Shura's Wrath

Chapter 118


Yun Meng Xin (3)

Translator/Editor: Mr. Voltaire

“Big brother Yun Feng, you came back so quickly.” The beautiful girl wearing the blue Elementalist robe walked over. As she drew nearer, a slight chill could be felt from her… evidently, this girl was a Water Elementalist. She curiously looked at Ling Chen, “Is he the new member of our Heart’s Dream?”

“Mhmm!” Yun Feng nodded his head, then glanced at Ling Chen to look at his reaction towards these two incomparable beauties. Most people looking at these two girls would become entranced and would be unable to look away. However, Ling Chen was wearing a mask, so Yun Feng was unable to see his facial expressions. Ling Chen turned his head, and asked, “Where’s Meng Xin? Why isn’t she here?”

“Big sisters Meng Xin and Bing Yao went out to attend to some business, but they should be back soon. Big brother Yun Feng, you still haven’t introduced our new member… Welcome to Heart’s Dream big brother! Big brother Yun Feng brought you here, so I’m sure you’re very powerful right? My name is Xiao Qi, but you can call me Qi Qi. What’s your name?” The girl’s crystal clear eyes shone. She unhesitatingly introduced herself with her real name. From this, Ling Chen could tell that this girl was bubbly and lively, and was not the type to scheme or backstab. It was also a display of her trust for Yun Feng.

“My name is Su’Er, you can call me Su Su. Wel… welcome to Heart’s Dream.”

The petite and gentle girl stood next to Xiao Qi, her lips slightly parting as she introduced herself. Her voice was clear and gentle as a breeze, and her head was lowered as she spoke. She was too shy to look at Ling Chen in the eyes. After only saying a few words, she had already started to blush. Her shyness caused her to look extraordinarily cute, and Ling Chen felt his heart begin to beat faster.

Facing these two incredible beauties, Ling Chen gently smiled… being able to meet two beautiful girls like this was something most men could only dream of. He was just about to speak, but Yun Feng had already shouted out, “Hehe! This person who I, Yun Feng, have brought is not some nobody. As for his name… I’ll give you two some time to prepare yourselves, otherwise I might scare the wits out of you.”

Xiao Qi’s eyebrows raised, and her lips curved upwards, “Eh? Big brother Yun Feng’s boasting again! Xiao Qi isn’t a scaredy cat who has never seen a famous or powerful person before! My big brother’s even on the Heaven Rankings! Could he be even stronger than my brother?”

Her brother was an expert on the Heaven Ranking? Ling Chen gazed at her again, and looked at her in-game name (IGN) above her head.

Cute Qi Qi.

The girl called Su’Er’s IGN was even more simple, only two characters… Su Su.

Anyone on the Heaven and Earth Rankings was someone whose name resounded across all of China. If someone from the Heaven Rankings appeared in public, they would instantly swarmed over by the crowds like a celebrity. This was not unexpected, as the players who were able to squeeze into the Top Ten out of hundreds of millions of players were literally one-in-a-million geniuses.

“Hmph!” Yun Feng disdainfully wrinkled his nose, and replied, “The experts on the Heaven Rankings are indeed very strong. Although he isn’t on the Heaven Rankings, he’s stronger than anyone on there.”

Xiao Qi looked at him for a few seconds, then replied, “You’re boasting!”

Even the little Su’Er next to her slightly raised her head, her face revealing an expression of disbelief.  The only people standing at the peak of the mountain of other players could enter the Heaven Rankings. The people who were listed on the Heaven Rankings were all legendary experts, so it was natural that anyone hearing the words “stronger than anyone on the Heaven Rankings” would be in disbelief.

“Really now?” Yun Feng chuckled, “Then you tell me. Who’s the strongest player in China right now?”

“Of course it’s [Yan Huang Alliance]’s ‘Sword Emperor’ or [The Dark Night]’s ‘Shinigami’!” Xiao Qi unhesitatingly replied. This was common knowledge in China. One was the battle emperor who had never lost against anyone apart from Eve, one was the Shinigami who easily ended the lives of countless people in the darkness. These were two people had been acknowledged by everyone in China to be the two strongest players. Moreover, these two players were respectively part of two of the three biggest Guilds in China. The Sword Emperor was [Yan Huang Alliance]’s General, and was only below the Guildmaster. Shinigami was [The Dark Night]’s Guildmaster, a Guild whose name struck fear into the hearts of everyone who heard it.

“Eh… you mean… he’s the Sword Emperor? No way, no way! The Sword Emperor definitely wouldn’t help big sister Meng Xin. Could he be ‘Shinigami’?” Xiao Qi shouted.

“NO, NO!” Yun Feng emphatically said as he wagged his finger. He smiled, “The Sword Emperor and Shinigami are both very strong, and are respectively ranked as Number 1 and Number 2 on the Heaven Rankings. However, that was all in the past. Have a think, in Mystic Moon, who was the first to leave Novice Village, and has single-handedly occupied the Equipment Ranking and Pet Ranking? “

“Of course it’s Ling Tian! Who doesn’t know this? Right?”

Xiao Qi immediately realised and her adorable eyes widened. She pointed towards Ling Chen, and weakly asked Yun Feng, “Big brother Yun Feng… could he be…….”

“My name is Ling Tian.” Ling Chen had been waiting for an opportunity to speak for a long time. After he had spoken, his IGN revealed itself above his head.


Seeing the two words “Ling Tian” above his head, Xiao Qi and Su’Er both let out fangirl cries. Xiao Qi’s gaze was completely focused on Ling Chen. Her gaze was filled with curiosity, passion, excitement and disbelief, as if she was looking at an extremely rare animal. Even the quiet Su’Er raised her head and secretly glanced at Ling Chen, her eyes fixed on the words flashing above his head.

“Ling Tian… you’re that Ling Tian! The first person in the whole world to walk out of Novice Village, equipped with two Celestial grade equipment, a Celestial grade pet and a Heaven’s End grade pet! Ohmygod! I actually got to see you in person!”

Xiao Qi’s curiosity, as well as her personality as the fangirling type caused her to become incredibly excited. This person had again and again shaken the gaming world, and was someone who overshadowed even the Sword Emperor and Shinigami… Plus, he was now a member of “Heart’s Dream”, and would be her guildmate in future. She almost could not contain her excitement. She was not very worried about whether he was a good person or a bad person because she believed that the person Yun Feng brought would not be a bad person. Xiao Qi was like a curious baby who was fixated on Ling Chen. The pitch at which she was speaking rose with each word she spoke.

Yun Feng was very pleased as he replied, “That’s right! He’s that Ling Tian! What do you think, I didn’t trick you guys right! He’s far stronger than the Sword Emperor or the Shinigami!”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Xiao Qi was not convinced. However, her eyes seemed to glow with the light of many small stars, “Although, big brother Ling Tian, you’re really so strong! How did you get these Celestial grade equipment? Did you have to kill a lot of super, super strong Bosses? My big brother is really strong, but he only has two Silver grade equipment! And, and, I heard you have a Celestial grade pet and a Heaven’s End pet, is this true? Ahh of course it’s true! The Pet Ranking Chart wouldn’t be wrong! Can you show us? Pleeeease? I really want to see a Celestial grade and Heaven’s grade pets!  And, and, my big brother said that in Novice Village, you beat thirty people by yourself and beat a LV10 Gold rank BOSS. Even he said that you’re a scary person. He’s still trying to find you to meet with you again! So awesome! I actually got to meet the Ling Tian from the legends. If my girlfriends knew about this, they would be jealous to death… And, and, why are you wearing that mask. Quickly take it off so we can see what you look like. We’re going to be guildmates from now on, so you don’t need to wear that mask around us….”

Xiao Qi rapidly fired off a series of questions and exclamations, which caused Ling Chen to feel a bit dizzy… there were only a few sentences that really registered in his mind. Her big brother was in the Heaven Ranking and had seen him destroying thirty players in Novice Villag… there was only one person who he had met in his Novice Village who was in the Heaven Ranking.

The Cold Magistrate, Xiao Qiu Feng.

This girl called Xiao Qi was also surnamed Xiao… she was Xiao Qiu Feng’s little sister!?

That means, she was the ‘Princess’ of the Battle Alliance?

She had such an impressive background, so why did she want to join such an unimpressive, almost futureless “Heart’s Dream”?

“Big brother, you’re here.”

Ling Chen was just about to reply to all of the curious Xiao Qi’s questions, a voice gentle as smoke came from behind him. This voice caused Ling Chen to soul to flutter, and created ripples in his heart… The sound of the girl’s voice was incredibly beautiful- the tone of her voice and the pitch were both extremely beautiful to the point that it could not be described. In that instant, Ling Chen concluded that this voice was the most beautiful voice he had ever heard in his entire life. This incredible voice caused Ling Chen to suddenly have an intense desire to see what the owner of this voce looked like. As if his body was being controlled, Ling Chen immediately turned around, and saw a slim and gentle figure.

The girl was wearing an icy-white silk veil. This sort of veil was provided at the item store to female players for free. The veil covered the girl’s features, but parts of her face still remained uncovered. Her skin was as flawless as white jade, and her figure was simply breathtaking and unforgettable. Under her long, white skirt revealed a pair of slim, long and delicate legs.  Even as she casually stood there, her body emitted an other-worldly aura of pride. Her lustrous dark hair cascaded like a waterfall, covering her beautiful white skin.

The instant Ling Chen turned to look at her, she also turned to look at him. Looking out from inside the slightly dark room towards the bright outdoors, it appeared that the girl was bathed in a warm light. This “aura” around her made her look even more beautiful and dreamlike, to the point that even the goddesses in various legends could not compare. Ling Chen was momentarily frozen by her heavenly beauty. In his mind appeared two words, “beautiful goddess”.

Although she had not revealed her face, just based on her voice, aura and figure, it was already obvious that she was incredibly beautiful.

She… was she Yun Feng’s little sister, Yun Meng Xin?



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