Shura's Wrath

Chapter 119


Working Together

Translator: Kaycee Liang

Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Big sister Meng Xin, you’re finally back!” Xiao Qi dashed towards Meng Xin like a bird, joyously grabbing on to her arm. Xiao Qi’s eyes quickly glanced back at Ling Chen, “Look, look, he is the new member that big brother Yun Feng found… can you guess who he is? Hehe, If I tell you, you will definitely be surprised!”

So this was Yun Meng Xin? Hearing her name from Xiao Qi, Ling Chen’s gaze shook slightly. She was the reason why he entered the game world and found himself a goal to fight towards. Eventually, it was also because of her, that Ling Shui Ruo could escape from the dreadful monster, Isrock Disease. Despite that this was his first time seeing this girl, deep down in Ling Chen’s heart, there was always a touch of gratitude towards her, as well as a slight hint of admiration and recognition for her undying determination.  Meeting her for the first time, Ling Chen soon realised why she would be in the place where she was today.

Being a family that even the Yun family financial group, that was second-ranked in China, wanted to get close with, this family must have incredible background, power and connections. As for the heir of the family falling for Yun Meng Xin, that was something completely ordinary and normal.  Even though she hadn’t revealed her face yet, her calm temperament, graceful demeanor and ethereal voice showed beyond doubt that she must have the face of a goddess. All of these things made it very easy for men to become infatuated with her. Covering up her face before going out… was probably something that she had long become accustomed to. Otherwise, wherever she went, she would always become the focus of many unwanted gazes, which may even lead to some unnecessary troubles.

Even for Ling Chen, suddenly seeing her caused him to momentarily blank out.

She looked towards Ling Chen and their eyes met. Behind the veil, Ling Chen saw the ripples in her eyes. The corner of her rosy lips softly lifted into a graceful curve…  she spoke with a seeming smile, “It’s Ling Tian, right?”

The sound of her dreamy voice was almost unreal. It was as if the melodious sounds of heaven were gliding out of her mouth. Even if she was unbearably hideous, her voice alone would be enough to bewitch countless men to fall for her. But her words made Ling Chen, Yun Feng, Xiao Qi and Su’Er startled.

“Ah?” Xiao Qi’s jaws dropped, her face full of surprise, “Big sister Meng Xin, how did you know? Did Big brother Yun Feng tell you already?”

“No, no, of course I didn’t!” Yun Feng quickly shook his head, he looked even more surprised than Xiao Qi. His eyes popped, with astonishment all over his face, “I haven’t told anyone about this! Meng Xin, h-h-how did you know that he is Ling Tian?”

He then turned around and looked above Ling Tian’s head… earlier his IGN was displaying, but it had quickly disappeared. Yun Meng Xin could not have seen his name… then how come she knew that he was Ling Tian? Was it possible that they’ve met before?

Under the veil, her smile softened, “So it is Ling Tian…”

“You’ve seen me before?” Ling Cheng asked, looking at her with a touch more interest. He was now well known by all players as a legendary character, even the mere mentioning of his name could easily shock a crowd… like just then, after hearing his name, Xiao Qi almost jumped through the roof out of excitement. Even Su’Er, who was usually as quiet as a kitten, couldn’t hide away the surprised look on her face. But standing in front of him, Yun Meng Xin did not scream out his name. There were no emotions on her face except for that faintly curved smile, statue-still as a ripple-less puddle. Besides, he is certain that he had never seen this girl before- her temperament and demeanor were things that he would remember for a lifetime… So, how come she knew that he was Ling Tian?

“No.” Meng Yun Xin gently shook her head and smiled, “Actually, I just guessed it.”

“Ah?”  Xiao Qi’s jaws dropped again, swinging Yun Meng Xin’s arm back and forth, “You guessed it? But what made you think that it was him? If it was me, I would never think that he would join Heart’s Dream.”

“You really guessed it… b-but Meng Xin, how did you guess that?” Yun Feng scratched his head, baffled. He hadn’t told her who was the helper that he recruited. He was planning on to surprise her so that she could be truly happy for once. But before he could’ve introduced them, she instantly called out Ling Tian’s name.

Yun Meng Xin smiled softly, gracefully stepped into this tightly spaced room and closed the door behind. The motions of her body were swift and elegant; each and every step she took was an absolute pleasure to watch. She was like God’s favourite child- everything about her absolutely perfect… except that, she could never be in charge of her own fate. “To be honest, it was an easy guess. It was the day when big brother brought back my game bracelet, he told me with excitement that he had found someone who was able to aid me. I hadn’t seen him be so exuberant for a long time. I thought that the helper must be someone very powerful and that big brother trusted him or her a lot. Later on, big brother brought up ‘this person’ to me numerous times, and every time he mentioned him, he would always speak with admiration in his voice. I grew up with big brother, and with him being such a pretentious person, I never thought that one day he would ever be looking up to someone. Even if it was the most powerful ‘Sword Emperor, big brother never truly respected him, and was convinced that he will one day surpass him.

“What really aroused my suspicions was that this morning, whilst I was practicing with big brother, we heard that on the Pet Ranking Announcements that Ling Tian got the Heaven’s End grade pet. Big brother was so surprised, but at the same time he seemed very excited, as if he was the one who got the Heaven’s End pet. So I thought that Ling Tian might be the person big brother was talking about. Being such powerful person, that in just a few days, he took over the limelight and made every player remember his name.”

“Also, I know that the person who Qi Qi admires the most is her big brother. However, when Qi Qi looked Ling Tian, she had this eager look in her eyes, even more so than when she sees her own brother. Hence, I thought he must be someone who is even more powerful than Qi Qi’s big brother. So, it must be Ling Tian.”

Yun Meng Xin finished her sentence with a beautiful smile. Yun Feng and Xiao Qi, on the other hand, stood there, astounded.

Ling Chen’s eyebrows twitched ever so slightly. Yun Meng Xin’s tranquility and attentiveness to details were beyond his expectations. Her ability to notice some things that others would tend to subconsciously leave out, and make valid connections to something or someone that she had never seen before… the Yun Meng Xin in front of him was totally different to the stubborn and helpless girl that he had imagined. Her goddess-level beauty, extraordinary mentality and intelligent mind… so this was Yun Meng Xin?

“Whoa! Indeed, Big Sister Meng Xin is the best of the best!” Xiao Qi applauded, looking at Meng Xin with sparkles of admiration in her eyes.

“Alright!” Yun Feng sighed, “Well, I actually thought I could give you a surprise this time, but as always I’ve failed horribly.”

Ling Feng fell into deep thought… It seemed that the reason Yun Meng Xin figured out his identity wasn’t out of luck; she was a girl of great intellect.

“Not at all big brother, you have already given me a huge surprise and so much hope… thank you, big brother.”

Yun Meng Xin’s voice was soft and sincere. The sound of her voice alone was enough to melt away any man’s heart.

“I am your big brother, therefore, there’s no need to thank me. But… this is all I can do for you, I can’t disobey my father’s damn commands. Besides I still have the Disillusion Alliance to take care of. Even if I help you in the future, I’ll have to do it in secrecy. What’s more is that your success is dependent on your effort. Meng Xin, no matter what happens in the future, I will always be on your side. It’s my honour to have a sister like you. So we have to keep on fighting, take down father! Takedown Long Tian Yun!”

Yun Feng vigorously nodded his head, and gave Yun Meng Xin a thumbs up.

Looking at Yun Feng, Ling Chen’s lips softened into a warm smile. Yun Feng’s words echoed in his head: little sisters with big brothers are really blessed. It seemed that every big brother loved their little sisters from the bottom of their hearts. Just like Yun Feng and Yun Meng Xin, Shui Ruo and himself.

And also…

Disillusion Alliance?

Long Tian Yun?

Nobody noticed that as soon as Yun Feng mentioned ‘Long Tian Yun’,  a sudden beam of coldness flashed in Ling Chen’s eyes.

“Un.” Yun Meng Xin answered softly and turned towards Ling Chen. Through the veil, Ling Chen felt a beautiful and gentle gaze. “Ling Tian, welcome to ‘Heart’s Dream’. You were brought in by big brother, therefore I will trust you wholeheartedly. Also, I need to thank you, Qi Qi, Su Su and all of you for joining Heart’s Dream. You guys have given up a lot to be here today…  In two years’ time, no matter what happens, I will always be grateful to you guys, and I will forever remember each and every one of you…”

Yun Meng Xin’s words touched everyone’s heart. Xiao Qi shook her head and said in all seriousness, “Big sister Meng Xin, there is no need to say such things between sisters. Big sister Meng Xin, you have always been my favourite person in the whole world! The prettiest, smartest, kindest, the best goddess ever! You can do so much better than Long Tian Yun. No matter what you do, I will always be on your side, otherwise I won’t deserve the honour to be your little sister.”

“I…I like big sister Meng Xin,” Su Er walked over and stood next to Yun Meng Xin, in her quiet voice, “So… Su’Er… will always fight alongside big sister.”

With two beautiful girls alongside Yun Meng Xin, Ling Feng knew that she more than just beautiful and smart; her lovely charisma could also make anyone instantly fond her. Why else would two girls of great family backgrounds be so willing to join ‘Heart’s Dream’?

“Well then, let’s all work towards our goal together.” Ling Chen smiled, looking at all three girls. He felt that he was almost starting to like this little group. Not only did all three of the girls have incomparably beautiful faces, but he also got carried away in this warm and welcoming atmosphere. “Believe in what you believe, keep doing what you are doing. In two years’ time, or even sooner, your fate will be in your own hands.”

Yun Meng Xin was startled by his words. For a team of only five people with no money, no connections, no nothing, to match the reputation and wealth that the Yun family financial group possesses in just in two years seemed like an impossible task. But the man in front of her radiated nothing but confidence and determination.

Those words seemed like an overly confident promise… but for some reason, she could not feel any conceit in his words. Deep down in her heart there was an inexplicable feeling towards this man she just met — that as long as he was here, this seemingly impossible goal was not so far from their reach.



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