calm Meng Xin suddenly had a sense of urgency and impatience to quickly change classes, then equip both swords. She wanted to see what sort of power she would have. Ling Chen was right- if a guild wanted to develop and grow, its leader must have sufficient power… indeed, battle power was one of the most important types of power. Holding the Phantasmal Bladedancer class change scroll that Ling Chen had given her, she knew that she would not have any excuses for not having enough power.

“So, uh… they all got presents that matched their class, could it be that you don’t have anything that matches my class?” Seeing all the girls holding their Gold equips, as well as his own little sister holding the Hidden Profession Scroll that he longed for, Yun Feng’s heart ached as he desperately asked Ling Chen.

“Of course there is.” Ling Chen immediately replied.

Yun Feng’s eyes suddenly glowed with the brightness of three hundred light bulbs, “Quick! Quickly… show me! Ahahaha, even though you’re pretty cold at times, I know that deep down you’re a warm-hearted fellow. I just knew you wouldn’t leave me out.”

Subsequently, Ling Chen took out two items… both were Silver weapons- one was a double handed sword, the other was a spear.

“En, take your pick. You can have both if you want.” Ling Chen lazily said, showing his generosity.

Yun Feng gleefully started to look at the two weapons. However, after looking at the stats of the double handed sword, his face started to droop. After looking at the stats of the spear, tears were almost coming out from his eyes.

Ling Chen had obtained both of these weapons from the War God’s Trial Ground, and both of these were Silver weapons. Any normal player would have been overjoyed to receive them. If the Yun Feng from before had received these gifts, he would have been extremely excited… however, after seeing the three girls and their Gold equipment, Silver seemed like nothing to him anymore. His face full of grief, he said, “Ling Tian! Why did you give them all Gold equipment, and only Silver to me!”

“Isn’t that obvious,” Xiao Qi’s lips parted, revealing a charming smile, “It’s because we’re all beauties, whereas you’re a man. To big brother Ling Tian, we’re obviously much more attractive. Right, big brother Ling Tian?”

Yun Feng: ⊙﹏⊙b

“Because… I’m a guild member of Heart’s Dream, so of course I have to put my guildmates in Heart’s Dream first. You’re not part of Heart’s Dream, are you?” Ling Chen said half-jokingly.

Yun Feng bitterly wept.

“Alright, alright, I’ll stop being mean to you. It’s just that right now, I don’t have any Gold equips that suit you. If I find any in future, I’ll give some to you alright? Besides, I believe that through your own hard work and efforts, you’ll definitely be able to reap some good rewards. After all… I believe we’re both the same type of man.”

Yun Feng gradually calmed down, and a slight smile appeared on his face, “That’s quite true.”

Of course, receiving something was better than nothing, so Yun Feng decided in the end to keep the two Silver weapons.

“There’s something I want to confirm.” Ling Chen became serious, and asked, “Just then, Qi Qi mentioned someone called ‘Long Tian Yun’. Is that the person who Meng Xin has an arranged marriage with?”

Just one short sentence caused the excited guild members inside the Heart’s Dream building to become silent. Everyone’s expressions became serious and solemn.

“Ai, I haven’t told you about this before. I didn’t want to put you under too much pressure, but you’d find out sooner or later.” Yun Feng said with a sigh.

Yun Feng’s answer dispelled any doubts Ling Chen had. He turned his head and looked out the window, “Indeed… the pressure is quite great. Looks like I thought too simply.”

“Just achieving this goal within two years is extremely difficult… and even if there was hope for that, Long Tian Yun would be doing his best to hinder us as well. Long Tian Yun… Yan Huang Alliance. Sigh.” Yun Feng once again sighed. Whenever he thought of the words “Yan Huang Alliance”, he simply could not relax.

For the past few years, Ling Chen had dedicated himself to taking care of Shui Ruo. He had not gone anywhere near the virtual world, and naturally did not know the name “Yan Huang Alliance”, much less what the surname “Long” represented. [TLN: Long= Dragon in Chinese]

“Tell me what’s going on with the Yan Huang Alliance.” Ling Chen said.

Yun Feng nodded. He was already prepared to tell Ling Chen these things. He knew that although these things were common knowledge to most players, Ling Chen had not stepped into the virtual world for a long time, and so he would not have knowledge of these things.

“In China, there are currently three great powers- Yan Huang Alliance, Skyfall Dynasty and The Dark Night. Out of those three, Yan Huang Alliance is the strongest. Not only is it the most powerful in China, but also in the whole world. This is acknowledged by everyone. Yan Huang Alliance is simply too powerful and has too much influence. No one truly knows just how powerful it really is.  It is said that when Yan Huang Alliance was at its peak, it had tens of millions of players… of course, this is probably an exaggeration, though the true figure was probably not far from that. What is undeniable is that it is simply unsurpassable.

Yan Huang Alliance- in China, there was not a single player that did not know this name. Although it was a gaming guild, it wasn’t just some ordinary guild. This was because the family group supporting it was the family with the most political power- Long family. The position of the head of the Alliance was naturally the one who had the most political power in all of China- Long Zheng Yang. However, because Long Zheng Yang had many national matters to attend to, the one in charge of managing the Yan Huang Alliance was his sole heir……

Long Tian Yun- Yan Huang Alliance’s real leader and guildmaster.

Long Tian Yun was currently only 25 years old. As the sole heir of the Long family, he would one day inherit the power that his father possessed. Saying that his background, status, and conditions were the best in China would not be an exaggeration at all. Many people dreamt of having connections with the Long family. After Long Tian Yun had met Yun Meng Xin, he had vowed that he was determined to marry her. As such, Yun Meng Xin’s family was overjoyed… because this was something that many families desired, yet could never have. When Long Tian Yun became the chief political leader in China, the Yun family would naturally also receive many benefits and become the envy of other families.

With such a family background, the sincere Long Tian Yun had been rejected by Yun Meng Xin…… leading to the creation of “Heart’s Dream”.


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