Shura's Wrath

Chapter 120


A Small Compensation

Translator/Editor: Mr. Voltaire

Inside the small house with the “Heart’s Dream” sign hanging over the doors, there were only two plain tables and seven or eight shabby chairs. In a time when gold was so scarce, they could only put up with having their headquarters in such a place. However, renting even this plain little house would be beyond the abilities of these few girls. Ling Chen believed that the only person who would be able to do this would be Yun Feng.

Although there were five people seated around the table, it did not seem crowded at all. This was the first time they had all met together, and it was today that Ling Chen had officially joined the yet-to-be-established “Heart’s Dream” in a not-so-official way. Of course, the only thing that was missing was the other missing member.

“Isn’t there one more member? Why isn’t she here?” Ling Chen asked.

“Big sister Mu had something to attend to. It was like someone was calling her.” [TLN: Mu is her last name, not given name] Yun Meng Xin replied.  While sitting down, her two long, sleek legs naturally crossed leg over leg. Looking at her from the side, her figure was simply breathtaking. Ling Chen had to admit that this goddess-level beauty was simply flawless no matter from which angle she was looked at. She didn’t seem like a mortal girl; rather, her beauty was that which could only be seen in drawings- possible to be imagined, described, but nearly impossible to actually come into existence.

“Do you know who big sister Mu is? Hehe, if you know her full name, you’ll get a shock.” Xiao Qi giggled.

“Oh?” Ling Chen’s expression became very curious.

Xiao Qi mysteriously smiled, “When you see her, you’ll know. Big sister Mu isn’t just very strong, she’s super pretty as well! She’s actually almost as pretty as big sister Meng Xin. But when you see her, don’t get any wrong ideas or do anything silly- big sister Mu is very scary when she’s angry… And right, how can you still be wearing that mask, quickly take it off! We’re guildmates now, but we still haven’t seen what you look like.”

After speaking, Xiao Qi went to grab the mask Ling Chen was wearing. Su’Er also slightly raised her head, hoping to see Ling Chen take off his mask. Yun Meng Xin also turned her gaze to Ling Chen, and looked at his mask. Evidently, they all wanted to know what this super expert who had shaken China looked like.

“This… This isn’t necessary, I look a bit weird- my appearance might scare you guys.” Ling Chen helplessly said as he slightly retreated.

“Liar, Liar!” Xiao Qi contradicted as she shook her head, “I don’t believe you. Take off that mask now, we all want to see what you look like. It’s not fair that you’re wearing a mask.”

Yun Feng knew the reason why Ling Chen did not want to reveal his face, and he had previously promised Ling Chen that he would not reveal to anyone else his real identity. He hurriedly said, “Qi Qi, he has a special reason why he doesn’t want people to know his real identity, so don’t force him to take off his mask. One day, when he wants to, he’ll take it off himself…… Eh, Ling Tian, isn’t that right.”

“No, no! This isn’t fair!” The curiosity of a young maiden was very strong, and though Yun Feng had tried to convince her, Xiao Qi was still furiously shaking her head.

“Xiao Qi, since he doesn’t want to, let’s not force him. Everyone has reasons for their own privacy. Just like me… a lot of the time, I cover my face as well.” After Yun Meng Xin spoke, a faint sigh came out from her lips. Xiao Qi was very respectful to Yung Meng Xin. After Yun Meng Xin had spoken, she puffed out her cheeks, but did not continue to pester Ling Chen and obediently sat down. However, her displeasure was written all over her face, and after sitting down, she muttered in a small voice, “Mean man.”

After seeing her actions, Ling Chen could not help but smile. He knew that after joining this guild, not allowing his guildmates to see what he looked like wasn’t very polite. However, for Shui Ruo’s sake, he would not let their peaceful lives be disturbed. He definitely would not let Shui Ruo be put at any risk of harm, so, at least for now, he wasn’t willing to let other people know his real identity.

A beautiful young girl sulking was a very cute sight. Although Xiao Qi was young, if she really was Xiao Qiufeng’s younger sister, then she would be a true “Mafia Princess”. However, Ling Chen did not feel a hint of haughtiness or arrogance from her, but instead could tell that her spirit was incredibly pure and naïve. This sort of girl, even if she did something wrong, no one would be able to get angry at her.

Maybe it was because she reminded him a bit of Ling Shui Ruo, Ling Chen simply couldn’t be too cruel to this young girl. He gently smiled, and said, “Alright, little Qi Qi, it’s me being mean, it’s me who’s in the wrong. It’s my fault for making Qi Qi angry…… Although, I’ll give Qi Qi some compensation. If Qi Qi is satisfied with my compensation, then don’t be angry anymore alright?”

Ling Chen use of “Qi Qi” was somewhat affectionate. Yun Feng, who Ling Chen had always treated coldly, started to feel goosebumps creeping up across his whole body. He stared at Ling Chen… he never thought that the cold Ling Chen would have such a side… or was he only like this to girls?

“Compensation? What compensation?” Xiao Qi didn’t show any reaction to Ling Chen calling her “Qi Qi” at all, but her eyes lit up when she had heard the word “compensation”. She leaned forwards, pressing her bountiful chest onto the table.

“You’re a Water Elementalist, right?” Ling Chen smiled as he asked.

“That’s right! How did you know? Ahh, could it be that you want to give me equipment?”

“Correct!” Ling Chen waved his hand, and took out a magic staff that radiated a faint green light from his bag, “This magic staff is most suitable for Wind Elementalists to use, but it’s still quite good for other Elementalists to use as well.”

Ling Chen put the long magic staff onto the table. Just from its appearance, it was evident that this was not some ordinary magic staff. The five people seated around the table all fixed their gazes onto the magic staff.

[Wind Spirit Staff]: Type: Magic Staff (Long), Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Any Elementalist, Priest or Summoner class profession LV15 or above. A magic staff that harbours dense wind element, after equipping can buff the effects of wind magic. Attributes: Magic Attack+50, Spirit+15, MP+50, All wind class spell damage+10%, all wind magic chanting time-20%.

“Wahh!!” Xiao Qi and Yun Feng let out gasps.

“Ohmygod! LV15 Gold magic staff!! This Magic Attack, these Attributes…” Yun Feng stared, enchanted by the magic staff. He yelled as he wiped away the drool that had been leaking from his mouth. He almost started hating himself for not choosing the Elementalist class. If he was an Elementalist, he would at least have the right to beg Ling Chen for this amazing piece of equipment. In the early stages of the game, Gold equipment were godly things. This was the first time he had ever seen Gold equipment.

“This… is this really for me?” Xiao Qi held the magic staff in her hands, her excited little face became incredibly red. Although this magic staff was evidently most suitable for Wind Elementalists, it was still a Gold weapon. The stats on a Gold weapon were something that the stats on ordinary weapons could never match up to. As the princess of the Battle Alliance, Xiao Qi knew exactly how precious Gold equipment was at this stage of the game… this was a priceless treasure. Presently, the Gold equipment that had appeared in China were almost as rare as unicorns. Even her big brother only had Silver equipment- and that was already considered to be very impressive. Yet, in her hands, was a Gold weapon.

“Of course, if you want to use it, you’ll need to be at least LV15. Make sure you work hard.” Ling Chen said as he smiled.

Xiao Qi was so happy that her eyebrows almost started to dance. Her sulking from earlier had completely disappeared. She actually owned a Gold equipment now!! Just thinking about it almost made her want to jump up and down with joy. She looked up, both eyes starting to water up. She felt extremely overwhelmed, and her voice was as soft and gentle as cotton as she spoke, “Big brother Ling Tian, you’re the best. Mmmmwah~”

Xiao Qi pressed her white and tender fingers to her soft lips, and blew Ling Chen a kiss. Afterwards, she jumped up and down as she played with the wind Elementalist magic staff in her hands. She gave off the impression that she would not be willing to part with it for even a moment.

“Women… are such admirable creatures.” Yun Feng enviously looked at Xiao Qi, then pitifully looked at Ling Chen, hoping that Ling Chen would take out some equipment to give to him… Ling Chen already had two Celestial grade equipment. Yun Feng was sure that the Gold and Silver equipment that other people could only dream of were akin to trash to Ling Chen.

Ling Chen ignored Yun Feng’s pitiful look, and instead looked at Su’Er. As she became aware of Ling Chen looking at her, Su’Er’s reaction was like that of a frightened little rabbit, and hurriedly looked downwards. She was naturally very shy, and had never been able to look back at a boy for very long.

“Su’Er, you should be an Archer, right?” Ling Chen asked. Her class was very easy to guess from the equipment that she was wearing.

“Y-Yes…” Having Ling Chen suddenly speak to her, Su’Er panicked, and weakly replied.

This girl, she probably rarely talked to people she didn’t know. However, there was something about this girl that made people just want to like her. He smiled, and took out a pure Silver bow from his bag and put it in front of Su’Er, “Here, this is for you.”

[Wind Chaser Bow]: Type: Bow, Grade: Silver, Equipment requirements: Any Archer class profession LV15 or above. Attributes: Physical Attack+31, Strength+5, Agility+8, Attack Speed+20. Attacks will deal 10 bonus damage of wind element.

“Silver grade bow!” Xiao Qi gently exclaimed. Although the stats on this bow definitely could not match up to the Gold magic staff, Silver equipment was also something that ordinary players could only dream of. Su’Er picked up the bow and lovingly looked at it. Her cheeks became slightly pink as she looked at Ling Chen for a moment, then immediately lowered her head again. She softly said, “Thank you big brother Ling Tian, I really like it.”

“Here, this is also for you.” As he spoke, Ling Chen took out a full body armour that glowed with a faint green light.

[Wind Spirit’s Clothes]: Type: Full Body Light Armour, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Any Archer class profession LV15 or above. Mystical clothes that contain wind elemental power. After wearing body becomes light and agile like wind. Attributes: Defense+50, Agility+15, HP+100, Attack Speed+15, Wind Elemental Resistance+10%.


This time, even Su’Er could not help but let out a gentle cry of disbelief.



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