Shura's Wrath

Chapter 116


Yun Meng Xin (1)

Translator/Editor: Mr. Voltaire

The fifth pillar was inscribed with two words- Fairy Priest.

Ling Chen stood in front of this pillar and pressed his hands onto it. Immediately, a faint green light flashed and the pillar shattered. After the pillar vanished, a scroll floating within a circle of green light appeared. Ling Chen reached out and retrieved the scroll.

[Profession Scroll – Fairy Priest]: Profession class change scroll, Usage conditions: Level over LV10, after use can change class to the beautiful, flying Fairy Priest class. After changing to this profession one will have incredibly strong healing power and party buffs. Fairy Priests use the power of nature to launch attacks against their enemies. If one changes to the Fairy Priest profession, when meeting with the Fairy Clan, the Fairy Clan will treat them with favourability and trust.

The reason Ling Chen immediately chose this profession was not because it was a powerful class in terms of offense. Because the Fairy Priest’s description was not very detailed, it was difficult for Ling Chen to see if it was a powerful class or not. Moreover, no matter how strong a Fairy Priest was, they would still be a support, unable to deal much damage by themselves. There was only one reason for Ling Chen choosing the Fairy Priest class… it was because Ling Shui Ruo, who was still in novice village, had chosen the Priest class. Of course, Ling Shui Ruo had chosen the Priest class so she could help him. But honestly, the current powerful Ling Chen didn’t need any help at all. Moreover, his strongest skill, Soul Sacrifice, forced his HP to remain in a critical condition. However, since Shui Ruo had chosen this profession, he would not discourage her, and would use any method to give her an advantage over other Priests.

After taking the Fairy Priest scroll, Ling Chen walked a few steps to his left, and stopped in front of the fourth pillar. He unhesitatingly touched the shining pillar with his hands.

A gentle shattering sound came from the pillar as it broke into pieces. After it disappeared, scroll appeared in front of Ling Chen. He immediately took it into his hands.

[Profession Scroll – Phantasmal Bladedancer] Profession class change scroll, Usage conditions: Level over LV10, after use can change class to the special class [Phantasmal Bladedancer]. This profession dual-wields two swords. The swords can be either one-handed or two-handed. If two swords that are exactly the same are used, the offense power will be greatly increased, resulting in a deadly blade dance with unparalleled power and might.

Phantasmal Bladedancer and Fairy Priest, these were Ling Chen’s choices. Fairy Priest was purely chosen for Shui Ruo, while Ling Chen chose Phantasmal Bladedancer because in his opinion, it was the strongest class out of the ten remaining pillars. It also had an incredibly strong passive ability. Ling Chen’s Gemini Orb allowed him to use two two-handed weapons at the same time, so he knew just how overpowered being able to dual-wield two-handed weapons was. Although the Phantasmal Bladedancer class wouldn’t allow the user to stack the stats of the weapons, being able to dual-wield two weapons was equivalent to two people attacking at once. Moreover, being able to use two weapons could deal with a lot of situations that would be incredibly difficult with a single weapon. Thus, Ling Chen chose this class. As for who he would give the scroll to, that was yet to be decided.

“You’ve already chosen two types of power, please leave.”

A cold voice came from behind Ling Chen. Ling Chen repressed his greed and decided not to try to take any other scrolls… He knew that if he tried to do that, the guardian behind him would immediately execute him. He turned around, gave the black-clothed guardian a nod, then exited the Hall of Heroic Spirits.

Now, he was in possession of three Class Change Scrolls. They were: Wind Spirit Marksman, Fairy Priest and Phantasmal Bladedancer.

These three scrolls were undeniably priceless treasures. Based on his experience in other games in the past, out of the hundreds of millions of players, by the late-game period, only about twenty people would have a special profession. However, right now Ling Chen already had three of these special scrolls… adding on his own profession, there were four in his possession!

Ling Chen was confident in his own abilities. Even before he entered the world of Mystic Moon, he believed that he would become a powerful and influential player. However, he did not expect that within ten days, he would gather such powerful equipment, pets and stats. The turning point for him was when he had fallen from Wolf’s Cliff.

Ling Chen felt that ever since he had obtained the Lunar Scourge, he had risen above the existence of a simple ‘player’. After leaving the Hall of Heroic Spirits, Ling Chen took a look at the time, then used an Amity Town Return Scroll to teleport to Amity Town.

The sky above Amity Town was still covered by an unnatural darkness. The town was a lot more peaceful than when Ling Chen had first visited. Evidently, most people were still trying to work out what had happened at Lonely Spirit Ridge. Ling Chen did not stop in the town, and instead called out the Cloud Stepping Mare, and quickly rode towards the east. His target destination of course was not Lonely Spirit Ridge, but rather the place where he had first encountered the Lucky Cat.

After arriving at the place in his memories, Ling Chen immediately saw the two giant rocks embedded in the ground. Jumping down from the Cloud Stepping Mare, he made sure that there was no one around. Ling Chen ran to where the two giant rocks met and squatted down.

The Mysterious Red Sun Gold was still buried in the ground without any signs of being touched or moved. Ling Chen gave a small sigh of relief, and brushed away the layer of dirt on top. Immediately, a splendorous golden light shone out in front of Ling Chen. He took out a broken spatula that he had bought from Qian Gun Gun, and dug at the ground containing the Mysterious Red Sun Gold… he had bought these broken spatulas with a lot of gold, so they had better be effective!

The process was far easier than Ling Chen had expected. As soon as the broken spatula touched the ground surrounding the Mysterious Red Sun Gold, a strange grey gas came out of it. The grey gas surrounded the Mysterious Red Sun Gold, and easily separated the Mysterious Red Sun Gold from the ground around it.

“Ding… After being dug out by you, the Mysterious Red Sun Gold has been separated from its surrounding environment. It can now be picked up.”

It was this easy? Ling Chen was completely shocked. He didn’t even make a single digging motion, and did not have a single bit of skill in mining. However, this ‘top grade mrysl’ as described by Qi Yue had been retrieved incredibly easily!

This piece of Mysterious Red Sun Gold was about the size of a soccer ball, and was twenty to thirty kilograms in weight. Ling Chen reached out with his hand and easily picked up the piece of Mysterious Red Sun Gold and put it into his bag. Suddenly, he felt that spending 5000 gold to buy this broken spatula was an incredibly good deal. The value of this piece of Mysterious Red Sun Gold was certainly worth more than 5000 gold by many, many times.

After obtaining the Mysterious Red Sun Gold, all Ling Chen had to do now was find someone who could use this Mysterious Red Sun Gold to make some equipment. However, he knew that finding someone who could use this Mysterious Red Sun Gold to forge equipment would be much harder than finding the Mysterious Red Sun Gold itself.

“I really hope I can meet someone with this type of ability.” Ling Chen thought in his mind. He ran back towards Azure Dragon City, heading towards the largest food plaza in Azure Dragon City.

The Azure Dragon City’s Food Plaza sold many different types of delicious delicacies. Most of the types of food didn’t even exist in the real world. However, the prices for many of these dishes were extremely high, and it was still the early-game when most players were still quite poor. Thus, there were barely any players who were willing to waste their hard-earned gold on treating their mouths. Most of the players here were “non-combatant” players who wanted to change to a “primary class”. [TLN: I’m guessing “primary” refers to basic classes like chef, miner, farmer, etc that aren’t really specialised for combat, and a “non-combatant player” is just someone who wants to enjoy life in the VRMMO]

The Head Chef in the Food Plaza was the NPC who was in charge of helping players change to the primary class of Chef. He had a big round head and a large potbelly. From afar, one could almost mistake him for a pig wearing clothes. Ling Chen walked up to him, and politely greeted him, “Hello, Head Chef.”

“Oh, hello, young traveller from another world. Do you want to become a great Chef? Ohohoho, you have very good ‘taste’ [TLN: ? ]. The Chef class is a glorious class- an excellent chef can not only create heavenly and delicious dishes, but can also make food that can permanently increase stats! Chefs who have reached the pinnacle will not only have riches that rival those of a country’s, but will also have the status and fame that will rival those of a combatant player at the pinnacle. So, do you want to become a great Chef?”

Ling Chen shook his head, “Head Chef, you’ve misunderstood. I didn’t come here to become a Chef.”

The fatty’s excited expression immediately disappeared. He said, “You don’t want to become a chef? Then why the heck did you come here? If you want to buy any food then please line up over there.”

“I just had something I wanted to ask you.” Ling Chen walked forwards as he took out the “Handsome Pan”, “Could you tell me the history of this pan?”

“Hm?” The fatty smiled, and took the Handsome Pan into his hands. He looked at it and felt the weight of it in his hands, and said with a serious tone, “From the weight and texture of this pan, it should have been made with solid steel. Hmm, not bad, not bad. Most novice Chefs only have very ordinary pans. Young man, I’m very surprised that you have such a good pan. It’s worth at least 60 gold. Looks like you have a very good affinity with the Chef class. What do you say, young man? Are you sure you don’t want to become a Chef?”

Solid steel? 60 gold?

This pan that the Lucky Cat had in its possession was only worth 60 gold? Ling Chen refused to believe this… just based on the pan’s name, Ling Chen could not accept that it was worth a measly 60 gold! It seemed that even the Head Chef did not know the history of this pan. Ling Chen hurriedly took the Handsome Pan back, refused the Head Chef’s offer, then left the Food Plaza.

“Sigh, what a short-sighted young man. Fighting all those life-and-death battles, how very un-peaceful. It’s much better being a Chef, living in safety.” Watching Ling Chen leave, the fat Chef gave a sigh of disappointment. He scratched his chin, then murmured to himself, “Hm, that pan just then was called the Handsome Pan or something like that? It sounds a bit familiar. What was that legendary pan called again…?”

As he left the Food Plaza, it had already become early morning. Ling Chen did not stop anywhere, and logged out.

As soon as he logged on a few hours later, the system intercom sounded out.

“Ling Chen, can you hear me?” It was Yun Feng.

“What is it?”

“Do you have any time today? I should introduce you to my little sister. That’s right, all of Heart’s Dream Studio’s members have all advanced to Azure Dragon City. Heart’s Dream is currently renting a small house in the northern region of Azure Dragon City as its headquarters. Apart from you, all of the other members of ‘Heart’s Dream’ are also over there right now. Do you want to come over?”

Ling Chen thought for a while, then answered, “Where are you right now? Take me to see her.”


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