Shura's Wrath

Chapter 121


Phantasmal Bladedancer

Translator/Editor: Mr. Voltaire

“Heavens!! It’s actually a full body armour… a Gold full body armour!” Xiao Qi’s mouth hung open as she shot to her feet. If this piece of equipment was given to her, she would not let go of it no matter what. Clothing was split into inner and outer clothing. This full body armour was equivalent to two pieces of outer clothing, and even contained some bonus attributes that normal inner clothing or outer clothing could never have. It was probably worth two Gold equipment… if not more! It was even comparable to the LV15 magic staff that Xiao Qi had received.

“Amazing…” Yun Feng’s mouth also hung open, and his eyes grew wider. As he spoke, he forcefully swallowed back the pool of saliva gathering in his mouth.

Little Su’Er’s eyes flashed as she looked at the splendorous sight in front of her. Her eyes stared unblinkingly at the beautiful piece of clothing which glowed with a pure green light. It was obvious to everyone that she really liked this Archer’s full body armour. She reached out with her soft hands, but after some thought, took her hands back. She continued to look at the full body armour, and embarrassedly said, “This… Is this really for me? But… it’s too precious, I…”

Even if the person was a newbie to the VRMMO world, they would still know that a full body armour, and a Gold class one at that, was extremely valuable. If the stats of this [Wind Spirit’s Clothes] were to be released, it would send waves across all of China, arousing the jealousy and admiration of all Archers. It was the first time Su’Er had ever met Ling Chen, and yet he had given her such a precious gift- one that could not be given a price. Although she extremely liked this piece of equipment, she couldn’t bring herself to accept it.

Su’Er was indeed a very pure and kind-hearted girl. If it was anyone else, receiving a gift so valuable for free, they would immediately snatch it up. Ling Chen smiled, “Of course this is for you. Su Su, we’re going to be guildmates from now on. It’s extremely important for guildmates to help each other out; to trust and rely on each other. Plus, if we find equipment that’s suitable for other guildmates, of course we’ll give it to them. Su Su, if you find any equipment that’s suitable for me in future, you would give it to me as well, right?”

Su’Er slightly raised her head. The worry and internal conflict inside her had vanished, and a very sweet smile began to grow on her face. She nodded, and gave a small “En”, then put the [Wind Spirit’s Clothes] away. To this Ling Chen who she had just met for the first time, she not only respected him as a strong player, but also started having some positive feelings towards him.
Xiao Qi looked at Ling Chen, then looked at Su’Er. Her mouth curved upwards with a devious smile, “Ha! Big brother Ling Tian, you’re being so nice to our Su’Er because you like her right? Heheh, our Su’Er’s so cute, so pretty, so pure… when she grows up, she’ll definitely become a super beauty like big sister Meng Xin. If I was a man, I’d like her a lot as well. However, our Su’Er already has an arranged marriage, so…”

“Qi Qi, D-Don’t be a blabbermouth…” Su’Er hurriedly grabbed Xiao Qi’s arm.

“Hm? Arranged marriage?” Ling Chen looked at Su’Er in surprise.

“Heheh, Su Su, don’t be shy. Your arranged marriage is something that everyone knows about. Otherwise, the line of people lining up to go after you would extend out of China.” Xiao Qi said as she giggled.

Yun Meng Xin gave a faint smile, then said with a gentle voice, “It’s like this. When Su Su was twelve, her parents made the arranged marriage for her. The agreement was that when Su Su became of age to marry, which is her sixteenth birthday, that would be her wedding day… come to think of it, it’s nearly Su Su’s sixteenth birthday.”

“Right, right, when the time comes we need to properly celebrate! Although, I never thought that the first to get married out of us sisters would be the youngest, little Su Su… heh, alright, alright, Su Su’s always been very shy, I’ll stop talking about this. However, big brother Ling Tian, don’t get too interested in Su Su. This arranged marriage is no joke, her fiancé is very strong, even my big brother doesn’t dare look down on him. I’m really not trying to scare you.”

Beside Xiao Qi, Su’Er lowered her head, and did not speak anymore. Seeing her lower her head, Ling Chen noticed that her original delight in receiving the [Wind Spirit’s Clothes] had all but disappeared. She had an almost imperceptible melancholic look on her face.

It seemed that this “arranged marriage” was against her wishes. Ling Chen thought… maybe this was one of the reasons why she joined Heart’s Dream?

Things such as arranged marriages were very rarely seen in the lives of normal people. However, in the world of business and politics, they were common existences in order to secure deals or alliances. The bigger and more powerful a family was, the more common they were. In these sorts of families, children had no say with regards to their marriages; everything was determined by their families. In order for their families to flourish, they would need to make “strong connections”, which was achieved through marriages. Such families would never allow their children to marry anyone who would not bring any benefit to the family, or even be a burden to the family.

Yun Meng Xin was a classic example…… Su’Er seemed to be one as well. Although her personality wasn’t one to rebel as defiantly as Yun Meng Xin, she was still the type to silently accept it even though she was unwilling. She definitely wouldn’t openly rebel against her family.

“Ahem, this, this…… Qi Qi and Su Su all received such big~~~~ presents, what about m-… Ahem, Meng Xin and I? Eh? Eh?” Xiao Qi and Su’Er had both received Gold grade equipment. If Yun Feng had not been doing his absolute best to hold it in, his drool would have been all over the floor already. He finally could not hold back, and started to shamelessly ask Ling Chen for his ‘presents’. His actions caused the girls to start laughing.

Facing Yun Feng’s watery eyes, Ling Chen remained calm and collected. He turned towards Yun Meng Xin and asked, “Meng Xin, you’re a Warrior, right?”

A girl with the figure of a goddess had actually chosen a melee class. Her personality was indeed very strong and independent. However, when she fought with her weapons, the scene would be very beautiful.

“En.” Yun Meng Xin nodded.

Ling Chen stretched out his hands and two long swords appeared in his hands. He put them on the table together. These two swords glowed with an earthy yellow colour, and looked exactly the same as each other.

[Sand Blade]: Type: Two Handed Sword, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Any warrior profession LV10 or above (including apprentices), Colour like yellow sand, a mysterious sword that bears a heavy earth elemental strength. Attributes: Attack+35, Strength+10, Agility+5, 3% chance to add 5 secs of “Petrification”.

“Holy fuck!!”

Yun Feng was so excited that he almost jumped onto the table. He sprang onto one of the Sand Blades like a ravenous wolf, and emotionally clutched it to his chest, as if it was a beautiful woman. “Gold weapon… I finally have a Gold weapon, and it’s one I can immediately use!! Hahahahahaha…….”

Yun Feng was currently LV10, which satisfied the level requirement for the Sand Blade. This meant that he could immediately start using the Sand Blade, unlike Qi Qi and Su’Er who needed to wait until they reached LV15 before they could equip their Gold equipment. This made him incredibly happy. While stroking the Sand Blade, he spoke with a big grin, “This attack power. These stats. This appearance…. Huehuehue, this truly is Gold equipment. Compared to this, the sword I’m using is just a piece of rubbish.”

After having his little rant, he raised his head, and gratefully looked at Ling Chen, “Ling Tian, you’re so thoughtful. You actually gave us brother and sister a pair of the same Gold weapons. I’m so moved that I’m about to cry.”

Ling Chen slightly leaned backwards, his hand stroking his chin. He slowly said, “No worries, you don’t need to be moved. These two swords are both for Meng Xin, I currently don’t have anything for you.”

Yun Feng immediately froze, and remained completely still for three seconds. He pretended not to hear what Ling Chen had just said, and hid the Sand Blade behind his back, and started to ramble, “T-t-t-this….. I….. Ha, haha….. the weather’s really great today, such a good day to make a good joke…. Right, what did you just say Ling Tian? I don’t think I heard you clearly…. This sword, mmm, not bad, not bad. Seeing as you’re adamantly gifting this sword to me, I’ll just have to accept it. I’ll definitely repay you in future.”

Ling Chen: “……”

Xiao Qi let out a ‘pcht’ sound and Yun Meng Xin also gave a small laugh. She picked up the other Sand Blade, “Big brother Ling Tian, don’t tease my brother. His face is still white from the shock you gave him. What you said just then was very true- we’re guildmates now, so we should help each other out. In that case, I’ll gratefully accept this sword. However, I still… need to thank you…”

Ling Chen: “……”

The girls and Yun Feng all thought that Ling Chen giving both of these swords to Meng Xin was a joke. Warriors could only equip one sword; this was common knowledge. Giving two of the exactly same sword to someone would be a waste. Ling Chen raised his eyebrows, and said, “I’m not joking…… Meng Xin, this is for you. If a guild wants to develop, its leader, the centre of the guild, must be strong enough for other people to acknowledge. I hope this will help you with that.”

Ling Chen took out a scroll…… This was the “Phantasmal Bladedancer” class change scroll that he had obtained from the Hall of Heroic Spirits.

The scroll’s appearance was very ordinary, and looked exactly the same as a teleport scroll. The moment Yun Feng and the three girls looked clearly at the attributes… they found themselves unable to believe their eyes.

“Hidden… Hidden Profession Scroll!!” Apart from Yun Meng Xin who was able to remain calm and composed, the other people started screaming in unison. Even the quiet Su’Er’s mouth hung open, her face full of disbelief.

What was a Hidden Profession Scroll? Its value was greater than even a thousand, or even ten thousand Gold equips. It was something that all players were desperate to get their hands on; something that could only be obtained by most players in their dreams. Only nine Hidden Professions had ever appeared in <<Mystic Moon>>’s predecessor, <<Stellar Quest>>, a global game that had been out for ten years. This meant that an average of only one Hidden Profession appeared every year!! It was evident how rare Hidden Professions were.

However, right now, Ling Chen had just casually taken out a Hidden Profession Scroll and placed it in front of them. With this scroll, they would not need to desperately search, or complete ridiculously hard quests, or fight death battles with other players… all they needed to do was gently shatter it in their hands, and they would be able to change to a Hidden Profession.

Looking at this scroll, Yun Feng’s heart started to race. Ling Chen already had many things that would drive the entire player base in China crazy. If they knew that he had a Hidden Profession Scroll as well, who knew what would happen. Suddenly, Yun Feng understood why Ling Chen had said that both swords were for Meng Xin. This was because the Phantasmal Bladedancer class allowed one to use two weapons at the same time… in addition, if the two weapons were exactly the same, the power would be increased!

Looking at the calm and smiling Ling Chen, Yun Feng was deeply shocked, as well as ever so grateful at the same time… high class equips, Hidden Profession Scroll, these were all priceless items that Ling Chen had freely given to Yun Meng Xin and the other two girls. For sure, part of the reason for Ling Chen doing so was because of how likeable the girls were. However, acting like this without any reservation or hesitation also showed how dedicated Ling Chen was towards helping Meng Xin and Heart’s Dream.

Indeed…… From the beginning, Yun Feng should have been completely at ease. For a person of Ling Chen’s status and power, his promise to help them was something that was extremely precious. This thought appeared in both Yun Feng and Yun Meng Xin’s minds.



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