Shura's Wrath

Chapter 113


Demon Jade Hook

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[Burning Fire Array]: Current level: LV3, highest level: LV5, increasing to level 4 requires pet to be LV25. Rootless fire is launched in all 4 directions, creating a large flaming array, burning everything in the array. Area of effect is within 100m of pet, base damage (10000+ Magic Attack x 3), 100% chance to have an additional 10 seconds of burn, 5 second cast time, 3 second duration, costs 9000 mana, 3hr cooldown.

[Nine Sun Rebirth]: Fixed ability, cannot be upgraded. After death, the power of 9 suns can be used to revive pet. After revival, pet will be fully healed, but within the next hour it cannot enter any form of combat. The 9 suns have endless power, and this skill can be triggered an infinite number of times.

[Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns]: Fixed ability, cannot be upgraded. Releases own source of power and condenses flames similar to nine suns into an ultimate flame that can burn anything. When it reaches the peak of its strength, the Flames of the Sun can be directly used. The fire doesn’t distinguish friend from foe, its lethality is the same for all Damage is (Magic Attack x 9 x Crimson Spirit’s current level). Targets can be freely chosen within the spell range. The maximum range is equivalent to pet’s Magic Attack Strength. Mana cost unknown. Pet’s current strength is vastly insufficient to cast this spell; spell should not be used. If this spell is forcibly used, after the Flames of the Nine Suns are extinguished, Crimson Spirit will immediately die.

After reading all of Crimson Spirit’s skills, Ling Chen’s scalp felt numb. If you had to use a word to describe its abilities, then this word would be – terrifying.

It was indeed terrifying.

It already had 3000 Magic Attack at level 0. This could not be achieved by a normal Mage even if he was level 50. With this kind of attack power, if it released a “Red Laser”, it could deal 15,000 damage… which means, a level 0 Crimson Spirit could easily kill a level 15 Lord!!

If she rose to Ling Chen’s level, even if it was a level 15 Celestial Boss, it wouldn’t be able to take many of her hits.

Moreover, her flame attacks ignore all fire resistance, so any kind of high fire resistance to her is nothing more than a cosmetic. Generally speaking, the Red Laser is probably Xi Ling’s weakest skill. Once Wild Flames are used, a 30m radius of flames is created. Even if it’s a group of level 30-40 mobs, they will all be eradicated.  Not to mention Burning Fire Array, where in the flap of a wing, everything within a 100 metre array will be destroyed.

Strong beyond description.

This Heaven’s End pet was really worthy of the recognition given by players to be simply game-breaking!

No, usually Heaven’s End pets cannot have such terrifying attack ability, they shouldn’t even have half of what Xi Ling has. There is a very important reason for Xi Ling’s strength, and that is because she originally had Saint Destroyer levels of strength! Back then, a Saint Destroyer level Demon had to combine powers with 10 Mysterious God monsters in order to have enough power to suppress her.

At the same time, in contrast to Xi Ling’s extreme attacking power, she had really low HP and weak defence. Any small creature could kill her in a few hits, let alone a boss.

Xiao Hui’s abilities were in defence and support, with no attacking abilities, whilst Xi Ling was completely different, they could be said to be polar opposites. She had all attacking abilities, and no supporting or defensive abilities.

“Excellent destructive abilities and a meagre amount of HP, her abilities and what are abilities are going to be seem to be exactly the same as the Golden Crow, but based on her looks, she looks nothing like the Golden Crow. If she isn’t the Golden Crow, then where is the Golden Crow? Is it really as per the legends, that it’s been destroyed…” Qi Yue wondered.

What happened when the Golden Crow took part in the destruction of the demons, no one really knew.

Ling Chen looked up, turning to see Xi Ling in the air, under his gaze, Xi Ling retracted her wings, and landed, intimately standing on his shoulders. The flames all around had already been extinguished, but Xi Ling was already good as new.

“Can you still become human form?” Ling Chen gently smiled and asked.

Xi Ling leaned forward, making a head shaking movement.

“Other than the Dragon Clan, if an animal wants to change into human form, it needs to be of at least Saint Destroyer level. Before she could become human, which proves that she once was of Saint Destroyer strength, as she was able to use her powers to do so. However, after her rebirth, all of her abilities and power have been reset, so until she reaches Saint Destroyer level again, she cannot go into the human form.” Qi Yue piped up and explained.

Ling Chen disappointedly nodded. Xi Ling was not able to go into human form. This meant that she was unable to speak. Otherwise, he would be able to directly ask Xi Ling many questions.

“Then, I guess you’re coming with me. Everything I said before still counts, if one day you want to leave, then you’re free to do so, I will never stop you from leaving.” Ling Chen said facing Xi Ling. Xi Ling had incomparable strength, if she decided to follow him, she would be an immense help. But he will never forget how this once Saint Destroyer creature turned into his pet.

Xi Ling tilt her head, and made a gentle chirp. What it meant was only known to her.

Who once used to stand as one of the strongest in all of Forgotten Continent- a Saint Destroyer beast who was looked up to by countless creatures, and one who newly entered into this world- an unspeakably low level player… seeing Xi Ling standing on his shoulders, Ling Chen’s brain still refused to accept the reality of the situation. Saint Destroyer beasts were extremely powerful, and yet he had become the master of one. Although now Xi Ling was only of Heaven’s End level, Qi Yue did mention before, her strength would be regained slowly, and one day she would return to her former strength. How long that would take, he didn’t know. But for now, even just being at “Heaven’s End” grade, he was sure that the whole of Mystic Moon was now in turmoil because of its appearance.

“Then, let’s go, you’ve been stuck here for 10,000 years. The Forgotten Continent of now is completely different from what you remember. Let me take you to go see the Azure Dragon City.”

Ling Chen summoned the Cloud Stepping Mare. After feeling a bit melancholic, seeing Xi Ling and Xiao Hui by his side, his mood improved. The Lonely Spirit Ridge was known as forbidden by the whole of the Forgotten Continent, here countless masters had never returned. Indeed, there was a Mysterious God level demon here, so any humans entering were as good as dead. Today he came here merely to explore and look around, he didn’t think he would be able to finish the task. Moreover, he also didn’t expect all the fantastic developments that would result. The War Demon Beast had temporarily left, allowing him safe passage into the Lonely Spirit Ridge. He had found and saved the imprisoned Xi Ling with Xiao Hui’s help… and now, the War Demon Beast was dead, he had the Flaming Black Grass, and by his side, he got an additional Heaven’s End… game-breaking partner.

Ling Chen couldn’t help but look at Xiao Hui… ever since Xiao Hui joined his side, he always seemed to have fantastic luck. Was this the luck that Xiao Hui brought?

With both hands holding Celestial equips, and Celestial and Heaven’s End pets by his side… even Ling Chen began to wonder if Mystic Moon was bugged. Why it would allow such a powerful being to appear so early?

“Let’s go!!”

Ling Chen picked up Xiao Hui and put him on the Cloud Stepping Mare’s head, then he climbed onto its back. Suddenly, an unusually dark glow flashed in the corner of his eye. He didn’t ignore it, and turned his head to look at the source of the glow. After a short pause, he walked over.

The War Demon Beast was completely destroyed. Not only its body, but even all its possessions were all destroyed by the Flames of the Sun. There was nothing left. There was no way the dark glow could shine after all that destruction… unless even under the Flames of the Nine Suns, there was something left behind?
Carefully walking over, Ling Chen squatted down, and reached out to where the glow was, gently wiping, pushing aside the thin blackened layer of dirt. Suddenly, a dark coloured, object that was smooth as a mirror was revealed.

What is this?! It survived the Flames of the Nine Suns!?

In surprise, Ling Chen slowly picked it up, holding it in his hand.

It was a piece of jade, a black coloured jade. It had a very smooth surface and there was no sign of damage. The shape was an irregular “c” shape. It was just large enough for Ling Chen to hold in his hands. On the other side, it was engraved with the word “War”.

[Demon Jade Hook War]: Jade that the War Demon Beast carries. It is said that it was given to him by the then Demon Emperor. Unable to determine what material it is made of and its use.

“Huh?” holding this black piece of jade, Ling Chen raised his eye brow. This was definitely an unusual item, the Flames of the Nine Suns had completely obliterated the War Demon Beast, and there was nothing behind, yet this item showed no signs of damage.

“Qi Yue, do you know what this is?” Ling Chen asked.

“Nope.” Qi Yue replied with a laugh, the laugh had a slight hint of suspicion. “This is probably the War Demon Beast’s proof of identity, but it doesn’t seem to have any aura of the Demon Clan. Just hold on to it. The jade doesn’t have any kind of aura on it, which should mean it’s safe. We might eventually find answers about it in future.”

Ling Chen nodded, putting the demon jade in his bag, and tentatively searched the surrounding area. Not finding anything else, he got onto the Cloud Stepping Mare, and rode off in the opposite direction.

The Lonely Spirit Ridge from this day forth was no longer called the Lonely Spirit Ridge, and it wasn’t forbidden anymore. The Ghastly Grounds was still there, with all sorts of undead causing chaos. Passing the “Underworld” entrance made Ling Chen hesitate a little, but he didn’t go in, and left. In accordance with Qian Gun Gun’s description of the Underworld, even if he had Xi Ling by his side, he didn’t have the ability to step into the Underworld.

Peace town had become a mess. When Ling Chen walked out of the Ghastly Grounds, he saw a large number of villagers coming his way, obviously trying to confirm what really happened at the Lonely Spirit Ridge. Ling Chen bypassed all these people. After leaving the Ghastly Grounds, he was finally free. Taking out his teleport scroll, he teleported directly back to the Azure Dragon City.

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